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  1. chungih, I did a short review on the AudioSensibility DC cable last year, and I believe you had posted on that thread, so most likely not new info from me to you on this, https://www.audioshark.org/lumin-169/replacement-power-cable-lumin-x1-18507.html I am still very pleased with the AudioSensibiIity DC cord, but have not heard the Westminster offering.
  2. @magnuska, Thank you. That one appears to do Blu-ray and DVD as well as CD.
  3. @magnuska, I am interested in a ripper as well and would greatly appreciate knowing if you have ordered one of these and your experiences with it, particularly with your Antipodes, should you do so. Regards
  4. I have found the X1 inputs a bit tricky due to the rear roof/shelf, so I have had to turn the unit completely around to make sure I can access connections well. I believe the SFP module is actually inserted into the X1 reversed (upside down) from how SFP modules are normally installed. I had issues when I initially tried fiber with the X1, and it turned out I had to push the fiber harder into the SFP. Though it initally appeared correctly connected, I too received the NETWORK ERROR.
  5. I have been using similar unit for my EtherREGEN. I believe I first read about it per a post from Alex. It has worked well and no issues with the the silicone strips, sides and bottom for the inserted device, plus on the bottom. I have some extra Herbie's Tenderfeet and have added them for additional isolation feet under the unit. The unit is very inexpensive and can be purchased in various finish colors. I think it's a great choice. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B078HNGD92/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. The PF Buffalo is a modified Buffalo 2016 switch. Modifications can include a capacitor board, upgrade internal wire, chasis dampening, upgrade isolation feet and with the PF modification, addition of a Pink Faun Ultra OCXO Clock, and addition of DC connection for powering the clock. Some users have experimented with multiple Buffalo switches as well as with and without EtherREGEN. UpTone recommends EtherREGEN as last device and short distance before player or DAC. Some users are adding external clocks to their EtherREGENs as well. The EtherREGEN has a nice cl
  7. Thanks Peter. I have recently received a Sean Jacobs DC4 and am running one rail to the SonicTransporter. The EtherREGEN is also temporarily being powered by the DC4, while I await PF Buffalo coming. My system currently sounds the best I have experienced with it. I actually anticipate it may improve additionally as is. My prior experiences with power supplies have shown improvement as they stay on and accumulate some playing hours. I have a tendency to continue to pursue for awhile additional equipment changes once I have purchased something new. Admittedly, some have been
  8. Peter, I have thought about the SonicTransporter i9 Optical. I have the i5 CDR SonicTransporter now. The i9 would give me more capability to upsample, but I find that though I have had some upsample options now via Roon and also with the X1, I have found up to now I still have preferred native resolution. I also have an EtherRegen in use now to the Lumin X1. I will be getting a PF Buffalo switch and will have options of optical as well as copper ethernet with it as well. I am not unhappy with my i5, but do wonder how much different? better? other "upgrade" servers may be.
  9. navrsale, I am not familiar with the Hub3000. If you are using Roon, you can integrate Tidal playback with Roon. The K40 does not have fiber input, but if that is something you wish to utilize, you could consider such fine devices as Uptone EtherRegen or Sonore OpticalModule to convert fiber to copper into the K40 plus provide additonal noise abatement. There, of course, are other FMC devices and switches that will accommodate fiber and copper ethernet. I have elected to cancel my order for the K40. I am not upset with Antipodes nor with the distributor. It cam
  10. Chris, I do hope we will see a review from you on the N20 in the future.
  11. azchump, First of all, my best wishes to you and also to Dave for the health issues you both have experienced. My server experiences to date have been limited. I first purchased a SoundScience Music Vault, ripping and storing my CD's, and sending to a Modwright Transporter. Eventually, the unit no longer functioned well, hard drive and other issues, and with the rapid changes taking place in both hardware and software, it was not practical to consider repair. I moved to a SOtM sMS-1000 server/player, a Luxman DA-06 DAC, and an early generation Sonore Sonic Orbiter
  12. I will be very interested in your impressions if you go with the AEON. I too have a Lumin X1, currently using a Small Green Computer i5 CDR as server and storage. I had some communications with a dealer, intending to become US distribution, for the EVO line several months ago. He was intending to test the X1 with this unit and get back to me. I did not hear back on the testing, but in this time of COVID, there is so much supply chain and personal health considerations, there could be several reasons why I did not receive the updates. I did not push it. There is still no US distribution
  13. Bazinga, The K40 has slide out trays in the rear for installing hard drives. I will use a Samsung EVO 860 SSD for this. Not sure if this could be a possible alternative for you. It will not be an inexpensive option but not in the mighty Taiko Extreme pricing category either.
  14. Peter, I am awaiting an Antipodes K40 to audition. It would be my Roon Core server. It has RJ45 input port and has a direct RJ45 output port to end point player. I currently am using fiber to SFP on the Lumin X1 from EtherRegen from switch for this. I will be also getting upgraded switch with both SFP and RJ45 ports. Per the quoted post from you, do I understand that I should not have both SFP to Lumin X1 connected to the switch and the direct RJ45 to X1 connected at the same time? Both the RJ45 to K40 and SFP to Lumin would come from the new upgraded switch. I may experiment using
  15. My experience with the X1 is that you will continue to perceive favorable evolution for twice as many hours or more. I eventually did some cable changes but suggest letting it settle in a bit more to better quantify the results. Enjoy!
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