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  1. You just reminded me of the Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal.
  2. If MQA ultimately fades away, will anyone be surprised if another company invents yet another technology with similar goals?
  3. Yeah, this is one of the most interesting pieces I've read on CA/AS and I'm not a Steely Dan fan.
  4. I tend separate out albums Roon processes as duplicates just so I can see them when viewing the grid.
  5. I don't know how this can be anything but very successful. I appreciate how you loaded the video with information about this new product.
  6. I experienced skipping during my trials to use Amarra sQ+ between Roon and my Meridian DAC but never using Roon alone.
  7. I was actually wondering about the title (Computer Audiophile) last week and how it may be limiting but this new name will certainly offer all the flexibility needed moving forward. I can only imagine how much thought and discussion went into a name change.
  8. @David Craff Regarding the Qobuz Connect feature, I have a specific question. If the Mac OS or Windows app is running on a computer, will another Qobuz app (smartphone, tablet) have the capability to control the app? In other words, will the Mac OS or Windows app appear as an endpoint type of thing?
  9. A few of the most enjoyable music experiences I've had in the last few years is at a friend's house. She has a Denon AVR, a pair of Pioneer bookshelf speakers on stands (Andrew Jones) and a cheap Polk sub. Her living room seems to have a nearly ideal amount of diffusion or some other factor but the soundstage is so tall and wide and the sound balanced. I've been back a few times and it's just great. My room, on the other hand, is atrocious with high ceilings, tall windows and myriad other issues. Aside from installing very obtrusive acoustic aids, it's pretty bad. After hearing a very mediocre system in a great room, it made me completely re-think all the cash I've spent on my system.
  10. Just adding that I think the new Android app is really great. Dramatically improved performance.
  11. I've disabled motion smoothing on panels owned by friends and family. I could never believe the feature was enabled by default and don't understand how anyone could watch a panel with it enabled. It also drives me crazy when panels are set to vivid or some other overly cranked mode.
  12. @Cebolla I was able to get OpenHome and Bubble DS working. Rather cool.
  13. @Cebolla Thanks for that information. I wasn't able to get the Qobuz app/OpenHomePlayer combo to work but I'm wondering if my network configuration is to blame so I plan to give this some effort.
  14. @Da Horsey The direct download was 5.1.1 and it's up and running now on my Pixel - thank you again. Eager for Qobuz Connect to control other instances. I would like to have the Mac OS app running on a headless Mac Mini and essentially use that as a Qobuz endpoint, at least until Roon and Qobuz complete their integration.
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