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  1. It seems to mee that an usb to HMDI conversions is “easy”. Cheap converters exists. Maybe in a future HW upgrade for the Rendu HMDI should be part of a new output? What would talk against such an upgrade ? My multichannel DAC only has HMDI, so that’s why asking.
  2. Possible to define what’s the differences are ? Maybe @JohnSwenson can explain ? Is it to expect same SQ ?
  3. @vortecjr In order to get future updates, like Roon, do I need the 2.8 version, or will the present 2.7 be maintained with updates for the various apps ? What about SonicTransporter ? How or when will SonicTransporter be upgraded ?
  4. The “error” was I selected my SU-1 and not USB as output from the opticalrendu. Working now.
  5. What’s the difference between OpticalRendu and OpticalRendu for Roon ? I use it as Roon endpoint normally, but can also use it with HQPlayer. Which product do I choose ? Can I add a second card for MicroRendu and save shipping cost ?
  6. I tried. Didn’t work with Tidal. Not IPhone XS Max, nor IPad Pro. Tidal sees the OpticalRendu, but no sound.
  7. .......but it will be downloaded as an upgrade as usual ?
  8. @vortecjr I suppose the best Rendu as endpoint, but will the SQ vary depending on what Rendu you have available as transport ? I didn’t understand how your plan was to control the CD. What SW is required on iPad ? Any news regarding using the SonicTransporter as where to connect the CD ? Another crazy taught: If you had HMDI in and out on next generation rendu’s one could connect an AppleTV, (or anything else), and just cast from your cell 😀
  9. @vortecjr Is AirPlay a feature that is technically possible to implement in the Rendu’s by SW, or would such a feature need new hardware ?
  10. @The Computer Audiophile So can anyone who like now use your site as pillory. May I suggest if not delete, maybe close this tread.
  11. Hi Alex and happy new year. How far are we away from next Uptone product launch ? You and John seems very busy, so maybe not before next year, and probably you won’t tell us before almost ready for sale anyway 😀 One important effect of the ER, is that downstream clocks benefit form it. Can any off the technology used (invented) in the ER being used anywhere else in the digital chain like USB/SPDIF converters, endpoints, or even DAC’s ? (Remove clock jitter etc.) When could we expect to see Johns white paper ?
  12. @vortecjr With reference to this review, is it possible technically to implement the Home Audio Fidelity - Room Shaper SW into the Sonicorbiter for SonicTransporter HW ? I personally wouldn’t mind even pay a reasonable price to have this implemented and avoid another PC in the digital chain.
  13. That’s not my understanding reading all John and Alex’s explainations in this thread. But I have purchased both, so I can report back in January 😀
  14. I haven’t read that tread for a while. It’s toooooo looooong 😀 However I disagree with you on the principle of two good switches in series. (Forget external clocks). A good switch (10 GHz preferably) upfront the EtherRegen may very well benefit the digital chain. Even your opticalModule upfront probably will. (And of cause dual ER, but yes, probably total overkill) My assumption is based on John’s writing where he, somewhere in this tread I think, explain how “bad” clock signatures from cheap network gear influence the whole chain downstream. What I may be wrong about is if the ER is total immune against how it’s being fed.
  15. I don’t think that has any relevance, and especially not to a 100Mhz interface 😀 The ethernet cables has been discussed a lot in this an other threads. Some members here has quite good skills about this as well, so try and search the forum. It’s not a good idea to start another cable discussion in this tread. Almost any ethernet cable will do. But avoid those (I forgot category) with shielding that make ground connections between devices. Belden website is very informative also, and a good source to learn about ethernet cables.
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