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  1. Jacob Clemens non Papa: Ego Flos Campi ORA Singers, Suzi Digby
  2. Matthias Weckmann: Toccata IV in A minor Andreas Staier
  3. Umm... Shouldn't that be In the future, everybody will want to be anonymous for 15 minutes?
  4. The boots are more than likely real, but the question is whether that's actually Helen's feet And about footwear, these are supposed to be quite good: Having the red and white flipped would go much better with this though:
  5. Now that you mention it, the point of view is such that the camera has to be right inside the door when it's closed. Plus the lighting is way too perfect. And the pedals don't look like the real ones below. So that footage could well be a total studio setup... That particular scene's probably trying to express how hard the driver was trying. To an average audience member, I would imagine trying means pushing deeper the gas... Endurance racing is mostly a game of strategy. That's probably way too subtle to sell movies...
  6. Question to the aficionados about this shot near the end: What's the purpose of stomping on the gas and the brake at the same time? Wouldn't that void the car's warranty? And is the gobbledygook across the top supposed to have some deep meaning? Please advise if this is on topic or not:
  7. Leopold Mozart: Symphony in G Major, Eisen G16 Neue Lambacher - I. Allegro Toronto Chamber Orchestra, Kevin Mallon
  8. 暗黒神の使徒 ~ ロゥリィのテーマ 藤澤慶昌
  9. John Dowland: Time stands still Emma Kirkby, Anthony Rooley
  10. Overcompensating?? Stuff like below seems to be rather middle-of-the-road these days. The male anatomy must have seriously"evolved" in the meantime I suppose...
  11. Would the illustrious members of AS be so kind as to accept this wall then?
  12. Songs from the Bardo Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal, Jesse Paris Smith
  13. 24/1.4 is a strange case. On the Canon side for example, the 24/1.4 has better construction quality than the 24/2.8. So the max aperture got mixed into product tiering consideration. But once one has decided on the bigger one, how would the f/1.4 be used for real? Most of the 24mm f/1.4 images floating around on the net seem rather contrived. Actually it's already bad enough to find good use case for 35mm @ f/1.4, the significantly wider 24mm would be even more difficult. Alternatively, architecture lenses are specifically designed to have uniform resolution across the field and minimal rectil
  14. I'm quite curious the kind of image that needs £2.5k-£4K lens to produce. Any examples to share?
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