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  1. I'm avoiding a setup like that because I don't want to use wifi at all.
  2. The Nativ Vita looks just about perfect. I don't mind the potentially shotty workmanship too much. It's a lot better than I could do DIY. What else is out there like that one?
  3. Is there a standalone touchscreen device that can hook up to ethernet instead of wifi and allow you to stream from the cloud via Tidal and other similar services? Something the family could easily use.
  4. The only digital cable I've used for audio is USB (the FTA Callisto is excellent!) but now I also need a BNC cable. Could someone point me in the right direction there? Am I supposed to keep the length above a certain minimum for those?
  5. All 3 recommendations for the Berkeley here have specifically mentioned AES. Is its SPDIF as highly recommended?
  6. Any thoughts on totaldac compared to the others?
  7. Which are the highest performing R2R non-oversampling DACs with a USB input for 16/44.1 audio?
  8. Depends on the battery and the current requirements of the device.
  9. It's the EVO that I have. What a drag with that power supply. I really want to use batteries. Why not just a switch to choose between battery power with no charge and AC power while charging? Really ridiculous design choice.
  10. I have the M2Tech HiFace and I was thinking about buying the Evo Supply for it but I was just reading about the interface and it sounds like the only control you have is turning the output on/off and choosing the charge behavior once the battery's voltage drops to a certain point: What if I'm done listening and the battery is nearly to low voltage but not quite? In automatic charge mode, if I turn the load off then the low voltage point won't be reached and it won't charge before I'm ready to listen again. If I leave the load on then the battery will charge but the load will keep draining it and causing it to cycle between depleting and charging. The next time I want to listen, the battery could easily be at the low voltage point again. Does anyone own this device?
  11. This is a headphone setup connected to my work laptop which has 8 other USB devices attached including 2 spinning hard drives. I previously connected straight to a USB DAC but the laptop's EMI caused the sound to be too fatiguing. I could clearly hear the difference when connecting and disconnecting each hard drive for example. So I'm using Toslink for the isolation it provides from my laptop's EMI. The Isabellina runs on batteries so my DAC, amp, and headphones have total isolation from EMI conducted from my computer and from the AC power lines.
  12. I'm actually going from the EVO to my DAC (Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA) via Toslink so the power supply shouldn't matter as much as it does via coaxial.
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