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  1. Yes. (Doesn’t matter ER or not). Just so people understand a lower phase phase noise is like -145 and a higher one is like -125. Also you can’t measure phase noise on a square, so you have to add a square to sine converter between in order to have a correct measurement. Now that’s something to think about 😀 The quality of the external square to sine converter may matter, as well as power supply in use may also affect phase noise measurements on a square wave clock. Following Uptone advices I also think, if a proper cable is used, a square vs sine with e
  2. I do own a blue BWR R1200CL with a trailer in same color 😃 (I can’t find the one picture I have showing both together). I’m a fan of property done class D amps, like my Theta Prometheuses. And I own several other Theta products.
  3. And reason saying that is here: And here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/38968-etherregen-the-long-development-and-active-launch-discussion-thread/?do=findComment&comment=977901 Where said: The clock signatures from the B side are blocked but anything else on the A side will affect the SFP port. And finally here: “Because of this slight increase in phase noise when going from B to A, if you use a REALLY good external clock (such as a Ref10), you will only get the advantage of such a clock when connecting the B side to the streamer.”
  4. I haven’t read the last 50 pages in this tread. The link beneath is a good summary of everything that’s bad with MQA. Maybe Chris can add this to the first post, so people don’t have to read 1000 pages. MQA REALLY IS A FRAUD!
  5. To continue: Here are the facts you should know: All download and streaming services get the same masters from the labels and make them available to subscribers at varying quality levels according to their own business model. Once they all arrive at CD-Audio spec, we’re getting everything “the artist intended.” Virtually all of the masters offered by these companies are not bona fide hi-res audio productions. They are “hi-res transfers” of older non hi-res masters. Does anyone think a 192 kHz/24-bit transfer of a recording made in 1932 is hi-res? What about an analog tape tr
  6. In order to enjoy hi res music, you must know if the studio did use proper gear in the first place. Which you probably can’t. Further your equipment must meet the same requirements, where applicable. Does your amp, has amplification performance of 40 kHz and above ? The hi-res Audio logo is an HW requirement. It has nothing to do with the music. Qobuz and others is misusing the logo. Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) introduces the following guidelines for certification. Hardware made for hi-res audio must meet certain requiremen
  7. Chris In this case, I think a better feedback and explanation is required. It seems to me @Electroecstatic has some technical points here that I think should be confirmed if it’s wrong or not. I also hope that those that has been comparing MQA in other posts, can do the same with Apple lossless.
  8. Yes, (if nothing has changed lately). Yes, if you’re talking about the Mini Circuits one, they will destroy the effect of a square. You may consider one of AfterDark’s clocks with better phase noise numbers and sine wave. I predict this will be better that queen square wave. No need to use a filter.
  9. Absolutely nothing. And if flip the switch afterwards, nothing will happen either. Pull the power plug in and out from EtherRegen. Only then will something happen. So while EtherRegen is powered on you can flip the switch in any direction, and nothing will happen, until you power of and on your EtherRegen. This is also the preferred way to test the effect with or without an external clock.
  10. So it’s a almost 6 year old interview. Still I think it has a lot of useful information. Spend at least the first 15 to 20 minutes and educate yourself. Maybe we’re shooing the wrong way ? It’s not Apple, it’s the recording industry.
  11. Posted in that tread. It’s a mail I got from a manufacturer. It seems shielding is the main thing to work on. Or isolation in general. Cables shouldn’t matter. Please continue discussion there.
  12. OK. This is tread is Word clock cables. I hope it’s OK to include all clock cables. I’m only discussing 10Mhz ones. I was seeking advice at a producer of clock cables. Here is my mail. Seeking advice 50 ohm coax cable. Dear sir/madam I’m presently a happy owner of this cable. https://no.mouser.com/datasheet/2/1030/141-12BM_2b-1699951.pdf The use of cable is in a 10Mhz sine wave clocking signal used in digital audio. As an audiophile, I’m one of these people seeking best possible techni
  13. https://content.abt.com/documents/61707/MDR1ADACS_manual.pdf https://www.digitaltrends.com/music/what-is-high-resolution-audio/ https://audiophilereview.com/audiophile/the-truth-about-high-resolution-audio-facts-fiction-and-findings/ Many opinions what is hi res.
  14. I like to start a tread about clock cables. Does there exist one already ?
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