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  1. I followed Chris's recommendations he furnished here. This was my first experience with fiber cable and SFP. You want to make sure the fiber cable is completely inserted into the SFP and protective end caps removed from the fiber cable before inserting. Process is easy, quick and results have been very good.
  2. Kzs70, I run copper from my modem -- switch -- etherRegen B side -- fiber out from A side -- Lumin X1 -- active analog crossover -- amps. I also have run copper from A side ER to microRendu to USB DAC & preamp. I have grounded ER to linear power supply powering the ER. The microRendu is separate power supply. Prior to Lumin X1, I had not tried any of my DACs direct to the active crossover. I will continue to evaluate but have been quite pleased with the results. I have some new XLR cables due today, so will evaluate those in the mix as well, first with Lumin X1 to active crossover and later to and from the preamp.
  3. @wklie, Peter I had not previously tried bypassing my preamp, but did some experimentation yesterday with my LUMIN X1. I have some older 4-way active speakers, so the connection is actually to the analog actitve crossover and then from there to amps. My current installed XLR cables are not quite long enough to reach. I did not move my preamp, a Vinnie Rossi Signature L2. It is a DHT tubed unit and I do not have room in other than its current shelf location due to height. I did not want to completely rearrange everything for my limited testing. My first test involved removing current output XLRs, Triode Wire Labs, from the X1 and replacing with Mogami I had in storage. The presentation is very clear and transparent and appears louder than through my VR preamp. The presentation appears more dynamic but loudness can very much influence that perception. I also did some checking of mixing cables while using the preamp by replacing the TWL cables to the VR while keeping a TWL pair to the crossover, reversing that by running TWL to the VR and Mogami to the crossover, and then just Mogami to the VR and out to the crossover as well as prior TWL for both. I was checking for inital impressions during all this and did not allow any one test to settle in for long period. The inital impressions were interesting enough I will want to spend more time on each change with preselected musci selections I repeat for each. I may also include doing so just from the LUMIN App and also using Roon for selecting and playing the music. I am using iPad to control the LUMIN App. There is a great deal of configuration and control afforded by the LUMIN App, but I do miss the ease of a handheld remote for quick access to volume adjustments, muting, and in the case of the preamp, selectability for sources, and fine adjustment of channel emphasis--not balancing of tube bias but output volume bias by channel. As a suggestion, you may want to consider adding the up/down interface arrows in the App as well as slide bar for Leedh like is present for Volume. Also suggest channel level emphasis control from center position similar to preamp to better dial in when speakers cannot be same identical distance from listener. Ability to dial in improves imaging and soundstage perceptions. Thanks
  4. johnwilk, Are you outputting via USB from the LUMIN U1 to the Bricasti M3?
  5. Sonicorbiter.com does not show my Sonictransporter CDR but my ST is web accessible when I input my IP Address for it. I do have Norton VPN operating. Is this the reason I do not see my ST on MySonicorbiter--sonicorbiter.com?
  6. I have the Supersonic Stabilizer and Tenderfoot "feet" for the ER and under microRendu. The additional weight is not enough to prevent movement should a stiffer ethernet cable like Ghent be used and movement on ethernet cable to microRendu or USB from the microRendu be moved. If I don't fool with connections on the microRendu, generally ok but the stiff ethernet cable to the ER poses recurring issues for me. Since the Supersonic Stabilizer was unable to correct this, I removed it from top of the ER thinking I would lower heat generating from the ER by providing more uninsulated surface area. I like Herbie's items, including the Supersonic Stabilizer but could not keep the ER on the Tenderfoot feet. My DC cable for SoTM sPS-1000 is also pretty short length which also limited my postionng of the ER. Your situation may be such these would not be issues for you. I am hopeful the computer vertical holder may alleviate these issues. If it works well for that, I will probably put Tenderfoot feet under this holder for better isolation on the ER.
  7. Alex, Funny, I went to the ebay link to check out the stand and saw in UK as well. I closed and was going to check out for US as well, and saw your post first--thanks. I still have microRendu feeding one of my DACS and thought I would check out one of these testing on both ER and microRendu. If happy for both, I will order another.
  8. Alex, Thank you very much for weighing in on my questions. You are correct the SPS-1000 has a grounding screw, and per your suggestion, I do intend then to ground the eR to it. I heeded Chris's earlier suggestions on what worked successfully for optical transceivers and cables during his review use of the Lumin X1 and ordered them. I appreciate you both responding to my questions. Stay well.
  9. Chris, thank you for pointing me to what worked so successfully for you.
  10. Superdad, I have had my eR since the end of February and have been happily and sucessfully utilizing in A>B with RJ45 cables inputting to a microRendu and then USB to DAC. I will soon be adding a Lumin X1 to the mix and would like to utilize optical in to the Lumin X1 and hopefully be able to correctly also run copper to the microRendu by reversing eR B>A. Before ordering complimentary items for the Lumin X1, I thought it best to run this by here to make sure I am on the right track. Running B>A, is it advisable to utilize both the Optical and RJ45 "A" connections if my LPS for the microRendu and for eR is separate and both running to an audio device, not a computer or NAS? LPS-1.2 is powering microRendu and 12Vdc from SOtM SPS-1000 is powering etherREGEN without other units running from the SPS-1000. If this is acceptable, should I also run a ground wire from the eR? Lumin says to use Single Mode Transceivers for the X1 and on a Lumin forum suggested these, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U8PN0NQ/?coliid=I3RP0WGFHIRELY&colid=2XPPCA6G9B2GZ&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Do you see any compatibility issue with the eR and using these? I saw this cable also suggested on the Lumin forum,https://www.ebay.com/itm/3m-SC-SC-duplex-9-125um-Corning-ClearCurve-single-mode-bend-insensitive-fiber/232757309790?hash=item36316ab15e:g:ixgAAOSwcJ1a7Oct:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true . Does all of this look to be a compatible solution? I appreciate guidance on this. Thanks.
  11. Chris, Did you possibly do any testing of using the LUMIN X1 output USB to your owned DACs? I am curious as to your opinion of the LUMIN X1 would compare to the Signature Rendu SE Optical to your other DAC units as a streaming rendering device. I understand price points are much different and doing so would bypass the fine DAC of the X1, but am trying to find some comparison of how these differ in presentation. Thanks in advance
  12. I received my ER last Wednesday, and have been using it for upwards of 8 hours per day feeding a microRendu. I have used two different DACS, DirectStream via I2S from Matrix X-SPDIF 2 connected to microRendu and Vinnie Rossi L2 DAC on NOS setting. The initial impression first couple days playing seemed very sharp, detailed presentation. Sound appear smoother now while retaining very pleasing detail. The soundstage comes across as very wide, and at times has distracted me with a guitar or instrument seeming to occasionally out of the blue insert itself far to the side of a channel for a brief moment. That has happened with both DACs and infrequently. I have not noticed that before. I am actually hoping the soundstage narrows a bit with further use. I may change my toe in on my speakers later on if need be. I am pleased with the purchase. The option to use it down line if I pursue optical ethernet is also a great plus for me. Kudos to UpTone on the USPCB A>B Adapter as well, which I ordered with the ER. This appears very neutral in coloration and mates perfectly from the microRendu to the Matrix. I also have used it with my VR L2 Signature SE preamp. If your system connections allow, I would recommend giving it a go. The value appears to me to be a home run and it along with my Triode Wire Dongle are my current go to USB favorites.
  13. Jesus, I have been mulling upgrade path from my microRendu. One path under consideration is Innuos and another is the Signature Rendu SE Optical. In looking at Sonore website just a few minutes ago, there is only one configuration showing now that looks to include Tier I and Tier II plus change to Orange from Blue SR fuse, copied below. Is this now the default configuration or error in not displaying basic with the two tier options? PURCHASE Includes: Signauture Rendu SE optical, Turbo Linear Power Supply, Synergistic Orange Fuse, RFI to HEAT Shield, SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver, SFP Cable Transceiver, Sorbothane Footers, 60 Day Roon Trial, Warranty Information, and Product Set-Up Instructions Signature Rendu SE optical $4,490.00
  14. In trying to order both opticalRendu and opticalModule without power supply, I get a message that the opticalModule without power supply is unavailable. When will this be available? Thanks
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