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  1. Fair enough I think you paid for quality and got quality.
  2. 1000% correct, I love the tracks mastered in with the soundboard at live concerts, even in MP3's
  3. My bad, didn't know it was pirated, please take down that link immediately. thanks Chris
  4. Shadders we get your point, no one cares about SQ and no one will buy MQA, you don't have to keep posting the same claim. Thanks
  5. When JayZ and Beyonce start tweeting Tidal links to their new albums in MQA will followers march down to Sprint (part owner of Tidal) get a new LG phone (at a 2 for 1 special price which is happening now) and a Tidal premium subscription? Notice they are cross selling this with Google Daydream and you get a VR headset thrown in along with some content. THAT is a good campaign. VR buyers get cross sold to Tidal/MQA. Tidal buyers get cross sold to Google. Both markets vave to purchase by Sprint. Sign the WD up! I'll be doing immersion in VR and hirez MQA streaming while I am flying to Ve
  6. These headphones are $1000 US, they are ear buds, no can see anything. Why do people buy them?
  7. Costly options? Have you priced headphones lately? Why are people buying headphones instead of using the ear buds that came with the device? The LG V30 is touting the B&O headphones as a premium headphone form a sonic perspective because why? You are stuck in an equation of price=SQ. That isn't even true among audiophile gear.
  8. These companies have adopted MQA, people still have to pay a premium though. Will marketing help the masses "fall in line"? What type of marketing? CA members have not fallen in line from what I can tell, should the partners spend their marketing dollars here or in People magazine or TV Guide??
  9. No one knows the answer yet. Can anyone tell the difference between a spalding golf ball and a teitlist if they weren't labeled? If you were blind folded and you put on a pair of new gym shoes could you tell what brand they were? People buy Nikes because why? They can jump higher? Look at the INSANE marketing they do. Does the general public pay more for a Nike than a knockoff? A teitlist vs a no name? Can they REALLY tell the performance difference? Duh, the public will often pay more for brand differences than actual performance differences.
  10. I don't understand the context of majors. Who is the customer?
  11. The phone you linked to is the + version that does VR. They launched the phone at an AUDIO show, the IFA in Berlin. Read the press release: https://www.xda-developers.com/lg-v30-specs-snapdragon-835-released/
  12. Please unlose us in your future posts, thanks.
  13. FredericV how did they market MP3 to the point that it nearly obliterated vinyl? The SQ can't compare why did it drive vinyl almost to extinction? How did marketing help vinyl fight back?
  14. Me too, please keep technical discussions in the tech/MQA thread.Don't want to get lost in the sauce (or apples and oranges)
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