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  1. Hmmmm, the price ($15 plus shipping costs) is stated in two places in the ad. Are you trying to make an offer?
  2. ericuco

    HQ Player

    If you are using a preamp or DAC for volume control, then you should have HQP volume settings (Settings panel) at -3 Max and -60 Min. Then make sure the HQP volume knob is turned all the way up (clockwise) which would be -3 if using the above settings. You should not need to adjust volume in Roon settings. Another option is to have HQP control volume which lots of people here have found to be preferable but you need to be careful as with any software control. Roon can adjust the HQP volume which works great.
  3. View Classified Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series SI Switch Selling my Cisco Catalyst 2960 SI (WS-C2960-8TC-S) switch. Price $15 plus shipping costs ($15 USPS Priority Mail - Medium box, if shipped to CONUS address). Seller ericuco Date 07/01/20 Price 15.00 USD Category Computers / Networking Gear  
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    Selling my Cisco Catalyst 2960 SI (WS-C2960-8TC-S) switch. Price $15 plus shipping costs ($15 USPS Priority Mail - Medium box, if shipped to CONUS address).

    15.00 USD

  5. Several months ago, I was in search for a DSD only DAC and ended up with a Holo Cyan (DSD version) which I like for the most part. I have a decent "pop" in the left channel that occurs when I start playing music (Roon > HQP > DSD256), something I have been trying to resolve with the Holo and Kitsune guys (both have provided REALLY good support). Besides the "pop" issue, the SQ is really good at DSD256, better than my Twisted Pear Audio Buffalo IIISE Pro (ES9028)DAC. However, I would be interested in a DSD DAC like is outlined above. Fiber optic input would be nice as my network for my music area is completely fiber optic.
  6. To upgrade to 2.8 requires purchase ($29) of new SD card from Small Green Computer.
  7. I have a Mellanox MNPH29D-XTR you can have for just shipping and PayPal costs.
  8. Thanks for clarifying. The EtherREGEN is a switch so why not use it as such and make it your center hub that connects oM (fiber), TV, Apple TV and server on side A. The “moat” to side B will isolate your endpoint even further.
  9. I would think option A is the better method. You don’t want to clean everything up then stick a non-high-end bit (switch) back into the chain. It is a bit unclear what is attached to EtherREGEN. I would think that on side A you have oM (fiber), server, TV and Apple TV then on side B just your endpoint. The oM would isolated that part of the network and the EtherREGEN would act as your hub. In any case, I would try just one oM first before spending $$ on a second one. My 2cents.
  10. Is your NAS mounted onto your Ubuntu computer? If not, you may need to edit the fstab file. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab If it is already mounted, you can usually just drag-and-drop album folder from file manager into HQP. As mentioned earlier, Roon can do all this and provides a much better UI.
  11. I have been using one of the 10GB Mikrotik fiber optics switches and have been happy with it. It is a managed switch although I haven’t really “managed” it. Here is one that might fit your needs CRS112-8G-4S-IN, plus it is fanless.
  12. I don't think you are permitted to log-in to the computer when using one of images.
  13. As Miska said, you have to use a program like Etcher in order to create a bootable USB drive (memory stick). Etcher will take care of formatting the drive and writing Miska’s NAA OS image to the drive. All this can be done on your Mac. Generally Etcher asks which image to write and to what drive ... fairly straightforward ... just don’t pick your local hardrive. Once you have the USB drive, plug into your Atom PC and power up. There is nothing else to do assuming the Atom PC boots correctly. You can’t login into Atom PC to change anything. Obviously it needs to be connected to your network (Ethernet) and DAC (USB usually).
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