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  1. That’s not my understanding reading all John and Alex’s explainations in this thread. But I have purchased both, so I can report back in January 😀
  2. I haven’t read that tread for a while. It’s toooooo looooong 😀 However I disagree with you on the principle of two good switches in series. (Forget external clocks). A good switch (10 GHz preferably) upfront the EtherRegen may very well benefit the digital chain. Even your opticalModule upfront probably will. (And of cause dual ER, but yes, probably total overkill) My assumption is based on John’s writing where he, somewhere in this tread I think, explain how “bad” clock signatures from cheap network gear influence the whole chain downstream. What I may be wrong about is if the ER is total immune against how it’s being fed.
  3. I don’t think that has any relevance, and especially not to a 100Mhz interface 😀 The ethernet cables has been discussed a lot in this an other threads. Some members here has quite good skills about this as well, so try and search the forum. It’s not a good idea to start another cable discussion in this tread. Almost any ethernet cable will do. But avoid those (I forgot category) with shielding that make ground connections between devices. Belden website is very informative also, and a good source to learn about ethernet cables.
  4. Blue Jeans is just fine. You may use minimum length of one meter. But this is not a requirement. Don’t use a cable with metal plugs if the plugs are connected. The Audioquest Vodka will do, but is totally overpriced. If you must use something extremely good, this one has implemented John’s theory how to build a Faraday Cage into a cable. Nicknamed JSSG (John Swenson Shielding Guidelines). And later extended into JSSG360 by another member here at the forum. This technology has been very successful on DC cables.
  5. Alex or John Any chance of making an optical B side version for the opticalRendu owners ? Is it tecnical possible, or is not worth the effort ? Did any of the beta testers tried the ER with an opticalRendu? (and compared it with the opticalModule) When will your next product be announced ? 😀
  6. Finally 🎊 https://uptoneaudio.com/products/etherregen Orders is starting.
  7. You really need to be patient, and purchase the EtherRegen 😀 (Or even two)
  8. Whatever you do with cables: Make sure there is no earth connection. That doesn’t rule out plugs with metal, but in general most of them. One example is the Audioquest Vodka that has metal plugs. It will work. Probably heavenly overpriced as most audiophile cables 😀 Blue Jeans is a very good choice. My link previous post another good option. And please rember, that even it there was a general recommendation for using a one meter cable before, that is NOT the case with EtherRegen. So length shouldn’t matter. Serach Johns post in this tread. Sould be something about it there in details. So hopefully we can leave the cable discussion dead. It’s a bit OT 😀 However it is relevant whenever there will be a tread about how the EtherRegen sound quality. (Ops. A switch with SQ 😀. Yes, that’s that’s what we all expect. And it’s already proven by OpticalModule, and some other overpriced options).
  9. This is for Alex at UpTone Audio to answer. John is the developed or designer of several nice products. I’ve noticed this is your first post. And I can’t answer for his (Alex) @Superdad, bundles options, but don’t expect it to happen with is low margins explained many times. But you can save some shipping cost probably purchasing both at the same time. If you’re after a LPS-1.2, look at the “Novel thread’ as it so happens austinpop is selling his, and just PM him. Welcome to the forum 😀
  10. Powering the EtherRegen with the LPS-1 with the original Meanwell supplied that has the ground shunt implemented. (Modified Meanwell) Shall that ground pin in EtherRegen be used or not ? Will your answer be same for LPS-1.2 ? (Yes I know this has been answered, but sometimes an answer that requires a YES / NO, just gets to confusing 😀)
  11. @JohnSwenson If technical possible, can an optical version of the EtherRegen be made. Meaning exchange the RJ45 B side with a SFP cage ? I think not, as the present design requires the B side to be 100 MHz, and since the reason for this request is to connect the opticalRendu, a 100 mH optical interface won’t work. (OpticalRendu requires 1000 MHz) So I ask again using a gigabit only RJ-45 SFP transceiver on the opticalRendu https://amzn.to/2XbBAJA be a better solution than using the EtherRegen “the reverse way”. Edit wrong link. Has to be this one 10/100/1000 MHz version. So at least the 100 MHz will talk to the B side. And will actually such a RJ-45 SFP transceiver work when B side is 100 MHz and the opticalRendu is 1000 MHz. Normally not of cause, but maybe the use of a RJ-45 SFP transceiver can overcome that issue. Again, if expect working, is it still a better solution, and possible to explain why if it isn’t.
  12. I have long time believed it was as easy as just use the EtherRegen “reverse way” in order to connect the EtherRegen to the opticalRendu. And maybe add my SonicTransporter as well. As I expect none of the A side ports would affect the SFP port. Now I’m wondering if I should put a opticalModule between the EtherRegen and the opticalRendu in order to have the signal going “right” way. Or even a second EtherRegen. Or maybe add a RJ45 SPF module on opticalRendu in order to use the output B side of the EtherRegen ? Maybe I’m complicating this to much..... Any thoughts ? (Hope you have enough bourbon 😀)
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