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  1. Several of us here on AS are using the previous version (fitlet2) as a HQP NAA with fiber optic port, so similar to a Sonore opticalRendu.
  2. You can also control output with the Adaptive Output Rate checkbox on the bottom section of the Settings panel.
  3. Might consider getting a fitlet2 instead of the oR. I replaced my oR with a fitlet2 (Linux Mint) and have NO regrets, plus it is about 1/3 the cost and a more stable platform.
  4. Several us here on AS have been using fitlet2 which can be configured with fiber port. It supports Win10 as well as Linux. @jabbr was using a Clearfog device which also has fiber port but limited to Linux (I think).
  5. I have a homemade serial cable for upgrading firmware that you can borrow, assuming you are in USA.
  6. I have a TP-Link router that I connect via Ethernet to a Mikrotik switch which in turn connects to music system network via fiber. You could also use a Sonore opticalModule. Cheaper alternative would be a TP-Link MC220L FMC.
  7. Are those SC connectors? The Finisar modules noted above use LC connectors. That said, they are roughly the same size for purposes of drilling hole. Just didn’t want OP to order the wrong cables.
  8. SFP+ ports like what are used the Mikrotik are backward compatible, by spec, for use with SFP modules. I use a mix of SFP+ and SFP modules in both of my Mikrotik switches without any problems. Generally, the issue with fiber is getting modules that will work with your equipment. For instance, Cisco switches are only guaranteed to work with Cisco branded modules. That said, it a gray area because Finisar makes modules for many of the OEM’s like Cisco. If you decide to go with fiber, we can suggest modules that are known to work, generally Finisar modules. eBay is good resource for obtaining modules.
  9. This is good advise. I started with multi-mode fiber and stuck with it although as @MarkusBarkus mentioned, some people have found single-mode to be "better". If you decide to go with multi-mode and going to trouble of crawling around under your house, I would suggest using OM3 fiber cable which will work with SFP (1Gbe) and SFP+ (10Gbe) modules. There are several inexpensive 10 Gbe switches being offered these days (e.g. Mikrotik CSS610-8G-2S+IN). Obviously, 10 Gbe is overkill for most home networks but it does offer some advantages for audio networks with regards to preventing jitter from propagating downstream ... there is a large optical network thread here on AS if interested. In any case, using OM3 cable will provide some future proof of your network. As for Ethernet cable, I would suggest using Blue Jeans Cable Cat6. If you go to Cat6A, it is larger diameter and much less flexible. You can order the exact length and color and is reasonable priced. They also test each cable and provide you with the report.
  10. You mentioned McIntosh earlier. A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to purchase one of their hybrid integrated amps and approached a dealer that I know who handled their products. He told he could get me what I wanted, but that he is no longer a McIntosh dealer due to their poor customer service related to four different customers of his. As such, I didn’t proceed with the purchase and opted for another brand.
  11. That option is not available in my version. It could be that I mount my NAS using NFS (vs SMB) on my Ubuntu Roon server. A year or so ago, Roon was constantly scanning my NAS (blue spinning circle). When I was researching causes it was suggested using NFS instead of SMB and that cured the issue so been using ever since with no problems.
  12. For comparison, the fitlet2 (works with 7v - 20v range) using a 7v LPS shows the following. Readings are the AC side (120v) while playing music - fitlet2 running Linux Mint & NAA. This with Intel Atom x7-E3950 processor and SFP cage for network connection. USB out to T+A DAC8 DSD at DSD512.
  13. I would add you need to consider off-site backup as well to protect against theft and fire. Yes, these may be extreme events but they do happen. For example, a thief steals your NAS, then what good does RAID do? I do a weekly backup of my NAS to a portable USB drive. I actually have two of these drives, one connected to the NAS and the other is in a deposit box at my bank. I swap out the two drives every few months since I don't purchase (add) a lot of new files. There are lots of other means to accomplish this as well.
  14. Have you considered installing fiber optics into your network? Specifically, you could install a Mikrotik CSS610-8G-2S+IN between router and EtherREGEN. It is a managed switch for only $100 on Amazon. Router > Ethernet cable > Mikrotik > fiber cable > ER There are advantages to using fiber optics to isolate your music system from upstream noise plus the Mikrotik is capable of 10Gbe meaning little to no jitter is passed downstream by specification. There is large fiber optic thread on AS if you are interested. The required SFP modules can usually by purchased inexpensively on eBay and fiber optic cable is much less expensive than copper Ethernet cable.
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