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  1. Audio Science Substance has already been proposed before
  2. Handel: Alcina, HMV 34 - Act 3 Scene 7 Barbara! Io ben lo so Karina Gauvin, Tafelmusik, Jeanne Lamon
  3. To clarify, my comments were related to the inquiry about most affordable way to couple 70lb amps to wood support. Nothing more. The large Aptitlig butcher's block is the most appropriate type for base boards. That's pretty much a give. And the small 9.5"x6" Aptitlig chopping board would be most appropriate as place for an NCF Booster to stand on, if you're into fetish like that...
  4. We're talking medium size Aptitlig. These are single layer, no sandwich in the middle. 1.5"x1.5" is definitely no problem. Even 1.5"x1" can be made quite reliably. I would imagine 1"x1" can be done too.
  5. Federico Maria Sardelli: Suite de pièces pour le clavecin - La Lunatique Giulia Nuti
  6. There are different sizes of Aptitlig. The medium one is 5/8" thick and probably the most appropriate thickness for footers. The original Audio Beat article did talk about cutting it into 1.5"x1.5" squares. 70-80lb amp they can handle no problem. That should tie you over until you're ready for Stillpoints etc.
  7. Philosophically music is life, and vice versa. That which passes you by when you're distracted from the present moment: But now that the internet is awash with ignoramuses that need to be put in their place, there is higher priority than life. And AS being the forum of mathematical truth, philosophy is of course off topic.
  8. Aren't those suppose to be alluding to autumn leaves of red and gold?
  9. Handel: Organ Concerto in A major, HWV 296 La Divina Armonia, Lorenzo Ghielmi
  10. Thanks for the clarification. But isn't the Ongaku only like mid-tier in the Kondo line up, and the heavy silver stuff goes almost all the way to the bottom tier? And Kondo isn't even the craziest of the Japanese manufacturers. Look at the top tier Zanden that's only known by Kanji names 仁風 🠖 宙光 🠖 長空 /火雲 As for making parts available, isn't that from Audio Note UK, which was split from Kondo in a brutal fight and was declared to have nothing to do with Kondo?
  11. I'm an audiophile and know very little about music, but hadn't that happen at least a couple hundred years ago already?
  12. I'm no expert but tritone is an interval rather than a chord right? You probably mean to say Petrushka chord correct? By the way, doesn't a ø7 always embeds a tritone? If so, this interval has appeared 4 posts ago right? Totally. We've already started a harmonic structure above. I'm not knowledgeable enough to complete the harmony to cadence but I'm sure somebody here would be able to, and then continue to write out the phrase with proper voice leading and everything. Taker? After that, one of the recording engineers here would record the performance and all AS members would use it to demo their audiophile gear Um, you mean me? Note no metric placement was specified. Real composers can put the notes down anywhere he/she likes. And if they want to bang out the whole sequence as a cluster in one go, they are most certainly welcome to do so.
  13. You've probably underestimated the experts hanging out here on AS. Question: Where would one source all the heavy duty silver for a DIY Ongaku project? Or are those just audiophile bling and can be skipped?
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