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  1. It really is a race to the bottom. I assume Amazon is going to continue the quest for total domination until they are broken up.
  2. Peter Madnick is brilliant and I thought the Acoustic Alchemy products were just fantastic so this is almost guaranteed to sound amazing. I'm wondering if this product's industrial design will make it a tough sell? It reminds me of a satellite TV receiver - not very kind of me to say I realize. The last round of DAC's and amps from AA had such a cool and hip industrial design.
  3. I think it would be interesting if you mounted 3-4 GoPro like cameras in your room and captured the Wilson Audio set up process.
  4. Yeah, it looks like your room would not accommodate a pair of WAMM Master Chronosonics.
  5. I predict these may be a gateway drug to other Wilson models.
  6. I have a PS Audio NuWave DSD (remarkable DAC) and will eventually procure a DirectStream. Where are you sourcing DXD (24/352.8) music? That seems so niche I can't even fathom it.
  7. Really curious where the speakers end up being located in your "new" room upstairs.
  8. Will a dealer or factory rep be setting them up? Maybe we'll see Daryl Wilson in some pics next week.
  9. I have a Synology DS415play which I think is about 5 years old. I've had one drive fail in that time but that's to be expected. The NAS itself seems to perform well and reading/writing to the NAS doesn't seem different from when it was new. I'm curious how long these tend to last? Can they run for a decade? Should I get a new one now? Any experiences or advice is appreciated.
  10. I realize this thread has been dormant for quite a while but I finally migrated to ROCK, although I used a slightly different NUC that those specified by Roon. It feels good to have a dedicated appliance as the core and I think it sounds better through end points than did a dedicated Mac Mini. Forced storage scans (files are on a NAS) are much faster and the UI seems to be just as snappy.
  11. I removed all power products from my system a few years ago.
  12. I'm using inexpensive drives in a NAS. In five years, two drives have failed so maybe I should change my ways.
  13. I can just see the bandit creating plans to spend the £150,000. I'm interested in hearing the mini disc audio but I'm just a run-of-the-mill Radiohead fan and not a completist so I think I will pass.
  14. Parasound HCA-855 5 channel amp (home theater)
  15. loop7

    ripping SACDs

    I use a Sony S390 Blu-ray player with a Mac Mini and it works like a charm but the same can be done with other Sony players as well as some Oppo and some Pioneer players. NOTE: The barrier of entry for learning the process if the nature of online forums - one has to spend hours and hours finding the right posts or piecing together posts. Then, there will be those who provide steps but leave out steps they consider too obvious but make people throw their players at a wall. WHAT A MESS! I am currently working on a guide for a few a players but I am not sure where it should be posted unless forum admins are willing to create new threads with curated PDFs pinned to the top. The guide I'm writing assumes nothing and offers troubleshooting at each step. I'm about a week away from completion. Feel free to direct message me and I can provide some sane instructions that are not part of hundred page threads of tangents that venture into cables, mastering and factory tours.
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