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  1. It works if and only if DAC A behaves as USB cable being disconnected when powered off. This is often not true.
  2. 2. No. 1. Simultaneous two analog outputs: Lumin T2 / D2 / D1 only (be careful of ground loop) Two non-USB digital outputs AES / BNC / coaxial / toslink : Lumin U1 / U1 MINI only One analog + one digital: D2 / S1 / A1 / T1 / D1 for PCM output only
  3. @tubegem Spotify HiFi is not yet launched. Based on public news, it'll be some time later in 2021, and the pricing is unknown. We are working to update our Spotify Connect implementation such that HiFi will be supported when needed. At this time the best you can get is 320kbps, no matter what device you use, see here: https://support.spotify.com/us/article/high-quality-streaming/ @alandbush This is not applicable to Lumin hardware. Lumin Spotify Connect implementation does not allow a lower-than-best quality to be chosen at all. This is to prevent an accidental misconfigu
  4. Most people use the Idle Sleep function. If using Roon, use the Roon auto sleep setting instead.
  5. I've not tested Plex so these are my guesses and not necessarily accurate. It seems Plex has a DLNA server function so I guess you can use the Plex library with Lumin. However, unless Plex operates as a UPnP controller I don't think you can use the Plex UI to control the Lumin.
  6. @LiamPlease logout Qobuz from all your devices including family members' devices. Using a browser or official Qobuz app, change your Qobuz password to alphanumeric, then logout. Power cycle the whole network, starting from the router, and includes the Lumin and iPad. Then login to Qobuz again with your new alphanumeric password. If still fails, if you were using account name, try e-mail instead and vice versa.
  7. I am pleased that another major manufacturer has announced a product that also includes optical Ethernet as found from Lumin X1. I think this validates the feature as being valuable and important, and reaffirms Lumin innovation in network audio streaming technology.
  8. Regarding Samsung Galaxy, our latest Android app changed something to fix the start up crash on Note 10, although the same crash did not occur on S10. There are Android OS-level inconsistencies even within the same brand.
  9. We actually have multiple low phase noise oscillators on it, and the CPU USB uses one of them. Whether you choose to use further USB cleaning product is up to you. Some users tried it and it should be compatible.
  10. Please start with Volume Control OFF. Only after you're familiar with the operation and are prepared to do A/B comparison against another volume control in your playback chain should you turn it on. If the app does not correctly show the behavior of U1 MINI, please double tap iOS home button, swipe away the Lumin app and relaunch it. Tidal Qobuz are accessed from within Lumin app, not via Tidal app or Qobuz app. Spotify is only accessible with Spotify app.
  11. Of those user feedback sent to me about migrating from a Mac source to U1 (MINI), 100% of them reported a positive improvement. In addition, you cannot get native DSD256 from a Mac (unless your DAC supports DSD256 DoP or provides a special Mac OS driver).
  12. 1. Yes for S1 analog output. 2. 6V / 2V are for X1 T2 (and probably future models) only. Older models S1 A1 T1 D1 D2 output 4V rms for XLR.
  13. For most Lumin models (M1 excluded), each volume step decrease from 100 is -0.5dB. So volume 40 is -30dB, if Max Volume % is 100%.
  14. If you enable Leedh Processing Volume and Volume Control, it is always applied if volume is below 100. For Lumin X1 T2 analog output, the Lumin proprietary implementation of Leedh Processing Volume is always perfectly lossless - no bit is lost within the CPU processing for both PCM and DSD signals. For digital output, please refer to the information on Leedh web site.
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