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  1. Not a joke, but my hope...!!! The best for all of you, Roch
  2. The continuous information from the press causes stress and stress lowers our immune system. I'm talking about Covid In my small country our aborigines are protected. Many died during the conquest at the hands of the Spanish, or from the diseases they transmitted to them. We have no problems with other ethnic groups. Even the president of our legislative assembly (your congress?) is a black gentlemen, although colored people are a minority. If you have had historical errors I think it is better to subscribe to that time, without accusing anyone and correctin
  3. What is obvious to me is that in these days of the Covid-19 it is dangerous to even make jokes, where the majority that the mass media, so efficient nowadays, worsen our fears. I use jokes these days to try to reduce stress in my family and friends, but I can't compete effectively with the media... Best regards, Roch
  4. To my ears and gear this give the best balance overall. With this one I get some non pleasant upper midrange / lower treble noise, similar to some kind of digititis on the beginning of the digital music playback era. But you need more burn in ! Sheers ! Roch
  5. Hi Peter, It is the one that I use. Pre Coronavirus and in pandemic of Coronavirus ! When you have the post Coronavirus pinout let me know, please ! Kind regards, Roch
  6. Not for direct cause of fossil fuel consumption, but very dangerous https://www.sciencenews.org/article/smoke-australian-fires-rose-higher-ozone-layer-than-ever-before?utm_source=Editors_Picks&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorspicks062120 Roch
  7. Extraordinary album. *****Stars I have the needle drop from the original LP, DSD rip from the AP SACD and now I found the CD from Amazon. Sheers, Roch
  8. Talking about rats and Coronavirus quarantine CHINESE NEW YEAR 2020 DEFINITELY 2020 IS THE YEAR OF THE RAT 1.- We live hidden 2.- We only go out to get food 3.- If someone approaches us, we go out on the run Roch
  9. Old Bill ... I remember when he created viruses in Windows to later sell us his antivirus, what times those ... What will I do now? Roch
  10. From my "old" JVC xrcd2 20bitK2 collection: From PABLO recordings. Extraordinary! Tiger Okoshi (Trumpet & Flugelhorn) - Kenny Barron(Piano) - Jay Anderson (Bass) - Mino Cinelu (Percussion) - Hank Roberts (Cello) Extraordinary too ! Roch
  11. I prefer not to put the policy in this thread. As we say is Spanish, "the shit the more you beat the more it smells ..." But I want to suggest the way some people kept the Spanish Flu virus outside their homes, hanging a bunch of onions inside. But don't eat it up later, especially if someone was found Covid-19 ill at home. The red ones are the best for being high in Quercetin. But don't tell Dr. Fauci, please😂 Roch
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