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Article: Reality Quest: Power and Digital Audio with the Sean Jacobs DC4 and Sound Application PGI TT-7 (Part 2 of 2)

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That's a question for @Fourlegs I think.  He's done great work experimenting with quality rails to Qutest.  Nick did you experiment with TT2 as well?


I have not (yet) cracked a Hugo2 or TT2 to bypass the batteries/supercaps and power the DAC directly from an external supply.  I think you would get the maximum benefit with those extra batteries and caps out of the path (batteries and caps can have a great impact before the supply voltage regulator, but I prefer them out of the path after the voltage regulator)



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Hello all. Fascinating conversation on this.


Read the comparison with the PS Audio P20 with interest.


1) Has anyone (including the author) compared the Sound Application PGI TT-7 with the AudioQuest Niagra 5000 or 7000? Industry friends familiar with the PSA and AQ hear a quieter background on the AQ (which makes sense given that the AQ much like the Sound Application models are just filtering out nasties).


2) Has the author, or anyone else, compared the sound of the MS > DC4 DAVE to the dCS Bartok or Rossini (with or without clock), or Mola Mola Tambaqui? Or even a Holo Audio May KTE with HPQ or PGGB upsampling? I never liked the DAVE on its own, warmed to it a bit with the MS, but I never thought it got to the levels of dynamics and timbral realism of the Tambaqui. I will not get to hear the DC4 DAVE until my friend receives his DC4 upgrade this fall (Innuos Statement > MS > DAVE > active tri-amped Naim 500 system > Kudos Titan 808).

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On 1/22/2021 at 2:21 AM, happybob said:

Nenon, if you could elaborate a bit on the difference between the TT-7 and the PS Audio power regenerator, that'd be much appreciated. I've got a PS Audio P10 and it's pretty good but I feel I'm missing some dynamics and perhaps more (I do have dedicated AC runs to the box for my home).


The problem with sine wave regenerators is that they can easily push system dynamics over the top.


I find they make DACs too digital and bright sounding.


They work well with streamers (without a DAC), and surprisingly well with my integrated amp. My favorite spot for power regeneration is my amp.

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