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  1. The thing is it's a completely innocent cover art. Why google it then, right.? Right!
  2. Apologies upfront but isn't 'liking' one's own posts slightly narcissistic.? Not that I mind it.. Hardcore! You really don't know what you're losing.. Just to get back on topic.
  3. No, I just replied to all I had read, like I said I had to go. I can't spend that much time at the computer nowadays but since the discussion here has become interesting I will try to join it every now and then.
  4. Wanna fix it without governments.? You seem to have really moved to the left... 😉 I used to sympathize with anarchosyndicalism in my youth, not sure the world will go in this direction anymore though 😎
  5. What about companies which are not interested in cooperation in the name of our future.? Taking into account that it would be 1.3% in the global scale it's not so little IMO. Beside that according to my knowledge the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation, the non electric cars are definitely a part of this and not so small one.. More than that, much more.. You've omitted the USA and Russia which both are in the top 4 polluters and are the
  6. If this won't work, probably nothing will.. A fictional funeral home tries to save lives with an anti-vaccine ad.
  7. Glad she doesn't get the money of people who don't stream, cause that would be me. Or does she.? BTW who is Taylor Swift.?
  8. Been recently listening mostly to time and clocks related covers of Metallica 🤤
  9. Been recently listening mostly to birds related covers of Metallica
  10. Been recently listening mostly to global warming related covers of Metallica With a special dedication to @accwai, he will get it..
  11. Been recently listening mostly to blues covers of Metallica
  12. Been recently listening mostly to women covering Metallica
  13. A couple of words by Greta Thunberg from Berlin on the occasion of 'Fridays for Future' kick off. Utrecht, NL, today. The first banner says 'System change not climate change' and I personally wholeheartedly agree. Glad to see an animated discussion here, I regret I don't even have time right now to read all the posts..
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