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  1. sphinxsix

    Three Blind Mice (Help)

    So we have 'Cow Music', 'Bird Music' and 'Three Blind Mice' threads here. AS seems to be a very animal friendly site! C'mon Chris, I understand that these CDs cost on Discogs as much as an inch or even two of a decent cable but AFAIK you already have good cables so just spend some money on good music
  2. sphinxsix

    Cow Music

    I posted some flying cows here before but these ones are IMO super cool.
  3. sphinxsix

    Bird Music

    Flying birds, you say
  4. sphinxsix

    Three Blind Mice (Help)

    E.g. 'Moon Ray' (it's not cheap though): https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?master_id=501189&ev=mb
  5. You've just reminded me I haven't listened to them for ages. A very good band!
  6. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    As long as I have enough 'dope' on my HDs, and fortunately I do (I also know some good dealers if I needed more)
  7. sphinxsix

    Bird Music

    A mockingbird. A very musical one Have a great evening everybody!
  8. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    1. Seems I'm developing a Bach addiction.. 2. My first listening - I missed this album when it was issued, sounds very promising (with my favorite Anja Lechner on violoncello).
  9. sphinxsix

    My Essential Classical Albums.

    F. Couturier - Tarkovsky Quartet's 'Dakus' acknowledges a debt to Toru Takemitsu’s 1987 composition Nostalghia, written in memory of Andrei Tarkovsky.
  10. Gould's Aria accompanies the end credits of 'Cold War' (2018) movie which I highly recommend to good cinema lovers.
  11. sphinxsix

    Ain't No Cover Thread.

    Allmusic shows 717 versions of 'Ain't No Sunshine' https://www.allmusic.com/search/songs/ain't+no+sunshine however AFAIK the most covered song of all time is 'Yesterday' by Lennon McCartney (such was my guess actually when I thought about it some time ago). This thread is first of all an invitation to a discussion Thanks for the BLS version, I didn't know it. BTW it isn't a sign of a horse fascination.?
  12. I'd recommend her Glass albums then.
  13. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    Yes, the second one today (I have lots of free time at the moment). IMO one of the very best piano trios of the 21st century (I attended their concert in the underground of Camaldolese monks monastery some years ago and was surprised how groove oriented their performance was but it was great)