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  1. Hi Roberto, All the music you quoted is extraordinary ... good ears from a good musician ! But let me correct you: The cow bell is played by a bull. Please remember that I know more about cows and bulls than room treatments! Best, Roch
  2. 🤣🤣🤣 Best, Roch PS: Not only the equipment through which we listen to music, the acoustics of our listening room is also very important. As for the musicality and the correct timbre (or not) of certain instruments, it is closely linked to the personal tastes of each person. I don't want to talk about esotericism 🤩
  3. The same here in the rainforest! It's like the sciatica that has been killing me for days ... Now I have the same pain, but with gain ... I could cite a lot of examples, but I'll only mention two: -Volodos play Mompou. I can better hear the resonance of the piano box and the incredible dynamics that this excellent pianist gives to Mompou's not so dynamic music. -Stevie Ray Vaughan on "Tin Pan Alley (AKA Roughest Place In Town)" the initial guitar attack does not sound muffled. Roch
  4. Happy birthday & happy listening 🎂 Roch
  5. Hi Darryl, Do you have a link for this download ? Thanks, Roch
  6. You are correct, but at least I can feel the humidity and muggy of the Amazon rainforest ! 😅🤩 Roch
  7. Rest in peace Alex !!! I really enjoyed your knowledge in electronics and your research and findings on digital music reproduction. Of course, your eternal sense of humor will also make me really miss ... Blessings and condolences to your grandson Daniel (who was the one who communicated it to me personally) and to all your esteemed family. Roch
  8. I have continued to buy some that are not available for DL, or that the quality of the DL does not satisfy me. As for Hi Rez I have my doubts, some turn out to be upsampling and I prefer my DAC to do it. Qobuz is very credible to me and I don't have Roon. Roch
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