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Synergistic Research SR Orange Fuse snake oil ?

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6 hours ago, R1200CL said:

Is this marketing BS or ?

Have they really put circuits inside a fuse ? Power conditioning in a fuse 🤣


How do fuses alter the sound of your system?


Standard fuses are very simple designs consisting of a pair of endcaps and a wire soldered in between.  Alan Maher Designs turns the standard fuse into a true, non-limiting power conditioner.  Our Harmony Fuse alters the sound of your component by using a combination of the Third Law of Thermodynamics and Ionization.  Our design attaches a negative ionic charge to the positive ionic energy field passing through the Fuse.  By regulating the temperature of the ionic field, we are able to produce a one-for-one ionic cancellation.  In electrical design, harmonics, radio frequency, and static noise are all combinations of a positive ionization field associated with electromagnetic radiation.  By cancelling the field, we can significantly lower EMR’s effect on the internal circuitry of your component.


Out-of-the-box our Harmony Fuse will require 60-80 hours for a complete break-in.  When CEF is applied to a circuit, all parts throughout the internal circuity will be conditioned to our noise specifications.  No other product can deliver this level of power conditioning.


(CEF: Conductive Energy Field)    ...whatever that means. 



And here is a $250 fuse



If you want the ultimate snake oil product from this man, read the description here.



The harmony fuse would have to be the ugliest fuse on the planet. Synergistic at least make a good looking product in comparison,  so is perfectly flawed. 

That coating on the fuse looks like painted on cow poo, must be that CEF treatment . The etching on the fuse rating  is very much an industry standard, and no distinction between fast or slow either. Just a standard fuse.


To provide that level of attenuation that fuse would get so hot, the holder will melt.


The shoe insert was mildly entertaining placing a conductive material on an insulator, the sock and shoe, kind of inverse capacitor. The same insert is available from the supermarket at least you can trim those.


Don't buy AM designs gear. 

AS Profile Equipment List        Say NO to MQA

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