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  1. Observing the 'Music in General' forum I slowly come to the conclusion that maybe it's high time for 'Animal Music' subforum here BTW Masha Scream from Arkona band indeed not only screams but also growls. As for me - respect! IMO her 'low end' sounds even better than Nina Hagen's!
  2. As for fun factor IMO video concerts don't get better than this! They could have restored the material before issuing it on bluray though (analogue artifacts are clearly visible!).
  3. Thanks, this IS very important news: And a very cool video. According to a recent report from the conservation group BirdLife International 40 percent of the world’s 11,000 bird species are in decline. https://e360.yale.edu/digest/forty-percent-of-the-worlds-bird-populations-are-in-decline-new-study-finds In short.. Let's make the bird population great again!
  4. Since the topic is 'animal sounds'.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMbxQZPWsg0 (the link could not be embedded) Looking at this video I come to the conclusion that the clothes I wear are really bland.. Maybe I also need some make up.. Two pieces by the no 1 folk metal band according to the above video. Does the female vocalist sing both high notes and growl..?
  5. Some nice, chill out music on the first chilly day in a long time here. Great dub-heavy Bill Laswell bass lines!
  6. Some excerpts from John Zorn's 11CD box 'The Book Beri'ah'. A must for JZ fans! Available from Tzadik: https://www.tzadik.com/
  7. Flooding this forum with Emil Viklický's music today
  8. Holy s...t, I didn't suspect Zappa of behaving like that in his youth.
  9. There are no really interesting videos of Emil Viklicky Trio on Youtube so check out his duet with Miroslav Vitouš, guys. https://www.allmusic.com/artist/emil-viklicky-mn0000253054
  10. Emil Viklicky and Miroslav Vitous live in Olomouc. Their IMO superb concert in Brno. An interesting cooperation with Mraz and others. Also recordings of his trio are IMO worth checking out, e.g.
  11. ..which, I think it (hologram tour) usually is. +1
  12. And IMO one of the craziest ideas in the show business.
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