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Very short audiophile USB cable?

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Unfortunately the orientation of the USB male-A to male-B adapter requires the ADUM4160 is flipped upside down:




This doesn't work with the Proton's layout:




The other day I spent all morning searching for an adapter that wouldn't require the flip, but they don't seem to exist.


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This should be fine honestly. It's USB 2 standard, well made, sheilded and I very much doubt no matter how much you spend you will hear any difference.



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It may be snake oil to some but there is a difference.

Tried a kimber usb/belkin gold and some generic stock usb that came with a city pulse.


Significant difference btwn the 3.

The draw backs is that it also present more noise from the USB - much like drawing power from noisy mains.


However if you used a noise harvester say a digital transport there is an improvement.


Of course, is it worth the extra, thats up to you to decide.



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I picked up real short USB to connect the four 1TB drives to the Mini. They were purchased from the Audiophile approved vendor Cyberguys. www.cyberguys.com part 131 0939 is what I liked.

They stock two very short ones, a 6 1/2" overall male A to male A. And a 7 1/2" male A to male B. They are sourced from Ziotek, appear well made and have gold plated connectors.

Right now they have a 15.00 off offer for orders over 150.00. At 2.99 each, you can pick up quite a few.






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I am not an expert


USB may be different than other interconnects


but I have discussed this issue with a high end cable manufacturer recently who feels < 1 meter (at least for interconnects - we did not discuss USB) is a big mistake sound wise. It has to with reflections, etc in the cable. 1 meter was the least he would recommend



I am not an expert

I don't know the physics

Our discussion was not about USB

I am not an owner of the cables discussed


my 2c


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