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  1. Not one, but two albums of the evening tonight, all Schubert/Takacs Q. 16/44 and 24/96 respectively, from Hyperion.
  2. What would my HD800 do without the excellent SQ of ECM.... And this is even a live recording.
  3. A musical and audiophile gem. 24/192 from Highresaudio.
  4. An amazing DSD download from Highresaudio. FYI, here's my review of it: https://musicophilesblog.com/2021/01/12/keith-jarrett-standards-live/
  5. 16/44 from Qobuz. Currently available discounted for €6. Excellent.
  6. Just ended up buying 4 more albums as part of the sale.
  7. Fasolis has a tendency of ultra high speed also for some of this other albums.
  8. I’ve been a Sublime subscriber for years now. I’m still on the now defunct subscription of €199 annually which I was able to renew in spite of it not being offered to new subscribers now. So at least so far they have been customer friendly here. I hope that they keep this alive for me as long as possible as I’m buying on average 3-4 high res albums per month and the discounts already more than pay for the entire subscription. I typically use lossless streaming for discovery and on all albums I consider keepers in my library I want the best possible resolution (within reason
  9. Did anybody else watch the Berlin Philharmonic‘s New Years Eve concert with a fantastic version of the Aranjuez?
  10. My new year began with Muti and Strauss from Vienna as every year, can I be excused? I‘m compliant with the album of the evening though.
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