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  1. The difference with the MScaler compared to pc software solutions is the Rob Watts algorithm which is able to 'look into the future' by delaying the whole musical stream and so can decide what Mscaling is required before any particular point in time in the music. This is with the ultimate aim of reconstructing the original analogue signal as accurately as possible rather than just dealing with a simplistic upscaling or conversion of the digital signal. This requires a huge amount of real time processing. Also, the Rob Watts designed Chord DACs linked to the MScaler are an integral part of the reconstruction of the music so merely feeding an Mscaler output into a different DAC would not achieve the same result, even if the connections were compatible.
  2. @austinpop Wow, that must have taken some huge effort to do all the comparing and then to compile it into a well thought through and coherent write up. Especially as you included so many side issues and factors in your review. Well done! The TT2 and MScaler combination is indeed stunning but the Dave combined with the MScaler takes the Mscaler to a completely different level of transparency and accuracy. But for anyone interested, do not try the Dave if you have no intention of buying it because once you have eaten the fruit it is difficult to go back to anything else. Thanks for your comments about the WAVE Storm Reference cables which I make. You and others might like to know that the family has expanded to the STREAM and STONE ranges which are considerably more affordable but still exhibit the same RF noise filtering characteristics of the Storm cables.
  3. Well the upgrade chip arrived yesterday. An easy plug in and watch it update process. The latest is 1.38 which I'm told just incorporates a fix. It's nice to get such good support from the factory.
  4. Hi, I am quite new to the Bricasti M1 having bought an ex demo LE version at the end of 2016. I am still playing with the filters but I am just curious about what is the latest software version. I contacted the factory by email with the same question and rather than just tell me they are shipping out an update. They may therefore be men of few words in emails but it is however first class support. Mine is 1.35 at the moment.
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