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  1. JCAT USB XE and Sablon panatela reserva usb 2020 both arrive in one day... I'm very lucky. I'm still awaiting linear power supply, so the sound is thin in the lower registers running off my ATX power supply (I presume this is the cause based on past experience), however immediately apparent is the absolute clarity of this combination... vocals are off the scale in terms of realism. Burn in.... boring!
  2. You'd be much better off with these: http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/BOOKSHELF-3WC.htm Actually designed for the boundary effect and against the wall.
  3. Hi Marcin - thanks for posting. Mines due Friday :-) Do you have a diagram for powering the card via LP4 molex? Just that typical LP4 molex diagrams show 5v+ and GND, Rather than 5V+ and 5V- as per usual DC connection. Also, PCI bus, vs DC Barrel Jack vs molex - how is the card configured to select the relevant power source. Does it have a jumper on it? Thanks
  4. Just to let you know that I also had exactly the same sound quality change moving from a NUC.
  5. There was talk of a future firmware update to allow it to work as a Roon Endpoint - contact the manufacturer.
  6. I've not tested the Jensen transformers to convert to SE, but yesterday I tested the following batch of interconnects with DAC 8 DSD: 1. XLR-XLR, Switchcraft plugs with NeoTech nemoi-5220 2. Pseudo balanced, switchcraft XLR/RCA plugs , Van Damme tour grade microphone cable xke 3. RCA-RCA Oyaide TUNAMI TERZO RR These are all pretty decent interconnects, all OCC, some silver plated conductors, some using teflon. Anyhow, not a completely robust comparison because each cable type is different, but the cable capacitance and resistances are
  7. Gavin1977

    HQ Player

    Interesting... because I've been running Gentoo Player and HQPlayer Embedded in RAM (16GB Apacer) all this time and worked great. So is it suggested that I shouldn't be doing this?
  8. I agree with Barrows comments and I also don't use any adaptors. After a day long of reading I found this amazing article, best I've read, and completely answers all of my questions and convinced me to go full balanced. https://audioxpress.com/article/a-transformer-coupled-balanced-output-for-solid-state-preamps Pseudo balanced is good, but only for short runs as you loose circa 6dB and you need to impedance match. So rather than bothering with this I've ordered the Oyaide TUNAMI TERZO RR as a temporary measure whilst I wait for a pair of Jensen JT-11P-1 Premium Line
  9. Thanks for this. Trouble with the LL1584-3FXPHM is that it converts XLR to unbalanced straight out of the DAC, therefore all benefits of XLR output are lost. Further down the line I might fit either Lundahls internally to my amp, or purchase a powered input buffer (Neurochrome, Signal Transfer company or Eltim Audio using the THAT drivers)... or when I build my next amplifier I'll just design it around a balanced system... probably my preference.
  10. So, XLR is best on DAC8 DSD... my amplifier is single ended so is it worth running a pseudo balanced cable or just stick with RCA? Thinking about going for these: https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/mcru-pure-silver-semi-balanced-interconnect/, if I stick with RCA then Oyaide TUNAMI TERZO RR seems very good for the price. For my next amplifier I might go for a proper balanced design, so this is just a stopgap.
  11. Does sinc-l also need 16 GB main ram as well?
  12. Looking forward to seeing what can be done with the Nvidia 3000 series, huge increase in cuda cores. Even the 'basic' $500 GTX3070 has almost double the amount of cuda cores, so I'm hoping that sinc-L, with EC filters will be possible without the need for the $$$ GTX3090
  13. Gavin1977

    HQ Player

    Great feedback - I have T+A DAC8 DSD, so making me consider switching to Denafrips to do up sampling in PCM due to lower CPU requirements. Good to know it’s close. Further comparison would be great! I don’t know what CPU clock rates would be required for Sinc-L, DSD512 and EC modulator. I would consider water cooling if it was achievable as I’m keen to avoid GPU.
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