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Audiophile Server with 2 x LPS

Audiophile Server with 2 x LPS

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Hi, rare chance for someone to own complete server setup. I’m going to try & sell as a complete package. If it doesn’t sell I’ll split up into parts. 



Motherboard - Asus Rog Extreme XII

CPU - 10900k

RAM - Apacer RAM 8gb, but have another 8gb spare. 

Software - Euphony (full license)

USB - Pink Faun Ultra USB

Ethernet - JCAT XE

ATX - Taiko ATX

2 x EPS cable - Fis audio 

ATX - Fis audio

M.2 - Darkforce Audiophile NVME (external powered)

Case - Modified HDPLEX Case. Panzerholz wood for base. 

Linear Power Supply 1 - Sean Jacobs DC3. 400kva transformer. 


Rail 1 - 24v Unregulated with 16a SR Orange Fuse) 384watts. Fis audio cable to Taiko ATX. 

Rail 2 - 5v 3amp for USB card. Mundorf cables

Rail 3 - 5v 3amp for Ethernet card. Mundorf cables

SR Orange Fuse for main supply


Note Rail 2&3 are double, double regulated. Double is standard with Sean’s DC3. I think I’m the only one he’s done this for. 


Linear power supply 2 - Sean Jacobs DC3 


Rail 1 - 5v double regulated for M.2 above. Neotech cable. 
Rail 2 - 12v 5a double regulated 

Rail 3 - 12v 3a double, double regulated

Rail 4 - 12v 3a double, double regulated


Neotech cables for the above. 

NAS - Power The Linear Solution NUC- OCXO clocks inside) it contains a 2TB M.2

Software - Euphony (full license). Running SMB. 


The NUC is powered by Rail 2 & 3 above. The OXCO board is individually powered. 

EtherRegen - Powered by Rail 3 above

2 x USB cable - Sablon 2020. 

This is clearly a complete solution for someone to buy. 

I can deliver personally & help setup if required if you live in the UK. 

Cost, please PM me. I need to work it out. But open to sensible offers. 

I think I’ve covered everything

Any questions please post here. 

Happy to post to other countries if need be, but would take a bit of time getting all the correct packaging together. 




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