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  1. @AfterDark. Is it possible to have internal pictures of your clock, and some explanations of the variants? Is it an option for you to offer a pure DC version ? What is your point of view in suppling dual clock outputs ?
  2. So is there a chance that Dr. AXI will include MQA in a future test ? https://secure.aes.org/forum/pubs/conventions/?ID=938
  3. One interesting observation is that the clocks we get from Ham is sine wave that’s converted to square wave. At least that’s my understanding. So I’m asking myself why he isn’t using pure square wave clocks ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/MORION-OCXO-MV102-10MHz-squarewave-Crystal-Oscillator-12V-EFC/143856696386?hash=item217e86fc42:g:vp8AAOSwkz1eYVRS https://www.ebay.com/itm/DAPU-O55F-ASDD-10MHz-OCXO-Crystal-Oscillator-12V-EFC/143045716607?epid=28026910829&hash=item214e306a7f:g:a8YAAOSwW4hceKjd Maybe something to ask Ham about. (I just tried via eBay).
  4. Did you edit streaming quality in Roon to hifi when testing this ?
  5. @Roasty I think you should request a new clock from HamRadioShop. Yes, any 75 ohm coax works. But as you probably know, the idea is to keep the cable short. What I’m wondering, is if aJSSG360 version, is expected to have a positive effect. I know Ghent can make from Belden 4694R upon request. (Or could).
  6. I have several times asked what clocks is in use. As well as pictures. So far no info has been given. This is an area of concern. Unless some documentation soon showing up, my statement will be what everyone believes. So the evidence is not on me.
  7. This is very interesting what you’re trying to do. I understand the clock is same as being used in the one several of us has already purchased well below $100. I would however suggest you could investigate the possibility to somehow involve John in the design. Like a verification or even a suggested design as a joint venture between John’s company and AfterDark. Maybe you can start another tread just for a group buy of this clock. I think leave power supply (and cable) out at the moment, and only focus on a 12V input version. And of cause you can’t marketing a switc
  8. It you set your Tidal to HiFi, you should get the red book version and not Master, even though the red book version doesn’t show up as an available option. Maybe time to stop getting angry at Tidal ?
  9. https://www.jottacloud.com/en/ And out of reach for US authorities 😀
  10. @AfterDark. Is it the same clock in all variants? And if yes, is it possible to explain what makes the difference? Does use of mu metal and similar help on phase noise ? And sound isolation material ? I noticed you’re using these techniques. Can the effect be measured ? Can pictures of inside be posted ? I think the majority would like a square wave 75 ohm version with only 12V supply. Maybe dual clock output.
  11. @AfterDark. Is it the same clock in all variants? And if yes, is it possible to explain what makes the difference?
  12. Interesting Would a DC version lower the price ?
  13. Not listen yet, but how to listen to podcasts in Roon ? Shouldn’t that be a feature available ?
  14. Is this related to one specific model ? Can a square wave version be made ?
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