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  1. Teresa

    Stream some music, and kill the planet

    How about 2 out of 5? I don't own a car, instead I walk or ride the bus. I don't own a cell phone, instead I use a corded landline phone. P.S. @wgscott's linked article made me feel better about preferring physical SACDs over DSD downloads. I got into DSD downloads for music not released on SACD.
  2. Teresa

    For the One Percenter Stoners

    That looks petty damn high to me. 11.75 million dollars net worth by retirement age! $160,000 yearly income at the young age of 25, I've never met anyone who made that much at any age. Yes, that looks like figures of the 1% to me. I agree with @wgscott .
  3. Teresa

    MQA is Vaporware

    Incorrect, it is happening. Most legal high resolution downloads (24-bit PCM FLAC and DSD) are NOT from audiophile or boutique labels but from the major labels (Warner Bros., Universal and Sony) at HDtracks and Superhirez. Most audiophile labels are only available in hi-res as SACDs as they don't do hi-res downloads.
  4. Teresa

    Blind tests can be unreliable.

    I would like to know what CD it is.
  5. Teresa

    Blind tests can be unreliable.

    Too late. However, I forgive your dip into misogyny. 🙂
  6. Teresa

    Article: Monty Alexander Favorites

    Thanks Joe. 😊 The only one I have heard of your 10 favorites, is a single track from "Ray Brown, Monty Alexander & Russell Malone" called Django from Telarc SACD Sampler No. 3. It is fine I just didn't like it enough to purchase the entire SACD. I use samplers to help in making purchase decisions of audiophile recordings. I have three Monty Alexander SACDs not listed in your post. Monty Alexander - My America Telarc SACD-63552 Monty Alexander - Stir It Up: The Music of Bob Marley Telarc SACD-63469 Monty Alexander; Ernest Ranglin - Rocksteady Telarc SACD-63581 I enjoy all three of them and I was curious if you have heard them. They don't appear to be available as hi-res downloads in either PCM or DSD. Also I would have loved to check out the links to the albums you provided, however when I signed my last lease with my apartment complex they changed the conditions of the free internet they provide, we are no longer allowed to stream music or video and no longer allowed large downloads. So far they have not said anything about the 30 second samples I listen to decide if I want a new disc offered for sale. Later today I will give a listen to 30 second samples of the albums you recommend. Thanks again. 😊
  7. Teresa

    5G - Are We Safe Or Insane?

    Roch, my only phone is a corded landline, the Vtech CD1103. I would never get a cordless or a cell phone. It cost me $6 at Walmart many years ago and I expect it to last 10-15 years. I also prefer to use the gas stove and oven. When I do use the microwave oven I leave the room until it beeps.
  8. Teresa

    5G - Are We Safe Or Insane?

    Get out of my thread troll, you are not contributing but only disrupting. I have no time for people like you, you just waste everyone's time. @Axial you can ask Chris @The Computer Audiophile to remove all these trolling posts from your thread.
  9. Teresa

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    I disagree: Recording engineers on audiophile labels who make their own recordings (ie: audiophile from microphones to finished product) do not compress or otherwise muck up their recordings. I'm an audiophile who mostly purchases authentic uncompressed natural sounding audiophile recordings. I don't care at all for the music or the compressed distorted crap currently being released by the major labels and independent labels who are trying to be the loudest so people with low wattage stereos and/or earbuds can play their music loud, they don't give a crap about people who have decent audio systems and can use their volume controls. I don't understand why some music lovers continue to buy their crap. Especially since the most realistic and exciting music I've ever found are on audiophile labels who make their own recordings, not to be confused with audiophile remaster labels who remaster major label recordings. I not only acknowledge and admit that compressed recordings sound horrible on a decent system, but I refuse to purchase them!!!
  10. Teresa

    CD players are back ?

    Perhaps I was not clear enough, I was discussing audiophile labels who make their own recordings. Such recordings are audiophile from the microphones to the finished product. DCC, like MFSL. etc. are audiophile remaster labels. They remaster major label recordings. Also, Analogue Productions releases remastered material as well, if you want their own recordings make sure it says Analogue Productions Originals or APO.
  11. Teresa

    CD players are back ?

    That is wrong. Audiophile and other naturally made recordings don't require any distortions or lifts. They have full dynamic range as they are not part of the loudness wars. Audiophile and other naturally made recordings just require a natural sounding audio system capable of full frequency response, fast transient response, etc. The only way you will get a natural sounding audio system is by using natural recordings for setup. Recordings made in real performance spaces, with real ambiance, correct instrument and vocal timbres, etc. Using the fake crap from the major labels (especially their pop and rock recordings) will not work, period! What audiophile recordings have you heard? Perhaps they were not audiophile recordings at all, you just believed they were. Audiophile recordings are most definitely not boring, if anything major label recordings are boring as well as distorted due to the loudness wars. Here are some of my favorite audiophile labels: Analogue Productions Originals (recorded live direct to 2-track analog with no editing in Blue Heaven Studios, a church-turned-recording studio) AudioQuest Music (SACDs are back in print reissued by Sledgehammer Blues) Channel Classics Chesky Records (Their philosophy is to create the illusion of live musicians in a real three-dimensional space.) DMP (no editing within a single song or composition as owner Tom Jung believes editing destroys the flow of the music.) Groove Note MA Recordings Opus 3 PentaTone Classics Reference Recordings Sheffield Lab Stockfisch Records ViTaL Records (Vacuum Tube Logic) especially the SACD and DSD versions as rereleased by fonè) Wilson Audiophile Are any of your so-called audiophile recordings on the above labels?
  12. Thanks. Is it safe to sign into my account there? Or should I stay away until they install SSL? I haven't been to eClassical.com for awhile and I never got this warning before from Safari.
  13. Safari gives message "Website not secure" when I try to sign in at eClassical.com . Is there a problem? Has eClassical.com been hacked? Is anyone else getting this warning?
  14. For the poor and lower middle class audiophiles it is both cost and lack of space. I live in a studio apartment and I have neither the space or the funds for multichannel. I have one audio/video/computer system with a total cost for everything including Mac Mini computer, Teac DSD DAC, HDTV, Blu-ray/SACD player, tubed preamp, solid state power amp, 2 floor standing speakers and cables with a total cost of everything of less than $3.5K. Some of my equipment is over 30 years old. Slightly over half of my SACDs have a multichannel program. So if I ever become rich I will rent a larger apartment with a dedicated living room and expand my stereo audio/video system to multichannel and give it a try. I don't see me getting that rich in this lifetime. My only income is Social Security. Not everyone is as rich as you make people out to be. I agree and this is the same for the space in my studio apartment. Not everyone has large rooms to put lots of stuff in. I have never been to anyone's home which has a dedicated room for music. They either have a stereo or multichannel audio/video system in the living room or in their single room if they live in a studio apartment like me. I thought only very rich people had separate rooms for video and audio systems. For the rest of us a single system is used for both audio and video. And many of the few I've been in with multichannel systems have the rear speakers setting on top of the front speakers because they don't want wires running along the walls. If one rents an apartment they cannot put wires in the walls. I suppose one could get wireless speakers for the rear. Oh, well.