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  1. Agree. But typically I rather post the good stuff. Furthermore, I really kind of liked Jarre's last album which was somewhat "back to the roots", so I had high hopes myself.
  2. Just a word of warning: this is basically the background music for a documentary. It may work well with the images by Sebastien Salgado (I'd love to see that) but as a standalone album I don't think it's worth exploring much further.
  3. It's the appropriate season to play the "Spring" sonata. 24/44 from Qobuz. Truly excellent.
  4. 24/96 from Qobuz. Doesn't get much better.
  5. Streaming from Qobuz right now. Still haven't bought it since it came out some years ago, as I already have so many Matthew Passions. But it is really very good (see my review here). Will have to buy it eventually.
  6. 24/96 download. Still my favourite version.
  7. One of my first five high-res download I ever bought from Qobuz, back in 2012. Can't believe it's now been nearly 10 years I've been buying high-res stuff. Does anybody remember when you purchased your last CD? The album is still excellent. 24/96.
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