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  1. Very slightly OT - a great story from the life of a rock 'star' on (spoken word) tour. One of my HR (Bad Brains come to mind..) favorite ones.
  2. There have been many cow songs posted here, and quite a few milk ones but I believe there was no song about what's between a cow and a glass of tasty milk.. Ps. Do you want to know the truth? THE UDDER TRUTH
  3. I like his music, I like his spoken word, I like his TV programs and his audio interest but after 15 minutes of reading his books I feel like killing somebody. And I know I'm not the only one to react that way. Those who have never tried to read one - you've been warned!
  4. From my favorite (anti) musical movie. And one more Probably the finest fusion of funk and avant-garde-free-jazz ever.
  5. Did you know that Rick James and Neil Young were once upon a time in one bird band.? I hope at least some here feel like some socially distanced, quarantine hopping around.. Meet The Mynah Bird which caused some racial stir.. And finally as for penguins and humans (once again) - meet Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav!! This is definitely the coolest thing I've seen since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nils_Olav And one more thing, guys please don't believe this birdshit about penguins not being able to fly, please..
  6. Sure, the mistake was the side effect of waking up at noon and the immediate attempt to satisfy @kumakuma's curiosity BTW, @biosailor sorry for that! I have a suspicion that the whole 'sweet cover' music content was inspired by an acid experience. Nevertheless IMO this is an interesting album. Just bought it!
  7. This is strange, no problem with seeing it here. Tim Buckley - 'Biosailor'. I guess you may know it.
  8. A pop/folk musician gone wild. That doesn't happen very often. Don't let this sweet cover photo fool you.. (16-44)
  9. Back OT. Mrs Trane performing 'This Train'. Grand Central
  10. I wouldn't take a risk if I didn't have the moderator rights for this page.. Some romantic train (station) music.. BTW which performance is your favorite one, guys?
  11. For which one? I'd like this one, please..
  12. Wa.. waa.. wait a second.. are we supposed to regard every Ludwig van Beethoven piece as train music.? Aren't we going too far..? What about Camper van Beethoven, it's also van Beethoven after all.. And maybe even more importantly what about e.g. Chopin.?!
  13. Some spoon blues. If Abby the Spoon Lady's spoon technique has interested somebody. IMHO she's really cool
  14. I OTOH was thinking about 'Great Train Robbery' but couldn't post it cause I decided to stick to 'This Train..' performers. As for the genre diversity, I assume ( @Iving ) that all genres are welcome by the OP (?). Absolutely correct, my memory must have been blinded temporarily by the brilliance of Anotherspin's Sex Pistols post..
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