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  1. My first audio system when I was a teenager was also from Radio Shack, it was the Realistic 8-Track Stereo Tape Player/Amp with two bookshelf speakers Model 14-913 for $89.95. It was also purchased in the early 1970's. (see picture)
  2. Can you help me out? I don't understand the joke or the punch line. Why is becoming a prawn again instead of a shark worse than becoming a prawn cocktail? In the first instance the fish is alive and in the second it is dead. Help, I don't understand what he should be ashamed of. Perhaps it might help me understand if someone can tell me what pun this joke is telling. Thanks 🤔
  3. Actually @Audiophile Neuroscience has shown everyone his audio system, just click on his avatar and then click on "Audio System". He has an excellent picture of his audio system with a list of the components and speakers. Or click here. By contrast your "Audio System" page says "In limbo at the moment ..." Hope this helps. 😊 Frank as @Audiophile Neuroscience has said over and over, 'show and tell' time for you and there can be no more excuses IMHO. You will notice I don't list my audio equipment either, however I don't make bizarro claims like you.
  4. No. 😊 My apartment complex's free Wi-Fi internet service doesn't allow streaming of any kind, audio or video. So I have never been able to check out any of the streaming services. I no longer purchase downloads as the ones I dislike or no longer like can't be traded in or sold so I can only delete them at a 100% loss. This is one reason I think streaming has become so popular, no risk. Nowadays, I purchase mostly SACDs and occasionally Blu-rays. Been buying a lot of SACDs from Berkshire Record Outlet. They sell Classical closeouts and overruns, some may have a hole dril
  5. In pre-digital times I owned a Teac A2300-SD reel-to-reel tape deck. I only played 4 track 7 1/2 IPS prerecorded reel-to-reel tapes on it, I never made any recordings.
  6. At this point I would take it back for a refund. And purchase something that doesn't disappoint.
  7. You are dead wrong again. While a higher retail price does allow for superior component parts and build quality, inexpensive components can offer very realistic sound quality if care is taken in topology and synergy of chosen affordable parts. I, like nearly all audiophiles want to reproduce what is on the recording (both the good and bad) and an audio system which gets out of the way, reproduces what the microphones actually captured, nothing more, nothing less. But there is a limit on how cheaply something can be made and still sound realistic. And no matter what you do to boom b
  8. That's my Blu-ray / SACD player (BD-S677). It's 6 years old, does that matter? I would like to try to rip one of my SACDs. I read this page and page 1 and couldn't see any mention for using a Mac Mini only Windows, I really don't want to read 206 pages. If I can use a Mac Mini can you direct me to the page or post #? Also @ted_b on page 1 you state: 2) have an ethernet connection What is an ethernet connection? I have used USB, Optical, and Coax cables but I am not familiar with ethernet. I do have a thumb drive so that part is ready. Thanks for a
  9. I agree. I would not want my audio system to sound like the junk Frank peddles. I prefer sonic realism, tonal accuracy, wide / deep soundstage to actually be provided by my audio system when playing sonically accurate recordings. Unlike Frank's wishful thinking which will not get me there. It has to sound real period! I wish someone from Australia would visit Frank and reveal him for the fraud I believe he is. You don't get it! We don't want equipment that sounds as bad as your "favorite ghetto blaster", understand? I'm sure most of us prefer equipment that sounds like r
  10. Depends if it is in the audible range and at a high enough level. See below. None IMHO. Or in my experience, heard. I was hearing bad radio frequency interference (RFI) that actually sounded like a low level slightly mistuned radio station playing when I had no music playing or in between songs. I don’t own a tuner so I had no idea where this was coming from. I bought a used Monster HDP1800 High Definition PowerCenter at a pawn shop for $60. I routed all my system power cords through the PowerCenter 1800 and the interference disappeared complet
  11. Didn't you listen to each when you first purchased or downloaded them? As soon as I download an album or open a new package of physical discs, I have to hear them! I can't go to sleep with unplayed new music. Before I retired I would sometimes get only a few hours sleep or no sleep at all before going to work the next day, when a new package of physical discs were delivered. I'm like a kid on Christmas day when new music arrives! 😄
  12. George, this is not Frank's @fas42 thread so he can't do that. The original poster is @Blackmorec only he can make your proposed changes.
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