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  1. But if they're not offering a new "module" (e.g., a Less is More board) then what they say is a bit rhetorical... IMHO
  2. So Schitt have moved away from their modular upgradable design "philosophy"? I see no option for a Less is More upgrade board :-(
  3. A tour de force. Passionate, insightful, information packed. Thank you. I'll never be able to afford one but so love the fact that you have it.
  4. These babies pump. They were rated at 160 watts in ultra linear mode on the original KT90’s. These are fitted with KT120’s which are good for approximately 200 watts. (The amps can be switched to triode mode internally with a corresponding halving of power. I’ve always preferred listing to them in UL; your mileage may vary.) The De Luxe amps were streets ahead of the Compacts and featured premium components and arguably better design, layout and construction. These were made with optional Cardas wiring too (see photos of rear panels). I’ve had them for about 20 years an
  5. This was VTL’s reference preamp. A complete dual mono design from its two power cords to separate power supplies, dual circuits, to four outputs (2 per channel). I’ve had the pre for about 5 years. It has been serviced and any components that were not to spec have been replaced. All of the tubes test at the upper end of the range. So you should get years of trouble free enjoyment from what is regarded by many as a superb piece of hifi gear. The only reason that I’m getting rid of it is that I was smitten recently by a bad case of updateitis. Given our new near compulsor
  6. Just wait for it to "burn in" - play music through it (no need to amplify/listen to it) for 200 hours or so - wow!
  7. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has a view on whether to get the 0004 with the better USB board, or get it with the standard board and get a Singxer as well. I use a macmini with an external USB drive running roon.
  8. Hi Chris, et al - thanks for the great instructions - they're very clear and easy to follow. I've got a problem though - when I click on the 00011.mpls I do not get the streams populating, see screen grab. I've tried the process on a stand alone win7 box and on an iMac running Parallels and Win7. I don't have a blu-ray drive but do have the iso (the iMac auto mounts it and the Win7 box is running DVD Fab virtual drive). Any help would be appreciated.<br /> <br /> Cheers.
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