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  1. Hey guys, The latest licensed Thesycon Driver (For Windows PC) v5.12.0 is available to download here: link. https://www.denafrips.com/support TUSBAudio - Thesycon USB Audio 2.0 Class Driver for Windows Revision History ----------------------------------------------------- V5.12.0 (May 18, 2021) ----------------------------------------------------- * New: MIDI pipe statistics in the Spy utility * New: several registry parameters for MIDI added * Fix: switch preferred ASIO buffer size with driver package containing MIDI only and
  2. Typical usage of the DDC / Reclocker 🗨️
  3. The limitation could be due to the uRendu: https://www.sonore.us/opticalRendu.html Supports the following PCM sample rates up to: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz, 384kHz, 705.6kHz, and 768kHz Supports the following DSD sample rates up to: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512 I personally use roon+HQP on a Windows PC, it supports PCM1411/1536 and DSD1024: In later part of this year, we will contact roon to have our DACs/DDCs certified. But good things take time, we'll see!
  4. Great review, thanks Chris @The Computer Audiophile ! Have fund to compare the Terminator / Terminator-II :)
  5. https://www.denafrips.com/single-post/denafrips-hermes-ddc-is-the-icing-of-the-cake-in-my-system Credit: Happy customer: Tom, Norway
  6. Shipping is happening. We have stock of the Venus II DAC :) @musicguy, you will hear from us very soon!
  7. Hello Guys, Just sent a Production Update of the Pontus II DAC. Shipping will happen soon! Happy Easter!
  8. The Terminator Plus featuring premier, precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators. The OCXOs are hand-crafted, calibrated, and hand-picked for absolute lowest jitter. The two independent OCXOs cater for native 44.1kHz and 48kHz based audio frequency family. Take a closer look of the DENAFRIPS Terminator Plus R-2R DAC! https://www.denafrips.com/single-post/terminator-plus-unboxing
  9. Thanks! We were busy fulfilling the orders. Hope the Pontus reaches you soon!
  10. Shipping progressively, we're set to fulfil the orders in 2 weeks!
  11. Hello guys, The latest licensed Thesycon Driver (For Windows PC) v5.0.0 is available to download here: link. https://www.denafrips.com/support The history file with changes can be downloaded at: http://www.thesycon.de/usbaudio/TUSBAudio_history.txt
  12. Yep the Pontus comes with the latest DSP with STM32F446 MCU USB interface. The prices on our website is in Singapore dollars. Depending on the exchange rate, mode of payment (PayPal/Credit Card), the price in USD may vary around US$1700-1780 or so. Happy holidays!
  13. Yep, Hermes uses two OCXO, 45.1548MHz and 49.152Mhz.
  14. I should clarify that the Venus reviewed by High-fidelity was the original Venus. The current Venus II review can be found here. Cheers, Alvin
  15. Hi sir, That's right. All DENAFRIPS DACs have the STM32 MCU USB solution implemented, as well as FIFO buffer and reclocking of all digital inputs. Happy listening! Alvin
  16. Yep, there is no US dealers. Our quasi-direct sales business model doesn't have enough margin to begin with, hence, it's not possible for us to have proper distribution network/dealership for that matter. Let alone the return policy. My apologies sir. The good news is, we are lining up two potential service points in the USA (specifically, WA and SC) to provide repair / warranty services. We certainty hope this strengthen the confidence level of DENAFRIPS & Vinshine Audio products. Cheers! 🙂
  17. DENAFRIPS DACs come with the latest proprietary USB (STM32F446 MCU) solution. All inputs are FIFO buffered and reclock, jitter rejection is great (excellent). DSD output level is lower than PCM by -6dB.
  18. Hey Matt, All DENAFRIPS DACs are upgraded with the proprietary USB solution STM32F446 MCU. Hope this helps! Cheers, Alvin
  19. Hey George, Thanks for the awesome review of the DENAFRIPS Pontus DAC. Appreciate your time and efforts. We are grateful! Enjoy the music! p/s: Curious what's the SACD iis h/w you mentioned in the last part of the review! Many thanks. Yours sincerely, Alvin Chee Vinshine Audio (Singapore)
  20. DENAFRIPS GAIA + Terminator-Plus configuration guide: https://www.denafrips.com/single-post/2020/08/01/DENAFRIPS-GAIA-DDC-TERMINATOR-PLUS-DAC Cheers
  21. Hello guys, Like to share the users' impression of the DENAFRIPS DAC. https://www.denafrips.com/news I am extremely happy and encouraged to read these positive impressions. This is simply the best encouragement and drive for me to continue what i am doing and i will do better! Thank you for your support! Alvin Chee www.vinshineaudio.com
  22. Hello, To clarify, DENAFRIPS DAC decode DSD in native. Yes, there is a separate ladder network to decode DSD. Hope this helps! Stay safe, Alvin Chee www.vinshineaudio.com
  23. Hello guys, I've posted some video guides to demonstrate the DENAFRIPS DAC configuration/settings: Ares II Pontus/Venus (New DSP) Terminator (New DSP) I hope the video guides are helpful! Many thanks. Yours sincerely, Alvin Chee www.vinshineaudio.com
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