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Found 6 results

  1. Asking for some help from the collective... I've just set up a PK100, and am using a windows laptop to control with the Cantata client. I can't seem to get Cantata MPD client to configure to find my cover art. My setup is an external USB harddrive connected to the Auraliti PK100, and I've got a dedicated wireless router for access to the PK100. On the external drive, the music is in a folder: Music/FLAC/<artist name>/<album>/<tracks> Within each album folder, along with the flac music files, is a Folder.jpg image which is the cover art. Cantata can find and play all the music no problem. But I can't configure to see cover art. (Not the end of the world, hearing the music is 95%, but would be nice when browsing....) Can anyone describe how I am supposed to setup Cantata that it will display cover art as found in each FLAC music folder on my hard drive that is connected to the MPD server on the PK100? I have gone to the configure tap, and gone to the files and specified Folder as the cover art name. Doesn't work. (Note: I don't use bonjour, but I configure Cantata to see the PK100 by specifying the IP address, which I fixed on my network as the PK100 is the only device on this local wireless network. i.e. Thank you in advance.
  2. Today I have an Auraliti PK90 as my music server. I am already in the process of building a Vortex Box server to act as a ripper / NAS / streamer. For about $600 more dollars I can add a dedicated SSD OS drive, SOtM USB Card, and SOtM filters to the Vortex Box. In this case the Vortex Box could probably do a good job of taking over the work the Auraliti is doing. The biggest hold up I have from this right now is that for me the Vortex Box will not just be dedicated to audio listening. I plan to use it for other topics which I have outlined in my blog here if you want more details: New HTPC and Audio Data Store Solution - Blogs - Computer Audiophile Most of the other functions such as ripping / supporting iTunes streaming would not be going on while I am listening to music. I would even potentially schedule the Crash Plan online backups to run at night. The pros of switching to the Vortex for everything is that I could consolidate one more box, and don't have to mess around with the Auraliti trying to pull from it. Does anyone have any experiencing using a Vortex Box as an audio source where it is also pulling other duties, or has more than just audiophile services running on it?
  3. I have a SBT that I'm using with a USB hard drive to store/serve music. It sucks. I'd like to set up a NAS to use as the server/storage. Can anyone who has a set up like this advise me on what model to buy, and the best (most foolproof) way to get it working? I've about had it with my little SBT. It sounds nice, but freezes too often, which makes my listening experience less a listening experience and more of an IT experience. On a separate but related note, does anyone know the ETA on the Auraliti file server? In case I have to ditch the Squeezebox altogether? Thanks in advance. PL
  4. Hi guys Really hope you can help me. I have some trouble with a new setup to my Auraliti PK90 USB. It works without any problems with my external USB HDD attached. I have the USB HDD attached directly to the SoTM USB ports on the Auraliti. But I would like to have it attached on the Apple Airport Extreme and then used like a NAS and the music send by the LAN cable to the Auraliti. I can not figure out how to have Auraliti "see" the USB HDD. Can not figure out the needed settings in the "mount NAS" section. I should say that I have attached a single test USB stick now to the Extreme. This I can see on my Windows7 computers on the network and see the files. This is using the FAT file system. (Think only FAT16) Can anyone help me with the Auraliti "mount NAS" settings ? Buch P.S. - I have read about "Find Shared Networks" and that it should be in the configuration page on the Auraliti.. but I can really not see this. Maybe I have an outdated Firmware ? Though my PK90 is only about 1½ years old. The firmware version is : Rev 2.6.18M-DSD-1
  5. Belated Spring cleaning. Send me PM if interested or if you want details on any of these items for sale. I'm in the SF Bay Area. Metric Halo LIO-8 NAD C390DD direct digital integrated amplifier with analog and phono input module Auraliti PK-90 with SOtM USB to S/PDIF converter Phonic PAA2 Handheld Audio Analyzer TC Electronic Konnekt 8 24Bit/192kHz Firewire Audio Interface Well Tempered Amadeus turntable (I may also part with my almost-new Dynavector XX-2 cart) Dunlavy SC-III.A speakers (the last iteration of the Cantata), like new, cherry Doge 8 tube preamplifier with MM/MC phono stages Rega RS-5 3-way floorstanding speakers
  6. CA Community, I have changed out some of my gear and need to sell off the old stuff to fund it. I wish I could keep all of this but that is not the case. This setup has served me well and I would recommend any of the components. Rega DAC (Black)- $725 You can read all about the Rega DAC here: DAC I have owned this unit for just under a year. I am the original owner and purchased from a local audio shop. Overall the unit is in very good condition. There are two little scuffs on the top, and I have included photos (3&4) highlighting this with the red box. Auraliti PK90 - $525 You can read about the Auraliti PK90 here: Store If you are on the Computer Audiophile website, then there is a good chance you are familiar with this unit. If not, do a quick search and you will find lots of great recommendations. The Auraliti is a purpose built unit strictly for high quality computer audio. I have been using this with an external USB powered hard drive and the MPaD control with great success. Nordost 1.0m Blue Heaven USB - $150 or $125 if purchased with Auraliti or Rega Nordost : Products : Blue Heaven USB 2.0 Data Cable Nordost 1.0m Blue Heaven LS Interconnects - $175 or $150 if purchased with Auraliti or Rega Nordost : Products : Blue Heaven LS Analog Interconnect Shipping Details: • All prices listed here include shipping to the lower 48 states and insurance via UPS. • The Rega and Auraliti will be double boxed and include the original boxes. Payment Details: • My preference is to sell in the US only • My preference is to transact through PayPal • PayPal fees are included in the price Rega DAC Images Auraliti Images Nordost USB Nordost Analog
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