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Article: Munich, Music, and More

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12 hours ago, loop7 said:

Will there be any MQA seminars?


12 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

I haven’t checked, but I’m sure many people will let us know if there are :~)


This might be a page to watch (assuming it is maintained) ... https://www.highendsociety.de/program-high-end-2022.html



Nil mQa at Munich 2022 would be telling as we have had mQa at Munich in:












and Live Stream 2019: https://www.mqa.co.uk/newsroom/events/mqa-at-munich-high-end-2019



If those links made you feel sick 🤮, here is some medicine 😍 (high end turntables at Munich 2019):

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