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  1. My phone is a corded landline. I have no desire to get a cordless landline or a cell phone.
  2. Sorry, Richard I couldn’t help myself and hit the Disagree button on your post just to well disagree for no reason at all. All I can say is I welcome all opinions whether I agree with them or not and you are correct that is part of the fun. Happy disagreeing! 😊
  3. STC this post should be directed to @Ralf11 it was his system I was posting. I was just disagreeing with @sandyk that @Ralf11's system was mediocre. I have heard his Magneplanar 3.7i's and was very impressed and so if they are mediocre I hate to think what @sandyk would think of my Speakers. I have Infinity Reference Standard Kappa 7's which I purchase at 50% clearance discount for $700 for the pair decades ago. I never could afford the Magneplanar 3.7i's. I know nothing about the NuForce as I have never seen or heard one. In short, try addressing this question to @Ralf11 instead of me.
  4. Or you can do what I do, accept nothing. I don't believe anything I have not heard with my ear / brain system. However, I never tell anyone I don't believe them as I would consider that rude. Just saying. 😊 Or to put that in what I think might be easier to understand language than @John Dyson did: The original LPs from pre-digital times were Dolby A encoded when recorded and then Dolby A decoded when the LPs were pressed which lowered signal-to-noise ratio by 10dB, increasing to a possible 15 dB at 15 kHz. This is what the original artists and engineers approved. Fast forward to the CD era many of these Dolby A encoded analog master tapes were NOT given the required Dolby A decoding, and instead EQ’ed to try to make undecided Dolby A masters sound decent to them. In short Dolby A encoded analog masters require Dolby A decoding, @John Dyson has discovered many Dolby A mastered analog tapes were NOT decoded when making CDs thus it is NOT what the original artists and engineers wanted or approved. IMHO Dolby A encoding with no decoding should never be used for effect as it is an end-to-end noise reduction system. Yes!! Insulting great audio manufacturer's and the engineer's of realistic naturally made recordings is just a few of the insults of @fas42 that I find unacceptable. I doubt @Ralf11 has cloth ears and he most definitely doesn't have mediocre gear. I could never afford his audio system. And I personally love the sonic realism of his chosen speakers. Here is his main audio system Magneplanar 3.7i NuForce Audio Research LS-25 Mk II couple of different DACs Oppo BDP-205 - SACDs & fed from Apple TV3 over WiFi via Airplay from an iMac for ripped CDs Luxman T-11 Tuner
  5. Thanks, I will likely get a Yamaha universal again since all but their cheapest ones have stereo analog outputs, multichannel out is only with HDMI. I have yet to see any tube preamps or tube integrated amps with HDMI inputs. I seem to remember reading that there are a couple of DACs with HDMI inputs. Basically, Yamaha universal players that retail for $300 or more have analog outs. I think eliminating internal DACs is how universal Blu-ray / SACD players got the retail price down as low as $100. The only Universal players that have everything I want (SACD, HDCD and stereo analog outs) are Yamaha, Denon and Oppo. And Oppo quit making universal players. My Yamaha universal is five years old, hopefully it will last at least another five. I play physical discs on it a lot. I mostly use music on my computer to load to my hi-res portable digital player for listening when I'm not home.
  6. I hope they don't become extinct before I die. I will replace my Yamaha SACD / HDCD / CD / Blu-ray universal player when it dies. When my amp needs replacing I will likely get an inexpensive tubed integrated amp.
  7. Because it sounds like complete nonsense to me. Such an extraordinary claim would need ironclad proof. Bob Carver with internal component changes was able to make his amp sound like a highly regarded tubed one. Carver equipment is not cheap, though. And redesigning an amp to sound like another would not satisfy your bizarre claim.
  8. My favorites from my collection:
  9. I don't give such information over the telephone. I mainly confirm doctor appointments and refill prescriptions. And ever once in a while John Curl calls. Unlike my youth, I really hate using the phone, guess that is another reason I'm not interest in a cell phone. BTW when I refill prescriptions all Walmart asks me to confirm is the first four letters of my last name and when they are ready I pick them up in person. When a computer dies I remove the hard drive and memory and hit them with a hammer and put them in a box in the closet and then take the dead computer (minus the hard drive and memory) to Best Buy to recycle. I would hate to do that with even more devices such as a cell phone, yet another reason I don't want a cell phone. The computer is enough to worry about. I'm one of the those who believes that paper and ink are safer, as long as everything with personal information is shredded before throwing away. I pay by check when I can and for the internet I use a non-reloadable prepaid debit card. While I appreciate the large library of information of all types on the internet. I believe that it's creation was a mistake. And not just personal information, there is also disinformation, the manipulation of elections, and cyberwarfare. P.S. I don't like scary security stuff and try to avoid anything that is risky.
  10. However, a corded landline phone has no hard drive, thus no information to steal except for the last number dialed.
  11. Hi-Res does matter to me as for whatever reason I enjoy music more in DSD and Hi-Res PCM over standard resolution (16/44.1). Also I think Mark Waldrep is very brave in offering this test since his business (AIX records) sells only 24/96 DVD-Audios and 24/96 Blu-Rays.
  12. Thanks @Jud for yet another reason to never get a cell phone, I'm glad I stuck with my corded landline phone. 😁
  13. Under "How it works" it reads: "Experience 360 Reality Audio with your smartphone, any headphones, and a subscription to a premium music streaming service." So it will not work for those of us who don't own a cell phone or subscribe to a streaming service. 3D Audio from two speakers would be worth checking out. BTW my phone is a corded landline, I don't believe I will ever purchase a cell phone. The free internet offered by my apartment complex doesn't allow streaming. Why can't it be made to work with a regular audio system and computer?
  14. Thanks @audiobomber I now remember why I first clicked on this thread as @Ralf11 asked about our experience with USB cables. Evidently I got sidetracked. I have tried two, I purchased a $7 ten foot Dynex USB cable at Best Buy for my Teac USB DAC which I purchased to be able to play DSD music files as DSD instead of converting them to PCM. Before that I was using Mac Mini’s internal DAC with Audio Midi setup at 24/96. When I purchased the Dynex USB I believed all USB cables sounded the same, and that was as good as I could expect from my computer music files (wav, dff and dsf.) in my system. A poster asked me if I had tried the Lush cable and I replied that it was not available in the 10 foot length I needed. Peter kindly gifted me a Lush 3 meter USB cable (slightly less than 10 feet) and just barely make it from my desk to my equipment stand. Peter doesn’t sell or recommend such a long USB cable as it is out of spec. I found the Lush to offer sound quality more to my liking. I searched and found the original post in USB audio cracked... finally! Page 93. I was flabbergasted the sound of the Lush was more to my liking.
  15. And still yet another group: those who are subjectively satisfied with their current cables and don't desire to experiment with other cables. Many of my cables are 20 to 30 years old, I see no need to replace any of them as they don't appear to ever wear out. As a rule I don't replace anything until it breaks and is too expensive to repair. Some people claim I'm not an audiophile as I don't lust after what I don't have and what I can't afford. Oh well. I'm not even sure why I'm in this thread, I look at All Activity in the Expanded version. I must have read something in the preview that sparked my interest, I don't remember what.
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