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  1. Haven't listened to this podcast yet but the summary is depressing enough... Manchin thwarts Biden’s climate plan: Politics Weekly Extra As Joe Biden gears up for his trip to Glasgow for the Cop26 summit, Senator Joe Manchin continues to try to water down the reconciliation bill, which as it stands includes transformational provisions to stem the adverse affects of the climate crisis. Joan Greve and Oliver Milman look at the potential fallout for the world if Manchin gets his way https://www.theguardian.com/politics/audio/2021/oct/22/manchin-thwarts-bidens-climate-plan-politics-weekly-extra
  2. I would like to thank @Mario Martinez for his generous offer. I have been very enthusiastic about the PlayClassics project since I first learned about it. Having accompanied the development of the calibration process I am happy to say that the sound is now free from any audible artifacts which could otherwise disturb the listening experience. The sound quality is unsurpassed both with vocals, solo instrument and small ensemble music. It's a very interesting experience to listen to different performers and instruments playing with such a tonal and acoustical seamlessness, almost as if I were listening to a single musical event. And the level of unmatched realism, almost bewitching, makes the musical listening experience far more engaging than what I'm used to with the more typical commercial recordings. I am very much looking forward to listening to PlayClassics' future releases.
  3. What's the SCF filter in this AKM D/A chip, what does it do? Is it analogue or digital? Thanks
  4. BBC podcast https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3ct2dr5 Putin and the planet The Climate Question Russia is the world’s fourth-largest emitter of greenhouse gasses. Any talk of changing that needs to focus on President Vladimir Putin. Under his leadership, Russia has become a fossil fuel powerhouse. Since he took office in 2000, Russian oil production has risen by 70%. Today, the state is dependent on its revenues. Four in every ten dollars Moscow spends comes from fossil fuels. So the idea that Russia needs to shift away from fossil fuels to prevent the worst effects of climate change strikes at the very heart of Mr Putin’s power. But Russia is already suffering more than most from the effects of climate change. Arctic temperatures are rising faster than the global average, forests the size of countries are going up in smoke. Two thirds of the country’s permafrost - permanently frozen ground - has roads, homes, schools, oil and pipelines and even nuclear reactors are built on it. And the permafrost is starting to melt. Putin’s latest national security document for the first time mentions climate change as a risk. But can he do what is necessary to prevent things from getting worse? Contributors - Angelina Davydova - Environmental Journalist Chris Miller - Director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Eurasia Program Vladimir Chuprov - Director of the Energy Program, Greenpeace Russia
  5. Radiohead have a new side project called The Smile, soon out on record:
  6. I remember the cultural "exploitation" cries when Paul Simon's launched his "Graceland" album.
  7. "Inertia" is not a word I would use to characterise most governments... Let's say that they been kept busy with other affairs. What about "corruption"? Revealed: Pandora papers unmask owners of offshore-held UK property worth £4bn Analysis of leak identifies 600 previously anonymous owners from world leaders to monarchs and oligarchs https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/oct/05/pandora-papers-reveal-true-owners-offshore-held-uk-property-london
  8. Hi Mario, Many thanks for the generous offer, and good to know that you've finally nailed the calibration. Could I please have the final version of the Cabrera plays Debussy? Best wishes, Ricardo
  9. semente

    HQ Player

    Is there a way to clear the pipeline? I accidentaly summed two different EQ files and then had to do a complete "Clear data" reset.
  10. semente

    HQ Player

    Thanks, @Miska. The part about the "matrix pipeline" is not completely clear but I will read the manual before I ask for help.
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