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  1. The bottom painted finish is susceptible to damage when placing the speaker on the metal stand in the original version. I simply put some clear packing tape on the metal edge to fix that issue. I also use Blu-tack or poster tack reusable adhesive between the stand and speaker bottom. This makes it stick to the stand and less chance to tipple over along with good dampening. Placing my foot on the stand base I can easily wiggle and un-stick the speaker from the stand when needed. I also use a 90 degree IEC adapter so my custom power cables hang straight down instead of sticking out the back. If you are making your own stands, design it so you can easily fill the void with sand. Another mod to consider is a through bolt design for the spiked feet so you can adjust the height of each spike by turning a knob on top of the base plate. In the original design you must tilt the stand over to adjust the height, set it down, hoping it is correct and if not repeat the process for each spike. A through bolt would make this task much simpler and safer and you could leave the speakers on the stands while doing the adjustment.
  2. Also, how do you adjust the subs for the 90 ms delay from the Kii dsp in exact mode?
  3. So, you are running the Kii full range and independent of the subs?
  4. OK, I see the Extreme 400GB is $93 and the 512GB is $150.
  5. I see class 10 SanDisk Ultras on Amazon for $50. Are the micro SD cards you are selling for $275 different other than the software written on them? When my SonicOrbiter needs updating on my new Signature Rendu SE optical I will get one of the larger cards. Just trying to understand the costs.
  6. I am using Supra Ethernet from the Kii Control to the master and another one to the slave speaker. Noticed a slight improvement over the stock cable. I use Supra throughout my system. Power cables I made myself.
  7. I assume you are using the Kii Control? What about the Ethernet cable from the Control to the master Kii speaker. did you replace that one also?
  8. Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical with opticalModule is the best so far. OpticalRendu was so good I upgraded to the Signature. Very curious to try the Innous. Previously had the SOtM trio, very nice but not comparable to the Rendu optical. Straight from the Roon Nucleus is OK but you really need a DDC to get the best SQ. I find the Kii system to be very responsive to upstream changes or cable swaps. This includes power conditioners and cables. Have not found a pwr conditioner that improved the SQ. I use Supra USB, Ethernet and power cables. Great value for the performance.
  9. Supra cable work well for me - excellent quality, fast shipping with returns allowed and very reasonably priced. Supras on the Ethernet on the speakers and network, USB to the Kii Control, and power cables to the Kiis. Noticed a slight increase in SQ for each cable I added in the system. Affirmative on the Sonore gear.... had the opticalModule + opticalRendu and was so impress I just ordered the Signature Rendu SE optical. That's coming from an Auralic Aries G2 and the SOtM trio. The Kiis are so transparent you will hear any upstream change.
  10. How about the headphone output section? Is it really good or just an after thought.
  11. Also consider moving your listening spot....you may be sitting in a bass null. Just a foot or so forward or backwards can make a difference in the bass response at that spot in your room.
  12. firedog, did you use the iFi AC iPurifiers on the Kii's? Did it sound better? I have two in my Amazon cart.
  13. I tried an Isotek Polaris power strip and that did not work out. Lost dynamics...plugged them back in the wall...much better. I do have Supra power cables that I made with pure copper plugs and floated the screen (Faraday Cage) and that seems to help a tiny bit compared to the stock cables. These were the newer silver/copper Supra power cables. I tried a couple of large balanced transformers (Equitec) but that did not seem to help either. Maybe the Kii is somewhat immune to line noise by design or has a built-in filter? My other Hypex amps do not seem to respond to line filtering/conditioning either.
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