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  1. A really spontaneous, enthusiastic performance!
  2. It's 50'th anniversary of Hendrix death today, would he live he'd be 77 now.. Some musicians' memories of him from the today Guardian: 'Colourful, vibrant, sensual!' Stars on Jimi Hendrix, 50 years gone
  3. Yes, but you don't get 'long playing microgroove (I like this word!) full frequency range recording' in this case As for the 'glorious mono' for me personally it's microglory.. - I'm sorry, I don't like mono
  4. Back in the 80s James Hansen warned about the possible consequences of the global warming and its causes. 30 years later his predictions proved to be very accurate. In 1989 George Bush said: "Those who think we are powerless to do anything about the greenhouse effect forget about the 'White House effect'; as President, I intend to do something about it,''. Let's go back in time for a minute - this is an article from The New York Times from the same year (1989) which ends with the sentence: "The threat [of the global warming] cannot be addressed unless America assumes a major role. Far from
  5. In Leiden, where I live I mostly use my car to do some more substantial shopping, beside that I mostly use a bike. I rarely walk - I like to bike.. I admit I haven't driven as little as recently during the corona crisis, in years. Last Sunday I decided to go to Amsterdam by car. When I sat behind the wheel (after putting the bike into the car of course!) I had noticed there were spider webs on both side mirrors of the vehicle.. Some statistics - there are 2.1 more bikes than cars in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam this number increases to 3 times.. Three years ago the bi
  6. Some potential second hand and 'modified' contenders by Lampizator's guru (not only with USB output). The First Battle Of Transports Or maybe : msb-technology-platinum-data-cd-iv-transport rev.1 /msb-technology-platinum-data-cd-iv-transport - rev. 2
  7. Someone here said that Russians are crazy. IMO they also happen to be brilliant
  8. Absolutely the key line in this song, I always loved it!
  9. Wow, the first impression is - I was blind, now I can see! All is much clearer now! 👍 I'm not a huge fan of the top two stripes (I dunno.. maybe some shading of the white background behind the AS logo.?) and the AS logo (not bad, maybe somewhat too.. feminine for a site like this).
  10. Seems that another Polish folk band (Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa being probably the most popular one) is getting wider recognition.
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