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  1. That is correct. Placing music into the L1 is like using a USB HDD. When you unplug the USB cable, it turns itself into network music library mode. It is not like a NAS because L1 does not support SMB service, so you cannot copy music from a computer to L1 via network. For those who like to copy music files from a computer to the network music server via network, you'll have to use a (preferably fanless) NAS, or run MinimServer directly on the computer. Strictly speaking a drive replacement voids warranty. In case of Lumin product repairs, the original parts (including drive)
  2. We developed the fanless Lumin L1 (5TB or 2TB) product for matching aesthetics and/or don't want to deal with NAS.
  3. For new users, they may install the MinimServer 2, as I believe the old version packages can no longer be downloaded from the official site. For existing users running 0.8.x with no issue, please keep using it. We have not spent much time with MinimServer 2 at this point.
  4. This is system and to a less extent (type of) music dependent. If it sounds too loud for you or causing the usable volume range in the preamp to be too limited, then set it to Low. Otherwise Normal is the default.
  5. You may use the folder view (instead of album / artist / etc.) if your music is untagged.
  6. I just tested a USB MQA DAC. With Lumin U1 MINI volume at 100, the USB MQA DAC shows MQA Studio 96kHz. Reducing volume to 99 and further, the USB MQA DAC loses the MQA designation (as expected due to changing MQA bit stream) and remain to be 96kHz, with the music being continuous uninterrupted. If a 44.1kHz is shown, it cannot be caused by Lumin - because Lumin is unable to do non-integral downsampling 96kHz to 44.1kHz and unable to upsample 44.1kHz to 48kHz, Lumin is only able to downsample 96kHz to 48kHz (only if manually configured). Please tr
  7. I just tested: - U1 MINI Firmware 13.4a - Volume Control ON - Leedh Processing Volume ON - Main volume set to lower than 100 - Re-sampling set to Off - MQA Mode set to Digital Out - Use Lumin app to play Tidal: Enya, "Dark Sky Island (Deluxe)" MQA album - Lumin app and front panel shows MQA Studio 96kHz - USB output to a non-MQA USB DAC shows 96kHz (If Lumin MQA mode is set to Passthrough, non-MQA USB DAC shows 48kHz as expected)
  8. @chungjhPlease verify which files always cause this behavior. Upload them to Google Drive or dropbox, then send a link to [email protected] for us to investigate.
  9. @Denton4me What integrated amp are you using? Unless the integrated DAC is MQA, you should not be seeing MQA sample rate on the DAC display. U1 MINI must be set to MQA Digital Output if you need to use Leedh Processing Volume. You should see either 88.2kHz or 96kHz at the display for a non-MQA DAC.
  10. In addition to turning off unused outputs, you may turn off Roon Ready if not using Roon, Spotify Connect if not using Spotify, and Lumin Streaming if not using AirPlay.
  11. You can use your T2 as a transport to another DAC if you want. Simply switch the output to USB or BNC-SPDIF using Lumin app. It is functionally equivalent to U1 except the U1 adds a few outputs such as AES, have a better power supply and a heavy aluminium chassis.
  12. Please use unshielded CAT-6 from the router to Side B of EtherREGEN, then another unshielded CAT-6 from Side A of EtherREGEN to Lumin U1.
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