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  1. I just tried the Chord Hugo TT2 DAC via XLR analog input to the Kii Three speakers. Yes, it sounded better then the same music file level matched via USB into the Kii Control. There was a bit more air/space between the musicians giving the impression of better resolution and overall more relaxed and musical. Not night and day difference but over careful listening over several days switching back and forth I conclude the Hugo DAC sounded better then going through the Kii Control. So, even with the Kii DSP converting/resampling the Hugo DAC analog signal it still came through as better SQ to my ears. The standard Kii Control signal path had a fatter bigger soundstage, more forward where instruments tended to blend together. Through the Hugo is was more reserved, relaxed, everything in it's place with a nice separation between instruments and vocalists. I wonder it the upcoming Kii Preamp will improve the SQ over the Kii Control? Seems there might be some room for improvement. I use the Roon Nucleus via USB to the Kii Control, no other streamers or extra devices (I've tried several). Would like to try the Innous Phoenix USB device.
  2. I tried the demos with a pair of Shure SRH840 phones but only got hard pan left or right sound. No sensation of front or surround directions. I toggled the demo off and on and could easily hear the difference from in head to out but it was just outside the left ear or right ear without going toward the front or back as expected. Did I miss something?
  3. Here's a good article from TAS about integrated Systems as the future of audio. It mentions the Kii Three. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/the-future-of-audio-integrated-systems/
  4. I was anticipating the XMOS to say XU208 somewhere but it did not. Whatever model chip, it is doing a great job handling the USB signal.
  5. Slightly change in topic but I am using a Roon Nucleus straight into the Kii Control via USB. This is giving me very good sound. I tried various devices - EtherRegen, Sonore optical signature Rendu, SoTM trio, Auralic Aries G2, and a few other USB clean up devices but in each case the plain old Nucleus to Kii gave me comparable results. I think it has to do with the Roon software/protocol RAAT communication effectively (bit-perfect) with the Kii Control ALSA. I opened the Kii Control to check the XMOS chip but could not determine which model it was - U132A0C40 and some other numbers. I believe the latest FW update also updated the XMOS. Does anyone have any info on the XMOS used in the Kii Control? Perhaps it is cleaning up the USB signal/power/clocking so that additional devices are not needed?
  6. Last night I used REW to help me find the optimal speaker position in my room. Moving them a bit further into the room and closer together gave me a flatter response and it did sound much better. Boundary was left at -4 setting. As you adjust the boundary setting and do a sweep in REW you can clearly see what each setting is doing to the bass response. Still have much more tweaking to do, just getting started but encouraged by the positive results from being able to see a sweep response graph, make an adjustment, then listen to the result.
  7. I used the new PEQ to knock down a nasty peak I had at 39Hz. Sounds much better now. I wonder what the difference is in PEQ constant Q and prog Q? Good job Kii.
  8. Performed the update today and all went well. Very straight forward and I think the SQ improved a bit? The gain was increased because I had to lower the dB level down a few to get the same SPL. Really like the PEQ feature, lots of tuning ahead. Good job Kii Audio!
  9. Well, I was looking forward to updating mine but the page has been down all day.
  10. Did you reboot the modem/router? I had several connectivity issues that were always solved with a modem power cycle.
  11. Same here....I had several microUSB cables, some had a tag "no data" on it most did not but hard to tell by looking if they are normal data cables or not. Got lucky with the one I used and the process was straightforward.
  12. If you got the email on the November batch FW update the description for the update leaves it up to you if you feel you need to do it or not. Although not necessary to update in most cases, I recommend doing it to get the increase in SQ that I experienced. Attached is a photo of the updated EtherREGEN now with maximum strength "Decongestant". That is actually a good description of the sound benefit using this device.....it keeps all the bits of music with space and air between them so they don't get congested.
  13. I just did the FW update and noticed a bump up in SQ.....thank you UpTone! Be sure to extract the file before coping it into the folder. The instructions are easy to follow and the process is straight forward.
  14. I found several 6 inch (0.5ft.) Ethernet cables on Amazon. Went with the StarTech brand and YES, I noticed improved SQ over the 1M Supra it replaced. This is between the EtherREGEN and the Roon Nucleus. I like Supra cables and use them throughout my system - USB & power cables. Good tip on modifying the Supra Cat8 to remove the shield. I'll give that a try.
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