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  1. Looks like a good start to a mice thread BTW it seems they play those instruments after all.. (it's so difficult to provoke @The Computer Audiophile to some serious discussion) Dark, Disturbing and Somewhat Horrible, the History and Origins of Nursery Rhymes #1: 🐭Three Blind Mice 🐭 : Have you ever wondered where the darling, sweet nursery rhyme you read or sing to your child came from?
  2. I have to agree. Well.. these are mice, I hope you will agree A recorder version. And last but not least.. Ken Ewing on Mice Organ
  3. Mouse musicians.? I can assure you they don't play those instruments, they're just hungry and there is some mice delicacy on the mouthpieces.
  4. I'm slightly disappointed by the fact that this thread hasn't evolved into a huge 'mouse music' thread.. It's not only cow and bird music out there..
  5. A double 'cow' and a double 'moo' in the title don't happen often!
  6. @christopher3393 Your input into this thread is simply invaluable!
  7. I think this question actually deserves a separate thread but not to multiply them I will ask it here. Do you guys think there exists some quintessential 'ingredient' of a good performance of a particular classical piece and if so what would it be? To what degree a claim that a particular performance is good is objective and to what degree it is a question of a subjective judgment.? Will appreciate your reflections on this topic.
  8. Same here - in the Netherlands. I had to use a VPN (server location - USA) to watch the video. True. IMO also true. For me the 'quintessential' audiophile label has always been Chesky Records. IMO it's the most boring label of all. I've always used to say that (music) balls are not allowed in the Chesky studios - the emotional aspects of the performances are castrated by the Chesky brothers in such a way that I suspect there is a special place in the hall of their studio with a note: 'Please leave your balls here, they are not allowed inside'.. Fortunately there are quite many very good, audiophile quality classical music recordings - from e.g. Denon, Telarc, Ref.Recordings, Linn and some other labels (not necessarily 'audiophile' ones) like e.g. Channel Classics.
  9. I wonder whose dream-pieces are (objectively) better.. BTW inability to recreate music from dreams seems to be not only our problem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violin_Sonata_in_G_minor_(Tartini)
  10. Yes, 'earworm' is the word although this is probably more like a 'mind-worm'..
  11. Not every day and not necessarily in the morning. When it's obsessively stuck in my head one of the ways to get rid of it is just to play it. Sometimes it's music that I actually don't especially like - some months ago it was 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen and I 'heard it' in my head while being at my work. The atmosphere in my company is quite informal so while going for a break to smoke a cigarette outside I started to sing it looking at a younger woman who worked with me back then and hoping I would provoke her to joining me. She didn't disappoint me. And she did deliver! I used to be a Queen fan in my early teens and I still remember the song's lyrics from 'A to Z' (there is in general a huge lyrics library in my head ), she remembered them perfectly too. We performed a VERY(!) expressive duet having LOTS of fun and making some smokers (we're talking tobacco here) a bit confused - and especially her mother who phoned her in the middle of the performance as my singing partner answered the phone but didn't stop singing with me. Her mother simply disconnected after a minute. I guess she didn't like our duet.. Practically doesn't happen to me - I may not remember my name but I usually still remember what composition/song is that For me the best experiences connected with music in my head were a few instances of dreams in which I actually heard music that I didn't know. I guess I happen to be a composer in my dreams And each time it was (subjectively) such a fantastic piece! Unfortunately upon waking up I usually couldn't recreate the music I heard..
  12. I usually find them quite easily on my CD shelf But I have to admit that e.g. getting her 'Live in London' bootleg was a challenge. Have you tried: https://www.discogs.com/search/?q=mari+boine&type=all ? Some Anatolian rock. Beware - explicit content!
  13. I think this clip is also 'compatible' with the'Cow Music' thread As for Scandinavian vocals - I agree, they have a very special kind of magic, I myself am a big fan of Mari Boine. Thanks for your post!
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