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  1. Wouldn't matter to me, one way or another as I could never afford expensive audio much less super expensive audio. Even if I were a millionaire I would still be thrifty and want a good value for my dollar. I no longer subscribe to The Absolute Sound or Stereophile magazines but when I did I never read reviews of equipment that cost over $1k. I mostly read the letters to the editor, the interviews, the ads and the music reviews. I canceled both because they are more about equipment rather than music. In the early days (1970's - 1980's) The Absolute Sound had a lot of music coverage, including not just reviews but interviews of recording engineers and producers. They even had an entire issue on RCA Living Stereo shaded dogs. The Absolute Sound does still have the Super Disc Lists and more music reviews than Stereophile, but still not enough for me to continue subscribing. There is minimal coverage of the audiophile labels I prefer. I would subscribe to a magazine that covers the audiophile labels I love (there are over 100 of them, with perhaps 10,000 or more audiophile recordings available as SACDs, CDs and high resolution downloads) You can double that if one includes audiophile LPs. I rely on label samplers and the 30 second to 1 minute streaming samples from the sites that sell them. There are way more than I can purchase so it would be nice to read reviews of ones that I have overlooked in the narrowing down process that perhaps I should not have overlooked.
  2. I consider myself an audiophile because I prefer listening to music from audiophile and other naturally made recordings from AudioQuest Music, Chesky, Groove Note, Reference Recordings and other audiophile labels. I also prefer SACD discs and DSD downloads. I consider my audio / video / computer system mid-fi and I greatly enjoy music played through it. The total cost was around $3.5k including computer and HDTV. Is better sound available ? Sure. However, I love what I have and usually keep equipment until it dies. Most of my equipment is 25-30 years old. My Mac Mini and Teac USB DSD DAC are the newest, both are 6 years old. I am a poor audiophile, economically I'm in the lowest part of the lower middle class, just a few bucks above poor. I have to save up to buy equipment one at a time, and a $500 component is a big purchase, which I could only swing once a year and that does cut into the music budget. It upsets me that so many people think only rich people are audiophiles, it just is not true! What you are describing is audiophilia nervosa , which is a risk factor of being an audiophile but most audiophiles do not suffer from it. From Urban Dictionary Audiophilia nervosa describes the anxiety resulting from the never-ending quest to obtain the ultimate performance from one's stereo system by means of employing state-of-the-art components, cables, and the use of certain "tweaks." Although the goal is supposedly to achieve maximum appreciation of the music, those afflicted with this condition are merely obsesed with their electronics.
  3. Personally, I like the name Audiophile Style. Now that music downloads and other audio files can be played on many devices other than computers I think the name change is relevant.
  4. I don't think he needs to, did you notice it says "Product is no longer available". also the page is not searchable at Music Direct. Search result for AudioPrism is "No results found for AudioPrism" and CD Stoplight show "No results found for CD Stoplight". https://www.musicdirect.com/equipment/audioprism-cd-stoplight appears to be a dead page perhaps found in an internet search. At any rate Music Direct no longer sales CD Stoplight.
  5. As a teenager my first home audio system was a Realistic brand 8-Track Stereo Tape Player/Amp with two bookshelf speakers Model 14-913, I bought at Radio Shack $89.95 plus tax.
  6. Sorry to go OT but I am very curious about the name as I opened this tread expecting it having something to do with Anubis from Stargate SG-1 and was curious what Anubis was merging to. So this thread has nothing to do with SG-1, still why did they choose the name of the most hated of all the system lords for their ADC? From ancient Egyptian history: Curious, why is an ADC name after such a god as this?
  7. My favorite album covers from my collection:
  8. Well, they won't be able contact me as I'm not on any social media. Have you heard they have all had security breaches? No social media is secure, no matter the misinformation they try to spread. There are 7.5 billion people on Earth, the smart ones IMHO are the 5 billion who are not on Facebook. You will never find me on social media and you will not find any MQA in my home. If MQA is the only thing offered in the future I will just quit buying music. I love my current music collection of many hundreds of SACDs, DSD downloads and 24-bit PCM downloads that I can live without adding another piece of music to my collection. No one can force anyone to do anything. We can say No!
  9. I plan on keeping my Teac DSD DAC until I die, so I don’t have to worry about MQA infesting my DAC. However, my 5-year old Blu-ray / SACD universal player will eventually break down and need replacement. Since MQA CDs have been released I worry that MQA circuits could be included in future Blu-ray / SACD universal players and possibly make my other formats sound worse by not switching off the MQA filters when playing non-MQA discs. I also hope MQA is not used to make master recordings from the audiophile recording companies I enjoy. I’m no longer allowed to stream music or video using the free internet service my apartment complex provides according to the terms of my new lease, so I have not heard MQA myself. I recently converted my computer music from uncompressed WAV files to uncompressed FLAC files because of its superior metadata. Uncompressed FLAC files are actually slightly larger than WAV because the cover art and metadata is stored in the music file. MQA may be a smaller, however I fail to understand how a compressed combination lossless/lossy file can sound better than uncompressed FLAC or WAV. I'm one of those nuts who thinks uncompressed FLAC sounds better than lossless compressed FLAC and MQA just to me seems a sonic step down from that.
  10. @the_doc735 I feel your pain. 🤔 Perhaps, if you put a statement in your signature such as I have, see below, posters might be more understanding. I have dementia with almost no short-term memory. I save all my posts in a text file I call Forums. I have several such files, the one I am using now I titled "Forums 2018-" when it gets too large I will put an ending year and start another. This is very handy for me as I can search the files and discover what I said or replied to and what the poster I replied to said. Otherwise I wouldn't have a clue. My life has changed greatly since getting dementia but I'm not ready to roll over and die. Sorry to here you were a victim of a bicycle collision with a motor vehicle at the age of 16. My dementia was cased by over a dozen head injuries, many requiring stitches. I've been hit by a car as a pedestrian. I've been in an automobile accident as a passenger. Most of the other accidents were due to falling down and busting open my head, I'm a klutz, no matter how careful I try to be. I'm doing better, for one thing I no longer run anywhere. Anyway it started with brain nerve damage and later progressed to dementia. Anyway, just put a note in your signature and people may understand and treat you better, otherwise how would they know.
  11. Sometimes the need for a line conditioner is very obvious. I live in an apartment complex and was picking up low-level music from what sounded like an FM station on all of my preamp inputs. I don't own an FM tuner. It was mostly heard in-between songs. I tried everything to get rid of it, including unplugging my TV antenna, but nothing worked. When at a pawn shop looking for Blu-ray discs, I seen a Monster HDP 1800 High Definition PowerCenter™ for only $60 and bought it. When I got home I plugged it in and the low-level music from that FM station was gone completely on every input even with nothing playing and the volume turned to max. That FM station interference has never returned in the years since. This has confirmed for me line conditioners work on even the worst interference, plus my equipment is protected from under and over surges. I'm sure it cleaned up any other interference on my line as well.
  12. What about audiophiles who return stuff because they don't hear a difference or because it makes their music sound worse? Do they lose their audiophile credentials? BTW if I don't hear a difference, someone else might hear a difference that improves their sound, who am I to judge them? IMHO everyone hears differently, have different listening rooms, different ears and different brains. And that is why I never call anyone silly or tell anyone what they cannot hear. I'm sure Ed Meitner is correct that external clocks are idiotic and a money grab, he's a famous audio designer and that carries weight. Statements by audiophile don't IMHO. P.S. There are modifiers that will upgrade a clock internally.
  13. I'm a subjectivist and I likely have spent less on Computer Audio than most objectivists. Just because something might make a small improvement to my music listening enjoyment I don't rush out and buy it. I mentally do a benefit / cost analysis and usually decide I'm not interested. Others can push the state-of-the-art, I'll wait until said technology trickles down to what I consider affordable. I have a Mac Mini, and a Teac UD-501 DAC. I bought the DAC to play DSD music files, it was one of the least expensive at the time. I use Teac's free HR audio player to play to play DSD and PCM music files. Before DSD music files became available I used the Mac Mini's built-in DAC which sounded good enough for me. I consider myself frugal and a bargain hunter. However, I have been called a cheapskate. I just wanted to say not all subjectivists are big spenders.
  14. @daverich4 here is an except from Page 7 of Super Audio Compact Disc: A Technical Proposal
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