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  1. Clearly these young people followed the example: European states ordered to respond to youth activists' climate lawsuit Also from today Guardian (IMO a very interesting initiative): International lawyers draft plan to criminalise ecosystem destruction
  2. St. Andrews University and Hi-Fi News' Jim Lesurf (sorry if dup): MQA or “There and back again”.
  3. 👍 Yeah, IMO they've always made beautiful and often great sounding amps.
  4. And it was lossless.! Ok.. what is this.? (very easy, I believe)
  5. A little more difficult one then.. A hint - this is not language
  6. Can't you just fill it with concrete and stay upstairs?
  7. Just like your comment had nothing to do with the OP's question. @AudioDoctor BTW I've never experimented with that since my 'desktop' Adams are actually not placed on my desktop but I'm sure the direct sound reflection from a desk colors the sound quite significantly. If you have lots of determination, you can try to cover the desk in front of the speakers with some absorbing material or even tilt the transducers backwards a little to decrease the influence of this reflection (this may move the soundstage upwards somewhat). God, I just love to do audio installations,
  8. Start with a rug on one wall, if you want to make the difference you will hear bigger - put them on two walls. Ps. If after that you will still want to make it bigger - ask, some extra info will be helpful..
  9. Books backs vs solid wall - these are acoustically 2 different things. Oh, I forgot to ask (assumed this is a small one) - how big is the room?
  10. Twists are the best things that can happen to topics. Now, who are these.?
  11. It's been tested in the US for the last 4 years, seems to not work. Works for me as well (just random books) but in a much bigger room. He me be better with more absorbing treatment like additional rug, IMHO.
  12. And who's this.? Since the last OP's post has proved to be extremely difficult, to make things a little easier I will add that he's not only a patron of the city I live in (and his attributes are its symbol) but also a patron of St. Petersburg and Saint Pierre..
  13. Sad news - no more Fucking in Austria. I have no idea if the beer is still called 'FH'.. Fugging hell: tired of mockery, Austrian village changes name They've been working on changing the name for years: C'mon, in the times when some would almost kill for some publicity.?
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