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  1. A good test for the subwoofer on my new car. Streaming from Qobuz in 24/96.
  2. Posting the original German version for completeness. and obviously:
  3. Just noticed that Qobuz has a 24/192 remaster of this album that sounds slightly less shoeboxy than my CD rip. Still no audiophile gem (DG….) but more enjoyable. That said, I’d listen to Argerich even on a 1970s mono tape recorder.
  4. No. 5 this last warm Sunday morning. 24/96 from Qobuz.
  5. Listening to this right now on Qobuz. I really quite like what I hear. On the HIP versions, not yet sure if I prefer this version or the recent Schiff release.
  6. Update: Qobuz just came back and offered me the possibility to switch to Studio Sublime by taking into account the prorata I had already paid for the last couple of months. So basically I was able to switch without any real incremental cost, with a new 1 yr subscription starting as of today. That's really nice customer service.
  7. I actually don’t expect any payback, I’m just asking nicely whether they could provide a service (24/192 streaming) that is not going to create a lot of extra cost to them beyond some incremental bandwidth that I’ll be getting anyhow for the same price as of next year and that I’ve paid in full, same price, only some weeks ago.
  8. The argument I tried to make in my email to them is that the new pricing is more advantageous to new customers vs. their loyal long term customer base. Let's see how they react.
  9. I'm somewhat annoyed. On one hand it is nice to know that I'll eventually get Studio Sublime for the same price I'm currently paying for my legacy Sublime subscription (redbook streaming only), but I'm disappointed that as my subscription renewed only a couple of months ago, I'll have to wait nearly 10 months to get that benefit, in spite of being a Qobuz subscriber (and very active download purchaser) for many years now. I've reached out to their customer service on the issue but haven't heard back yet.
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