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  1. As far as I understand there exist only one multimode 1/10 GB Finsair module. (And one single mode). https://www.finisar.com/sites/default/files/downloads/ftlx8571d3bcv_1g_10g_850nm_multimode_datacom_sfp-plus_transceiver_product_specification_revb.pdf I use this selection chart to find it: https://www.finisar.com/sites/default/files/resources/finisar_optical_transceiver_product_guide_3_2015_web.pdf Do not insert this product into an etherRegen or an opticalRendu. It will get destroyed. Now @plissken or @jabbr Will this product automatically com
  2. Can you explain the technical requirements for this test. (Before I start a new tread about it) Is it all about the etherRegen, or about a switch won’t matter in general?
  3. Still you or @jabbrhas not been able to produce a link to a working 10/1 auto SPF+ or SFP28 module. Preferable working together with that nice 4 port switch. I’m also asking if those SFP with RJ45 at 10/100/1000 will have same jitter tolerance as fiber ones when used in a 10GB switch. You guys demonstrate you don’t know the answer @jabbr said. I’m only asking for links to those modules. Is it that hard to produce ?
  4. @plissken Are you able to answer the question with a yes or no ? (We have understood long time that normal SFP will go into a 10GB witch). If not, please let @jabbr answer.
  5. Just to be 100% sure. I can’t then at the same time use a normal SFP 1G in the other end (opticalRendu/etherRegen) ? So one end (obviously the switch) dual rate 10/1 SFP(+) module. Other end normal SFP model like we use today in our JohnS design. A no go, og good to go ?
  6. So still no SFP+ that’s support both 10GB as well as 1GB then. I suppose not important. So then if using a 1GB SFP module, I won’t have more jitter compared to using a 10GB SFP+ module? It’s crucial that the SFP module won’t degrade the quality of the switch. As the idea is of cause to see if this switch could be equal to etherRegen. And how about using this module? https://mikrotik.com/product/S-RJ01 Still no jitter at 100GB. (Yes, I could used it against etherRegen B side😀) Edit Seems some of my questions has been answered while t
  7. This is important information. I always assumed they had to be identical. So then I can have SFP one end and SFP+ or SFP28 other end. Still I’m missing suggestions for one SFP+ / SFP28 that matches the suggestion below.
  8. Here we go again. Not easy this. Maybe I’m missing something obvious? Or I’m not explaining myself very well ? Can I have a link to one or several SFP modules that both support a 10GB switch as well as the opticalRendu? I’m asking cause then I like to purchase that 10GB switch linked to earlier, or a similar one, and connect it to my opticalRendu and maybe even etherRegen as well as my Cisco 2960. My understanding from @plisskenis this can’t be done. But now you’re suddenly indicating otherwise. You highly educated guys should be able to enlighten
  9. Based on @plisskenand @jabbrinsight we can conclude it’s impossible to implement any of John’s present optical design into a 10GB network, even if some optical modules can operate under 1GB speed. For those using computers as streamers/players/endpoints can enjoy experimenting with 10GB network. So maybe we can hope to see audio devices with SFP+ and SFP28 (10GB) some day. If Uptone / Sonore / SGC is first, l wonder if some other companies will follow. I think it has been said other companies is coping them. Meaning above 1 GB ? I’m a
  10. @rjb301 Rob Maybe you will enjoy reading this post
  11. @jabbr says different. Let’s be patient. As he stats those modules can also give 1GB.
  12. Well first we need to agree upon the setup. Shall we start a tread about @plissken’s $8000 challenge ? Maybe ask if we can use Darko’s location for the test. Or Mr Beekhuyzen’s ? 😀 I think Harman has a special designed listing room as well. And a course where you can train and learn how to listen. Maybe we need to attend that course as well 😀
  13. That is not what I asked for. I’m discussing implementation of 10GB. (In order to eliminate jitter). I taught that was clear. I hope @jabbr will answer.
  14. As you probably know both Uptone ultra caps powers is supplied with SMPS. So I’m not saying that at all 😀 Yes. So I’m saying there shouldn’t be any difference those two power supplies when it come to be used in that application. Especially the clock. But I won’t test this. One reason is the clock shouldn’t ever be switched off once powered up. (JohnS made a comment on that recently). I had two LPS 1.2 not in use. As well as the necessary serial cable to obtain 12V. So I could put them back in service. I think purchasing a Paul Hynes SR4T or a Uptone LPS 1.2
  15. Can you link me to a SFP+ or a SFP28 that’s fits in and work with cisco 2960, etherRegen and opticalRendu ? I’m asking, cause if not to expensive, I would like to try. If such modules exist, wouldn’t I still need a 10GB switch in order to benefit from a better clock ? Is there to expect any benefits in only using those modules, without a 10GB switch as well ? If I understand you correctly, measurements between etherRegen and a such a switch with those modules asked for, should be less to nothing ? (In theory).
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