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  1. The only thing I can say from the sincerity is that the melco s100 makes a very obvious improvement, it is not subtle
  2. you are right I have not tried it, but well I think it is common in this talk
  3. A wall frame made of metal posts is not an audio device. It produces only a frequency of 25 Mhz. I can't hear that loud. The best is 14.6 KHz.
  4. they talk about a product without having tried it
  5. ok right, someone in this forum has heard a streaming dac connected to melco?
  6. I can be a bit heavy but has anyone here heard the melco s100?
  7. Has anyone had the opportunity to listen to the melco s100?
  8. measurements can tell some data but it is the ear that has to draw conclusions
  9. I have had the melco s100 in a mytek manhattan and the difference is very great
  10. Thank you, I continue with the burning process 300 hours and the improvement compared to the beginning is quite optimistic. It is connected by optical fiber to the melco s100 both devices are powered by an isotek current generator
  11. the furniture is made in-house, olive wood and 316 stainless steel
  12. in the process of burning, 200 hours have passed the change for the better is evident. Do I have to wait for more changes?
  13. hi, someone has tried the m sacaler in a Dac mytek, my dealer did the tests in a brookling and said that it sounded better than Hugo tt2. is this possible?
  14. siempre esperando una actualización
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