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  1. My latest purchase from Hyperion. Great playing, very well recorded. See my review here: https://musicophilesblog.com/2020/03/31/brahms-late-piano-works-in-a-new-fantastic-recording-by-stephen-hough/
  2. There are also several early Rubinstein recordings on Naxos worth having. SQ is often historic, but the playing is definitely worth it. For example: https://www.qobuz.com/fr-fr/album/chopin-concertos-pour-piano-arthur-rubinstein/0747313329625 https://www.qobuz.com/fr-fr/album/chopin-mazurkas-1938-1939-arthur-rubinstein/0636943165621
  3. Agree. Freire Chailly is one of the best modern recordings of these masterpieces, and has maybe a slight edge for me over Gilels (actually more over Jochum, it's the orchestra) in no. 1. But the Gilels Jochum album was considered an absolute reference for decades. Particularly in no. 2 Gilels really shines. And while the recording is pretty old (1972), the new 24/96 remaster is actually relatively decent with regards to SQ. Here's my review of the Gilels album: https://musicophilesblog.com/2016/06/12/gerukr-differently-brahms-piano-concerto-no-2-with-gilels-ukr-and-jochum-ger/ You'll find some more of my thinking around the two Brahms concertos and other favorite versions here: https://musicophilesblog.com/2017/01/20/musicophiles-25-essential-classical-music-albums-part-i/
  4. Following up with two (and a half) other albums on a lazy afternoon in lockdown.
  5. What can you play after Lady Day? Really only one of the greatest singers of our days:
  6. Looks like they've changed the number: https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2642109
  7. Two albums this morning, remembering McCoy Tyner who just passed away. These legendary albums wouldn't be the same without him:
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