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  1. I understand that: 1. My satanist posts from the General Forum are begining to bear fruit 2. This thread is for a moment a tribute to the classic movies of the 70's/80s thread. Well.. let it be that way (BTW Rutger Hauer died in 2019 just like his cult 'BR' movie character, I guess some might call it mind blowing..)
  2. You're welcome - I was curious myself, haven't seen this one before.
  3. One could say that both - the photographer and the two guys who jumped out of the truck a moment before the crash - were lucky. And fast.. https://fearoflanding.com/photography/plane-vs-truck/
  4. Probably the most convincing explanation. Kudos to you It's just that the aesthetic/ethic connotations (these are parts of dead animals after all) wouldn't make this photo my first choice for the cover of Bach album. BTW the guy makes really good photos - I'm quite impressed by his Morocco shots.
  5. Are these animal skins on the cover photo.? What's the connection with Bach or GV.? The only idea that came to my mind was that this might be allusion to this character.. (notice 'Bon Appetit' magazine on the table ) but it's a little 'far out' association I think..
  6. An amazing instrument, a very unique sound (and looks). (just decided to learn to play it in my 70's )
  7. Or the fact that if you remove 'RI' (Rex et Imperator - King and Emperor) from the name 'Satriani' - you will get 'Satani'.? This guy will survive them all, atomic war and even a black hole (he survived strychnine in his dope after all) 10 Times Keith Richards Almost Died
  8. Well, the Devil isn't young. And he definitely likes music, not to mention musicians' souls - especially the ones whose names end with -ni - Tartini, Paganini.. I bet Satriani has some secret deal too (and I'm not talking about a record deal here). He's just too good to make me believe that he does what he does all by himself. And his name.. starting with Sat.. ask any Satanist if this can be a coincidence.. The Devil also uses contact lenses but you may be slightly disappointed by the fact that his horns are (nowadays) just implants.. Finally - a piece of advice from Happy Mag.
  9. ..but I know one thing - when I heard this for the first time (I think I was 16) I knew for sure the Devil was involved in the creative process in one way or another..
  10. Yes, it is but it is also very often referred to as 'Devil's chord' e.g.: The Devil's Chord: The Eerie History of 'Diabolus in Musica' Don't know ..haven't got that far in my harmony studies.. Probably it will also reappear in 666th post
  11. Tritone - the Devil's interval
  12. I didn't suspect you of some particular interest in these two, was just saying.
  13. @AnotherSpin I apologize for my ignorance but I don't really know who Kim Kardashian is except from the fact that (if I'm not mistaken) she had something to do with Formula 1. She's not a driver though, is she.? (ok, I gueess she's into fashion or cosmetics, but I don't really want to know). I actually also don't know a single song by Justin Bieber (he's kind of one boy - boys band and he's not related to Heinrich Ignaz Franz Bieber in any way, right.? ) or Lady Gaga for that matter. Somehow I have always been able to stay away from cultural phenomena I wasn't interested in - probably due to the fact that there are already too many such phenomena I am interested in
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