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  1. Another bundle worth getting: https://www.eclassical.com/pages/daily-deal.html?cache=purge
  2. I was expecting more from the M1. I'm getting 78% CPU from my 4-core i3 2018 Mac mini DSD256, ASDM5EC, ext3 for 1x, ext2 for nX. Fan's running at around 1900RPM, silent at the listening spot.
  3. @GoldenOne your reviews are, unlike the large majority, really worth listening to. But is there a way to restrain/restrict your head movements? They induce a bit of nausea I'm affraid and don't make the viewing experience any more natural/realistic.
  4. Since Mojave I no longer have the option to use the Nvidia graphics processor in my Intel Macs when using for example Photoshop. "Right to repair" is only partially useful if newer software and OS versions are no longer supporting old hardware. I held on to High Sierra for as long as I could but I use my computers as working tools and ultimately it's the software which dictates my OS upgrades. The subscription model has only made things worse I guess.
  5. @Miska if it's not to much trouble, how do I edit your "Cubox" image to disable HDMI, optical and Wi-Fi?
  6. Had a pair of SP9/1s, my best speakers to date. Spendor's BBC-style speakers were the jewel in the crown, but after Derek Hughes left the company the performance of the SPs suffered. Huges (son of Spendor's creator) now designs speakers for Stirling Broadcast and Graham Audio.
  7. Indeed, the DR meter is mostly useful only to compare different mastering versions of one particular album.
  8. This is the on-axis response of a Rubicon 8. Considering that the dome tweeters are crossed at 14kHz the ribbons surely are doing "something"... https://www.stereophile.com/content/dali-rubicon-8-loudspeaker-measurements The "problem" is that Dalis are designed for no toe-in and the ribbon has a very narrow directivity, meaning that the response will be down considerably above 14kHz at 45º or even at 30º off-axis: DALI Rubicon 8, anechoic response on supertweeter axis at 50", averaged across 30° horizontal window and corrected for microphone response, with com
  9. The D/A chip alone doesn't define the sound of a CD player or DAC, the analogue stage is just as important. The best thing to do in my view is try a few DACs yourself.
  10. Just released and dropped into my mailbox:
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