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  1. I had the chance to hear the Spectral DMA-250 S3 for an afternoon (driving Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2). I think that should be your next upgrade. Spectral are unaffordable for me but I'll bet you $1 they would take your system to yet another level.
  2. Spectral or MBL but both were limited to a few hours of listening.
  3. I archived and closed out my FB account 20 months ago which has created some social obstacles but the FB corporation is a negative overall for humans. A great deal of lying from the top brass. I do find Twitter useful for obtaining breaking news and I follow over 100 journalists.
  4. I've become a believer in active speakers but mass adoption would ruin the hobby as they eliminate a lot of tweaking possibilities and upgrades are essentially a new system. I do agree with CC about DSP being the next frontier.
  5. Really enjoyed this. I've only heard the Series 2 but the reason I found the article interesting is the company's approach. Almost reminds me of what's been said or written about Spectral which I've been able to hear a few times.
  6. Do we know if piracy of music specifically is on a steady decline? Has it "stabilized" at a certain percentage?
  7. I have to admit my visit frequency has faded over the last year due to some of the posts I've read that seem too confrontational so I'm glad @The Computer Audiophile posted this in addition to the sub forum's creation.
  8. These long form, academic articles are my favorite on AS. I just listened to the Mobile Fidelity version of Big Chair and I'm glad I still had the original CD which I just ripped and added to Roon. Again, fantastic work.
  9. As an owner of the LS50W, I can really see your point on this. I didn't list them because I've only had them for 4-5 months but they seriously having me wonder if crossovers between amps and speaker drivers is flawed on many levels.
  10. I only have a High End digital product of the decade because I don't really feel in the know enough to list the other categories. For me, like many others, it is Roon. I wish I could be more unique and name another product but nothing has impacted nor improved my music consumption as much as Roon has.
  11. I agree with all of these. I would enjoy seeing your runners up.
  12. A much wanted solution for sure. I use both CarPlay and Android Auto.
  13. It really is a race to the bottom. I assume Amazon is going to continue the quest for total domination until they are broken up.
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