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  1. Thanks Phil. To be sure, AO completely terminates the search service?
  2. Copied from the BETA thread. Would still like to hear about this: Because of the dual boot I went into SSD properties and noticed that indexing was ticked. Am I correct in assuming this is functionless because the index service is removed or disabled by AO? Task manager does not show WSearch running. Thanks in advance :]
  3. Cheers guys. It's said more often to trial for an extended period. Perfect in theory but with my fragmented listening habit it's hard. Regularly there's no listening for maybe a week. [pause] I should probably choose to not be too bothered if differences aren't obvious.
  4. I wonder how you all do comparisons. Replace OS one after another, dual boot etc. How? For me it again turns out impossible to tell WS2016 and WS2019 apart in a dual boot configuration. For one it takes about 90 seconds in between switching OS and getting ready so all what I thought I perceived I find too unreliable to be certain. I also did not hear any characteristic to absolutely clearly stand out as being different when using WS2016 vs WS2019. @AudioPhil because of the dual boot I went into SSD properties and noticed that indexing was ticked. Am I correct in assuming this is functionless because the index service is removed or disabled by AO? Task manager does not show WSearch running.
  5. Hi, I'm casually wondering how things look for the official release. Is there anything that still needs work? How close are we?
  6. Entirely your and the likeminded choice if you want to assume a teaching role. However, as in real life that should go along with sensing when, where and how these ''lessons'' are communicated. Shoving one's convictions down throats at every turn is not the way. From where I stand no more and no less than an opinion. And for each opinion there is an opposing opinion of equal strenght. So where does that leave us? Making statements as if they're universally accepted facts like the sun, moon and stars exist, even more so in this type of online space is a large part of what I take issue with. Now for god's sake, let us steer back to the discussion. @Nenon any progress or update?
  7. We're on the same frequency sandy. This is the thing guys, that a few are causing and for some reason admin lets happen. @The Computer Audiophile care to share your view on the matter?
  8. I sincerely like this informative post and in full agreement with the last sentence. Just.. it's out of context and simply not what the thread is about! Don't you want to get my point? The majority of contributers in this specific thread are-interested-in-best-practices-for-computer-storage. Not much else I think. Non-believers was deliberately put in between quote marks. Not a great descriptor but meant here only to differentiate. Tagging as scientists or objectivists was the worse idea at the time. And an unwanted side effect is it does the 'believer' group short as if they're superstitious.
  9. Has nothing to do with the intended purpose of the thread and with my point. Take a look again at post #1. I certainly wonder about this need in you 'non-believers' that must prove the other side wrong or at least oppose time and again unasked for. So tiring. Did all the numbers crunching erase traits like consideration and courtesy? The live and let live? Reminds me of a bunch of fun-loving guys doing what they do until the bad boys from down the block turn up harrassing and ruining a perfectly good time. I quite genuinely wish you guys found a way to enjoy yourselves NOT at the expense of others, because as I see it that's what's going on here way too much. There is little for me to add so will now retire from the thread. Sorry for the slight derailment and all the best.
  10. It's disruptive when science and engineering isn't what it's about, yet some can't resist the urge to beat others to death with what they have convinced themselves of as irrelevant as it is to what the topic starter is after. Also disruptive Ralf, is the ridiculing and so very unnecessary name-calling of which you show us two fine examples. Post #151 on the other hand is commendable. More of those!
  11. If that truly is your goal to stand up against and the reason for the disrupting comments then you're missing the mark, a lot. I think you know very well the same it's clear to see for others that this presumable noble(!) goal is replaced by getting a kick out of playing one man army going against the grain. Your daily routine does affect the mental health of those who come here to en-joy and con-tri-bute to these topics.. Actually, what you're showing a little bit too much of seems to me a mild (mild?) form of cyberbullying: ''..in order to elicit a reaction, disruption, or for someone's own personal amusement''. I'm no saint by no means but I mostly just want to make you aware and you're even welcome to do me the favour back
  12. That Ralf. Again. Apparently some are so used to your posts they're not giving any attention. Super admirable but I'm not that zen and because I see you doing it a lot let me ask something with best effort to not be judgemental or offensive. Do you make these type of remarks in real life when you're in a group of people like colleagues or family as well? Oppose and scoff at most, add or construct little? Do you even realize this behaviour strongly resembles that of a very young child who makes her presence known when grown ups are talking? It's plain annoying what you're doing Ralf and really really needs work man. The option to simply quietly move on if a topic isn't for you is always available. Frankly, why admin is so loose for so long is beyond me. Apologies for the off-topic everyone. Had to say in some thread.
  13. That's where I am too. Maybe an open door but can really enjoy all the music I love out of a $5 speaker without reservation. Because quality out of such speaker isn't a factor I possibly enjoy it even more than the more expensive ''main'' rig put together over the years that is expected to perform at a decent level. On a personal level I agree. Makes sense one invests in what he's interested in. On the other hand, excess is excess right?
  14. I think I've overspent on Computer Audio..(and still want to spend more)! Sounds like a Hifiholics Anonymous introduction The want to invest more part goes for a very large percentage of us. The rush the whole game is giving is just too good!
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