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  1. Fantastic piece. These long-form articles on albums are gold. So, I've only listened to The Nightfly about 150 times, most of those were the original US retail LP and then the original US retail CD. I no longer have the LP but I recall it sounding great. In one of Michael Fremer's rants about the terrible-ness of compact discs, he remarked how Porcaro's drums on the album don't sound like drums (because digital recording was so flawed). I regret hearing Fremer say this because I tend to now agree the drums and cymbals don't sound all that great to my ears. I don't own a
  2. I've had excellent success with Crucial, Kensington and Samsung SSDs.
  3. Maybe it was mentioned in the interview, too lazy to listen again, but I wonder if most Linn customers purchase a system and don't upgrade for a really long time?
  4. I've only heard Linn products twice, both full Linn systems. First time was at an audio show and I left really impressed. Second time was at an experienced Linn dealer and I was so impressed I contemplated starting over. At the dealer, the L/R speakers could not have been more than 30 cm from the wall yet the soundstage was immense. I'm on the fence as to their speaker's aesthetics but love the look of their other components.
  5. "Starting later this year, Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi and listen to their favorite songs the way artists intended." lacks clarity so maybe they are still deciding on pricing?
  6. Does anyone think there's a remote possibility Spotify will not charge more for this new tier? John Darko remarked in a video that he thought it's a possibility current Premium customers would not pay more.
  7. I've bought from Chandos and Presto. Way way way too much from Chandos.
  8. I went back and read the early Stereophile articles on MQA today. I'm sure most if not all of you have read them. I can understand the excitement but one paragraph from a Jon Iverson article is scary. I'm not saying he is supporting MQA but it's just so out there. "Once securely in place in the industry, MQA would be very difficult to dislodge, and its very dominance would deter the development of newer, possibly better formats—or even discourage the retaining of such current alternatives as WAV, FLAC, etc., as viable choices in the marketplace." https://www
  9. CNBC has been discussing it. One of the "analysts" is saying this deal is a game changer and how the music streaming industry will change so much after the pandemic. I'm rolling my eyes.
  10. Maybe offer a free, ad supported tier? It has me scratching my head as well.
  11. Maybe Apple could buy MQA and make it exclusive. I know that's an edge scenario but throwing it out there. It would then be revolutionary.
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