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  1. Hi @Ales Prochazka . Very grateful for the iOS version but would you say there are advantages to running the app on Android? Am I missing out on performance or features by not getting an Android tablet? Cheers for any info!
  2. Thanks for posting and thanks Chick for the music. His playing on Bitches Brew made him part of the most endurin soundtracks of my life. There are few, if any, artists I have heard more through more phases of my life. Ever since first hearing the recording as a teenager, listening constantly over the years and yet every time it was almost like hearing it for the first time. "Spanish Key" is probably my favourite piece of music of all time and he was a huge part of why.
  3. @luisma Did I read correctly in another thread that you are using wireless with embedded? Were you previously using a wired connection? Two different MAC addresses could perhaps trigger the fingerprint change. For example, the LAN on my motherboard died and I replaced it with a network card -- that required a new key. The number of people using Embedded with wireless is possibly so extremely low that this particular issue has never come up.
  4. On the subject of sinc-L, I vaguely recall @Miska saying that DSD256 would require 12GB of video ram for CUDA offload. Maybe optimizations have improved performance since then? I was pleasantly surprised to get stutter-free playback of sinc-l, even 192k pcm @ DSD256, with my 8GB 2060 Super. ASDM7EC modulator is handled by a 10600k @ 4.8 ghz on all cores. Very happy with the options this i5 cpu got me for its price point. (I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 and Embedded, ymmv.) Sinc-L is a filter that, like closed-form-m, will inspire me to pull out all the great audiophile material
  5. @Miska or anyone out there with a serious horsepower machine: is it possible to upsample 44xDSD to 48xDSD rates at 256 / ASDM7EC without crackling? It’s the one playback scenario my 10600k (4.8 ghz all core OC) can’t manage. [Edited to note there are certainly combinations that will stutter (non 2s / non integer XTR for example) but using ext2 and offload to a 2060 super, the next heaviest operation I use semi regularly is 176k to 12.28 MHz DSD / ASDM7EC with no issue. Just curious more than anything!]
  6. I do love Roon.... sometimes. Lately I’m more enamoured with the sound quality and simplicity of Embedded with Ales Prochazka’s HQPDcontrol app. iOS version too. Adaptive volume in HQPlayer was the final piece of the puzzle for me. Big playlist listener and it is so much more transparent than Roon’s.
  7. Indeed. IMHO anyone who is all in on HQPlayer, to the point they are comparing point releases and archiving executables, owes it to themselves to audition Embedded. If it’s been a while, try it again. It’s so easy to set up at this point with the HQPlayer OS image!
  8. I agree it seems silly (and you shouldnt really have to) but have you tried disconnecting from the internet and restarting roon to verify it will indeed play back without connectivity? The last time I moved I spend (a blissful) 6 weeks without internet access. Roon worked for a month without being online. After that, it needed to phone home.
  9. I would love for HQPlayer to handle volume leveling. I know its maybe not high on @Miska list being a big album listener but I think it would be a very popular feature. Especially if the volume target could be passed on by Roon. The sound quality of Roon's volume leveling leaves something to be desired. I don't use it for that reason.
  10. I remember seeing this reported on the Roon forums in '18. No resolution, I guess! https://community.roonlabs.com/t/megadeth-mqa-dsd-not-decoding/43001/10
  11. Happy to see the Cubox image return! It's been ages since I bought my i4pro, way back when switching formats would still pop on my iFi dac. My solution at the time was Arch Linux ARM with a custom kernel (which I didn't update for years, ha) but this simplifies things so much. Five minute setup and back to the music. Cheers.
  12. At first I thought I had spotted a typo but then realized "i" maybe stands for intermediate phase. @Miska I read your post in the other thread about poly-sinc-long completing a set of closely related filters--short, sinc, and long--but can you shed some light on this new flavour?
  13. Thanks for the heads up, I was indeed a few builds behind. This was 4.11.2 Build 33 on Ubuntu 18.04. After updating the OS and upgrading Embedded to build 36 all is working smoothly.
  14. I’ve been playing with some simple 2-channel convolution. On first run after boot-up, when initializing playback from Roon, I sometimes find only one channel plays. After stopping and restarting all is well. I suspect this is one of those system specific micro-timing issues but thought I would check if anyone else has experienced this. I see in the log when this happens, channel 1 initializes before 0. After stopping and restarting playback, the channel initialization order looks right.
  15. Sounds so good you'll see through time itself
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