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  1. Could be potentially also a good self defense tool... And back scratcher.. Just some ideas..
  2. No, don't. Just choose the best! Only then enjoy them (and forget the rest)! (not the most refined rhyme ever but it was unintended )
  3. Haven't listened to this album for ages. The new 24-44 version with alternate takes.
  4. IMO it's quite probable there is one. Only anarcho-sindicalism can save the world in the long run!
  5. Seems that in general they don't.. The music industry has screwed not only the musicians but also us - the listeners for decades. To paraphrase Frank Zappa they are only in it for the money after all with zero or little regard for anything else.. All companies should have done so right after the hi-res formats had become available. Some general conclusion - IMO the situation calls for a couple more music formats - MCQA (Master Copy Quality Authenticated), MCCQA (Master Copy Copy..) etc... and finally WTFKWTQA (Who The F..k Knows What's That but we authenticate our file's faithfulness to this source anyway)!
  6. The last part of Mahler 3rd accompanied me in my car on my way to Amsterdam Red Light (!) Jazz Festival last Sunday. Will go back to this album tonight once again with a real pleasure.
  7. Her eyes on this photo seem to be saying 'I'm not so sure this raised dress is such a good idea' and IMO she's right. If they had dressed her in 10cm shorter mini dress I would have paid no attention but raising her dress like this is just a bad idea. The trumpet is cool though in a slightly kitschy way The color reminds me of late Miles Davis' instrument.
  8. This red, brass thing is pretty sexy Does she really play it? (been thinking for a second about a an equivalent for male trumpet players but no artistically interesting idea came to mind..) OTOH I can't understand how it's possible that no-one noticed that her dress is shamelessly raised on this photo
  9. What about fire safety in this place.? It's like saying 'all gold disappeared from Fort Knox, we didn't think it was possible to steal it'. Anyway not to get too gloomy here - no master quality authentication is possible in the case of the lost tapes, so the thousands of recordings should never appear in MQA format
  10. I listened to relatively unknown violinist, Armand de Beauregard performing live Bach sonata No 2 in A minor today, had a nice conversation about his contemporary, good sounding American violin, Bach and von Bieber with the musician and his mother after the concert. Now listening to the same material played by Julia Fischer (24-96).
  11. A nice selection of works. Could you comment on performance and SQ?
  12. I think I've always preferred 'Unknown Pleasures' (due to its simplicity, IMO it's also a little less depressive..) to :
  13. This video has reminded me of this Oscar winning animation by Tomasz Baginski (probably his best one to date). Let's say it's my animation of the day (animation of the month being 'Coco' which I watched recently - a very cool one, it's connected with music and you can watch it with your /grand/kids, they should love it!).
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