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  1. Fantastic cables and value, even better people. Highly highly recommend that folks give Galen’s cables a listen!
  2. I did hear from Alexey recently that he has been swamped with orders, and is waiting on some parts that will be coming in at the end of this month. Hopefully he can fulfill quickly once he gets those.
  3. Such a fresh (and refreshing) talent...a delight to hear his music straight up while we wait for him to get back to the left side of the pond.
  4. Different (subtle) but I can't say (yet) if I'm hearing more real detail or more RF sparkle. Taking one for the team with marathon listening sessions ("Sorry honey, I need to listen to music for 12 hours to audition this hacked up ethernet cable" ; ) Kidding aside, it all sounds absolutely lovely, so motivation for serious A/B critical listening is low, while motivation to binge listen to a bunch of Todd Garfinkle's amazing recordings is quite high (really enjoying "Mudejar" by Begona Olavide as I type this)
  5. +10000 Maddening to have something this audible without even a working physical theory (cable to optimized NUC to optimized TX Ultra for USB regeneration to DAC...that's a lot of optimization layers between the cable and my ears). Clearly the enhanced shielding of the CAT8 cables is making a difference. Can the antenna effect to the streamer end point be that significant? With a second Cable Matters CAT8 on hand, I just had to experiment. I clipped the shield on one end of the cable, thinking I would prefer the clipped end on the NUC (I power my NUC with a battery for mains isolation). Alas, another hypothesis shot down. I preferred the clipped shield end on the ER side (at least so far) All this reminds me of the random walk search a bunch of folks did with Lush^2 shield configurations. Those with the Phasure ET^2 are in a much better position to investigate different shield configurations to suss out what may be going on.
  6. Perfect album (true SoulFi) and a wonderful way to close out the year...Happy New Year everyone!
  7. What a fantastic album! Such a joy to revisit after a system upgrade...so much loving nuance from all the musicians.
  8. The only thing better than this present is the amazing person who gave it to me. Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas, and all joy and happiness in the New Year!
  9. I'm still early in the process of really understanding the various filters in HQP, but if you have a Chord DAC and don't have a Hugo mScaler or Blu2 and want a sneak peek at what it would sound like, I suggest the following: PCM only, auto family, sinc-M filter, no dither, 768k sampling limit as a pretty damn good starting point. poly-sinc-long-lp was also quite good (and I prefered it on initial listen), but I preferred sinc-M after extended listening. In general, if you want to mimic the HMS sound, stick with linear phase filters (timing accuracy), disable volume adjustments in HQP (let the DAC handle that), do as much in PCM land as you can (Rob's DACs play nicer with PCM than DSD, also a LOT less CPU load to upsample), target 768k as max sample rate (assuming you have a Chord DAC that can accept that rate on USB...basically everything newer than the TT), and use auto-family to restrict to powers of 2 upsampling. I find HQP excellent, but not quite where HMS is. It is an open question whether more taps in the filter (any chance for a sinc-2M PCM filter @Miska? I'd be delighted to beta test!), more precision in the filter coefficients (no idea what precision HQP uses...Rob has claimed 16 bit precision in his sinc coefficients), or some magic in the noise shaping (this is the most opaque part of the pipeline for me, with the most secret sauce) is the remaining gap. For now, I would characterize both of them as excellent, with the edge to HMS. With updated filters (or better understanding of how to optimize the filters in my chain), things are danger close. Jussi is to be congratulated for a remarkable product, and an extraordinarily generous full feature free 30 minute trial mode.
  10. It so happens that I got my second Cable Matters Cat8 1m cable this evening, so I was able to do a comparison against my first cable (~100 hours of music play on the first cable...I've had it running continuously since the weekend in anticipation of testing to see if burn in does anything with this cable) There is a clear difference with the cable with hours on it (please don't ask me how or why, I'm still having a hard time admitting to any difference between ethernet cables), with more of the bass impact and precision/detail and sense of space that I was hearing as I went through the various cable tests (the effect is particularly striking with full range orchestral pieces...the lower registers and music hall really are coming into clearer and clearer relief). That being said, I was hearing a more significant difference between cables of different types, but I'm surprised to hear any impact from burn in at all. That being said, I wouldn't characterize it as a significant difference. If you don't care for the Cable Matters vs your Slimrun, I'm not sure if the delta I'm hearing would be enough to tilt a clear preference for a different cable. Anyway, time to ingest some mushrooms and sacrifice some poor creature to the audio gods and hope a rationale comes to me in a vision (my EE degrees certainly aren't any help in understanding what is going on here).
  11. The Amazon Gods were a bit kinder to me than they were to Larry. Today I was able to followup my cable listening tests last week with the new contenders. As background, here is a link to what I posted last week: For this followup test, I wanted to listen to some more CAT8 cables (vs the Dacrown Cat 8 winner from last week), so I picked a random Amazon CAT8 cable (Phizli) and got a Cable Matters Cat 8 (all in black of course). I also picked up the premium Tera Grand Cat7 cable that Larry mentioned in his write up (vs the flat cable that I had last time). All tests were with no break in on the cables. I still have my EtherREGEN still powered by a Paul Hynes SR4 @ 12V, with a Tera Grand 6’ Cat 7 cable connecting it to my ethernet wall jack. In my closet, I have a stock MacMini running Roon Core. However, since I’m done with my power supply experiments with EtherREGEN, I now have my ER connected via various cables under test to my NUC i7 (Euphony running HQPlayer Embedded, powered by PowerAdd Pilot2 battery at 16V) connected by a Lush^2 USB cable to my new SoTM tx-USB ultra (stock, powered by Uptone LPS 1.2 @ 12V) then Lush^2 to Chord DAVE to Voxativ 9.87 speakers direct. Here are the cables that were invited to round 2: WALL TO ETHERREGEN: Tera Grand (6’) CAT7 10 Gigabit Ethernet Ultra Flat Patch Cable ($8) https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01F7MLJU0/ RUNNER UP FROM LAST WEEK: Tera Grand (3’) CAT7 10 Gigabit Ethernet Ultra Flat Patch Cable ($8) https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MQHD96X WINNER FROM LAST WEEK: Dacrown Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 5’ Shielded ($8) https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QZH6C8F NEW: Tera Grand (3’) CAT7 10 Gigabit Ethernet Premium Patch Cable ($7) https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G4M4FIG NEW: Phizli Cat8 Ethernet Cable (3’) 40Gbps, 2000Mhz with Gold Plated RJ45 Connector ($8) https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XNZ2CGH NEW: Cable Matters SFTP Cat8 Ethernet Cable in Black (3’) ($12) https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NVS8BF5 Like last week, I mainly focused on bass detail/imaging, and dynamics (a good tell for me for what ER brings to the table. I used several test tracks, but an example is Till Bronner "A Thousand Kisses Deep" from Nightfall, and Diana Krall "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams" from All For You. For this eval, I was mainly focusing on the sense of space and presence I'm getting from the bass, but the benefits of the ER (as I hear and many have reported) are more than that. Here are my very subjective ratings after sweeping through these a couple times: Tera Grand Flat Cat 7 6 (baseline from last week) Dacrown Cat 8 8 (baseline from last week) Tera Grand Premium Cat 7 8.5 (a bit more bass attack) Phizli Cat 8 9 (clearer, and maybe a bit better attack) Cable Matters Cat 8 10 (even more clarity and attack) The Cat 8 cables were generally better than the Cat 7’s, but there was variability from cable to cable, and even overlap (the Cat 7 Tera Grand Premium did better than my favorite Cat 8 Dacrown from last week). As a last test before I called it a night, I wanted to check whether the cable on the A side of the ER (connected to the wall in my case) make a difference? With the new favorite Cable Matters Cat 8 on the B side to my NUC, I compared having my random ethernet cable from a box (lowest rank last week on the B side) to the Dacrown Cat 8 from the wall to the ER (last week’s winner on the B side). With a confirmation bias squint, is there a difference? Maybe so, but maybe not. I think it would take an extended critical listening test to suss out differences. At this point, the delta is not enough for me to really worry about. Since the Cable Matters cables are so reasonably priced, I’ll get another one (black of course) to put on the A side to the wall, and not think about the A side any more. As a next step, things are still stepping up enough that I suspect there is more to be had on the B side than what the Cable Matters Cat 8 brings to the party. If I have time over Christmas break, I may try to do some experiments with adding JSSG360 shielding to this cable to see what happens. Of course, as we hear feedback from people using the EtherREGEN with the Phasure ET^2 ethernet cable with different shield configurations, all the better! Larry, thanks for the pointer to the Cable Matters cables (their Cat6 cables are my go tos in the rest of my house). Looking forward to hearing what you’re hearing once you have your round 2 cables in house.
  12. I prefer darker backgrounds, so I always lean toward black cables Thank you for feedback on the Supra and BJC cables, very helpful. Wonderful to have next day delivery from Amazon on these cables, makes moving through listening tests very quick and painless. I'll have a listen to the premium Tera Grand later this week (thank you for the pointer)
  13. Thanks for the update Larry. Do you happen to have any Supra CAT 8 cables or (shudder) SoTM dCBL-CAT7 cables available to test? It's all fun and games to experiment blind with cables that set you back a morning latte, but yet another thing to drop $600 on a listening test (that buys a lot of fine wine that we could/should be drinking during a listening test) Ray
  14. Dang it @PYP you made me go back and see what grounding sounds like. I'm a bit delirious after all this A/B testing, but there may be something there even with only a single ethernet cable on the A side. I'll need to listen to some AM radio for a while to clear my ears out, but I'll come back to this one
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