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  1. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    Teresa, these are good possibilities, and on-topic for the OP. 1) Could it be the timing of the bits be different? 2) Could it be system noise ...? These are two heads of the same coin. Noise can be voltage (or current) and noise could be phase (or timing). Unless @alfe corrects me, it certainly is possible that two copies of a CD might sound different because of embedded noise on the media. It is also possible that two files on a hard drive might sound different. This doesn't mean that the noise on an individual copy of the file somehow becomes embedded when the file is copied. Some people have tried to suggest, via ill-described and contrived mechanisms, that such embedded noise might make its way onto new copies of the file, or across a network etc. It is this latter suggestion which not only does not conform to my own subjective experience, nor conforms to what we understand of electronics in great detail, and its this latter claim which has never been demonstrated in a convincing way.
  2. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    There has not been a single DBT done on your “reports”. Archimago’s blog seems reasonable and he has supported these already reasonable arguments with measurements. No “proof”.
  3. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    You throw the term “DBT” around and don’t understand that no one who has listened to any of your files has done a DBT. Just say that you listened and heard something — of course you’ve done that 10,000 times already. Avoid the term “proof” if you are going to use scientific terminology. You seem to get frustrated when you insert your listening experiences into technical debates — everyone has heard already
  4. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    The term “DBT” is thrown around often here but I suspect that most people do not know what it is. Firstly E.E.s do not learn about nor perform DBTs. Not that they couldn’t, it’s just not part of the EE curriculum. DBT = “double blind test” This doesn’t mean that the listener is blinded, rather that both the listener (subject) and investigator are blinded. What exactly is your methodology and why do you think you performed DBTs?
  5. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    ? Am I invading the offtopic discussion in this thread with paraphrasing the OP topic? Hmm...
  6. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    Kibbles ‘n Bits?
  7. Could we get some more features about scale and additive impacts of these rankings. eg 10x massive improvement = what? Do 10 cables each having a massive improvement in a system translate into ?
  8. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    Bitte ist bitte!
  9. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    In German please.
  10. Actually it’s so lossy it will lose your crappy music in crappy MP3 and replace with good music (using a code and an alternate channel) — steaganographic reconstruction - 5G phones enable this without detection 😉
  11. jabbr

    Bits is bits?

    Are you suggesting that @fas42 is trying to stun humans by high frequency posting? I think it’s a central post with spread spectrum clocking so some words are changed here and there. I believe the Israeli military developed this technology in the 1990s
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