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  1. Yes, MinimStreamer should work as we have success reports of using it to transcode DSD128 to PCM for playback with DSD64-only Lumin A1 / T1 / D1. D2 supports DSD128, so MinimStreamer is not necessary for DSD128 playback. However since you call it an "app", I'm not sure it is what you think it is.
  2. I tried to googled it but could not find what it is. Please check the spelling and/or give me a link to look at.
  3. USB audio output has already been automatically disabled in the absence of a USB DAC, unlike S/PDIF, AES/EBU, toslink etc.
  4. I believe that's Roon Lab's position as well. However, Roon's own Nucleus is fanless.
  5. I think that is close to Roon Labs' own position. See rule 1 here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Sound_Quality I suggest using a fanless Roon Core.
  6. From the U1 to X1, the major differences for the transport SQ are the improved design of the X1 PSU, improved power supply circuit on the X1 board, the femto clock and support for optical network. U1 / U1 MINI / T2 / X1 use the same processor for transport functionality, different from that for S1 (despite the marketing description).
  7. A dealer has this to say about the new Lumin AMP (Class AB) at https://www.audioshark.org/axpona-138/axpona-2019-best-16274.html We have just got a new batch of Lumin AMP (silver). US MSRP is roughly in the ballpark of Lumin X1.
  8. If you're doing upsampling to DSD64+ 3.072MHz (instead of DSD64 2.822MHz), many DAC do not accept it.
  9. Reposting @BlueSkyy impressions of Lumin X1 in https://www.audioshark.org/showthread.php?t=14248&page=21&p=269022#post269022
  10. Why don't you use the analog output of Lumin A1?
  11. 6.1.7 is the version of the Lumin app. In Lumin app, you can find the firmware version of A1 from Options (under Lumin A1) -> About.
  12. Stereo Magazine awarded a 100% in Sound Quality for the review of Lumin X1 on P.12: https://stereo-magazine.com/flipview/epaper/stereo-magazine-21-2019-21/
  13. Yes! This is one of the major improvements made in X1 regarding SQ. X1 does not have HDMI output.
  14. Power off the D2 and all control devices. Power cycle the router and all network switches / access points. Wait for 5 minutes then power everything up.
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