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  1. I currently use the easiest computer music software I've ever tried: the TEAC HR Audio Player. I just drop newly downloaded PCM or DSD files into the player and name the Playlist. That's it. I prefer products that just work and that I like how my music sounds through it. I leave the tinkering to the audio engineers, they get paid for it and I don't. 😊 I had to set up my Blu-ray / SACD universal player when I first got it, things such as SACD layer priority, and Stereo priority. Now I just play music. I like the enjoy the music option best. 😊
  2. WOW! Tons of equipment on three floors! You must be a millionaire. We need a WOW button.
  3. I'm watching a Capitol Fourth on PBS, I haven't seen any fireworks yet. They in the past have had them while the Boston Pops are playing the 1812 Overture. Perhaps I'll play my Telarc version later: My Rossini: Overtures are on SACD: Michele Mariotti conducting the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna on PentaTone. Earlier today I played: Update: text just came on the screen 31 minutes until the fireworks.
  4. Thanks, yet another reason for me to stick with my corded landline phone. My current phone cost me $6 from Walmart. The one it replaced was $10 and it lasted for over ten years, that works out to $1 per year.
  5. Actually, my apartment complex includes free wi-fi with my rent, thus my internet connection is wireless. My HDTV uses a $15 antenna I purchased several decades ago, no boxes. So the HDTV is wired to the antenna and the antenna captures the HDTV channels from the air, so I guess this could be called wireless. I don't use remote controls unless the action is not available on the component. I have a tubed preamp which does not have a remote control, thus I have to get up to turn the volume up and down. The remote control to my HDTV is wireless. With the computer I just chose a playlist to play, so no remote control needed. And playing SACDs on my Yamaha Universal player I just put in the disc I want to play and it starts playing and then I take it out when the album is finished, thus no remote control needed. In short, I don't like remote controls, it doesn't matter whither they are wired or wireless.
  6. Thanks guys! I had no idea since my corded landline phone still works when the electricity goes out. OTOH my digital answering machine does have an electric cord that plugs into the wall. I learned something new. Happy Independence Day. 😊
  7. Thanks all! It's threads like these that reaffirm my decision to stick with my corded landline phone which uses no electricity. I am in a small minority of those who live without a cellphone. I'm also sticking to corded headphones and corded speakers.
  8. I have now listened three times to Roger Waters' Amused to Death and it's growing on me so I think I will keep it. Still not amused though. Listened to before signing onto the internet today.
  9. I finished listening to the other four volumes of Stockfisch's Closer to the Music earlier today, most through my floor standing Infinity speakers with the lights out. All the music was great IMHO, however I really love Four Wild Horses by David Munyon from Volume 2, and Factory Girl by Beoga from Volume 3. Then I played The Collection: An Adventure in Sound SACD from Audio Fidelity, lots of great songs, mostly from Columbia and Epic analog masters. Not the high sound quality of the Stockfisch SACDs, but the music is enjoyable nevertheless. Lots of wonderful music today. 😊
  10. One of my favorite samplers. Includes the late Chris Jones' No Sanctuary Here which is the most exciting non-classical song I've discovered yet. Great sound quality. I have all five of Stockfisch's Closer to the Music samplers.
  11. Playing this one right now and it sounds really cool to me. Very realistic.
  12. Just listened to 2 recent purchases. One I liked and one I didn't. I really liked this one by a composer I never heard of: I didn't like this one: An Analogue Productions remaster of Roger Waters' Amused to Death. It sounds decent, however both the music and sound effects turned me off, I was not amused. BTW I like Waters' previous band: Pink Floyd. Got it on sale for half price at Acoustic Sounds, it's still on sale. I got a lot of great Jazz, Classical and Rock SACDs in this sale. So overall I did great.
  13. Bruckner today, Symphonies Nos. 4, 5 and 6.
  14. First some little know Max Bruch. The cover doesn't mention the pieces, they are Serenade for Violin and Orchestra, Romance for Violin and Orchestra, Suite on Russian Folk Melodies. Next up famous Max Bruch
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