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Tidal Loses CEO

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Just now, crenca said:


No. However, this uneasy feeling I have about the viability of the company (based on it's well know woes) is not groundless I don't think...or is it?


It's tough to say. I've heard people in the know argue it both ways. The fact that Sprint purchased 33% of the company for $200,000,000, gives it a valuation of roughly $600,000,000. Sean Carter purchased Tidal for $56,000,000 in 2015. Based on this, the company appears to doing much better than many believe. 

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2 hours ago, james45974 said:

Market Cap of Sprint 34.15 billion

Market Cap of T-Mobile 54.33 billion

Market Cap of Softbank 9.79 trillion

Market Cap of Tidal, peanuts! (couldn't find a market cap value) $600 million value(?)


Market Cap of Spotify, potentially 11-13 billion, waiting for an IPO

Market Cap of Pandora 70.54 billion

Market Cap of Apple 803.6 billion


I'm not a finance person, maybe someone could help the discussion! :) 


I would think that the people at Roon, Tidal, and MQA may have some restless nights ahead!

if 33% of the company is worth 200 million ...

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8 hours ago, Sal1950 said:

Personally he-l will freeze over before I'd contribute ten cents to the likes of a criminal gangster like Jay Z and his crew.


Wow. Sean Carter is an incredible entrepreneur who came from literally nothing, to run very successful companies. 


To call him a criminal gangster, and "his crew" whatever that means, is ignorant. Please tell me who this crew is. 

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2 minutes ago, james45974 said:

Thanks for that, I don't even have a TV hooked up at my house!  But they are watching that horribly compressed HD on screens with ever increasing resolution.


I don't know for sure, but I would bet that here in the US at least the predominate way of consuming music is through a smart phone.  No need to bother with high def music, who can tell the difference anyway!  And I understand that the most common vehicle for streaming is YouTube!


Even if Sprint's investment in Tidal gets the app and icon installed on all Sprint service branded phones that is still not very impressive.  I have a Samsung phone through ATT and the amount of bloatware is incredible!  To most people Tidal would be just another piece of bloatware on their phone.  You have to get over the hurdle of people just trying it out.  Then when they are hit with up to $19.95 month to stream music that has no real perceptible quality difference on a phone than what they can get for free the jig is up!


Statistics on the following chart from last fall



I don't consider YouTube a music streaming service because its product is vastly different from the others. In all other areas we separate audio from video, except here. 



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1 minute ago, james45974 said:

Chris, to borrow a phrase from the news media, get out of the audio echo chamber!  People stream music over YouTube, it is a competitor to all the audio streaming services! 


I'm well aware of this. However, the product is used in a vastly different way. If it was a real streaming service it would be embedded in cars like Pandora or Android Auto. Plus, please separate the music streaming from non music streaming on YouTube and show me the numbers. 


Think about the experience between YouTube and streaming services. It's vastly different. Try riding the train to work and using YouTube to listen to music. It's not as popular as a music service as people think. 

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7 minutes ago, DrN said:


Geee i got lambasted not long ago and in not so many words called a "bigot" 

My "true Identity" according to you.

Because I said I would never use Tidal considering of who owns it.

Nothing is changed on my end still won't give them a dime.

And that's why I do not read much or post here.


I can't help how you perceive criticism or questioning.


I'd love to understand more about people's aversion to Sean Carter. He is a great American success story. The American dream is alive and well. 



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I guess this topic really gets to me. I no longer have friends working at Tidal, and the company no longer advertises on CA, so I really don't have a hidden interest. 


I just don't understand the hatred for the ownership group. So much dislike that people will sacrifice their own interest in lossless music, to stream lossy versions from another company. 


I am totally fine with voting with dollars. I won't eat at Chick Fil-A because the company's social viewpoints and political spending go against my own interests.  


I just don't understand why people hate Sean Carter so much, they'll go against their own interest to not support one of his companies. Perhaps someone could help me understand. 

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25 minutes ago, daverich4 said:


I would love to see data for specific YouTube Music app users. 


I'm not a curmodgeon, I just do the buy into the "read it on the internet, it must be true" thing. 

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7 hours ago, Sal1950 said:

Can you see the hypocrisy in those two paragraph?


I honestly don't. 


I don't support one business because it actively does things that hurt me. 


You don't support one business because ???, even though you are going against your own interests. 


I'm not sacrificing anything. You are. And for what?



P.S. You should read the Wikipedia page about Sean Carter and his philanthropy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Z

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3 minutes ago, daverich4 said:


You say let's not tip toe around but you never actually get around to using the word Racist. That is what you meant though, isn't it? I don't care for Rap as a musical genre so I must be a Racist? I don't care for Opera all the much either but that's mostly overweight white people. What's the epithet for that?


I believe you're using a logical fallacy that says is A isn't true, the opposite, or Z, must be true. 

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22 minutes ago, Sal1950 said:

Your's is a typical liberal position. You agree with the freedom to vote with your dollars,  as long as I agree with your position. I disagree with Jay Z in just about every way possible and chose to support my position with my money. There's no sense in me listing all the ways but for anyone to calm racism is pure mis-direction BS. A huge failing in today's politics, if you disagree with a person who happens to be black, brown, red, or yellow,  you're a racist. WRONG


You may be going against your own best interests, Chick Fil A might have some dynamite food, a huge nationwide customer base believe so. And some if them  might even dis-agree with their politics but support their freedom of speech and religious beliefs anyway?


He admitted peddling crack for a decade and contributing to the destruction of how many lives?  He stabbed Lance “Un” Rivera - the CEO and co-founder of Untertainment numerous times, and instead of getting 15 years, because of $ and public celebrity position, he was allowed to plea out with 3 years probation.  He should be in JAIL, not making mega millions.


I didn't support Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, or Richard Nixon, does that mean I hate white people?

You want to throw the race card on me? I believe Jay Z has dodged the legal system justice because he was black. POOR BOY, he had a ruff life. So do millions that don't go around stabbing people or peddling drugs.

Give up the race card baiting, it really is a lame approach.


Totally false. I'm a libertarian. Live and let live. 


Please let me know where I brought up racism or baited you. It's funny when I ask for reasons and you jump to "I'm not racists." Similar to when I walk in the house and my daughter immediately tells me she didn't eat all the cookies (without me saying anything about cookies).


I simply asked people why they go against their own interests. I never said anything about people not agreeing with me shouldn't be able to vote with their own dollars. 


I did ask for help understanding their position because it doesn't make sense to me. That's all. 


Now you don't support Tidal because Sean Carter used the legal system to the best of his ability, just like you or I would? You think a prosecutor put his career on the line to let Sean Carter off? Wow. And you factor this into your lossless music streaming thought process. Wow.


Miles Davis beat his wife. Please stop listening to his music and sell all your albums. 


I support CFA to do whatever they want. I'm not sacrificing by not eating the food. I can eat at millions of other places. On the other hand, you are sacrificing by streaming lossy music because Tidal is the only game in town, and you do that like the guy who committed crimes 17 years ago. It's just strange to me. 

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15 minutes ago, crenca said:


Yea, what he said.  


I dislike Rap enough that I must be some sort of "Grand Duke" of a Racist.  Where do I get the T-shirt?  Wait, that's not enough.  Swastika's always bored me so I won't be tattooing one of those on my forehead...will dressing up in a pointy had and a white robe do?  I mean, I don't want anyone to get confused about where I stand.


You're doing the same thing. Did anyone say those who don't like rap are racist? That would be absurd. 

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4 minutes ago, LCC0256 said:

if you have to ask in what ways Sal disagrees with Mr. Carter - then you would not understand when he told you...If you have read Sal's postings  over the years you will see he is not someone trying to "show off virtue" His posts are well reasoned and made with conviction yet not judgmental. He has disagreed with me in the past several times yet i never felt he was judging me at all nor did i feel he was asserting any moral superiority. You go on supporting and being a Jay Z fanboy. This (for now) is still a free country. 


Thanks for elevating your own intelligence above mine by saying I wouldn't understand. 


So far I haven't seen anything to understand. 

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