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  1. @Zaphod Beeblebrox my wifes 2014 intel iMac has 64GB of RAM and runs Big Sur (she gets my ‘cast off hand me down’ computers!). Happy to see if that maxes out on the number of taps it will process if it will help. If so let me know.
  2. I used to do two sets of pggb files 32bit and 24bit when i was deciding how to feed the Dave but now all my pggb processing is in 24bit to go though the SRC-DX. I am the guy who makes WAVE Storm bnc cables so obviously i use those because i think they are best 🤣. (The bnc cables used with the SRC-DX do make a difference so it is worth trying a few different ones). One big sound quality improvement for me was stopping using Roon. For the PGGB files I use MPD with my Antipodes or the Innuos 2.0 beta app with my Innuos. Both sound great. Answering your final questi
  3. I also retain the mscaler (with a dedicated DC4) in my system for streaming but i much prefer 32bit PGGB files to go direct to DC4 Dave by usb rather than to take them through the mscaler. I do not find ‘pass through’ on the mscaler to be transparent. It is only when using the SRC-DX that i then prefer 24bit PGGB files going to the DC4 Dave via dual bnc.
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing contributions regarding the Holo May with PGGB. I wonder though, why are you using 20bit with 16FS? Is this a Holo May input requirement? With the Dave I either use 32bit, 16FS on USB or now (and preferred) I use 24bit, 16FS for dual BNC input to the Dave using the SRC-SX usb to dual bnc convertor.
  5. Can you tell me which versions of LMS and Squeezelite you are using? The K50 has 7.9.3 LMS and 1.8.7 Squeezelite player and refuses to play any 16fs files whatever their configuration. I have even tried Roon + squeezelite on the k50 and that refuses to play.
  6. Thanks for experimenting. Perhaps we Antipodes owners need to jointly put pressure on Antipodes (in a nice way) to put other players on their streamers that will support 705/768kHz files. Innuos use Squeezelite on their streamers and they have found a way to get their 2.0 app with Squeezelite to be able to play 705/768kHz files. I will be asking Antipodes if they can do the same but please can others ask the same question! The squeaky wheel is the one they gets oiled!
  7. 👍 and although off topic for this thread, will be plenty of space in the car so i will be bringing my DC4 Dave to keep me company whilst on the drive down to you and it would be a shame not to plug it in when i get there. 😄
  8. Pulling the Ethernet cable effectively proves that mconnect is not in the signal path. I guess that terminating mconnect by doing the double swipe must send a stop signal to MPD. As ever the user is the only person who can decide on what sound quality is acceptable. For me MPD is so far ahead of Roon + HQP + NAA on the Antipodes that i am willing to ditch Roon. As an aside for Innuos users thinking of trying PGGB i can tell them that the impending Innuos 2.0 app can play PGGB 705 / 768 32bit files and has a user interface which is a very good replacement for Roon. I am
  9. Mconnect is not in the signal path. You can pull the Ethernet cable from the rear of the streamer and the file/album keeps playing.
  10. i use and prefer MPD on my Antipodes K50 playing via usb to an SRC-DX to Dave via dual bnc. I can use this for discovery as well because MPD controlled by MConnectHD on an iPad integrates Qobuz and Tidal.
  11. @Zaphod Beeblebrox Rob Watts has today posted some comments on Head-Fi regarding PGGB and it would be useful to hear what you think is important and if you have any thoughts on the points he raises? https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hugo-tt-2-by-chord-electronics-the-official-thread.879425/page-942#post-16390263
  12. I am looking forward to reading your conclusions. I have had the MU1 on my watch list for a while and not least because it seems able to make Roon sound good (i have it in the cupboard at the moment unused despite a lifetime subscription). Of course you are going to compare it to two other very fine devices indeed which will make it all the more interesting. I wonder, is your three rail power supply feeding dc to your Dave 😜 ? That has been just about the biggest improvement in my system in recent years. Don't be put off my the MU1 not having wifi. I would certa
  13. Hi Pedro, you are right that currently the Innuos streamers do not support the 705 / 768 kHz files produced by PGGB but I am currently beta testing a version of the Innuos 2.0 app which does support the PGGB files and plays them perfectly. The 2.0 app was due for public release in May so I am guessing / hoping that it will be soon (ps you will love it). Innuos have posted here regarding the intend roll out of the 2.0 app.
  14. Hi Chrille, well the consensus seems to be that by avoiding the USB input into the Chord Dacs you avoid the Amanero usb controller. It is also said that when Dave is fed via its dual bnc inputs it powers down the USB circuit thereby lowering noise but I have not verified this. Using the SRC-DX usb to dual bnc converter one should set PGGB to convert to 24 bit because the bnc inputs only support up to 24 bit. You might not think that 32bit PGGB files via USB can be improved upon but I am pretty sure as soon as you hear it you will be convinced that 24 bit PGGB via the SR
  15. A double 👍 👍 for all that Ray said there which coincides with my experiences. If anyone in the UK isn't sure about going the SRC-DX route I have a spare one that I can post out to be borrowed for a few days.
  16. Dave's BNC inputs only support up to 24 bit so if you feed it 32 bit it will be converted down to 24 bit so best to set PGGB to process to 24 bit. Also, if one is using HQP on 'pass through' it should also be configured to output 24 bit.
  17. Thanks. I am processing a selection of files to try into the Mscaler in pass through mode and will compare with the SRX.DX usb to dual bnc convertor arriving on Monday. With the mscaler I will probably start with 16fs at 24 bit with noise shaping off and go from there (and use pggb noise shaping on for the SRX.DX).
  18. What were you feeding to the MScaler? Pggb 24bit or 32bit? Pggb noise shaped or pggb with noise shaping turned off?
  19. I will be specifically processing at 24bit in PGGB in order to output through the FishScaler in pass through mode to Dave. This will be fun to try and also will make life easy for using the FishScaler for streamed music as well as locally stored non PGGB files.
  20. ZB, using the Mscaler on pass through might of course be an interesting concept because it would enable feeding the hires PGGB files to the Dave via dual BNC which might have some advantages for the Dave instead of using USB. I guess that means it is time to experiment . . . . .
  21. If you wish, drop me a PM and we can arrange for you to send me some test tracks and I will PGGB process them and return them to you.
  22. I use Mconnect. I have not been able to get Rigelian to work because it does not support UPnP on my server in the Antipodes (or at least that is what the Rigelian developer had told me).
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