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  1. How about the headphone output section? Is it really good or just an after thought.
  2. Also consider moving your listening spot....you may be sitting in a bass null. Just a foot or so forward or backwards can make a difference in the bass response at that spot in your room.
  3. firedog, did you use the iFi AC iPurifiers on the Kii's? Did it sound better? I have two in my Amazon cart.
  4. I tried an Isotek Polaris power strip and that did not work out. Lost dynamics...plugged them back in the wall...much better. I do have Supra power cables that I made with pure copper plugs and floated the screen (Faraday Cage) and that seems to help a tiny bit compared to the stock cables. These were the newer silver/copper Supra power cables. I tried a couple of large balanced transformers (Equitec) but that did not seem to help either. Maybe the Kii is somewhat immune to line noise by design or has a built-in filter? My other Hypex amps do not seem to respond to line filtering/conditioning either.
  5. The Kii Three has DSP that results in a 90ms delay. It can be turned off but it will not be phase and time aligned.
  6. Kal, OK, that will get me in the ballpark of 90ms delay. I will revisit my JRiver and see what I can manage with subwoofer delays to match the Kii Three. Thanks again for the suggestion.....Frank
  7. Greetings Kal, I have not looked at JRiver is awhile since using Roon with Tidal and Quboz integrated. I kinda left JRiver collecting dust. Guess I'm due for for an update and re-acquaintance. Thanks for the tip.....Frank
  8. No, the OPPO 205 does not have enough delay (distant setting) to compensate for 90ms.
  9. Thanks for the quick response. What about the 90ms delay that the Kii Three has in exact mode? Can the Minidsp compensate for that delay?
  10. Has anyone successfully integrated a subwoofer(s) with the Kii Threes?
  11. You can run the NUC straight into the Kii Three Control but a good streamer will sound better. Love my Kiis and yes you can tweak them with power cables, Ethernet cables, various front end configurations, different power supply options and they will all sound different since the Kii Three is so revealing of the source.
  12. Actually, a friend bought over his Lush USB and we compared it to the Supra and both of us were surprised that we both preferred the Supra. Of course, everything is system dependent. I have the SOtM trio employed in my system.
  13. Don't overlook Supra cables - excellent value. I have them on the Kii and after a lot of comparisons (USB, Ethernet & Power) I went with Supra on everything. Best sound in my system yet.
  14. I too have had great support from Kii Audio. My Kii Control stopped working so after a call to my US dealer and then to Kii in Germany they did a TeamView to remotely confirm my remote was faulty, which is was, and promptly shipped me a new one.
  15. Keep looking for a set a stands on the used market, I have seen them come up. Anything other than the Kii Three stand will be second rate. It will also increase the value when you sell them to have a complete set-up. Be sure to position and fill them with sand and level them out before placing the speaker on top. A small amount of blu-tac will make the speaker couple solidly to the stand. I also used a 90 degree IEC adapter so the power cord attaches straight down instead of sticking out behind the speaker. While you are at it if you have not done so yet get the Kii Three Control, a must have.
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