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  1. sphinxsix

    My System is So Good that...

    My system's noise level is so low that ants footsteps outdoors are really disturbing (especially when they walk fast). But seriously, my system is just THAT good :
  2. sphinxsix

    Bird Music

    DK once again - this time performing Eagles cover. Some say her every song is a bird in flight. http://www.dianakrall.com/news/every-song-bird-flight
  3. This I would actually like to hear in surround.
  4. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    Wow! I ditched once in primary school to copy the 'MiJ' cassette
  5. sphinxsix

    For the One Percenter Stoners

    I used to prefer wines from South America (mainly Chile), South Africa and Australia actually. As for beer for me these were Dutch Grolsch and Czech Pilsener Urquell. But for me the general conclusion as far as the main topic is regarded is - there is demand for high end in every field, not only in audio. There will always be.
  6. sphinxsix

    For the One Percenter Stoners

    The Most Expensive Marijuana In The World BTW here in the Dutch coffee shops the prices aren't that sky ..high even for top quality weed (but maybe it's not as top notch as Cannabis Caviar ).
  7. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    I actually like Miles from every period. Probably my favorite MD's fusion albums are 'Pangaea' and 'Agharta'. Not an easy listen but IMO a rewarding one. Absolutely not for jazz purists!
  8. sphinxsix

    Bird Music

    Respect, man. Not everyone knows about it... One more thing as for their asymmetrical ear holes - imagine asymmetrical headphones for owls. No need to mark left and right!
  9. sphinxsix

    Bird Music

    I don't think owls have been mentioned on this thread. How come.? Some facts about these birds whose faces are actually ears (!) Did you know that many owls have asymmetrical ear holes (one higher than the other).? Why are their eyes symmetrical then.? And most importantly - what's their perception of a soundstage.?!
  10. sphinxsix

    My Essential Classical Albums.

    Me too. It was you who made me interested in STH and CO. Got a couple of versions including four pianos one (on 3CDs!) and also a harp performance. I've slowed down with Tchaikovsky but will go back to him and your other recommendations,, guys. Got little free time now and I also go through my favorite test recordings recently a lot checking my new IEMs - Noble X Massdrop. They're better than I expected (my first BA phones, surprisingly detailed and musical at the same time).
  11. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    Not that I didn't believe you. Thanks for the link!
  12. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    Interesting, I think he didn't mention these facts in his autobiography which BTW is a very good read.
  13. sphinxsix

    Any recommendations for desktop speakers?

    Some recommendations from my thread:
  14. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    I've decided to follow into @AMR/iFi audio 's footsteps and to check out the soundtrack I actually haven't listened to for a very long time.
  15. sphinxsix

    Bird Music

    Been checking my new IEMs recently using among others Diana Krall's fantastically sounding albums hence two bird songs by DK..