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  1. We do not support the use of Lumin app on non-Lumin hardware. Perhaps you may try other threads. I did a google search and found this: http://www.sonicorbiter.com/docs/tidal_qobuz_rendu
  2. After I logout from Asus router GUI and relogin, it refreshes the device list and I can the see the MAC address / IP address of the Lumin. It will not, however, identify it as a Lumin - this is normal. It may identify the company that's associated with the processor we use, or the one that associated with our network chip. Please describe your whole network. If it has two routers, it's not going to work. Sometimes users have an ISP router (perhaps a cable modem with built-in routing function), plus another router that purchase. That's a typical wrong configuration.
  3. @Stsy Blue circle on Lumin front panel is normal - it means your playlist is currently empty. Please make sure Multicast Routing is turned on. You may also try toggling IGMP Snooping under Asus - WiFi - Professional. Please disable Asus AI everything, QoS, firewall, etc. There's no reason Asus cannot work. I use an Asus RT-AX86U. Please power cycle the whole network starting from the router, including the phone(s) and Lumin. Please set the phone to connect to the WiFi network. Update Lumin app to latest.
  4. @Stsy In Asus router LAN - IPTV enable Multicast Routing. In iOS system setting, enable Local Network for Lumin app and Tidal app.
  5. @MaxH Firstly, you have to be using MinimServer Free edition on a computer or NAS. Reserve an IP address for it in the router DHCP reservation table (if you decide to reserve an address different from the current one, then reboot the computer or NAS). Do a MinimServer rescan. In Lumin app, Reload Music Library. Clear all the saved Lumin playlists and rebuild them.
  6. Try directly connect the DAC to a Windows or Mac computer, and play the DSD file using a music player software. This verifies the DAC is indeed capable of playing DSD.
  7. When you see Lumin app 7.0.7 on iOS app store, please try it.
  8. The first point is unexpected. As for digital volume, conventional wisdom is more bits are better. However, that does not apply to your DAC since it only has 16 bits - the additional bits are not useful to your specific DAC.
  9. No, he was not making a general statement. @Liam and I were discussing his specific 16-bit DAC chip released in (around) year 1989. It is not applicable to a modern DAC.
  10. I've received an inquiry about several Jazz Groove FLAC channels working, but other channels don't. This could be a regional server issue that only affects some users, since all five channels work in my setup at the time of this post. FYI for anyone happen to be experiencing a similar issue. To debug this, you need to use a web browser (Note: I use Firefox) on a computer or smartphone. Open the Jazz Groove account settings page and sign in to your Premium account, go to Audio Setting. Choose the FLAC quality, a station you’re having problem with, and Stream
  11. I don't have any cable recommendation. The feature requests are noted.
  12. In my phone Google news feed, after yet another Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 article (I'd be happy to discuss that but unfortunately this isn't the right place), this article popped up: Since this is a new 16-bit DAC, I'd like to share a finding that I've learned when I was working with users on improving SPDIF / AES data and metadata. A Lumin user has a DAC designed using a super popular old DAC chip that operates internally at 16-bit, but can accept 24-bit data. When playing 24-bit music, for his DAC in his setup for his tastes, setting Lumin U1 (MINI) to 16-bit actually sou
  13. If lifespan is defined as the duration after which they cease to work, i.e. showing absolutely nothing, no, I don't know of a figure like that. Even if the panel module manufacturer can give a figure, I'd just treat it the same way I treat the MTBF from HDD (i.e. not very useful from my personal experience. I don't think any figure can explain my 100% failure with all my units of Toshiba DT01ACA300 of different default firmware, different manufacturing years and via different local distributors.)
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