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  1. These long form, academic articles are my favorite on AS. I just listened to the Mobile Fidelity version of Big Chair and I'm glad I still had the original CD which I just ripped and added to Roon. Again, fantastic work.
  2. As an owner of the LS50W, I can really see your point on this. I didn't list them because I've only had them for 4-5 months but they seriously having me wonder if crossovers between amps and speaker drivers is flawed on many levels.
  3. I only have a High End digital product of the decade because I don't really feel in the know enough to list the other categories. For me, like many others, it is Roon. I wish I could be more unique and name another product but nothing has impacted nor improved my music consumption as much as Roon has.
  4. I agree with all of these. I would enjoy seeing your runners up.
  5. A much wanted solution for sure. I use both CarPlay and Android Auto.
  6. It really is a race to the bottom. I assume Amazon is going to continue the quest for total domination until they are broken up.
  7. Peter Madnick is brilliant and I thought the Acoustic Alchemy products were just fantastic so this is almost guaranteed to sound amazing. I'm wondering if this product's industrial design will make it a tough sell? It reminds me of a satellite TV receiver - not very kind of me to say I realize. The last round of DAC's and amps from AA had such a cool and hip industrial design.
  8. I think it would be interesting if you mounted 3-4 GoPro like cameras in your room and captured the Wilson Audio set up process.
  9. Yeah, it looks like your room would not accommodate a pair of WAMM Master Chronosonics.
  10. I predict these may be a gateway drug to other Wilson models.
  11. I have a PS Audio NuWave DSD (remarkable DAC) and will eventually procure a DirectStream. Where are you sourcing DXD (24/352.8) music? That seems so niche I can't even fathom it.
  12. Really curious where the speakers end up being located in your "new" room upstairs.
  13. Will a dealer or factory rep be setting them up? Maybe we'll see Daryl Wilson in some pics next week.
  14. I have a Synology DS415play which I think is about 5 years old. I've had one drive fail in that time but that's to be expected. The NAS itself seems to perform well and reading/writing to the NAS doesn't seem different from when it was new. I'm curious how long these tend to last? Can they run for a decade? Should I get a new one now? Any experiences or advice is appreciated.
  15. I realize this thread has been dormant for quite a while but I finally migrated to ROCK, although I used a slightly different NUC that those specified by Roon. It feels good to have a dedicated appliance as the core and I think it sounds better through end points than did a dedicated Mac Mini. Forced storage scans (files are on a NAS) are much faster and the UI seems to be just as snappy.
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