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  1. Excellent and detailed review. I agree with pretty much all of it. Am using the Powernode 2i, which is a stunning piece of kit, especially for the money, and also the Pulse mini 2i, which is great for most music except pieces that need scale. I’m pretty much hooked on the software, which is dead easy to use as you say. It does in my experience, however, hiccup for no discernible reason, at least once a week and can sometimes take a while to fix itself. I would also agree with the poster below that the Roon integration is not seamless. I had no trouble on my gen 2 Pulse mini, but could never ge
  2. Just in case you haven’t noticed, the Decco Sky is an amplifier as well as a streamer — you might be paying for what you don’t need if you want to continue using your Denon. If you’re thinking of changing amps then the Sky is certainly a fine cost-effective option, as is the Bluesound Powernode 2i. I’m using it connected to a couple of JMR Lucias and frankly it’s awesome. If your wireless router is up to snuff, I doubt very much you’ll notice a difference between wireless and wired. And when the only cable you need to use is speaker cable the sound is amazingly clear. The DAC in th
  3. Well you’d have been pretty annoyed finding it on Tidal, as it’s another one of the albums where they’ve screwed up the track organization... too much work to organize into playlists as I’ve done with some others. What a PITA. Edit: I found a way of fixing it.
  4. Put him on ignore: I did it over a year ago and the SNR improvement was better than an upgrade.
  5. Watermarking is mostly DG. I haven’t come across it on ECM.
  6. I just got a Schiit Eitr a few weeks ago. Never have I had a piece of equipment so slap me across the face with the force of revelation. I am done with USB (unless it’s on a Schiit product — this is the first one I’ve ever owned.)
  7. Which one? If you don’t mind me asking...
  8. Have you listened to the Tidal MQA versions? Sounds to me like those are NOT watermarked. That annoys me as I’m finding I don’t generally like MQA, (although it kind of works on my Bluesound Pulse.) Anyway, as this place has already made me paranoid about MQA, I now suspect collusion between them, Tidal, and Univeral Music Group (or whatever they’re called now) to only permit the unwatermarked masters to be used for MQA. Looking forward to Qobuz coming to Canada...
  9. Con spirare = together breathing ( the implication being people in a huddle breathing each other’s breath.) Spirit = breath. On the present usage I hold no opinion, although I am genuinely puzzled by Mr Atkinson’s enthusiasm.
  10. I have noticed that the MQA versions of some of the most obviously watermarked recordings (i.e older DG) do not exhibit watermarking signatures. Especially obvious when both versions are there. I’ll try to find an example later. I’m thinking the Chicago Abbado Mahler 5... No idea how it works...
  11. I owned the DAC2 for about a year. Many virtues; classical vocals not one of them.
  12. The Amethyst is a totally different beast to the Octave. But yes, NOS DACs are not an automatic recommendation for everyone. However, the Amethyst and it’s predecessor the Musette were both terrific for classical vocals; I owned both of them, and the only reason I changed was for a good DAC/amp solution. Which, sadly, is not quite as great on the vocal front...
  13. Ugh, I would not listen to opera or choral music on a Benchmark, unless you want a headache... Try the Metrum Amethyst. Good for classical and has a decent headphone amp.
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