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  1. Another positive review of a fuse. https://www.snakeoil-os.net/news/reviews/furutech-audiophile-fuses Here is the only other reasonable priced fuses I found. Had some good reviews. Not many dealers. http://isocleanpower.com/product_24.htm
  2. I’ve not so much into YouTube sound comparisons, but this one has links below in text that makes you jump directly between fuses tested. Maybe it make sense for someone. I don’t think I’m able to hear differences on an iPad Pro. So open in YouTube. In the comment field, one guy believe in putting fuses in the freezer 🥶
  3. Is this marketing BS or ? Have they really put circuits inside a fuse ? Power conditioning in a fuse 🤣 How do fuses alter the sound of your system? Standard fuses are very simple designs consisting of a pair of endcaps and a wire soldered in between. Alan Maher Designs turns the standard fuse into a true, non-limiting power conditioner. Our Harmony Fuse alters the sound of your component by using a combination of the Third Law of Thermodynamics and Ionization. Our design attaches a negative ionic charge to the positive ionic energy field passing through the Fuse
  4. Got this mail: Two ways: 1. Use our app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and use Airplay to send audio from your device/our app to Roon. For the next week or 10 days you’ll have to use our beta app for iOS, which will be in the app store soon. I’ll append instructions for getting the beta app now. 2. Use Sonos. We have a very limited integration with the Sonos systems. If you are a HOS subscriber, you can add Hearts of Space to the list of your music services in Sonos, then you will be able to stream HOS controlling the stream with your Sonos controller. I’m not co
  5. I guess we’re not seeing them connected on the above picture?
  6. So again, as with the SU-2, how is this external 10 MHz clock working ? Bypass totally internal clocks and the 10 MHz signal is feed to the Altera MAX II FPGA to create necessary frequencies ?
  7. ....that’s possible via Roon. But I think you know that very well. I guess a Chromecast Audio can solve things also, if Sonore’s Airplay option isn’t working ?
  8. So you don’t have Qobuz or Tidal, so you can’t use the normal way ? What service then ? Sonore has some options implemented. Also some services is supported by Qnap.
  9. As a general rule, you don’t want to do this. Reason is that you break the isolation made by the EtherRegen.
  10. Will rom correction SW help ? https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com/
  11. You probably need to bridge the server. I guess you have two RJ45 interfaces that you use.
  12. Changing the internal SMPS with an external one 😀 I do believe a good power supply can help. Actually quite sure. Hard to comment on this one. If you know voltage requirements on that molex connector, you could probably use dual ? external power supplies and have Ghent make special cable. I guess I good 5VDC PS from Farad or Paul Hynes is probably the way to go instead of that Meanwell supply. So you have a Node ? And considering this upgrade ?
  13. @One and a half Wouldn't assign IP address in your router (DHCP) solve what you’re talking about ? I guess there is some idea behind bridging ? Can you explain ?
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