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  1. Yes. For situations where manual changing of firmware may be troublesome, you may consider disabling firmware upgrade in the app.
  2. Just trying to provide an explanation of what's happening, not denying we may have an issue regarding this part of HTTP functionality: We require the use of HTTP Content-Length and range requests, which may not work well with chunked transfer encoding in some situations.
  3. Lumin Firmware 13.1 fixes the UPnP CallStranger vulnerability. It is available for all 10 models of network music players and transports ever released by Lumin, including discontinued models. Thanks for the links.
  4. Again I'm sorry about any undesirable issues arising from volume scheme changes during playback. Please stop playback before changing volume scheme or On/Off. We will continue to test this for different usage scenarios, and make any improvements as necessary. Please note that the Max Volume % setting should be set once before playback, then the setting dialog should then be closed. Only the main volume circle should be changed during playback. When changing the volume through the app, please exercise the same care as changing the volume of a preamp. We recognize it's easier to make accidental changes with a tablet or phone, that's why the Max Volume % is there for speaker protection.
  5. @hoppy100 This is probably related to your DAC. Please turn down the analog preamp volume to usual, then stop using the Lumin digital volume by setting Volume Control to Off. This will reset the Lumin volume and Max Volume % to 100.
  6. I am in contact with our UPnP stack provider for this issue. Although this task shall remain on my To-Do list in the coming weeks or months, this post does not constitute a promise to address this issue.
  7. That's by design. The play queue you see is an OpenHome playlist. The behavior you observed is one of the things Lumin does to support both OpenHome and UPnP concurrently without requiring a mode change. Even though Lumin supports UPnP, I cannot guarantee it'll work with any kind of UPnP bridge.
  8. For tablets / smartphones, Linn Kazoo and Bubble DS Next can control Lumin players. On the desktop, Linn Kazoo, JRiver (UPnP mode) and the latest Audirvana Plus (UPnP mode) should also work. Not sure about Logitech Mediaserver / iPeng.
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/29/us-commerce-dept-ends-its-special-treatment-for-hong-kong.html
  10. The digital audio path optimization applies only to analog output and therefore would not affect external DAC.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I can totally respect that. Someone in our company only uses 300B amp. I even used one for a while.
  12. The only change between 13 and 13a is related to the use of an external USB MQA DAC. It has no effect on anything else or analog output. Please power cycle everything, including the whole network and the whole audio chain. Try setting Analog Output Level to Low.
  13. There is digital audio path optimization for Lumin X1 T2 analog output since Firmware 13 (at volume 100). I hope you find it to sound better as many users do, but if you think it's worse please let me know.
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