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  1. Scrap that, I'm going to stick with a new toslink. Apparently the issue with the monoprice slimrun is it would only play a handful of tracks with the JCAT USB XE card before stalling / appearing dead.
  2. There is also a further option - Monoprice slim run to USB. So you can have the higher data rates of USB, but with optical isolation. @ray-dude does the same here on these forums. I do not know which option is better for Chord DACs without purchasing both a slim run and a high quality optical cable. Seems that the Atlas Mavros Optical is the best one for me, as can be purchased at a reasonable £167 in the UK and compares well with the AQ Diamond Optical by all accounts.
  3. Same here... I haven’t used optical for a long time (influenced by high res >192 I guess).
  4. There is definitely merit to spdif investigations. I did a further test this morning and the soundstage is better constructed using spdif, with a noticeable increase in soundstage height compared to USB (and my USB set up is pretty darn good). This is through speakers of course. I will also try spdif with the warm filter as well, as it might keep the soundstage and bring the signature closer to USB compared to the neutral filter. Optical cables: Audioquest diamond, Sysconcept 24/192 and lifatec... any further thoughts on these and suggestions? Can any of these incr
  5. Thanks - I can hear the difference. But the change is not as significant as with a 'DSD direct' DAC IMO.
  6. Just finished a session with HQPlayer and the Qutest... my favourite so far with the qutest was poly-sync-xtr-mp, TPDF dither, 44.1 upsample to 705.6 kbps. This combination added some additional transparency/veil lifting, but to be honest it is not 'night and day' compared to using regular pcm (no upsampling). This does reinforce my earlier belief that you need a 'DSD Direct', Multi-bit, or R2R DAC to get the most out of HQPlayer. With these types of a DAC's I have heard quite remarkable shifts in playback quality. Chord products, and probably delta-sigma based chips (like Sabr
  7. Running 3v output on the qutest definitely improves things compared to 1v or 2v... just opens up the sound. I also added a buffalo bs-gs2016 in yesterday, which has added solidity to the sound... I’m not running optical yet, just a cheap CAT5 patch cable.
  8. I love Sinc-m via dsd to the T+A and it is what I use every day. Closed form is supposedly a close match to the m-scaler. This would be my second choice - it has a good soundstage. Some pcm DACs respond well to FIR upsampling. I have only ever used PCM to chord DAC’s, never tried sending them DSD to be honest because reviews say don’t bother. If I use a chord DAC then I upsample to the highest possible rate, I’ve not really tried intermediate rates from HQPLAYER. I compare either red book direct or upsample to the maximum rate.
  9. Owning a T+A DAC8 DSD I can say with confidence that HQPlayer works best with the ‘DSD direct’ approach. Definitely recommend in this application (or R2R/multi-bit). Chord DACs aren’t as transparent to HQPLAYER upsampling IMO. I have owned Hugo, Mojo, Hugo TT, Hugo 2 and tried the DAVE so I don’t think it will be any different with the qutest. However, HQPLAYER embedded is a great uPNP endpoint. Works well for me so that’s why I’m also using it with the qutest. Presently no upsampling used within my test, but I will try again.
  10. I'll try these suggestions and report back... SPDIF is first on the list.
  11. I tried a DAVE, technically perfect, but I didn't like it as the soundstage was way too set back for my liking. I now have the qutest. Works better for me in the fact that everything is somewhat more upfront and vocals have presence (slightly more forward?). I do find it a more darker sounding DAC than the DAVE though, the highs are also somewhat recessed, and this decreases it's realism IMO. I use the incisive neutral filter and Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR v2 and Sablon 2020 USB. I previously found the tonal balance of the Yggy about perfect, but the noise floor of that DAC was not good
  12. Gavin1977

    HQ Player

    Yeah, I’ve always had to reboot.
  13. Gavin1977

    HQ Player

    Is it a bug with HQPlayer embedded that every time you change the DAC/settings on the configuration page that a reboot is required? I find that unless I physically reboot the server that HQPlayer as a upnp renderer disappears until after the reboot has completed.
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