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  1. I‘ve just installed an entire system of both alarm sensors and surveillance cameras using Amazon’s Ring system, they had a really nice deal on Prime day. It works really quite well, very modular, and is easy to install and to control via both dedicated keypad and app. You just shouldn’t be too paranoid about Amazon snooping on you (I’m pretty sure they could but still presume they have bigger fish to fry).
  2. One of the best piano recital recordings ever.
  3. The remote app is finally there, at least for iOS. It is an update of the same app as the previous 3.5 remote. I've only tested it for a short time, but it seems to be working on both iPad and iPhone so far.
  4. Agree, this should be 100% opt in.
  5. Even with 16GB maybe it’s not a good idea to run processor heavy software in parallel to audio playback?
  6. It was due in a week 2 weeks ago. I stopped worrying. I'll rather have them take their time and release something that works properly.
  7. I just upgraded my late 2017 MacBook Pro 13'' to a new M1 MacBook Air (both with 8GB/256GB). I don't have the old Intel one any more, but at first listen the new M1 sounds even better. Very "quiet", if that makes any sense. Probably expectation bias, but overall I'm very happy with the SQ of 1.5. On a different note, I'm just somewhat puzzled by the rapid inflation of the Studio version numbers. We're already at 1.5 with barely any visible changes, in just a couple of weeks. Remember the HUGE differences between A+ 1.x, 2.x and 3.5? At this speed we get there before y
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