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  1. Decided to keep the OG Lush and sell Lush^2 instead. €200 ex shipping. PM if interested
  2. Going to keep the OG Lush and sell Lush^2 instead: 1 meter for €200 ex shipping
  3. Decided that I might be up for trading for a nice equal value or less power cable. Same lenght with EU plug.
  4. Outstanding cable (first model) in excellent condition. Current EU new price is €300. In comparison I experienced direct competition Curious as a bit sharp too many times. Asking €165. PM if interested
  5. Now €140 including shipment to selected European countries. PM for a quote.
  6. In very good condition, with box. Liking it a lot but the Phasure Lush suits me better most of the time. Asking €85. Speaking of Lush, I prefer a lenght shorter than the 150cm mine counts so selling or trading is an option here. Shoot a message if interested.
  7. Fantastic cable in excellent condition. Invoice date 22nd of March, with booklet and box. €160 including DPD shipment to the UK, France, Germany, possibly others. PM if interested My 200+ positive trader feedback can be found on Head-Fi under the same username
  8. Very similar if not identical to the Singxer F1. In great condition with tiny paint chip on front bottom. Box and a 1 meter GhentAudio Canare 75 ohm coax cable are included. I'm asking €135. FWIW, works with Armature's own XMOS driver and also Thesycon's driver for Singxer. https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/digi...usb-spdif-asynchronous-interface-p-11412.html https://ghentaudio.com/part/e08.html PM any time
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