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  1. In a not direct answer to your question, i am using my Qutest powered by a Sean Jacobs DC4 power supply and so it has become a £5,200 DAC. I’m not sure this will be a permanent pairing because the DC4 really belongs to another piece of equipment but it has got me thinking and perhaps that combination can indeed stand up to other similar priced DACs. The Qutest with the DC4 is very very good indeed and to my ears sounds a bit like a mini Dave. Then I added an SRC-DX with the Qutest. I am just powering it through the usb 5v but in any case the usb is coming from an Innuos Zenith so its
  2. I don’t think the May does support dual BNC X mode. Happy to be put right though if I am wrong.
  3. Are any PGGB users out there using an Innuos streamer? Or if you have an Innuos streamer are you thinking of trying PGGB? Well the Innuos 2.0.4 app can play up to PGGB 768 kHz files but the 2.0.5 update will temporarily lose this feature (see the explanation from Innuos below). Innuos need to do some work before reintroducing the ability to play up to 768 kHz files and they are prioritising the requests for features and debugging depending on how many people contact them about each bug or feature. Can I issue a plea therefore to Innuos owners to email Innuos at the emai
  4. Having just sold my Sean Jacobs DC3 I can say they do come up second hand every now and then (just not very often!). I see you have the Farad Super3 and I also very much like but am just about to put my 15V Farad Super3 on the Bay (suitable for Mscaler or TT2 etc) because I robbed a bank and have a DC4 to replace it. (Only joking about the bank bit if the fuzz read this forum! 🤪)
  5. The need for 1.4.9 was explained by Innuos like this, "We will need to provide a further update 1.4.9 for your music server to address an issue transitioning from 1.x to 2.0 identified during beta testing. This is planned to be released on the 3rd June;" My money is therefore on your SQ upgrade from 1.4.8 to 1.4.9 being imagination. 😀
  6. @klaus I thought that 1.4.9 was merely a functional update to enable the actual 2.0 installation when it was available but I may be wrong.
  7. See my post and screenshot of 2.0 a couple of posts above showing the Roon with Experimental Mode option in 2.0. But of course by going this route you miss out on the whole point of 2.0.
  8. Hmmn, I don't know then because I have just swopped back to Roon and it was OK to set up in experimental mode as per before. Screenshots of 2.0 attached and then I went to the Roon app and it was fine to set up.
  9. Do you mean you are setting it in Innuos 2.0 on the settings page as per screen shot below but the problem is in Roon?
  10. Yes, the Sense app is available in the UK (elsewhere?) but a Zen Mk3 is showing 1.4.9 as being up to date (ie 2.0 not available) as of 5 minutes ago.
  11. @ehoz I am sorry and must eat humble pie for my responses to this post of yours. I completely missed that it was directed at @Blackmorec and was not directed at me. Just on Blackmorec's quote of Nuno below I do not think that this was intended to suggest that 2.0 sounds better than 1.4.9 but rather to explain how Innuos have been able to create a user interface which does not bring with it the normal sound quality degrading that can happen with that sort of UI. “These have lead to further improvements from the kernel level (Innuos compiles their own Linux kernel for innuOS) al
  12. Gavin, @ray-dude tagged me so here I am!! You and I are in direct contact already on other matters but just on what you asked about a DC4 TT2, no I have not tried that but by a strange coincidence I had a random notion to connect a DC4 to my Qutest on Sunday when a friend came round to listen to the new Innuos 2.0 app playing some PGGB files. Anyway as a finale to that session I connected a 5V DC4 to the Qutest (it had been powered by a Farad Super3). Well, it took about 3 seconds before he turned to me with a HUGE grin on his face and just shaking his head in disbelief.
  13. Can you tell me how you are playing 705/768 PGGB files on the Zen? I don’t know of any way to do this with its current software. However when Innuos 2.0 is released for the Zen that will play 705/768 PGGB files (and sounds very good).
  14. No problems. And I was really just trying to say that the excellent user interface of 2.0 does not of necessity come at the expense of sound quality. I think I hear a difference between 1.4.9 and 2.0 but it is not of the order where I would categorise one as worse or better than the other. This is a link to Nuno’s and Amelia’s interview and where Nuno gives a good run through of 2.0 from about 48minutes onwards. https://www.facebook.com/innuos/videos/320659056396985/
  15. You misread and misrepresent what I posted. I did not mention any sound improvement from 1.4.9 to 2.0. Likewise I did not say I found it any worse. I withheld giving an opinion on that. What I wished to convey is that if anyone is using 1.4.9 with iPeng then I do not think they will be disappointed with the sound quality of 2.0. I have listened to both side by side for several weeks and I was merely trying to give the benefit of what I heard. Perhaps you are letting any preconceived notions you might have get in the way of reading what I actually wrote. I’m sorry but I do n
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