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  1. There is whole thread on all things optical at: I use these Finisar SFP's. Reportedly, Finisar makes SFP's for lots of the other suppliers like Intel and Cisco. Generally, ebay is a good source for buying SFP's. As for cables, they are cheap compared to Ethernet cables. I get mine from Fibertronics. Fiber
  2. I think he was originally trying to go: Switch > etherRegen > oM > OR SE (on etherRegen, input on A side, output on B side) - problem is that B side is only 100Mbps and oM is 1000Mbps so they wouldn't connect. After removing the oM: Switch > etherRegen > OR SE (on etherRegen, input on B side, output on A side w/ fiber optic port) - that leaves all of the open (unused) ports on side A.
  3. For months, I went back and forth as to which route to go. Originally, I had a mRendu (Ethernet connection) but my music server has fiber optic output (Intel X520-DA1 NIC) so I chose to go with a OM (replaced a TP-Link FMC) since the etherREGEN was months away from production. The SQ improvement with the OM was very noticeable. Once the OR was available, I ended up adding it. Since the OR has basically a OM built-in, I felt comfortable that I would retain the SQ goodness that the OM had brought. So I could sell my OM, which I have done, which could go toward payment of the OR. Once I had the OR, it seemed silly to add an etherREGEN which only has one fiber optic port. If the etherREGEN had come out much sooner, I may have gone another route. However, it didn't and I have absolutely no regrets with the route I took. FYI - I am currently using the Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4S+IN switch (10GB switch for $135 on Amazon) connected to my server and OR as well as a few other devices (e.g. Internet access).
  4. I did call silentPC and asked them about the 9700K. It is 95W whereas the 9700 is 65W. As such the 9700K would not work with the case cooling.
  5. ericuco

    HQ Player

    If you are trying to use DSD128 for everything, I believe you need to Uncheck the 48k DSD box (middle of setting panel) Set Default Output Mode to SDM (DSD) (middle of setting panel) Check the adaptive family box (bottom of setting panel) ... gray box also works instead of check Set max rate under SDM section to 44.1 x 128
  6. ericuco

    HQ Player

    I will have a go at explaining. Oversampling 1x setting is used for 44.1 and 48 formats. Oversampling Nx setting is used for the higher resolutions of 44.1 (e.g. 88.2, 176.4) and 48 (e.g. 96, 192). As for the 48k content, some DAC's like my Holo Cyan (DSD version) does NOT support 48 content. So, HQP will convert the 48k content into an appropriate 44.1k content before converting to DSD. Otherwise, HQP converts 44.1k content to the equivalent DSD (e.g. 2.8224 MHz) and the same for 48k (e.g. 3.072 MHz) content. If your DAC does NOT support 48k content, you have to uncheck the one box (middle of the settings box) that talks about 48k DAC's. If your DAC does support 48k content, check the box.
  7. @Norton Glad it worked out for you. I too had a very positive experience with Colin and Nord all ways around. Quality product, reasonable price and great customer service, Nord amps are hard to beat. I just received my Nord mono blocks (One UP NC500MB) on Thursday so they are still burning in but already sound amazing along with my La Scala's. I thought my Forte III's and the older NC400 amps sounded great but this new setup is a whole new leap forward in SQ. If you do decide to move up the Nord food chain, some of the amps are modular components so you can start with the basics and then update (e.g. opamps) later.
  8. If you are in the US, then look at Small Green Computer (connected to the Sonore guys) I just order a fanless PC from SilentPC to run HQP and Roon.
  9. Question for @Miska, on the Signalyst Consumer webpage in the download section, you had for years referenced "Ubuntu Studio" as the preferred version but now it just references "Ubuntu". As I am going to have SilentPC install the OS, which one would you recommend? Ubuntu Studio or Ubuntu? My understanding is the Unbuntu Studio includes additional tools for audio & video which I probably don't need but thought I would ask. Thanks as always.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. My goal isn’t EC at DSD256 but who knows. My i5 does EC at DSD128 for some filters. I prefer the ext2 for higher material which is currently out of reach for 48-based format upsampled to DSD256.
  11. I recently switched to the Holo Cyan DAC (DSD only) which doesn't handle 48-based format files. Previously, my previous DAC handled both 44.1-based and 48-based files. My server (4 core i5, 16GB RAM, Ubuntu Studio, fanless, Intel X520-DA1 NIC) could upsample most things (non-EC) to DSD256 using HQP Desktop 4. However, now with having to convert 48-based format to 44.1-based format, my server has started to stutter with some settings (non-2s). I have been considering upgrading to a new server anyway and am strongly considering one from SilentPC because I don't want to mess with building a server myself. Here is what I am thinking and would appreciate any comments. Note that I am not looking for the holy grail, just a decently configured server running HQP Desktop 4 and Roon Core. SilentPC does appears to allow some options not listed in their configuration sheet but I don't want to complicate things. So, unless you see a serious misstep below, then I am good to go. Noiseless Streacom FC9 PC i7-9700 (8 cores, 8 threads) Gigabyte Z370M DS3H Motherboard Corsair DDR4 3000 CL15, 16GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus, 256GB Ubuntu Studio 18.04 I will move my existing Intel X520-DA1 NIC over to the new server as well. From what I can tell, this new server has one PCIe half-height expansion card.
  12. If anyone is looking for a Cisco WS-C2960-8TC-S, 8-port Optical Switch, mine is for sale. Price: $20 plus shipping ($15 USPS Priority to USA addresses)
  13. Have you checked out Nord which is UK based? This is Class D stuff which would fit your budget with a wide range of amps with balance connections. As examples: https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-two-ice1200as2-in-black https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-one-se-mp-nc122-125w-stereo-power-amp-in-black I had been running the Hypex Ncore Class D amps with my Klipsch Forte III's which worked well. Currently, I am waiting on a pair of Nord One UP NC500MB Mono Blocks for my new La Scala's.
  14. I saw them at the Ogden Theater in downtown Denver several years. One of the oddest concerts I ever attended in that Margot was speaking between songs about how she wished she was back at her hotel curdled up in bed with her pajamas on (well, something along those lines). Very odd.
  15. Thanks but I am using four SFP ports with one MikroTik switch which is 10GB (vs 1 GB on Cisco), a much small footprint and relatively cheap ($130). Now that I have an opticalRendu, I don't have any Ethernet associated with my music system. Your suggestion to daisy chain two Cisco's made me chuckle. Why in the world would anyone do that given as you also suggest "plenty of options and ways to go"? If someone needs to use Ethernet, the MikroTek does have a Ethernet port as well. As for SQ which is the ultimate driver, I thought it was a downgrade when using the Cisco. Obviously, this is system dependent but for me the Cisco just didn't work out.
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