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  1. That chassis connector can be either 120V or 240V. What does the cord plug look like?
  2. Do you have a friend that can change a fuse? If so, have them put both fuses in a hat, then pick one without looking at the label and install it. Then see if you can hear a difference without looking in the hat.
  3. Stick with Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cables from the major bulk cable manufactures like Mogami. Belden and Canare. Chose connectors from Neutrik or Switchcraft.
  4. President Gerald Ford did the same airplane step's fall in 1975.
  5. No the path back to the power company transformer via ground rods in Planet Earth is many many Ohms. While the path thru the Neutral wire is a very small fraction of one Ohm. Old municipal all metal water pipe systems were a different ball game.
  6. Exactly! Power line noise wants to get back to its source not to Planet Earth. And its source is that big power company transformer down the street.
  7. What does that mean? I couldn't find that on the mfg's web page. Seems like a description of a long transmission line (which doesn't apply here).
  8. 'CFL' lamps are 'OBE' (Overtaken By Events) now. There is no reason to buy a 'CFL' replacement lamp, with LED lamps so readily available. Burnt out 'CFL' lamps can be a big noise source. People have though the the lamp was switched-off when it was burnt-out. They can be arcing.
  9. Static electricity is one of the first things covered in Electricity 101. For us, the only time it's a concern is when plugging in sensitive circuits or computer cards.
  10. How were you able to find the Leakage Resistance >350M Ohm? That value has not been available on the long threads. the 52 Ohms is of course the Radio Frequency Characteristic Impedance measured at 1 MHz
  11. As above, gasket all edges. limp weight is most important. a layer of thick sheet rock/plaster board on each side, won't cost much
  12. Note that the Robert E. Greene editorial is 1600 words long and that the Robert Harley reply is 1000 words. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/measurements-listening-and-what-matters-in-audio/ It seems that Mr. Harley took off on a tangent (rant) and his reply has little to do with the editorial.
  13. In the schematic. Junction Box >> Customer Unit >> Earth Rod is incorrect and dangerous. * * * * * * * * * No the USA does not use the 'TT' system, but the connection differences to Planet Earth are external to the home's AC mains wiring.
  14. Note to other readers, @ASRMichael has dangerous misunderstandings about how electricity works. * * * * * * * * * a] do not remove or modify any Protective Earth/Safety Ground connections from your components. b] do not replace any Protective Earth/Safety Ground conductor withe a wire that is not part of the circuit's AC mains cable. c] do not run a wire from your components to an external Planet Earth grounding system. d] do not add an external Planet Earth grounding system that is not part of the existing system.
  15. Much of the above Dr. Archambeaurt Power Point is very serious engineering so just skip to slides 30 thru 37.
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