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  1. Have a look at Darko’s latest video. I think you will like it. 😀 (DCS review and compared to DAVE).
  2. I like this idea. What would it cost pr. test ? And should we add some DAC’s as well and the In the measurement chain ? I’m asking what would be a fair setup ? Including power supplies.
  3. So can you share what to expect from a parallel setup of two LPS-1.2 using @[email protected] boxes ? Will use of his boxes degrade the excellent SQ the UltraCaps is so well known for, or is this a setup you can’t endorse as well ?
  4. Is this something you can make public ? Like between the following ones: iFi SMPS SGC PS Sonore Ultra PS LPS-1.2 both at 7 and 9 V Any other top specified PS like the JS-2 and Paul Hynes ones. And maybe add the PS used in the Signature Rendu SE version.
  5. And please add the opticalRendu 😀 (Which works fine with the LPS-1.2, as long no, or below 100mA Vbus power drawn from the opticalRendu).
  6. So it it time to upgrade the SU-1 ? http://singaporehifi.blogspot.com/2019/06/singxer-su-6-usb-digital-interface.html
  7. And when can we expect a new, or an upgraded product from Sonore based on John’s design ? (Leave out the forthcoming Optical SonicTransporter, which is a SGC product). What more can be invented ? And will you allow for a wishlist tread ?
  8. I would also be very interested to understand how much better (if possible to hear) the SU-6 is over a modified SU-1. SU-6 draw more Vbus power than SU-1, (150 to 200mA) in case someone needs to know. I wish there was a switch for removing Vbus power, and another DC interface for 5V Vbus only. To anything that uses Vbus power. A cheap modification to most DAC’s, that may lift the SQ quite a bit. Also the website states there is a supercap in use. So 3A is needed. Have there been some cooperation with Uptone and some LPS-1.2 technology implementation ? Can the supercap be bypassed, and hence allow for the use of the LPS-1.2 ? Since we know how important the power supply is, I’m skeptical to purchase any item that doesn’t allow me to use LPS-1.2 as power source. (If current draw allows). Maybe the SU-6 needs it’s own thread ?
  9. Your link doesn’t work And I suppose you’re asking what SPF Module fits the cage of the EtherRegen ?
  10. Google is our friend😀 http://forums.bicsi.org/Topic2210-4-1.aspx#bm2215 (Very old post) Somewhere else I found this stated: “Somebody needs to read the IEEE specification on Ethernet cables. When you run Cat 5/6 UTP the minimum is 3' (90 cm). You cannot (should not) use cables shorter than 3' (90 cm). One cable between a router and a patch panel won't likely exhibit a problem, but multiple will. The specification is clear. No shorter than 3' (90 cm) or you're out of specification.” (and we’re not between a router and a patch panel)😀 And another place this is said: “Although there is no minimum cable length specification for 1000baseT, any cable still has to meet various requirements like Return Loss, Near End Crosstalk, and the other specifications set forth in the IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T standard, and if the cable is too short there is a possibility that it might not meet some of these requirements. So essentially, it's not so much the cable length that matters, as it is making sure that the patch cable is certified to meet the standard.” But now we’re getting OT. So let’s be happy with whatever length we have
  11. There isn’t. We’re saying the opposite 😂 But as a general rule, it’s not a bad thing to do. But again, not with John’s design.
  12. YES Unless it’s an Audioquest Vodka. Or one made by Ghentaudio. 😀 (Both with expensive German made metal plugs for excellent shielding and EMI protection. And they’re not connected to each other). Your blue jeans is more than good enough. I would expect this applies to all John’s design.
  13. Did an update yesterday. I don’t think hqplayer is as stable as before. So for now back to RAAT.
  14. One of us must misunderstand each other 😀 If I parallel two LPS-1, at the maximum 7V. What is the best I can expect on the other side ? Or did you mean 0,7 V ?
  15. Of cause, your choice. Still I find it a bit odd claiming optical makes the SQ worse. But maybe you’re not saying worse, only different, and that’s probably a fact 😀 Some equipment color sound. And it may even be that the opticalRendu reveal things in your system the SOtM doesn’t. And I need a link.
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