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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am writing this post in order to present you a project I have been working on the last months: Archphile: Archphile - Yet Another Archlinux Based Distribution for Raspberry Pi Archphile, is a customized ArchlinuxARM distribution in order for the Raspberry Pi to be used as an audiophile mysic player along with the use of USB Dacs. The whole spirit of the project is to keep it simple. The main ingredients of Archphile are: - ArchlinuxARM - MPD - Ympd (a nice web interface for MPD) There are no automations and there will never be. Usb disks/sticks work out of the box and in order for the system to see your network shares you will have to edit /etc/fstab (you will find some examples there in order to customize and use). Some special notes: - Archphile since the beginning contains the latest FIQ FSM USB driver which solves the majority of problems with raspberry pi and USB Dacs. For more details please see: Troubleshooting pops and clicks with usb DACS - How to - Archphile However from next version step 1 will no longer be needed. - Archphile repository contains customized packages which are updated frequently. The major packages there are mpd-archphile (two packages - one with ffmpeg support) and ympd. - Some instructional articles in order to help beginners configure their system - You can download and see initial instructions here Screenshot: Conclusion: I am not a developer and Archphile is just a configuration I created for my needs and I just thought that uploading and sharing my image would also help users with the same needs that do not have the knowledge to configure a linux system. My intention is not to support many devices as I just want to support the devices I like and use in my everyday life. Udoo Quad is the next possible device to be supported by archphile. I really hope that you like and enjoy Archphile. Cheers, Michael
  2. As picture shows, I managed to add files to the ompd library. But when clicking into albums, there's no music shown. System is dietpi with allo gui running on sparky. What should I do?
  3. I noticed that under Dietpi_AlloGui, O!mpd library can not find sdcard. Should I mount the card to certain directory or edit the config files of mpd?
  4. Dear fellow audio enthusiast, Today I published a first draft of mpd-monitor, a minimal load and realtime monitor of an audiostream as handled by mpd. A screencast says it all: Details and documentation are available at the gitlab repository: https://gitlab.com/ronalde/mpd-monitor/. When you experience bugs or issues, which will be the case, please submit those in the gitlab project. I would like to hear your thoughts. Happy listening and monitoring, Ronald
  5. Simple explanation for this. Aurender didn't make their own player. They are using MPD and trying to pass it as their ownership, which it's definitely not, and doing so without even mentioning MPD or the GPL license on their homepage or anywhere in the firmware. A while ago a developer made a separate fork of MPD with an Upnp plugin for MPD, (which eventually made it into MPD master). The way the Upnp plugin worked within the contraints of the MPD API was to use the "browse" feature of a MPD client to, well browse, the directoy structure of an Upnp server. Aurender forked this Upnp-fork of MPD, and my guess is that they modified the Upnp code to browse network shares instead of Upnp servers. Since MPD (and subsequently Aurender) does not read tags while playing, but only when scanning files, it makes sense that Aurender threw something of a hack (yes, that would be AMM) together to somehow support metadata when using the NAS feature. Those who are a little familiar with MPD or Linux might wonder why Aurender simply didn't just mount the network share from NAS and symlink to it from the music directory, and at the same sidestep the need for AMM. The answer to that is: I am not sure, maybe because symlinking still requires a rescan of the music directory for MPD to pickup the symlink. It would be rather illogical if the customer added a NAS share, but was told that they need to wait for rescan of all their music, including the new music on the added NAS, before they could even manually browse the NAS. It could potentially take many many hours just to add a NAS. Also, to rely on the OS mounting the network share could have unforeseen consequences. As an Aurender is meant to be an "applience", it *could* make sense to let the player handle the network shares itself, which points back to a rewrite of the MPD Upnp plugin to support network shares. As a consequence, this requires the use of AMM running on a MAC or PC, for the metadata to show when playing songs from a NAS. Proof: https://github.com/aurender/mpd-upnp And I believe they even licensed the mPad app. (mPad has since been improved, and using the iOS7 look, while the Aurender app is still an iOS4/iOS5/iOS6 app). How weird is that Aurender gets pretty much universal praise for their app, whereas ..say Bryston sometimes are criticised for relying on mPad. (which in it's current form is a better looking, with better usability than the forked Aurender app). Btw using a Samba/NFS share directly as music directory in user space is now a feature of mainline MPD, so I would recommend Aurender to once again refork MPD. MPD does not support multi "music directories" yet (and I think there's already a request for this feature), but that feature would be trivial to implement. Then Aurender music library could support both internal storage and NAS at the same time, and have the possibility to rescan both music directories regardless of one another. That would get rid of AMM once and for all. Then again, that might be what they already planning to do.. But please take a lesson from Bryston and give credit where due, and don't try to blatantly steal open source software. I know you don't want to hand out the source code of your players, and that is the reason you try to hide the origin of your players software. After all, the W20 costs 17000$+ USD, so it's fully "understandable" that you don't want this associated with a small open source project. But as much as you want to, the Aurender playback software ownership does not belong to you, and you are required by the GPL License to hand out the source code by your customers request.
  6. Since my old Rega CD Player died, I decided to switch off CD rom and move to software. I did this step in the past for the video\movies, now it is time for the music. I listen almost to classic music and expecially chamber music. I tried several solutions and still not found the best one, for example: - Windows desktop + JRiver - Windows touch + JRiver - Windows + Foobar - JPlay in different environment - Linux + MPD - etc.... Every solution tried anyway is based on a NAS storing music files and a USB DAC. I must admit that I wish "something" that does not force me to use kayboard and mouse to listen to music. I must admit that Jriver running on a Windows tiouchscreen tablet in theatre view is LOVELY. Ubuntu Linux + MPD is a good idea, but is not so flexible like JRiver and so on... Both MPD and JRiver, correctly configured and tuned, are very nice but... from your experience, are there real advanteges running Ubuntu+MPD over Win+Jriver and\or Foobar , from a sound quality point of view ? Regards.
  7. Asking for some help from the collective... I've just set up a PK100, and am using a windows laptop to control with the Cantata client. I can't seem to get Cantata MPD client to configure to find my cover art. My setup is an external USB harddrive connected to the Auraliti PK100, and I've got a dedicated wireless router for access to the PK100. On the external drive, the music is in a folder: Music/FLAC/<artist name>/<album>/<tracks> Within each album folder, along with the flac music files, is a Folder.jpg image which is the cover art. Cantata can find and play all the music no problem. But I can't configure to see cover art. (Not the end of the world, hearing the music is 95%, but would be nice when browsing....) Can anyone describe how I am supposed to setup Cantata that it will display cover art as found in each FLAC music folder on my hard drive that is connected to the MPD server on the PK100? I have gone to the configure tap, and gone to the files and specified Folder as the cover art name. Doesn't work. (Note: I don't use bonjour, but I configure Cantata to see the PK100 by specifying the IP address, which I fixed on my network as the PK100 is the only device on this local wireless network. i.e. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi all - Just picked up a Raspberry Pi 3 to use in my bedroom system, strictly over wifi. I find that I can cleanly stream 16/44 via mpd and Roon with no issue. When I get to 24/192 though, Roon tends to handle it well (some network slowness, but I can typically play the files cleanly). mpd chokes though. I'm playing with the buffering settings there without success so far, but this is an unexpected situation re: mpd. I'e got a Beaglebone Black in my main rig and it runs 24/192 flawlessly, though it uses Ethernet and applies the performance governor. I've tried changing the governor on the Pi as well, but that seems to cause major throttling (I've got some heat sinks en route to test out). But since Roon is generally OK, this seems more like a wifi throughput issue - or mpd buffering issue - than a CPU issue. Happy to hear any thoughts. Pi is running headless, removed all traces of X server. I do keep Roon Bridge running though. Thanks all! Justin
  9. Posted this under the comments to the BeagleBone Black Music Player article as well. I consistantly get error(13) permission denied when I attempt to mount music files from my VortexBox. /etc/fstab file modification: //[url="file://\\\storage\music\flac"][/url] /mnt/music cifs guest,_netdev 0 0 Attempts to mount using the command: mount -a result in the above error code. I need help to figure out how to mount the VortexBox files. Thanks to all in advance!
  10. Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum, I hope this topic is in the good section... I would like to control an external volume attenuator via my MPD clients volume control function. This analog attenuator is placed after the DAC and is controlled by 4-bit input lines (for 16 positions). I need : - to manage volume value in MPD (to hold the current value and to change it with MPD client command) - to keep digital flow sent to USB DAC at max level (0dB) - to outside the volume value from MPD to 4 discrete output lines of RaspPI3 How can I do that ? Jacques
  11. Hello Computer Audiophiles! I need your help if you are failiar with MPD module development. I am almost new to this community. I have developed active crossover such as http://www.aedio.co.jp/download/LatestModules/foo_dsp_channeldividerF2|F2B|F3|F3B.dll for those who likes to use multi-way speaker with multi-channel amps using FIR technology. THESE ARE VOLUNTEER BASED DEVELOPMENT so this is distributed free of charge! See Down load from file Recently I am now asked by several users if we can apply this active crossover to MPD or LINUX based system. I have Fedora / OSS / Lynx Based standalone application for this objective , but I donot know how to interface to MPD ,only I know and can do is, - Utilizing pipe feature of MPD configuration and pipe in filter program ( I have already) and out to pipe out and play by aplay -D surround40 or similar command. In this case we have to fix sampling rate if I use pipe out feature of MPD. This seems OK if I can resample 192KHz24bit or 96KHz24bit in MPD and fixing sample rate of data which was output from MPD to pipe out. So I like to know Is anyone be able to pass data from MPD to pipe or special API to modify data from MPD to our filter program? What I can provide you : I can provide you with latest source code of foobar2000 version, LINUX from pipe to pipe filter program (requires Non Disclosure Agreement) and know how to work with them. If this is realized I will distribute these modules at low cost for supporting overhead. Is there anyone who likes to do this type of Voluteer or small money development? Actually I have ported foobar2000 version to LINUX/Lynx Studio AES-16 by 4 Front Technology. But this is NOT ALSA but OSS because of Lynx Studio policy limitations. So now I am considering to port foobar2000 version (32bit integer buffer to FFT'd FIR filter processing with 64bit double precision and re-convert ot 32bit integer) to complete MPD additional module. I like someone who likes to cooperate with us to develop MPD based FIR filter development. Thanx in advance, Yutaka IIDA, CTO / Owner , AEDIO Japan
  12. I run mpd + pulseaudio on a headless ubuntu linux server. I primarily access and stream my music collection via http using the mpdroid app for android phone. Works flawlessly. However, when I recently tried to run the server to a speaker locally (in my home), the volume is at best, faint. I'm not so savvy with it comes to pulseaudio. Is their a command line fix that anyone can suggest? Thanks:-)
  13. Hello Have a question regarding playback of DSD files on non-DSD DACs thru conversion with MPD and/or JRiver. I actually found by accident that MPD did the conversion. Once in a while, I use JRiver - reading on JRiver's support for the same conversion, JRiver indicates that it applies a filter to DSD to PCM conversion on non-DSD equipment to eliminate low frequency content that could be harmful. Started looking for indication that the same was true of MPD's conversion; however, have not been able to find any indication that MPD applies a filter of that kind - anybody knows if that is the case? if it is true that DSD conversion can produce frequency content that may damage equipment (as per JRiver) guessing is would be irresponsible for MPD not to do so. I might be stoopid, because my searches did not turn up the info so I ma daring to ask. I assume, the damage might occur at high volume, but wanted to double check just in case. Thnx! v
  14. Hello from Japan. I have a Mac and iPhone so I tried Theremin and Soundirok as MPD clients. I know I am writing strange things but for me, I felt Theremin sounds better. Is it possible? Is there anyone who compare audio quality of MPD clients? Kind regards, Takeshi
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