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  1. I am an existing qobuz customer and just made the switch. It was extremely easy once I logged in and my subscription was pro rated so I'm good to go. Great music at a great price.....good time to be an audiophile.
  2. OK, so 1200 watts at 240 VAC = 5 amps is what Kii reports. That would be 600 watts at 120 VAC = 5 amps peak with max volume. My meter only captured 2 amps but that was not max volume or the transient peaks that occur with music. The speakers are so dynamic they seem to like being plugged straight into the wall without any conditioners.
  3. Is this wattage information from Kii for 120 VAC or something else?
  4. @vortecjr Is the input/output board on the Signature Rendu SE the same as the opticalRendu? I checked my units and it shows the Signature to have board V1.01 whereas the opticalRendu has board V1.1 and they look very similar in size and layout. There must be something more to account for the price difference besides the inclusion of the power supply and cabinet on the Sig? Signature with Tier 2 upgrades is $4,490. I don't see Tier 3 offered. Adding an opticalMoudle and FO cable brings it to $4,740.
  5. I used a Kill-a-Watt device to measure all my components including the Kii Three. Each measured about 2 amps at peak loads and 1 amp during normal listening levels/material. Half amp at idle, no music playing. I have USA 120 vac 60 hz incoming power.
  6. To shutdown the Signature Rendu SE optical and not corrupt the operating system it takes 7 steps: Open Chrome browser Navigate to MySonicorbiter Select Manage Select System Select Power Down Confirm Power Down....10 second countdown Then turn off the power switch on the rear of the cabinet Does anyone do it differently? Would prefer something simpler like my Nucleus - press power button = soft shutdown, press hold = hard shutdown
  7. I went down that rabbit hole. It seems to be very system / AC delivery dependent. I have two dedicated 20 amp lines and I live next to a power transform so maybe I'm lucky but nothing I tried improved the sound of the Kiis plugged into it over just the wall outlet. I contacted Kii Audio about conditioners and they said it is system dependent, they may or may not help, without giving any specific component recommendation and that is what I found: Equitech Balanced Transformer = no change IsoTek Evo 3 = less dynamic Furman PST-8 = less dynamic AQ Niagra 1200 = less dynamic I live in a lightning/power surge area and was concern about protection. My front end is on the Furman strip for surge protection and If a storm is foretasted I turn off the breaker to the room. Also have whole house surge protection in my main panel.
  8. Dropped Tidal for Qobuz two months ago. Hope to see some Qobuz playlists soon.
  9. So, no problem with the IR remote sensor being blocked with the Kii Control inside the book holder stand?
  10. FWIW: Tonight while navigating the Roon page I heard a clicking/thumping sound and realized it was my mouse pointer making a sound when it hovered over certain headings on the page. I went into my Windows Control Panel under mouse pointer and made sure sounds were turned off. That took care of it. The above mentioned click may be something different as mine was not while playing music, just a paused screen.
  11. The bottom painted finish is susceptible to damage when placing the speaker on the metal stand in the original version. I simply put some clear packing tape on the metal edge to fix that issue. I also use Blu-tack or poster tack reusable adhesive between the stand and speaker bottom. This makes it stick to the stand and less chance to tipple over along with good dampening. Placing my foot on the stand base I can easily wiggle and un-stick the speaker from the stand when needed. I also use a 90 degree IEC adapter so my custom power cables hang straight down instead of sticking out the back. If you are making your own stands, design it so you can easily fill the void with sand. Another mod to consider is a through bolt design for the spiked feet so you can adjust the height of each spike by turning a knob on top of the base plate. In the original design you must tilt the stand over to adjust the height, set it down, hoping it is correct and if not repeat the process for each spike. A through bolt would make this task much simpler and safer and you could leave the speakers on the stands while doing the adjustment.
  12. Also, how do you adjust the subs for the 90 ms delay from the Kii dsp in exact mode?
  13. So, you are running the Kii full range and independent of the subs?
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