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  1. At first I thought I had spotted a typo but then realized "i" maybe stands for intermediate phase. @Miska I read your post in the other thread about poly-sinc-long completing a set of closely related filters--short, sinc, and long--but can you shed some light on this new flavour?
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I was indeed a few builds behind. This was 4.11.2 Build 33 on Ubuntu 18.04. After updating the OS and upgrading Embedded to build 36 all is working smoothly.
  3. I’ve been playing with some simple 2-channel convolution. On first run after boot-up, when initializing playback from Roon, I sometimes find only one channel plays. After stopping and restarting all is well. I suspect this is one of those system specific micro-timing issues but thought I would check if anyone else has experienced this. I see in the log when this happens, channel 1 initializes before 0. After stopping and restarting playback, the channel initialization order looks right.
  4. Sounds so good you'll see through time itself
  5. This thread and these modulators have me seriously eyeing upgrades for the first time in years, but my 4790k at 4.6ghz running Embedded can now squeak by doing redbook to DSD256 with ext2/DSD5EC modulator. But obviously it couldn’t possibly do 192k... or could it? Then I remembered closed-form fast, which has to be the most computationally cheap filter available if you have CUDA offload. Interesting, anyway, to be able to hear the EC modulators at the max rate of my DAC. Didn’t think that would be possible with my current hardware.
  6. Maybe this is just normal, haven’t looked at CPU load much until EC modulator arrived 👌🏻
  7. Some possibly odd behaviour with build 33. With multicore “1” only 5/8 of cores are loaded on my 4790k. With multicore “auto” only the first 4. I haven’t used auto much in the past so I don’t know whether that is a normal load. This is Bionic with 5.0 kernel, with or without CUDA enabled. Playback itself is fine, DSD128 with EC modulators is easily doable at 192, great.
  8. arglebargle

    HQ Player

    IMHO the HQPlayer volume control sounds better (is more transparent, clearer, whatever) than Roon's. So the mere fact of setting -3 headroom (-10ish in my case) may sound better than -10 headroom in Roon. I use filters myself but it's one possible example.
  9. Thanks kindly. I can’t believe 18.04 shipped what seems to me a fundamentally flawed systemd-resolved as default but other than that the install was painless!
  10. So I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS but I’m a little fuzzy on the current status of CUDA support. No problem for me to do a 3rd party install but can someone confirm the right CUDA and nvidia driver version?
  11. Well, the roonies have claimed they don't really pay attention to # of people asking for a feature but perhaps bumping the 4-year-old thread will make an impact on merit alone. Some kind of label-based radio or at least shuffle that reached outside of one's own library would also be amazing.
  12. The discussion of RAAT vs UPNP is a bit of red herring with regards to sound quality though. That's more a matter of correctness, something software engineers apparently value greatly. I'd be surprised if anyone at roon is saying RAAT sounds better than UPNP. Anyway, in trying to account for the differences in sound some have posited that the heavier CPU overhead of Roon is a factor. This can of worms has been open for some time, as I'm sure you know! Quite a bit of fruitless back-and-forth on the Roon forums.
  13. People have asked for this but so far no dice. One workaround for ECM in particular is the fact that founder Manfred Eicher is credited as producer on a great number (1000+ that I can see) of Tidal ECM releases.
  14. Right on, thanks very much for the info. Last time I wanted to try an android app I went *too* cheap on some off-brand $50 tablet.
  15. I don't have any Android devices, can anyone out there comment on whether something like a Fire HD 8 would be reasonably responsive for this app? I don't have a particularly large library, 5k albums or so.
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