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  1. @Roy Boy I forgot to say that if you're looking at changing amp, you really should put balanced input as a requirement.
  2. Upgrade to T2 I don't know if there is some XLR to RCA converter that can make the RCA output 4V rms if the the XLR input is 4V rms Use an active preamp
  3. Lumin remote control as requested by some users, especially those who are using Leedh Processing Volume: When - As soon as we finalize the packaging, distribution schemes and logistics. We already have the first batch of actual hardware ready. All past and present models of Lumin network players and transports are supported. Price is subject to change, tentatively USD2xx. Roon compatible. The remote control package comes with a USB IR receiver in the shape of a half sphere, for those who wonder how existing Lumin models can be operated. For Lumin X1 an
  4. For both the U1 and U1 MINI: Only one USB DAC can be connected. The other USB port may be used for the Lumin USB IR receiver for physical remote control or a USB thumb drive. When a USB DAC is detected, the non-USB outputs no longer have correct timing. So one DAC only. When a USB DAC is not detected, AES / BNC / coaxial / toslink can be used together simultaneously, up to 4 DACs.
  5. Since Lumin does not support such hardware, we're not interested in that. For subjective listening test result of 10Gbps done by another manufacturer, see https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/page-46#post-587473
  6. If you've not already purchased the cable you mentioned yet, I'd like to mention that shielded Ethernet cable is not recommended. If I'm not misunderstanding your post, you're giving up fiber isolation completely because the ONR is not meant to be replaced?
  7. @chungjh If you use something to isolate the vibration, check the material does not scratch it.
  8. I don't know about the possible selections of ONR ONT, but if we are talking about isolation for audio purpose, you need the isolation to be done right before the streamer / network player. I helped a user investigate his setup with local music files sounding worse than streaming services. After he moved fiber isolation from the point of broadband to the point of just before the streamer, this is solved.
  9. In Lumin app, please go to the top-level Qobuz view. In the navigation button above the views, please select the top-level Qobuz again. This forces a refresh of the Lumin app cache of Qobuz metadata.
  10. Lumin app 7.0 on iOS adds support for Tidal My Mix and browsing of EP / Single. Lumin Android app 3.0.1 will follow shortly.
  11. That's an intriguing setup. Just want to note that the fiber port in X1 is SFP, not SFP+. It only supports 1Gbps SFP module, not 10Gbps SFP+ module. Therefore you need a pair of 1Gbps SFP modules. However, even though (I believe) SFP+ slot should support SFP modules, I have come across an incompatibility.
  12. Lumin U1 MINI Review by Australian Hi-Fi magazine: http://www.luminmusic.com/downloads/Lumin-U1-Mini-Review-Australian-Hi-Fi-Magazine.pdf
  13. Between a fanless option and a fan option, I'd prefer a fanless option. I don't see a modern fanless offering from Synology though.
  14. In another non-English language forum, a Lumin U1 MINI user reported a positive result after changing from Synology 216+ to a fanless SSD-only PC running Snakeoil Linux + MinimServer. In Snakeoil configuration, he unticked all Music Software except MinimServer. He put the topmost processes in TOP status to Process Priority. He experienced some trouble with booting from NVMe, which was worked around by booting from another drive then patching the OS.
  15. With the music library properly tagged and using MinimServer, there should not be a need to use folder view in normal situations. There are indeed limitations of the folder view, and its browsing performance is much lower, so it's best to avoid it.
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