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  1. One of two covers mentioned in my very first post.
  2. What we know from the album is... (check it out for yourselves)
  3. Arvo Pärt - Für Alina Pat Metheny on 42 string guitar, so called Pikasso.
  4. Yes, I agree, Yes got old. Genesis has always been old ex definitio.. But you wear it every time I see you!
  5. BTW I've checked out of curiosity - as for the dynamic range the album is modern as well: DR - 5...🙄
  6. Read it for yourself: Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT Are we witnessing the birth of crypto art? "NFT art products – which operate as a type of digital asset or token – have in some instances sold for over $US3.5 ($4) million a piece, contributing to a crypto art market that is currently valued at over $US100 ($127) million.": 'Nyan Cat' flying Pop-Tart meme sells for nearly $600,000 as one-of-a-kind crypto art Definitely a good price for a cat.. errr.. crypto cat. Also definitely new possibilit
  7. I actually grew up in a completely different radio (and not only) reality. Please continue, as for EC's music I'm afraid I've already said everything I had to say though - that is that for me his early stuff - Cream, Derek & the D - had some value, I'm not much interested in his later activities.
  8. I actually don't use this term, wasn't most of 70's rock album oriented?
  9. I think he might have been even more popular in the late 70's, just check out: https://www.allmusic.com/artist/eric-clapton-mn0000187478/discography But of course he became divine much earlier. And richer - probably in the Unplugged era.
  10. Here comes censorship, guys, beware @AudioDoctor I would ban those guys who offend well respected car brands like Ferrari or Fiat, what do you say.?
  11. I bet there are eg some successful pop musicians who are poorer than Miles Davis was. Also sometimes pop producers get richer than 'musicians', I guess..
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