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  1. Well, I was looking forward to updating mine but the page has been down all day.
  2. Did you reboot the modem/router? I had several connectivity issues that were always solved with a modem power cycle.
  3. Same here....I had several microUSB cables, some had a tag "no data" on it most did not but hard to tell by looking if they are normal data cables or not. Got lucky with the one I used and the process was straightforward.
  4. If you got the email on the November batch FW update the description for the update leaves it up to you if you feel you need to do it or not. Although not necessary to update in most cases, I recommend doing it to get the increase in SQ that I experienced. Attached is a photo of the updated EtherREGEN now with maximum strength "Decongestant". That is actually a good description of the sound benefit using this device.....it keeps all the bits of music with space and air between them so they don't get congested.
  5. I just did the FW update and noticed a bump up in SQ.....thank you UpTone! Be sure to extract the file before coping it into the folder. The instructions are easy to follow and the process is straight forward.
  6. I found several 6 inch (0.5ft.) Ethernet cables on Amazon. Went with the StarTech brand and YES, I noticed improved SQ over the 1M Supra it replaced. This is between the EtherREGEN and the Roon Nucleus. I like Supra cables and use them throughout my system - USB & power cables. Good tip on modifying the Supra Cat8 to remove the shield. I'll give that a try.
  7. OK, got the issue with the TP Link FMC sorted out. Seems it needs to be in Auto mode (not Forced mode) but you need to power cycle it after re-positioning the switch. It connected, but I much prefer the SQ of the Sonore opticalModule as expected. A few other items to share - read the manual carefully. There are some really good tips in getting the best out of this device. For example...the tip about NOT using a shield-tied shell on the RJ45 connectors to eliminate ground/noise issues between devices is spot on. I changed mine from Supra Cat8 to BlueJeans Cat6 and it improved SQ. Next up is the tip on using a short Ethernet cable out of the eR to the next device and that also helped the SQ.
  8. I tried the EtherRegen with the Sonore opticalModule attached via FO to the SFP port (side A) then port B to my server (Roon Nucleus) with very good results. Liked the SQ better then just running Ethernet straight into port A. But, when I tried replacing the opticalModule with a TP Liink MC220L media converter it would not work. Same FO transceivers on both ends (TP-SM311LM) and cable just the opticalModule was replaced. Tried two different TP Link converters with same result - no connection. Any one know why the TP Link would not connect?
  9. I have a Sonore Signature Rendu SE with Tier 1 upgrades in perfect condition for sale. Cost with upgrades, extra FO transceivers and FO cable was $3,745 my price is $2,995 and that includes shipping and PP fees. Best digital front end and I have been through the SoTM trio and the Auralic G1 & G2. Save a few hundreds bucks and get the best sound ever. Selling because I will be moving soon and need to downsize my entire system. Message me with any questions.
  10. I am an existing qobuz customer and just made the switch. It was extremely easy once I logged in and my subscription was pro rated so I'm good to go. Great music at a great price.....good time to be an audiophile.
  11. OK, so 1200 watts at 240 VAC = 5 amps is what Kii reports. That would be 600 watts at 120 VAC = 5 amps peak with max volume. My meter only captured 2 amps but that was not max volume or the transient peaks that occur with music. The speakers are so dynamic they seem to like being plugged straight into the wall without any conditioners.
  12. Is this wattage information from Kii for 120 VAC or something else?
  13. @vortecjr Is the input/output board on the Signature Rendu SE the same as the opticalRendu? I checked my units and it shows the Signature to have board V1.01 whereas the opticalRendu has board V1.1 and they look very similar in size and layout. There must be something more to account for the price difference besides the inclusion of the power supply and cabinet on the Sig? Signature with Tier 2 upgrades is $4,490. I don't see Tier 3 offered. Adding an opticalMoudle and FO cable brings it to $4,740.
  14. I used a Kill-a-Watt device to measure all my components including the Kii Three. Each measured about 2 amps at peak loads and 1 amp during normal listening levels/material. Half amp at idle, no music playing. I have USA 120 vac 60 hz incoming power.
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