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Lumin x1

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Following the X-1 and would love to hear your impressions on the overall sound and how it evolves, with break-in.  

Off topic, sorry, but beautiful rack!

If you don’t mind, could you share who makes that. I’m in the middle of a rack And DAC search.  They both look great. 

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I keep the X1 power supply away from the U1 on a different level in the rack, just to avoid the AC line within proximity of the main unit.

Excess cable length is coiled in a loop, just to be tidy.


Awesome rack shelves, impressive!


Which output are you using could have an influence, after nearly two years with the U1, AES3 has the least noise output. USB tends to be clearer, but its a little deceptive with clarity in the treble caused by noise. An ifi MicroUSB3 tamed that signal somewhat, stayed with about 6 months, about 2 weeks ago switched back to AES3 with less fatiguing experience.



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