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  1. How old is your Adcom 555? I purchased my Adcom 555II amp 28 years ago in 1993, and know that at sometime it too must die. One of the reasons for choosing the Adcom 555II was because it tested stable down to 1 ohm. My Infinity Reference Standard 7 Kappa's are 4 ohm speakers that dips down to 2 ohms are certain frequencies, making it a problem for many amps. So I am also curious of recommendations offered for you.
  2. The photocopy of Jim Austin's article MQA Again from Stereophile July 2021 is hosted at Super Best Audio Friends. To verify this all you have to do is right click on the image and select copy image address. Once you have Super Best Audio Friends delete the image it will no longer appear at other sites such as this one, instead it will say something like "This image is not available" at every site it has been linked. This way you will treat the cause not the effect. Exactly! I don't know much about computers but I understand how images are linked from the host website, in
  3. Critically listening is what I try to avoid as when I try to listen analytically it destroys my enjoyment of the music. Nowadays, I only listen to music for pleasure, however poor recordings and poor sounding performance places keeps me from enjoying the music. Several decades ago I seen Maurice Abravanel and the Utah Symphony on tour at Lawlor Events Center and sound was so poor I didn't enjoy it and have never went back to Lawlor Events Center again. Lawlor Events Center was chosen instead of the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts because it had more seating and they could s
  4. IMHO the room is very important on both the recording and playback sides. For example in my city acoustic orchestral music sounds superb in the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts and Nightingale Concert Hall but dreadful in the Lawlor Events Center. The construction and design of performance places has a big impact on the timbre of instruments and voices and how enjoyable music sounds in these locations. Also the listening room where the music is reproduced is just as important, as is finding the ideal placement of speakers in the room. So, yes it is terribly important.
  5. There is also Frank Zappa's orchestral music. I have Sinister Footwear performed by the Omnibus Wind Ensemble on Opus 3's 30th Anniversary Celebration Album SACD. It's from the Omnibus Wind Ensemble album Music by Frank Zappa. It's cool and weird but I passed on the complete album.
  6. Some people have sibilance naturally in their voices. My speaking and singing voice has very bad sibilance, especially when I pronounce the letter "S", it's even worse at the end of a word. If a singer has natural sibilance in their voice I want that reproduced correctly, it's unnatural sibilance I don't want. If the sibilance is too strong some frequencies are emphasized more than others. Unless I see the singer live it's hard to tell if the sibilance is natural or not. If you hear no sibilance from anyone you are not reproducing the upper midrange correctly.
  7. Great review! 😊 I put on my SACD of Nick Drake's A Treasury while reading this review. I think Island did a great job on this SACD, it sounds very warm and realistic, however it's the only Nick Drake recording I've ever heard so I have no idea how it compares to his other albums. The credits list the 5.1 mix by John Wood with Clive Gregson, no mention of who performed the 2.0 mix. 5 of the songs from Bryter Layter are on this compilation: Introduction, Hazey Jane I, Hazey Jane II, Poor Boy, Northern Sky 4 of the songs are from Five Leaves Left: River Man, Ce
  8. Maybe, maybe not. Since Analogue Productions and APO (Analogue Productions Originals) are available on LP, SACD, CD, and Reel to Reel tape could it be that is enough formats for them? Yes and I would speculate that is why Analogue Productions was the only audiophile remastering company with downloads and why it was limited to their own website. Maybe, the income generated by Analogue Productions LPs, SACDs, CDs, and Reel to Reel tapes is enough for them with less hassles as stated in their farewell letter. (below) Analogue Produ
  9. Thanks but I will pass as that is $2,000 more than I paid for my entire audio / video / computer system. I am curious what makes this worth $5,600, see picture.
  10. Could it be "Britten's Orchestra" sold more copies than anticipated after it won a Grammy award? Maybe the Kansas City Symphony musician's union will make available in some form in the future. Seems a shame to leave it out of print.
  11. Let me correct that for you. It's not one but you who can be satisfied listening to it. Some of us have higher standards for minimum sonic attributes of a recording which would be satisfying to listen to. And this differs with each listener. Just saying. 😊
  12. You have me beat by nine months. 😊 I signed up September 27, 2009 (11 years and 3 months ago). Doing math for mine would be 0.6 posts per day or little over ½ of a post per day.
  13. That's another reason I generally avoid the major labels as their focus is on the bottom line not in supplying the most realistic sounding recordings possible. I have 8 Warner Bros. recordings on SACD, all remastered by Analogue Productions, Audio Fidelity, and MFSL. I usually prefer audiophile and naturally sounding recordings that are recorded by audiophile and boutique labels as opposed to audiophile remasters. However, there is rock music from the 1960s to 1970's, classical and jazz music from the mid 1950's-1960's that I love and couldn't live without so I usually purchase the
  14. I have a Late 2012 Mac Mini running Catalina and with my Teac DAC it plays up to 5.6MHz DSD as well as up to 24bit/ 384kHz PCM with no problems. The Teac DAC says it will do up to 32bit PCM but I have never downloaded a 32bit PCM file yet. My question is does the 2020 Mac Mini sound better than your 2014 Mac Mini? Also, is it safe to have Apple recycle it for $150 as there are programs that can undelete deleted files thus if it ends up in the wrong hands you could have a real problem. I'm planning on using my 2012 Mac Mini until it dies and then putting it a
  15. Alex I'm just responding so you know I read your post, since you mentioned me by name. There are two reasons I won't listen to those two files: According to my apartment lease agreement I am not allowed to stream any audio or video. I hate comparing stuff, and I will never compare anything again unless I have to replace broken or dead equipment. And I dread that happening. My use of internet is limited to checking email, reading and writing posts at Audiophile Style, checking for new SACD releases, and purchasing SACDs and canned goods online.
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