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  1. Another case study of a new Lumin X1 user (coming from a well known brand of DAC which lacks standard features) who was not satisfied with the SQ initially (turned out he had replaced the tubes in preamp at the same time), but now he reports:
  2. I own a Lumin T2 that has been great in my system.  However when I stream Tidal via the Lumin app the playback pauses after each track.  I have to open the app and select the next track and hit play.  I know this has to be something simple but I have tried everything and can't fix it.  I sent a message to Lumin support several days ago but no answer.

    I assume operations are affected by the virus.  Thanks in advance.

    1. wklie


      Please tap and hold the album art, then add the whole album to playlist.  If you've done this but it does not behave normally, please power cycle the T2.


      Please also check your e-mail spam folder.

  3. No. Even if you were to DIY the connector modification (voiding the warranty), the current is definitely not enough.
  4. Please tap and hold the album art. Some buttons will appear to allow you to add the whole album.
  5. @One and a half I'm afraid Accuphase DAC does not support Linux native DSD256. Therefore you're limited to DSD64 and DSD128 via DoP. Lumin cannot resample DSD256 music by itself. You can use Roon to downsample DSD256 to DSD128. Enable "Native DSD Processing" (in spite of the terminology, it is a different thing from Linux native DSD).
  6. If you are in the view with a list of tracks with the album title above them, please tap and hold the album title.
  7. 2V standard is only for RCA. With most brands (but not all) of audio equipment, XLR usually doubles the RCA voltage. Some amps even have double the input sensitivity for XLR against RCA (i.e. require double the voltage to yield the same gain), so it cancels out the double voltage of the source.
  8. X1 and T2 have XLR 6V rms output similar to dCS and Chord. This helps with passive preamp and direct-to-amp setups. There were reports about the 4V rms on earlier models not yielding sufficient volume for passive preamp for some music content.
  9. Lumin T2 Review by StereoNET Australia https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/lumin-t2-network-player-review
  10. Depends on whether you use album artist tag or song artist tags in your music Find works like find in Microsoft Word; you can step through the non-filtered results Depends on whether you have and use composer tag in your music. If you don't have music containing composer tag, you'll want to remove the composer tab from selection since it'll be useless.
  11. @hpfish On AES vs USB, the feedback I collected from users is that more people preferred AES to USB than those who preferred USB to AES. Note that not every DSD DAC supports DSD (DoP64) via AES. If you need DSD128 and DSD256, these can only be achieved via USB. What DAC are you using?
  12. Follow Now Playing automatically scrolls the view of the playlist to keep up with the playback. Disable Auto Lock makes sure your iPad does not lockscreen when Lumin is playing.
  13. Each feature request needs to be evaluated from user demand, marketing, company direction, technical feasibility, how it integrates with our existing features and UX implications, etc. When a feature is decided it will be prioritized against the other developments.
  14. @Kray I'm glad to learn it's working for you. Please test different sample rates, and play it 7x24 without USB connected.
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