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  1. With NetShade you can be anywhere ... BTW, Timothy is on Qobuz ... Roch
  2. While in my country Tropical Storm No. 54 turns a small waterfall into Niagara Falls I La Paz_Nov 29-2019.mp4 Roch
  3. In my country they eliminated the Genre of the identity card, that is issued when the citizen is twelve years old. I hope they don't do it with music, because I don't think it can decide what their Genre isπŸ€” Roch P.S.: You ripper determine the Genre but you can change on it.
  4. Thanks Peter, This is the way I did it. Maybe no clear enough from my picture. Kind regards, Roch
  5. Hi Peter, Just to confirm since I'm color blind and a very bad photographer: Thanks, Roch
  6. Not too surprising. In those times the recordings were not excessively manipulated and being live maybe there was no room for huge recording consoles that can add phase distortions. Roch
  7. They are Gyuto Monks decendents on steroids? πŸ€” Roch
  8. Many of them very noisy, compared to some desktop computers (when used as music servers). Because of the spacing and not exactly for the type of metal... Roch
  9. Hi Alex, You can tell they don't know anything about horses...! πŸ˜‰ Best, Roch
  10. Please remember that music is born at the source. Most of the time a computer not designed for that purpose ... Roch
  11. Precisely and speaking of noise ... There are not always easy solutions to implement ! Why then do we make so much noise when some USB cable approaches zero noise ? Bad circuit designs and electronic parts ? There is a lot too ! Of course, the audio industry has crickets, but mention me one industry in which there are no crickets. From the pharmaceutical to ... Please mention it. But I would call them illusions sellers πŸ˜‚ From the other side some people are not interested, or simply they love noise because they are accustomed, even if they finish with headache after a short listening session... Those aren't audiophiles, but a few, deaf audiophiles... Roch
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