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  1. Can you detail the use of the Microtik CRS305, perhaps some photos of your chain?
  2. Those mundorfs are great, but what about ultra caps? I would have thought they’d be preferable when trying to achieve ultra low impedance. Also smaller and cheaper.
  3. Onload is apparently worthwhile, I haven’t tried to though - happy with 8522 as stock in Windows. You can load onload in audiolinux and Gentoo player.
  4. Fully support this - also of note, yes there is a slight difference using ‘audiophile’ toslink cables, but it’s only a small difference - the cheap plastic toslink cable included with the qutest is fine. The main improvement occurs by moving away from USB to toslink/bnc.
  5. R2R DACs sound quite different - After comparing I’ve decided I prefer the Chord sound (incisive and better imaging than R2R IMO). The only way is for you to listen for yourself. I would stick with Chord and go for the SRC first personally.
  6. JCAT USB Xe works with HQPlayer Windows (Aiso drivers) and embedded to 1.568MHz just fine so long as you have the right firmware on the May. Software based PCM volume control in HQPlayer didn’t work correctly though with the May for me though, whereas DSD volume control was fine. I never got to the bottom of that issue.
  7. Definitely works - I tried it with Holo Audio May.
  8. Same here - no issues with 1.536mHz and JCAT USB Xe
  9. Hi David - no worries, I like the shared knowledge! 24 bit / 32 bit - good point. I was trying to pass 32fs 1411 and it didn’t work with Opto-USB in place. Remove it and go JCAT USB Xe direct and it works fine. I haven’t tried 16/24/32 rates so don’t know if it’s this or optical issue which creates the problem for Opto-USB, however it can’t pass 32fs 1411.
  10. Some further feedback from me - Opto-USB seems to be limited to 768kHz. I was unable to pass 1411kHz through it. Just so people know.
  11. DC•BLOCK, gosh it never ends - but might be good if you can use this to directly connect the SRC-DX to Chord DAC rather than using a pair of cables? I also like the idea of ultra short spdif links. SRC-DX definitely does something special - I have used x-spdif 2 before this which gave nice boost, but SRC-DX is superior. You are right that you can get the qutest to (almost) scale upto SQ of a TT2 - will be interesting how far TT2 scales above this.
  12. I would definitely be up for this, lots of positives on the Fractal DAC for me, but as I wrote up in my system is seemed rolled off in the bass and very neutral / top end focused - so wasn't quite there. I have had a number of very high end DACs in for comparison recently.
  13. Always nice to have findings confirmed by other sources - I don’t have a Phoenix at the moment, but would like to get one back in my chain again at some point.
  14. I cannot select AISO from the system tray in windows, only by using a dedicated music player (e.g. HQPlayer) can I specifically select the AISO drivers. The sound control settings in Windows only allow 24/368kHz max to be used, because Windows only sees the WASAPI driver. I reinstalled the drivers, and same situation prevails. Any tips on positioning speakers? The May definitely has a different sweet spot compared my Chord DACs. With Chord DAC's I like listening in a small triangle, relatively nearfield to my open baffle LX521 speakers - this gives me the best soundstage depth.
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