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  1. R1200CL

    Article: Roon 1.6 With Qobuz Integration and More

    Qobuz isn’t available in Norway. I know I can solve this by VPN. Have anyone tested if its possible purchase a subscription using VPN, and then use it without VPN with Roon ? Any other suggestion ?
  2. R1200CL

    Article: Roon 1.6 With Qobuz Integration and More

    Isn’t Qobuz more expensive than Tidal ?
  3. R1200CL

    Article: Roon 1.6 With Qobuz Integration and More

    So why would people change from Tidal to Qobuz ? Because of hires only ?
  4. @JohnSwenson Are there any patents planned for some of your nice designs ? If patents at some stage is involved for any product, I suppose such thing would raise the price ? I personally would look at it as a good thing. Not only to protect IP. You can license out the technology, and we can hopefully be sure that any manufacturer using a John’s Swenson design is using the state of art technology 😀 We had bad USB implementations. Next we’ll probably be bad ethernet implementation in Roon ready DAC’s and similar.
  5. John says: “So going from any of the 4 jacks or SFP cage to the 5th jack blocks the clock noise. Going from the 5th jack to any of the 4 jacks or the SFP cage blocks the clock noise. Going from a 4 jack to another 4 jack does NOT block the clock noise and going from a 4 jack to the SFP cage does NOT block the clock noise. So as long as the 5th jack is involved in the path then clock noise is blocked.” My understanding of this is that you need the 5th port in order to fully take advantage of the clock block noise feature. An interesting observation here is that you actually can use the 5th port as input and as an example the optical as output and achieve the same as going opposite. This is very important to understand I think, and @Superdad may confirm so I’m not produces more confusion 😀 If you add a PC or something with a NAA in addition to port 1 to 4, would that ethernet interface possible in any way pollute any of the other 1 to 4 interfaces? Leakages of any type or noise of any type ? (Except clock noise, which is not blocked between those 4 ports). I’m not sure here if clock noise is generated from the EtherRegen internal clock or an external source or both. Probably doesn’t matter much. If so, some people may have a setup that they like to add a second EtherRegen, otherwise as I see it most people would only need one. May understanding Is you “need” two , if you for some reason want to separate clock noise on more than one port. But if there exist a case where you actually may benefit from such a setup, I have no idea. Maybe if you have dual setup of renders (Rendu’s). EDIT: I now also see Alex wrote: “They are all very clean—with great clocking—and they all block leakage currents (due to other design choices), it is just that as John explained—and you understood—one copper port is entirely in its own domain, sobest use of the EtherREGEN will be as you describe, using both sides.“ Which answer on of my question above, so basically then my understanding is port 1 to 4 can’t polute each other,, (excep clock noise, where ever it’s coming from?), and hence you probably could have two Rendu’s as an example connected to J1 to J4 or the SFP, and another EtherRegen won’t make any difference in theory.
  6. Please explain ? Dont you think several 5th ports have a value for some people ?
  7. ........or people should just purchase as many EtherRegen as they would like to have that superclean 5th RJ45 interface. 😂 Hm, maybe there will be a demand for a super clean optical port as well in a future upgrade, but then again maybe that optical interface is just as good as it gets. My understanding is phase noise is already covered. So I actually cannot see what an upgrade can do. Those that need more optical interfaces purchase the number of EtherRegen needed, same with those that is in a need more than one super clean RJ45 port.
  8. R1200CL

    Sonore systemOptique

    Are you suggesting that an FMC + an optical module followed by the ultra/MicroRendu may lift the SQ ? Some sort of a mini EtherRegen effect ? (The EtherRegen light solution 😀)
  9. R1200CL

    Sonore toneDAC - preliminary discussion

    Another condenced Singxer item ? Nice.
  10. How about add another optical port, and remove one of the RJ45 ? (J1 to J4) And if possible as a last design change, would adding a SFP cage with RJ45 be a bad idea ?
  11. R1200CL

    Sonore systemOptique

    Well, you can still have phase noise in an optical system 😀 But I have no idea if anyone can hear it.....
  12. R1200CL

    Sonore systemOptique

    Then we disagree. I will se if I can find the post confirming what I’m saying.
  13. R1200CL

    Sonore systemOptique

    Yes. This has been confirmed by the designer. It’s not the same optical design on EtherRegen and the optical Rendu. Read the opticalRendu thread. You may consider the EtherRegen instead of the Sonore optical module, but I cannot tell you if that would make a difference into the opticalRendu.