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  1. I agree with the first four hi-fi tricks in the linked article. I listen in the dark when listening to music for pleasure. Also I find my music sounds the best when listened to at night. I can't comment on No. 9 "Playing CDs from the beginning" because if I don't have time to play an entire SACD or CD, I'll play something from my computer or watch HDTV. When I play a SACD or CD album I play the complete album from beginning to end, so I have no need to hit pause or stop.
  2. You have this incorrect or perhaps you didn't mean what you typed. Only analog master tapes that were encoded with Dolby A noise reduction and NOT decoded when released on CD, LP or music file can be FeralA. Analog master tapes that didn’t use Dolby A noise reduction and weren't mistakingly Dolby A decoded cannot be FeralA. Digital recordings cannot possible be effected by FeralA as Dolby was only designed for analog recordings to reduce analog tape hiss by 10 - 15dB. However, a very small amount or early CDs used pre-emphasis but that is a different problem. Every album that has ever been released cannot be infested with FeralA as Frank claims. There is no bush to beat around. FeralA only effects albums that are Dolby A encoded and then not Dolby A decoded. Dolby A is an encode / decode noise reduction system. It is wrong to encode with Dolby A and then not decode when pressing a CD, LP, or releasing as a music file.
  3. I sincerely hope you are joking as that would make you an audiofool not an audiophile. Here are my resolutions / plans for the future: Stay with free over-the-air antenna TV no matter what is offered by any of the paid services. Stay with a corded landline telephone until landline service no longer exists. At which time I would go with no telephone. When my computer dies go back to using the computers once a week at the Public Library for email and checking in with Audiophile Style. My apartment complex changed the terms of their lease several years ago and the included free wi-fi internet no longer allows streaming audio or video and I am unwilling to pay for internet service. My Mac Mini computer is seven years old so this could be the year it dies. All of my computer downloads are on both thumb drives and a Seagate backup drive, both of which are playable on my Yamaha Blu-ray / SACD universal player and I actually prefer the sound through my Yamaha player than through my Teac USB DSD DAC. The Yamaha does up to 2.8MHz (64fs) DSD. I will replace the universal player when it dies, perhaps then it will also play my few 5.6MHz (128fs) DSD music files. My Teac DAC is now used exclusively for watching television.
  4. Good for you! 😁 Personally I would never try something just to satisfy someone else's curiosity. I only purchase things I am interested in. And there are tons of audio related stuff that I have no interest in because their description sounds too wacky to me, or I don't believe it will benefit the sound of my system, or it is too expensive.
  5. For me, it switches back and forth from Batman to mouth with teeth. When looking at it I can't stop it from switching back and forth. Stare at it and see if this happens to you.
  6. Problem is Blue Jeans Cable may go the way of Monster Cable. IIRC back in the early 1970's the price of original Monster Cable speaker cables was 50 cents a foot, and when they introduced interconnects somewhat later they were $20. Compare that to their prices now.
  7. Maybe, maybe not. Just suggesting to @Ralf11 that there might be another possible explanation other than ODC.
  8. Potential OCD is not always OCD. Friends thought I had OCD because they told me I kept doing things over and over such as double and triple checking my actions. For example "Teresa you already checked three times to make sure you door is locked, come on let's go." I replied "I don't remember doing that." Years later it turns out I have short term memory problems. Just saying it may not be OCD.
  9. Alex, I would have thought you would have agreed with Ralf in this instance. Reread his post, he is suggesting that in the case of a DAC or pre-amp measurements can't tell a consumer which electronic component to buy for best SQ - A over B.
  10. If I believe something is not possible I make no comment at all. I don't know if this action will work for you. Perhaps, just state why you don't believe whatever isn't possible and leave it at that. P.S. Also make sure they are actually making a claim and just not relating listening impressions. They are not the same thing.
  11. Exactly. I can only speak for myself. I read posts here as I like to read all sides of a topic. As you say if one wants to be sheltered from the other side they can join objectivists only or subjectivists only sites. P.S. No one is on my ignore list, I really do like to read all sides.
  12. As with nearly everything else we can purchase, there are a very wide range of prices for electronic items and audiophile speakers. I've noticed the lower priced products have not only been coming down in price but offer higher sound quality as years go by. OTOH the higher priced products are getting even more expensive. So there is plenty to choose from for a poor audiophile like me, as well as rich audiophile oligarchs. As with everything else in life I choose what is within my budget and don't get concerned with what I can afford or don't want to pay that much for. Yes!! I agree. One has to actually know they are lying, otherwise the most we can say is they are unintentionally spreading misinformation. I have seen this is so, at least on the internet. I'm a subjectivist and I am not part of "the big crazy" as I purchase affordable components and speakers based on how they sound in my system, in my room and with my ear/brain system. And I usually don't replace audio components or speakers until they break down and are too expensive to repair. Perhaps there are two or more types of subjectivists? Wait, I'm a peasant and I'm a skeptic of everything I've not heard myself. And I am not envious of other systems, especially ones I could never afford! I don't know of one. I'm not even curious enough to try magic stones. Some people think all subjectivists want to throw their money away, I disagree some of us understand the value of a dollar. I've spent money on AudioQuest products. Some of my favorite blues SACDs in my collection are on the AudioQuest music label, of course they were recorded using AudioQuest cables. Also decades ago I owned a pair of AudioQuest Turquoise interconnects which I purchased for $20, they had a retail price of $25. I sold them (no one had 30-day satisfaction guarantees back then) as I preferred the warmer sound of Monster Cables’s summarily priced interconnects. So you don't believe there are thrifty subjectivists who don't buy such products? Our wallet's are also involved. IMHO it’s the other way around. I, as a subjectivist don’t believe anything I haven’t experienced with their own senses. I have no knowledge base (bible) of preconceived beliefs, like some objectivists have. OTOH perhaps I'm just a music lover as I’m not really into audio equipment per se, I consider it a means to be able to play the music I love in the most enjoyable way I can that is within my budget.
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