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  1. I wonder if they age bourbon in Merlot barrels later.. My God, I can almost smell it, I'm serious. I used to be a great wine lover but alcohol doesn't work for me anymore (it just makes me sleepy) hence the last time I drank wine about 8 years ago. Still love the smell of a good wine or beer though! Hope you had a good evening! Thanks, I've just given it a quick listen. Musically sounds great to my ears! Is the sound slightly on the dry side or is it just a question of my source?
  2. As for the second picture - I don't know who's the guy in the left lower corner. As for the first one - I can't take my eyes off the central figure - this must be Eddie! Edit: Google (search by image) says: 'Possible related search: copa america chile 2015'.. So it's probably not Eddie..
  3. There was a time when I didn't understand why would one need one.. They are long gone, fortunately. Love this expression!
  4. No-one said our audio journey would be nice'n'easy after all.. BTW, just thinking.. shouldn't audio formats that didn't make it, get immortalized let's say in the form of e.g. monuments.? What could an MQA monument look like..?
  5. I heard once Sony had offered quite lots of money for the first Walkman in good condition. BTW I bought my first Sony W. in West Berlin. After leaving the store I attached it to my belt but two minutes later when I was going down the stairs of the underground train station it fell off and I saw my dear new gear going all the way down the stairs (and many of them!).. The very first thought was - good by, Sony But it survived the fall and worked without problems for years before I gave it to someone. Good ol' reliable audio gear... Getting melancholic, so that's it!
  6. Welcome to AS! No-one here is very strict (well, maybe it happens from time to time) but I'd recommend reading the first post of the thread. Hope you will have a good time here
  7. I just got to know that CDJapan has informed about cancelling of number of planned MQA/UHQCD releases. Don't cry, please.
  8. One more today. These four didn't record together since Redman's 'Moodswing'. Will this album prove to be just as good.? I'm really curious (mp3 stream).
  9. The sun finally reappears after a couple of mostly cloudy and rainy days, time for some sunny, Italian Baroque. Not as extravert in almost a crazy way performance as Pletnev's but IMO also very good (16-44).
  10. I'm sure the times of pandemonium... errr.. pandemic, have influenced all of us in one way or another. I e.g. have discovered a site called Youtube It's a really cool site especially if you've got nothing better to do. Even cooler if you are attracted e.g. to doing something much worse or even extremely stupid.. Not that I am of course Anyway during this period Youtube made me countless times see the world in a completely different light. Or maybe even just see it in a light.. Thank you.. Youtube..
  11. I can't understand it but somehow I just can't get bored with this thread!
  12. Long listen ahead of you! I had approached this box some time ago but decided to get just 'Best of..' and a couple of other partial recordings (out of which Pletnev is my favorite one on piano, Hantaï on harpsichord). Haven't listened to Horovitz playing Scarlatti (part of also a huge box) yet.. I have never checked out this album and 'Roll On' in their entirety, hence playing now quietly in the background (16-44), I like JJC's simplicity from his best albums (for me this guy was a genius of a simple song form), this one is also good.
  13. Great documentary! Haven't seen this one yet. Sonic Youth, Desolation Center 1985: 500 tabs of acid, one life-changing gig
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