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  1. Your expectations are very low...
  2. Stereo is a solo activity...
  3. I don't know, but what's the point of ported speakers if they don't suck?
  4. The incredible Jimmy Smith? I though he was dead... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL0VcHTWDeU
  5. This is my favourite Loius Armstrong recording: The sound quality is so bad that they appologise in the booklet. 😁
  6. Not thinking (and tweeting) is dangerous too. 😎
  7. I use the information available on IMSLP https://imslp.org/ for manual tagging.
  8. Toe-in wont affect bass. The ceiling is too close for no toe-in.
  9. That's perfect, thanks. If the speakers aren't too difficult to slide around I would follow @esldude suggestion and measure the speakers in a slightly forward, a slightly backward and a slightly closer to each other position, move the listening spot back and forth for each speaker position and also try lowering or raising the mic by some 4 or 5 inches, just to get a feel of the room interference. I prefer to do this with pink noise but sweeps will work too. I have found that a simple EQ'ing/bringing down the peaks will produce good results, a bit like looking at a rocky beach in low tide; suddenly there's life and detail and colour in the bass.
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