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    HQ Player

    This is fantastic! Any way to tweak buffer size to see where an optimum point might be? This is definitely a needle mover, and most appreciated!
  2. ray-dude

    HQ Player

    A very material upgrade for NAA users! (PCM guy as well, in case that makes a difference) @Miska any hints on what types of NAA optimizations could have this kind of impact? If there is any more that can be done in this same direction, yes please!
  3. Very much looking forward to hearing what you hear!
  4. I would love to hear it, but I suspect 8fs input may be the achilles heel of this DAC. That puts a fundamental limiting on transient timing accuracy, unless they have a MASSIVE amount of compute to push to higher rates with idealized filters. The power, construction and clock all look first rate. I'm skeptical about the synthetic feedback scheme and what that does for noise shaping, but they may inject it prior to noise shaping? Lots to learn!
  5. In addition to the very important noise differences, software pipelines tend to have higher bit precision and can handle more compute than FPGA pipelines. There is simply more brute force available to software than a FPGA, and the (easier) option to do preprocessing of the file. Good maths in software can do a lot more than good maths in FPGA (for this type of maths). It takes a LOT of effort to narrow down to what maths are "good", which is where Rob has gotten it right (IMO)
  6. Having spent a lot of (free) time on this, I would say that HQP is better than mScaler in some ways, and worse in others. Over time, the areas that it is better has improved, and the areas that it is worse has stayed static. Both Jussi and Rob are 100% right, Rob just uses better maths, and Jussi uses more maths. Back in Nov 2019, HQP was close enough to mScaler that I decided to "burn the ships" and commit to the software upsampling path, just because I saw way more potential upside on that path. Since then, it has taken off way more than I expected it ever could, and I haven't
  7. Alas no Frank. These single drivers are very directional. so it is hard for me to apply that test (if I go too much to the left or right levels get way out of balance).
  8. That's good info to calibrate. My suggestion is plug things into the wall. If dynamics and speed go up, but you get harshness, it's time for a PLC. There are lots of ways to clean power, but usually come at a cost with dynamic current. You'll hear one as noise floor or fatigue, and the other as dynamics and soundstage. Better home wiring and power cords and going direct to wall will give you max dynamics. Going through filters and transformers will give you max clean. By hopping back and forth, you can calibrate where the right balance is for you (and whether slogging up that hill is wor
  9. I spent ~$600 to have a couple dedicated lines run to my audio system. I would start there. Huge lift for me. The Topaz Isolation transformers dropped the background level a huge amount. These can be had used for several hundred $$. Dynamics slowed (esp. as I upgraded to the Extreme), but it was a huge win as I was working up the ladder. What can you do to get switching supplies out of your audio chain? That will also be a step up (at least for 98% of the switching supplies out there) If the rest of your chain is already optimized for speed (big clean power
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Shahen-Shah-Real-World-Nusrat-Fateh/dp/B06XYPMJ7D/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Nusrat+Fateh+Ali+Khan+shah&qid=1611262536&s=dmusic&sr=1-1 This is the album I own (also streaming I believe).
  11. Thank you for the kind words Ted. I have had the good fortune to learn a great deal from many here and elsewhere, and I'm hopeful that distilling and organizing and sharing some of the learnings may be useful to others. I have retired my Topaz isolation transformers (all three of them!). They made a huge impact in my system and I was delighted to have them here, but Sound Application PLC is just next level. If anyone in San Diego has need or interest in these beast of isolation transformers, drop a note, I know a guy that has several available ;)
  12. I have been REALLY enjoying rediscovering old favorites in the catalog. It is a gift to have so many albums back in circulation, and be able to appreciate them at this level with the perspective of time.
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