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Amazing Music of the World.

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I listen to practically every genre of music. Jazz, blues, rock, classical.. But world music is a very special part of my collection, probably because of its (I think the right word will be) 'earthly' quality it usually has. At the same time I'm convinced there are many artists from different parts of the world I haven't discovered yet.


Please feel free to list your 'desert island' world music recordings regardless of genre (reggae, ethno-jazz, just about anything that has ethnic roots or just such an element).


Here is my personal shortlist :



Bob Marley - just about anything, especially 'Survival' and 'Uprising'




Ravi Shankar - obviously!



Mari Boine - a Norwegian vocalist exploring Sami culture - especially 'Eallin', 'Eight Seasons' and 'Live in London' bootleg.



Elina Duni - an Albanian vocalist recording for ECM



Anouar Brahem - a fantastic oud player (also ECM)


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Ali Farka Toure (from Mali) especially - 'Talking Timbuktu' (with Ry Cooder)




Buena Vista Social Club with Ry Cooder (and obviously the movie!)



Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - a qawwali (ecstatic Sufi music) master.




Hadouk Trio - ethno jazz from France.



Charles Lloyd - 'Sangam' - a great album from a jazz veteran!



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Kayhan Kalhour - master of classical Kurdish and Iranian traditional music (thank you christopher3393!) - I recommend his album 'Hawniyaz' (the first one I've just heard but surely not the last one)




Goran Bregovic - great soundtraacks for Kustorica's movies.




Yat-Kha - throat singing from Tuva.



Fela Kuti - classic afrobeat from Nigeria.



The Jolly Boys - 'Great Expectation' - punk and new wave classics performed by 70+ years old mento musicians from Jamaica :)





I hope we will have some fun and some musical discoveries!

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I also enjoy ethnic and traditional music very much (with the exception of popish fusion world music).


I'll add a few suggestions, starting with two female singers:



Cesária Évora





Mercedes Sosa



"Science draws the wave, poetry fills it with water" Teixeira de Pascoaes


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Charles Lloyd - 'Sangam' - a great album from a jazz veteran!




I love Zakir Hussain's playing in both contemporary and traditional contexts:




...here with Tabla Beat Science featuring Bill Laswell, bass, Karsh Kale, drum kit, the late Ustad Sultan Khan on sarangi, et al:



...here with Remember Shakti, featuring John McLaughlin, the late Carnatic mandolin virtuoso U. Srinivas (incredible musician, check out the traditional album Rama Sreerama,

for example), et al:



...and accompanying bansuri (traditional Indian flute):


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@ christopher3393


I agree - a fantastic musician! The duo with Niladri Kumar is absolutely stunning!

I've not heard of Tabla Beat Science - will have to check them out.


And BTW - I'm also glad you've mentioned Bill Laswell who both created and recorded lots of interesting ethno stuff. For example his cooperation with Manu Dibango on 'Electric Africa' (feat. H. Hancock) for me is an interesting example of fusing African folk with funk and very modern (as for 1985.. remember Hancock's 'Future Shock'.?) sound.



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