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  1. Audirvana on the main system, and the iOS apps while traveling.
  2. BTW; this version of the famous BWV565 is one of my favorites.
  3. Just discovered this new release of Bach played on the organ of Notre Dame de Paris, an organ that we sadly won’t be hearing live for a while now.
  4. This album has received so many good reviews that I had to check out this (to me) relatively unknown French composer In-flight entertainment from Qobuz.
  5. In-flight entertainment of the day. Another new release on Qobuz. It’s one of the first times I actually listen more closely to the music from the famous “Mozart-Killer” (if you believe Milos Forman). But I’m a big fan of Christophe Rousset and check out every one of his new releases. Typically I’m not disappointed
  6. FYI My Sublime "legacy" subscription just renewed, for €199. I consider this an excellent deal, given that I still get all the fantastic sublime discounts, and will use the difference of €100 to the full Sublime+ for buying even more high-res albums. So a true win-win outcome.
  7. Checking out this new release of this young talented Swiss pianist on Qobuz right now.
  8. One of my first high res purchases ever, 24/96. Still a fanstasric recording, with really pretty decent SQ.
  9. Keith Jarrett: Somewhere (24/96 from Highresaudio).
  10. Indeed it is excellent. Turns out it is a completely remaster from the original analog tapes: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/cassandra-wilson-glamoured-album/
  11. I was a bit surprised to see this old Cassandra Wilson album pop up under nouveautés @ Qobuz, but then I realized it‘s a high res remaster. Given that this is one of my favorite Wilson albums, and very well recorded, at €10.99 for the 24/96 it didn’t take long to get my credit card out. I haven’t compared to my CD rip yet, and will do a Musiscope check later, but it sounds very nice.
  12. In-flight entertainment of the evening.
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