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  1. From the land of my father, Corsica, I Muvrini Roch
  2. How about some Mambo from the master? Roch
  3. It is better to wear the correct mask !!! Coronavirus mask.MP4
  4. Maybe you would need one of this: 🤩 🤩 🤩 Roch
  5. This is a good Flamenco one: Roch
  6. There is an incredible Flamenco recording but available only in vinyl. Never did the transfer to digital! Roch
  7. Vol 2 (there are 3 Tomatito & Michel Camilo) is not strictly Flamenco. I don't know any contemporary flamenco guitarist that could be compared to Paco de Lucia. There are several imitators that emerged when he put the new Flamenco into fashion. He transformed Flamenco as today, but doesn't match my taste in traditional Flamenco. I like more the traditional. It's a long time I don't visit Spain! This is a good Flamenco available chez Qobuz: Roch
  8. You don't, nor J. Lo & Shakira, but the opposite ... No Nobel Prize for them, but... Roch
  9. Hi Peter, Can we know what speakers you used in the show? If you don't want to make this public please PM me. Best, Roch
  10. With NetShade you can be anywhere ... BTW, Timothy is on Qobuz ... Roch
  11. While in my country Tropical Storm No. 54 turns a small waterfall into Niagara Falls I La Paz_Nov 29-2019.mp4 Roch
  12. In my country they eliminated the Genre of the identity card, that is issued when the citizen is twelve years old. I hope they don't do it with music, because I don't think it can decide what their Genre is🤔 Roch P.S.: You ripper determine the Genre but you can change on it.
  13. Thanks Peter, This is the way I did it. Maybe no clear enough from my picture. Kind regards, Roch
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