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  1. I find it better to use the CURIOUS USB cable as an adapter than the one comes from uptone audio.
  2. I really enjoyed reading your experiences and there are also lessons that can be applied in one way or another. I am trying to develop my sound system within my capabilities. Recently I have changed all my network cables and they have already optimized Tidal and Qobuz streaming with dsbl-cat7. Also, I always found and often the use of an additional router next to the modem of the service provider is positive, not only with sound, even for people who are interested in playing online. I have to try your way to isolate the wireless using fiber, or I think I have to wait until your
  3. View Classified JCAT USB Card FEMTO × 1 Selling my jcat because I have XE. price 420 with shipping by aramex & paypal fee . Seller NanoSword Date 10/05/20 Price 420.00 USD Category Music Servers / Streamers  
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    Selling my jcat because I have XE. price 420 with shipping by aramex & paypal fee .

    420.00 USD

  5. This card gave me a black background with big big step in resolution where gave me beautiful clarity of everything with details. It is actually an upgrade from the previous version The depth and distant sounds finally became very satisfyingly visible The vocal of the singer and the performers in particular, it became interesting to listen to them previously they were not so attended I even get more bass and sub bass. astounding performance from this card .
  6. Newbie here , How someone can use HQ+NAA in same machine ? Is HQ have some additional feature when he detect dual CPU or you should use some sort of virtual machine to install another HQ?
  7. I find playing with isolation/CPU freq very useful after I increase every thing I find my euphony environment become faster and sound stage is wide with depth adding more dynamics and details. I am not sure if I need to limit this but after some time I can't accept the harshness so I reduce cpu freq . I didn't have custom power supply yet. I think default and gstp Somehow is affecting the soundstage with depth and stylus affecting the dynamics and speed .
  8. NanoSword

    HQ Player

    I am getting drop with DSD 256 / ASDM7EC every 20 seconds cpu amd 3950x using euphony .
  9. I think you will find more core better sound I am excited and looking forward to your experiment. . I learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing us.
  10. I am wondering if someone can be use two or three PSU 19v with two Hdplex 800 or 400 converter one to power cpu using group 1&2 and other converter just for motherboard .🤫
  11. I don't have SR4 but I read audiobacon review that SR4 take advantage from power cable. I did try SR4 but with wireworld and I don't like the sound with this cable I prefer my lps1.2 using Ghent Neotech DC at that time I don't try my other power cable that I like with SR4 .
  12. do we still need bridg from server after having two switch for better sq ?
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