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  1. I also really liked Petrenko‘s Pathetique. It’s actually the first time I really appreciated this piece, which previously I didn’t particularly like. That said, I’m also a bit ambivalent about the Beethoven 7 recording. It wasn’t an immediate hit for me. Will have to give it another spin. But maybe Beethoven just isn’t his core repertoire?
  2. Please share your experience. I’ll give the Meze a go this weekend at my dealer. He also has some other high end stuff so I’ll see what works.
  3. Nice combo. The Empyrean is really looking quite attractive. Just curious what triggered the HD800 to S upgrade. Is is t worth it?
  4. I'd obviously start with my current solid state HDVA600 (which not surprisingly has a nice synergy with the HD800, particularly on the balanced cables) as a starting point, but I'd be somewhat interested in having a tube based amp as well. But first things first.
  5. Thanks all for your very helpful feedback. Some clear tendencies seem to be emerging. I'll try to test most of them out this weekend.
  6. Ah that's from the golden cover CD, from his very last 1980s recordings, right? I never had that, only his Berlin cycle, should check the Vienna recordings out as well.
  7. No. 4 & 7 today, my favourites. And not from Günter Wand or Eugen Jochum for a change. CD rip. Has anybody checked out the 24/192 remaster available on Qobuz? EDIT: I just decided to buy the set of Qobuz, and the remaster sounds significantly smoother.
  8. I’ve quite recently tried them and while I liked the sound, I just didn’t find them very comfortable. Every head is different I presume. To me the HD800 remain the most comfortable headphones I’ve tried to this day.
  9. Thanks. That’s very helpful. Indeed, “relaxed” isn’t an attribute I’d use to describe the HD800, so that sounds like a great complement. I’ll have to check that out.
  10. I haven't bought any hifi equipment in ages. Therefore, I'm toying with the idea of buying another really good headphone, to complement my HD800/HDVA600 combo (I already have a Beyer T90 with a Dragonfly Red as a travel set, remember those days when we used to travel?). So I'd be looking for something that is at least a match to my HD800. I mostly listen to classical and jazz, so quite probably I already have the perfect set of cans for me (unless I win the lottery and buy an Orpheus 2). I really love them. That said, I'm intrigued by getting a somewhat dif
  11. Out of curiosity, was there a booklet with the download, and does it tell you who is playing on each track?
  12. Yes, sorry for the double post, I saw your post only afterwards. And indeed, interesting to see how tastes can vary! This is why music reviews are the most subjective affair IMHO no matter how some other reviewers claim objectivity.
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