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  1. I did a factory reset on the phone that seemed to have a battery issue after some app updates. From what I can tell it's not the Qobuz app. However, Audirvana remote app may be partially at fault here. More testing to do.
  2. About 10 apps updated the other day on my Pixel 3 XL and battery performance has taken a dive. I am 90% certain this is not a Qobuz issue but wanted to ask if anyone else had battery drain after the most recent Android app update? I love Qobuz too much to consider a change. Maybe it was just my turn to get a silent update pushed from Google to perpetuate the consumer purchase cycle. #righttorepair #cynical Apps that updated before battery issue: American Express Audirvana Bank of America Blue Mail Google Home
  3. If the power outage did not cause any disk issues, can the drives be placed into another QNAP?
  4. Bob Stuart... I'm joking, of course. I think your guests thus far have been stellar.
  5. The videos are fantastic; the iPad volume test was my favorite. I've caught myself being annoyed by all this a few times but reminded myself we are simply witnessing a company doing it's job. I just hope Qobuz will be around long term.
  6. Good question and, if there are differences, maybe it is subtle? We've all said it before: Amazon, Google and Apple's music streaming can be losses (strategic) for a variety of reasons whereas Spotify's main business is streaming, data and ad platform? Qobuz and TIDAL seem to have a more singular model but I could be completely wrong on this. I sure do like how Qobuz is a smaller company. I'll renew with them when my year is over.
  7. It would be cool if the term "bit perfect" was as sexy as "high resolution" and "Dolby Atmos."
  8. This is among my top 10 favorite orchestral compositions. Philharmonia musicians are scary good and, in my opinion, Salonen has always kept his ego in check against maestro worship.
  9. Is it safe to assume most of Apple's Dolby Atmos offering will be bulk processed and not white glove?
  10. I too am fascinated by Rockport as a company. Not sure when or how but when I saw an image of their "factory" I knew they were an anomaly. As a person who grew up in a small town and now live in a massive metro area, I was not surprised AT ALL that the Rockport staff sounded so content and relaxed. I found the podcast segment about how their current flagship speaker is smaller but better than their previous model.
  11. I was an Amarra Sq+ user years back - are they still in the running?
  12. As others have said, passive speakers are critical to the hobby aspect of the audiophile. Most of my music listening is via active speakers which has been the case for 18 months now. So, here's a question: Does anyone wonder if companies such as Wilson Audio, Magico, Rockport, etc will ever design and build active main speakers? I once asked a speaker manufacturer ($60,000 top price) if he thought his speakers might be better if active to which he replied "probably" but said it wouldn't be strategic which makes total sense.
  13. Apple has become the gold standard of controlling the conversation and flipping an issue upside down. I am curious how they'll do this with the recent bombshell piece in the NYT regarding encryption and data access to users in China.
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