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  1. Howdy folks. My UltraCap™ LPS-1, purchased in 2017, has stopped working.... it first showed solid red light, and then the light went off completely. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what should I do?
  2. It boots up, I can hook up a TV and see it; it just doesn't pull an IP address? The boot up stops at the log in screen.
  3. Hello. My Sonic Transporter can't be accessed: Roon doesn't see it; My network utility doesn't list it; Sonicorbiter.com sees it but I can't bring up it up the IP address says can't load. I've restarted it a few times. Help?
  4. Sorry I'm so late to this topic, but I'm curious when this will be released? I'm in the market for a switch... Thanks.
  5. Native? Or with that ickStream Squeeebox thing, which I don't see as very elegant.... but if TIDAL is supported than I'm really kicking myself for not buying one of these!! PM if one of your units needs another home
  6. Thanks, it's a great form factor I hope they come up with a replacement. I'd like to see TIDAL integration. I think that would be amazing.
  7. Seems I've missed the boat here! I've been eyeing this w/ battery pack as a Squeezebox Touch replacement. It's gotten such great reviews all over the web. The price is very good and the form factor is nice too. Are there any left in stock? And will the other units in the series still be made? I'm thinking of the DAC/Headamp and the USB-SPDIF converter.
  8. I can say that HD TRACK .aif files show up on Pono sometime, and sometimes they do not. I can't figure it out but it's a royal PITA. I'm not at all enjoying the PONO app... it's slow and very buggy. The drag-and-drop works better but it's still hit and miss. Sometimes the Pono player looks empty as a drive but has music on it. Very strange. Don't know what I think yet. I am trying to find some headphone recommendations so I can see just what I think...
  9. Hello. Like many of you (perhaps) I am looking for a DAC. I'm quite interested in NOS DACS, but I'm not 100% sure this is the way to go. I am also looking to replace my Squeezebox with a better file player. 99% of my music collection is 16/44.1 RIPS of my 2000+ CDs. These live on a NAS. So I am primarily looking for something very musical and engaging to listen through. I have recently purchased a Eastern Electric minimax CD player and I am impressed by how much better this player sounds than my file player / DAC. My current system: Line Magnetic 518ia, Harbeth P3ESR, Eastern Electric minimax CD player, (will skip the analog front end), Squeezebox Touch with CIAudio power supply, and a CIAudio VDA2 DAC, (will skip all the cables)... So, I'm interested in hearing from people with a similar kind of set up that might have an opinion on a DAC / File player upgrade. DACs I am considering : Metrum Octave, Audio Note kits, Wavelength Brick v2 & v3, MHDT Havana, MHDT Stockholm, DB Audio Tranquility, Eastern Electric minimax & PLUS, Line Magnetic 502CA. File players I am considering : SOTM sms-100, Auraliti 90 or 100, the new Auralic aries. The last piece of this puzzle would be either USB player, SPDIF player or a USB player with an SPDIF convertor ahead of the DAC. I am very curious to hear any others who have discovered a great solution along these lines. As you can see my price point is sub-$2000 for the DAC and around $1000 for the player. I am not opposed to picking up DACS on the used market either. Thank you all in advance.
  10. This looks amazing. I wonder how much it will cost.
  11. Yeah, I just bought an AppleTV and ran into this problem. I don't get it. Why should I pay $25 to listen to stuff I already bought on iTunes? It's bizarre. I can listen to cloud based iTunes purchases on my iDevice. This is a huge fail.
  12. I already have a Squeezebox setup for all of my CD rips. I just don't have an easy way to play the stuff I (or my family) buys on iTunes. This seems like a simple way to access it.
  13. Thanks for the info! I did assume that I'd have to plug it in to a TV to set it up. I will give it a go...
  14. I have a very simple question: Can I plug an AppleTV into a DAC and run it headless with a iPhone Remote app, and stream music from my iTunes that is in the cloud? In other words: no TV, no iTunes library open on another computer. Thanks.
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