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  1. The perfect soundtrack for a sunny and rather lazy Sunday summer morning. And excellent ECM redbook sound as the cherry on the cake.
  2. And to end the summer Saturday evening (even if temperatures weren’t very Cuban today)
  3. A great album (24/96 from Qobuz) Here's my review that I just published: https://musicophilesblog.com/2020/07/09/a-beautiful-recording-of-the-complete-beethoven-trios/
  4. Nice. Here’s another album, originally from Ondine, with Brahms and Vogt, that is outstanding, and I don’t think one needs the 2xHD wizardry necessarily (I’ve never compared this to the non remastered Ondine original though).
  5. The concerto for orchestra is also my favourite Bartok piece (and the Reiner is a legendary recording).
  6. 24/48 remaster from Qobuz. Still the best.
  7. FYI. Bruno Walter is a conducting legend. A former assistant of Gustav Mahler, he was forced to leave Germany due to his Jewish heritage. Pretty much all of his Columbia Symphony recordings of Beethoven, Brahms, and obviously Mahler are worth checking out.
  8. Mompou is quite nice, also this one. You really mostly wouldn't be able to tell Mompou is 20th century music (which for me is mostly a compliment, as I really struggle with anything beyond Bartok and Shostakovich. One rare exception of something relatively contemporary I actually find somewhat interesting and listenable is Lutoslawski. This concerto was written for Zimerman, and he plays it brilliantly.
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