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  1. Yes I have a French account. Hopefully David can transmit the message to the right team.
  2. David, I still have issues with your "nouveautés" section. I understand that Qobuz needs to promote certain albums, but it would be helpful if there'd be a possibility to sort the new releases by date. For example, nearly half of the first 14 albums that show up under "Tous les nouveautes" are older relatively speaking, e.g. you have Jarrett's Munich album and Julia Hülsmann, both were released nearly 3 month ago. It would be fantastic if there'd be a selector or sort function that really only shows the new releases of the week or month.
  3. And while I’m on the BIS back catalog, here’s another excellent 24/44:
  4. Haven’t had a lot of music listening time recently after too many nice family dinners during the Christmas break. Starting the new year beautifully with this great e-classical album (24/44) featuring the clarinet concerto and the Kegelstatt trio.
  5. I just published my Top 5 Classical Albums of 2019. https://musicophilesblog.com/2019/12/22/my-top-5-classical-albums-of-2019/ This one is on the list.
  6. Too bad. I hope the software survives for a while the future MacOs updates.
  7. My first ever Jazz album, bought many moons ago.
  8. I never had the pleasure to hear him live, but I have many of his recordings, and always found him to be a thoughtful conductor, very closely connected to the music. He's done some very good recordings particularly with the Bavaria Radio Symphony.
  9. And we are back on: https://www.eclassical.com/pages/christmas19.html Today the only album I know here is the Brautigam Mozart, which is enjoyable (although I have a slight preference for Bezuidenhout in these concertos).
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