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  1. Fiber cable - https://www.fibertronics-store.com/LC-to-LC-Multimode-Fiber-Optic-Patch-Cable-MM-50-10Gb-OM3-10M-PC-KK7D3AV10M.htm FMC - Sonore opticalModule ($$) or TP-Link MC220L ($) Transceivers - Finisar FTLF8519P3BNL (search eBay)
  2. I have been using a Goldpoint passive preamp for VC of Holo Cyan (DSD only) but you guys inspired me to try the HQP VC. The Cyan is now connected directly to my Ncore amps (Goldpoint removed). Really liking what I am hearing so far. I set the the limits on the HQP volume at -20 dBFS max & -60 dBFS min. Right now volume is at a comfortable -38 dBFS which is about 1 o’clock position of HQP knob although I am using Roon to adjust volume.
  3. Generally, these images are bootable Linux versions with HQP NAA loaded for the specific devices. They are plug & play in that you cannot log-in to the device. At least that how I used it for my Cubox several years ago. Once you download the image, you need to unzip it (7-zip) and then write the image to a SD card using Etcher or similar. I think a 4GB card works as a minimum.
  4. ericuco

    HQ Player

    The Holo Cyan has a DSD only version. It is priced more than your budget but worth considering. One issue with the Cyan is that it does not work with 48x (48, 96, 192) files. That means that HQP has to convert 48x material to 44.1x which eats up processing power on the server. I know we are talking DSD here so DSD256 works at 11.2896 MHz but not 12.288 MHz.
  5. I think you need to unzip the NAA image first. 7z is a compressed file format. https://www.7-zip.org/ Typically you want the .img file.
  6. I think this is called bi-amping - two connections at the amp(s) and speaker. Bi-wiring is one connection at amp and two at speaker. In my system, I have one set of connections at amp (+ & -) and two sets of connections at speaker, so four wires in total.
  7. I didn't do a network scan but the light on the Mikrotik switch indicated that there was a connection established.
  8. I use an Intel X520-DA1 NIC in my Ubuntu Studio music servers. Never had an issue with drivers. Lots of these available on ebay.
  9. I tried the NAA Cubox Rendu image with my opticalRendu and couldn’t get it to connect to HQP Desktop. The NAA never showed up under Settings. Tried different things with DAC (Holo Cyan DSD) - disconnect/connect USB & reboot, etc. - but never got it to work. Put the original Sonore card back in & everything promptly connected as usual.
  10. Yes, I have a TP-Link MC220L FMC between the Google Wifi & Mikrotik. I tried the FMC in both Auto and Force mode but neither would connect. On the Mikrotik, all four SFP ports are used - 1) music server w/ Intel X520-DA1 NIC, 2) opticalRendu, 3) Google Wifi/FMC & 4) another optical switch for Roku connection. The only connection that does NOT connect (judging by the lights on the Mikrotik) is the Google Wifi/FMC when using SwOS. There are no problems with the default RouterOS. I am not in configuring a managed switch. Much more of an unmanaged switch person so either it works or it doesn't for the most part. I might revisit this later but not just enjoying the music.
  11. Have you considered trying an inexpensive switch? Something like: TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch Sounds like the WiFi piece of the router could be injecting noise. I always have any WiFi devices well away from my system. Gigabit switches are fairly inexpensive these days. The switch would connect to the Netgear router. You would also connect the computer and ultraRendu to the switch, so three connections running in/out of switch.
  12. Finally got around to configuring my Mikrotik as a switch but could not get a connection to my FMC & Google WiFi access point which goes out to my router & Internet. The light on the Mikrotik never came on for that connection although the other three SFP connections did light up. Ended up resetting (reset button) the Mikrotik back to the default router O/S and everything is working as before and most likely stay that way.
  13. dBpoweramp is a popular CD ripper (plus more) option that support Apple O/S
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