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  1. I just installed an etherregen and I find it is very sensitive to different power supplies and power cables. I like it with a Farad Super 3. It’s very smooth powered by this LPS. And it sounds better connected to an Isotek Titan, than direct to the wall.
  2. I went from a docsis 3.0 to 3.1, and I am in shock at the performance jump with my U1 mini. I bet many people upgrade their streamers without even knowing what they’re really capable of. I read docsis 3.1 handles jitter much better than 3.0, and this is very obvious when streaming audio.
  3. For Lumin owners looking for a big upgrade, upgrade your cable modem to docsis 3.1. It is a big step up from docsis 3.0 for audio streaming. Supposedly a modem with the Broadcom chipset is the one to get, since it has lower jitter (versus Intel).
  4. The upgraded fuse sound is obvious in a Lumin. It would be hard to miss. The dealer you bought from was clever. We always try to recapture that mood and feeling from a good listening session.
  5. The debate used to be about power cords, now it’s switches. Most audiophiles have accepted power cords make a difference. The biggest advantage for modifying the U1 mini is then I was able to use a good power cord with it. I wish I had upgraded the fuse on the previous LUMIN streamers I owned. The prat, dynamics, and transparency went way up after installing an SR orange fuse in my LPS. It would be fun to buy older audio gear and experiment with changing the fuse.
  6. I just replaced the fuse on my linear power supply powering my U1 mini. It is hard to believe a fuse change can make that much of a difference. I bet many people would reconsider upgrading their components if they just had replaced the fuse first. I wish I had known about it earlier. I am using an SR orange fuse.
  7. I have the orange fuse in my JS2. It's hard to believe how much of a difference it has made. It's powering my Lumin U1 mini.
  8. I have the isolator and it’s a stunning piece. Yes it sounds like a major component upgrade. I wasn’t planning on keeping it when John Ketcham sent it to me, but there’s no way I can take it out now.
  9. I'm not using Leedh either, but I personally find the previous firmware to be more musical and enjoyable on my U1 mini. I assume there is no way to roll back.
  10. I ground my router with an Entreq box via their grounding cable (terminated with RJ45). Probably the best kept secret in streaming audio.
  11. You mean the system or the cable? But it sounds like the OP is looking for a cost effective solution.
  12. I look forward to upgrading to the U1 mini in time. Audio nervosa. I'm sure it has better SQ than the D1. But I will be stunned and very happy if it's as big an upgrade as the Tron digital cable.
  13. I have one of those digital cables costing thousands of dollars, connecting my DAC to my streamer. I would never, ever sell it. It's extraordinary. Absolutely extraordinary. And worth every penny. But your system has to be up to snuff before you even consider it.
  14. Still using the D1 as a streamer with LPS to my Bakoon DAC. I upgraded the BNC digital cable to the Black Cat TRON (which came highly recommended by a friend). I understand the Black Cat cable costs as much as the D1, but OMG. The D1 is very capable as a streamer after all with the right digital cable. When the time comes I will have to try the U1 mini.
  15. Were you using the D1 with an external linear power supply, or the newer D1 with the internal switching power supply? I was all excited about the U1 mini until I read it has an internal switching power supply. I use a D1 powered by an Uptone JS-2 with a Pranawire Vajra power cord and it sounds fabulous as a transport. I don't allow any switching power supply into my audio stream.
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