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  1. do what, where please? I don't recollect any adjustments in JRemote.
  2. I use MacBook 2010, Windows 7 under Bootcamp with 8 GB ram. Jriver operated Jremote on an IPAD All music on NAS - Un raid (older version). Large library (> 150 k songs). NAS has been 100% reliable for years but I think is relatively slow. When using Jremote and searching thru database (just looking not selecting), I may get hiccoughs in music that is playing - hesitation, pause, etc Boot time not an issue for me. PC used only for music playback. Does nothing else Would a solid state drive improve this performance issue? Thanks
  3. Thanks for help. Got it working I think (well, see below ). This is mainly a learning experience for me at this point. Input is into left channel of speaker only. mic at listening position Possible issue is I am using old radio snack sound level meter with behringer A TO D gadget for input and output to laptop. Per REW website this should work at lower frequencies. There is no calibration for mic so absolute levels are suspect I presume. As a first try I put a PEQ filter in Jriver at 50 Hz, -20 db, q of 1. Ran a measurement I replaced this with another filter except -10 db. Ran a measurement. I got a sharp negative frequency response spike with magnitude expected BUT at 37.5 Hz for both PEQ's. Could someone opine as to why this might be happening as I was expecting spike at 50 Hz? in future, I intend to try right channel and then mono to stereo connector to feed both channels to see if some strange room reaction Thanks.
  4. Thanks jjkale as this looks to be what I need. I am brand new to this and am using this to educate myself as well as hopefully improve sound Back to a more basic question:, to implement peq filters in Jriver, one needs only to -click on the peq filters tick box -enter the filters -save the information Or does something else need to be configured... if above is correct, -does it make a difference as to order filters are entered? -Are there guideline as to q values or level of filters not to exceed? Thanks to all for help, suggestions
  5. Thanks If one placedPEQ filters in JRiver, how could you retest with REW? The input for test tones from REW would be on preamp input 1, but JRiver would be on preamp input 2. Thus REW testing would never see/be aware of the PEQ filter effects placed in JRiver. thanks
  6. I am starting to look at room EQ. Pretty complicated System is large panel speakers with SVS sub for extreme low end only. Sub is driven independently of panel speakers (I have 2 sets of preamp outs -> 1 to sub, 1 to panels). I am trying to get sub setup. Sub has up to 3 PEQ filters that can be used I have a set of measurements from REW (done by my dealer) that suggest 10 PEQ filters would be more useful I use JRiver which allows one to enter infinite PEQ filters Would correct setup be to Deactivate PEQ Filters in the Sub and Implement them in J River as a starting point? thanks
  7. As I recollect about 5 years ago, on an Apple machine machine, one had to set the bit rate manuallly. Is this still an issue on an older MacBook laptop 2010 running OS X Yosemite and Jriver 22 for Mac? For grins, if this is not an issue, is there a visual indicator in this setup in the OS or Jriver that confirms what bit rate is actually being played (not necessarily what it thinks it is playing). Thanks
  8. I upgraded the memory to 8 Gb. The computer certainly seems speedier, responds spiffier but The Benchmark test for J. River was the same was it was at 2 gb ram - 1475. As this Macbook will be basically used only as music player next to the preamp, is there any reason to keep using the extra memory or should I just return it to its 2 gb state? Thanks
  9. MacBook 2008 32 bit 2 Core processor with 4gb memory and windows 7 -> Using J. river 19 - performs OK with rare hiccough/stutter - perhaps once a week vs MacBook 2010 64 bit 2 core processor with 4 gb memory (but could add up to 16 gb ) and windows 7 -> Using J. river 19. Would one expect the latter to perform measurably better? Thanks
  10. For this of us who don't really speak geek speak If one had a decent PC with jriver on their network, with music on a nas and a USB DAC plug cat 5 cable on same network into this device Plug a USB DAC into this device Plug the DAC into appropriate stereo gear Get power supply for this device Configure this device Configure Jriver Play music and control with Jremote and this device would be silent as has no moving parts Yes?
  11. Thanks for input I got the laptop for about $300 5 years ago. Thus its pretty cheap. It is also very quiet and finding a Windows Pc this quite is problematic at this price point I would expect Win 10 to run in Bootcamp, if the Win 10 install was the first Windows Install. My question re: upgrading (which I don't think I will do) was would Windows 10 be expected to *upgrade without issue* on a Mac that has Bootcamp installed to allowed Win 7 to run. Or would you guys expect there to be issues with the Upgrade process. FWIW, the processor on this machine (2008 model ) actually deals with SACD files without much hiccough. I5 processor not required.. Thanks
  12. Sounds good to me. Having said that, would WIN 10 work correctly out of the shoot or would there be all sorts of issues with Bootcamp and drivers that would have to be reinstalled? Just curious
  13. I have a 2008 MacBook configured as Windows 7 running JRiver. Works fine with Jremote even for SACD ISO files. Occasionally has a bit of a delay if changing songs too fast but not usually. Virtually no fan noise and machine and none at chair a few feet away. Microsoft wants to upgrade me for free but I am unclear how all of the mucking around I had to do with Bootcamp to get the Mac to works as a Windows machine would be affected. Anyone see have comments or experiences. My thought is to let sleeping dogs lie...
  14. This thread is way above my paygrade generally but I have managed to setup two UNRAID servers (older version of the software on 32 bit machines) for music only without a lot of hassles and have never had a probem or apparent error in two years of daily use. Any old PC that can be booted from a USB drive will work. Doesnt take a lot of memory and presumably a 64 bit computer would even run faster. Just my 2 c.
  15. I have three macbook 2008 models, the white plastic ones. 4 gb ram each. I used one as a server. Music on a nas. I converted 2 of the the macbooks to windows machine via boot camp. Windows 7 pro on one and windows 7 home on the other. Both use jriver 19. Jriver performance score about 900 as I recollect The first machine did most everything fine but would gag on some SACDs. Not all but some The second one does everything fine without hiccough. Not sure why unless it "just works better" They do have fans however, although they run very quietly and cannot be heard more than a foot or so from machine.
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