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  1. That's something a bit different but I do get it at times, though definitely as often as I did in the past. Sometimes the kids will sing something awful and there! They call it earworm.
  2. Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. It's just there, as soon as consciousness arrives. I have only become aware of this recently, perhaps in the past two months of so, but I am convinced that it has been happening for a long time. I don't know why or how this happens, it just does. I'd be curious to know if it happens to anyone else. Today I woke up with The Innocence Mission's "Green Bus", yesterday it was the first movement of Brahms' 2nd Cello Sonata. The funniest thing happened last week when I woke up with Radiohead's "All I Need" and a bit later I came across Thom York down the road... Anyway, do share your experience on the matter.
  3. I've linked for the video to start at 6:22 when it describes the limitations of vinyl as a medium:
  4. Some amplifiers used to have a "Direct" button that would bypass the tone controls...
  5. If you can afford to own two source systems and aren't disturbed by vinyl's distortion footprint then it makes a lot of sense to get the best release. I listen mostly to classical music and that sounds a lot better in digital so it doesn't really bother me much.
  6. The problem is not just remasters, many rock and pop and other genre newly produced albums are being released with poor mastering. This is Radiohead's "Nude":
  7. We are discussing formats here and sound quality. A badly mastered album may help you trace down "problems" in your setup but that all its good for. As for why all these remastered albums? Profit. It has nothing with people not liking the original; audiophiles are a minuscule, rarefying minority and as such they're an insignificant fringe of the overall market. Normal people won't have 3 releases of Time Out, 5 of Kind of Blue and 12 of DSOTM...
  8. Here's an example, same track, different mastering (top has DR = 10, bottom has DR = 6): @John Dyson raised a relevant question regarding the existence of recordings made with Dolby A that were not de-emphasised for CD. I listen mainly to classical so I really can't complain much.
  9. - Aqua DACs - Armature Asterion (same as Holo Spring) - Audio-GD (some models) - Border Patrol - Denafrips - Esoteric (some models?) - Holo Audio (some models) - iFi micro (some models) - Lampizator - Metrum Acoustics - MHDT (some models) - Phasure NOS1 DAC - Singxer SDA-2 DAC - RME ADI-2 DAC - T+A DAC 8 DSD, SD 3100 HV, SDV 3100 HV - Teac UD-50x family - Topping (some AKM models) - TotalDAC (some models?)
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