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  1. I use Mconnect. I have not been able to get Rigelian to work because it does not support UPnP on my server in the Antipodes (or at least that is what the Rigelian developer had told me).
  2. I have found that on a mac the easiest and quickest way to update PGGB to a later version is to rename the existing 'remastero' folder in Applications (I merely add the revision number of the existing version to 'remastero' so I can keep track of past versions). Leave the Matlab folder untouched. Then launch the new version installer. The installation of the new version happens too fast for me to time it. Job done.
  3. I will try today! if my ears tell me right, I am in any case hearing better sound quality with my MPD playback instead of what you use so even if there is a slight trade off with wavpack it might be less noticeable. just kiddin’ 🤪
  4. I found that my computer had problems doing the track/file split for long tracks when they were loose single tracks. With an album here were no issues. @Zaphod Beeblebrox In fact I have just tried to process a 17 1/2 min track that normally processes just fine when in an album but when it was loose by itself it just left a single wav file in the OUT box and that had a track length of about 12 mins. The batch analysis shows the whole 17 1/2 mins was processed. I can continue by PM.
  5. Music Player Daemon. It is a Player capable of playing files from a DLNA server. They come pre installed on my Antipodes K50 Server and Player and that is why I tried them.
  6. Ah, yes I forgot to tell you about that. My kids (30 and 40 years old) ran into the room to complain. It appears to be at 11,025Hz. I have got Antipodes technical guys looking at what causes it. The answer of course is to play the whole track or album which is what I do until there is a work around but the MPD is much the better sound quality.
  7. That mirrors what I have found with my Antipodes K50 over the weekend. I wasn't using Roon/HQP, just HQP + HQPD to play the PGGB files but I preferred MPD. It was as if a slight veil had been lifted from the sound and in particular I was able to hear much more detail in the texture of the bass notes. As ever it is a YMMV thing but it is worth experimenting.
  8. 😄 I’m riding them today. Hence the Fourlegs!
  9. Pedant. My Mac is not an M1 platform Apple so for my Intel Mac it is native.
  10. Thanks for releasing this Mac version. I was using PGGB Windows version with Parallels on my iMac and all I can say is that this just released Mac native version of PGGB absolutely flies (perhaps 1/3 less processing time for an album!)
  11. @ray-dude and @austinpop independently contacted me towards the end of last year in a state of excitement about a project they were involved in. Knowing their interests in pushing the boundaries of digital sound quality I was pretty sure whatever they were up to it would be interesting. I joined the PGGB beta boys early in January and having paid my licence fee I quickly became the guy in the corner who asks lots of dumb questions. Most related to my total lack of knowledge of Windows having spent the whole of my professional life using Macs starting with the Macintosh II in 1988.
  12. I use a three pin GX16 connector for the +/-15V and 0V and a GX16 two pin for the +5V 0V. I found that shielded dc cables with the shield earthed gave the best sound so I use the earthed shield to earth the Dave. The reason I use shielded dc cables is that otherwise you are just connecting a lovely RF aerial (you might call it a dc cable but what I see is an aerial) straight into the sensitive circuits of the Dave. In my experience the shield is nowhere near as effective if it isn’t earthed.
  13. @Datka thanks for posting your photos and diagram. Just one point for others on your labels of the various voltages on the Dave, the Ground in your diagram is not Ground but rather is 0V and if my memory serves me from when I did my Dave it is a floating voltage and is not tagged to Ground. I have earthed the chassis of my Dave to Ground but I left the 0V rail floating.
  14. I think possibly you are confusing me with someone else and their reply?
  15. See Nuno's post in link below which clarifies why he thinks the inclusion of LEDs can be noisy.
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