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  1. Thank you, guys. @mikicasellas @StreamFidelity @luisma Hope the capability to allow you to upgrade the FPGA firmware is a good feature that come along with the new dsp board upgrade. We kept it in the sleeve for awhile for good @luisma, could it be first handshake of the Linux player with the Terminator? I will do some tests with my SOtM and Sonore later to confirm again. Hope you like the sound of the new firmware! Many thanks. Yours sincerely, Alvin www.vinshineaudio.com
  2. Thanks @cordobaman. Appreciate it. Yep, the new firmware was released to fix some bugs. Ares II / Terminator shipped after 15th Sept already come with the new firmware. Firmware guide can be found here: https://www.denafrips.com/firmware-update Hope this helps! Many thanks. Yours sincerely, Alvin www.vinshineaudio.com
  3. @matthias, i discussed briefly with DENAFRIPS. DSD will not be upsampled. @luisma, a customer reported similar issue. He has a Allo Bridge running dietpi roon, music playback was 2x the usual speed. The only way he can get it played back correctly is to use roon to upsample to DSD512. Can you try that too? I use RPI dietpi (not allobridge), it works well with the new DSP. Could it be the Allo Bridge driver issue?
  4. @rothosand, it's fine to keep the Amanero driver. I did that and it works even when both co-exists. @matthias, i'm waiting for DENAFRIPS to confirm
  5. Hi @rothosand, Here you go, the changes log: https://www.thesycon.de/usbaudio/TUSBAudio_history.txt @butifull01, awesome setup you have there! @StreamFidelity, impressive reports, much appreciated! Thank you for loving the Terminator DAC! Enjoy the music! Cheers, Alvin
  6. Hello @barrows, All DENAFRIPS DAC does DSD decoding in native. Cheers, Alvin
  7. Alrigth guys. I thought i would share with you that the ARES II comes with NOS/OS and Slow/Sharp filters too! NOS/OS Selection: 1. Press the Mute button once to enter configuration mode 2. Press the Opt1 momentarily - Opt1 On = NOS - Opt1 Off = OS 3. Wait for 5s 4. Ares II back in operational mode Filter Selection: 1. Press the Mute button once to enter configuration mode 2. Press the Opt2 momentarily - Opt2 On = Slow Filter - Opt2 Off = Sharp Filter 3. Wait for 5s 4. Ares II back in operational mode NOS.mp4 Filter.mp4
  8. Hi @4est, 6moons reviewed the DSP board, some nice pics Srajan took while he install the board: Old board out, New board in PCM1411.2 playback Cheers, Alvin Chee @ Vinshine Audio
  9. Hello guys, Thank you for your patience. Shipment has started but at a moderate speed. Each DSP board goes through a 24hrs of burn in time as part of the QC procedure before it's certified as good-to-ship. Please be sure that you will be receiving yours soon! Many thanks. Best, Alvin @ Vinshine Audio
  10. Alvin is working very hard to get the DSP board shipped. Hang on ğŸ˜Ž
  11. Hello guys, I'm overwhelmed. Trying my best to keep my head above water ğŸ˜Ž 1. Yes, the new DSP board come with Proprietary USB Audio Solution via STM32F446 Advanced AMR Based MCU. It comes with licensed Thesycon Windows USB Audio Driver 2. Pops/Clicks while changing the sampling rate is gone. It's solved. 3. Endurance time of the capacitors is usually 15yrs approximately, depending on usage. Thanks, @Miska of your excellence answers pertaining to this question. 4. PCM playback in OS mode upsampled internally to highest sampling rate, i.e. 1.536MHz. 5. DSP board for Pontus & Venus forthcoming. We're planning by Q4 this year. Now, here's the interesting part. Screenshots of Audio Precision measurement of PCM1536, DSD1024, upsampled via HQPlayer: PCM1536 DSD1024 (48kHz x1024 = 49,152‬MHz) Enjoy the music! Cheers, Alvin Vinshine Audio
  12. Guys, Yep, it's user-upgradeable. Simply lift the top cover open, carefully unplug the old DSP board, plug in the new DSP board. It's simpler than installing PCI card in the computer. I'll stay up to reply inquiry here. Cheers, Alvin Vinshine Audio
  13. Hello guys, DENAFRIPS engineers are full-force testing the new DSP as I type. We ask for extra time to ensure the best-stability and best-sonic DSP update to our customers. I'll definitely keep you guys updated here once it's ready. It's happening 👍 Many thanks. Alvin @ Vinshine Audio
  14. Hello guys, We're getting closer, slowly but surely. Keep our finger crossed to have some good news after the Chinese New Year! Many thanks. Best, Alvin Vinshie Audio
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