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  1. Bach: Partita No. 1 in B♭ major - Sarabande, BWV 825/4 David Russell
  2. That was then, but this is now: So one needs to be rather more careful with weight now: Interesting... Just checked DiRT Rally 2.0 and a Porsche 911 RGT is in there : Apparently there is no specific Porsche 911 GT3 version that is Group R-GT homologated. So each car needs to be prepared to spec and granted an individual R-GT technical passport. And there is the old 911 SC/RS too: This one is in Group B so it had set itself up against some real savage beasts, like the Peugeot above. Ouc
  3. Sure, being a motorcycle allows the guy to pull those crazy passes. But the road itself is probably interesting enough that spicing things up with those dangerous stunts might not be all that necessary... I'm no expert but hasn't rallying been studied as much as track racing? Here is Jilly Broadbent driving a full Group B spec Peugeot 205 T16 under DiRT Rally 2.0: For comparison, this is him driving the Porsche 919 Evo at Nürburgring Nordschleife under Assetto Corsa: The run is actually faster than when Porsche lat
  4. So what's with the black D'Agostino box in front and the Ypsilon boxes around it?
  5. For sure! People are taking selfies in front of this thing: So everybody agrees with you. Can't wait to be knowledgeable enough to understand what the thing is. Until then, no selfies for me.
  6. Looks like the Krell MD-2 has just been mentioned in Meet The Audiophile Style Community | Volume 11: So how would something like the Krell be doing in terms of the critical crieria of transport stability, power supply engineering and digital I/O clocking integrity? Would it be possible for Krell to be anywhere near Linn in transport design expertise, or is it just for looks?
  7. That looks like layout and color scheme of the old Esoteric P-1 (as oppose to current P-01...) According to Łukasz Fikus, there are 3 levels of VRDS. I have never seen the inside of a P-1 but It's a little hard to imagine any TEAC player would have Esoteric level VRDS mechanism inside... Don't know about ultra up market CD spinner, but I understand Oppo 95 going through glass Toslink isn't even close under head to head comparison against an antique Esoteric P-2s going through AES/EBU into the same backend system. I'm no expert so real experts here on
  8. If 2 numbers up is good, up by 5 again got to be better a whole lot more: A good Group 4 homologation edition like the above would likely be in the six-figure range though. This is quite interesting: The pig's just too cute The ASD active exhaust is rather decent too of course.
  9. The neighbor a few doors down has one of these: It may look really fast but 126 is two numbers higher so yours must be better performance. Everybody knows you can't argue with math right? I'm no expert but station wagon is more of my thing: The wife says cars must be practical and station wagon is as practical as one can get right?
  10. Oh, *that* Bob. Long time no "see" Hope all is well on your side. Now Song of the Day: WILL TRUE Theme song for the upcoming Violet Evergarden movie.
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