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Lampizator Amber III (w/h custom upgrades) EU

Lampizator Amber III (w/h custom upgrades) EU

3,830.00 USD

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The Amber III DAC is one of the best tube DACs available today. It incorporates Lampizator's DS53 digital engine, a derivative of the digital engine used in their Pacific DAC. Lampizator standardized this Delta-Sigma design throughout their line, feeling that it is sonically superior to the R2R designs they've tested.

Some other highlights of this DAC are: copper output caps, USB operation of the highest calibre with muting to avoid pops and clicks in computer operation, redesigned power supply with CLC power filter and a 6X5 tube rectifier, completely new tube compliment in the analog section - consisting of a ECC99 super tube as input amplifier, in a zero feedback, single ended triode mode, as well as ECC82 as low impedance output buffer. This DAC -thanks to having output buffer - can drive particularly well all kinds of amps, including transistor amps.

This particular DAC was ordered with two major upgrades installed (worth 360 €):

1. The brand new Lampizator/JL Sounds USB to i2S board, which made its first appearance in the 10th Anniversary limited line of Lampizator products. It has custom firmware and appears as "Lampizator" under Linux or Windows and of course works flawlessly under Linux at all rates! This board has opto-isolators and embedded clocks that are even better than the ones used on the super-clocked Amanero board and does PCM768 and DSD 512, all while sounding fabulous, with a realism -especially apparent on vocals- an uncanny sense of smoothness with no hint of sibilance, and an overall naturalness that elevate this Lampi above and beyond the constraints imposed by the Amanero board.

2. Special high mass anti-resonance Stacore feet, used in the higher priced Lampizator models (such as the Atlantic TRP), that provide an ultra stable platform for the DAC to perform its best.

It comes with a NOS Du Mont (US made) 6X5GT, a NOS Philips ECG 5963 and the JJ ECC99, You can replace the latter, should you wish to, with a NOS 5687/E182CC via the extra supplied high quality adapter (see last pic). An extra NOS Russian 6X5, as well as all Lampizator goodies (manual, spec sheet, calendar, etc) will also be included.

Original price was 4050 Euro plus shipping excluding the NOS tubes.

Pease check my 100% positive feedback on e-bay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114347303772



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