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  1. With this angle on the pickup, it must sound shiit and no good groove
  2. What case 🤨. Someone didn’t like one headphone and rant about it.
  3. It is impossible to say if position A is better than B without testing, but most speakers sound better if they stand more freely so my guess is its closer to the B than A position. The first thing I noted in the picture, and it’s very common, is that the listing position is next to the wall. My experience is however that sitting close to the wall always diffuse/compress the sound and make it muddy and the image blurry, the bass less punchy and more one noted etc. The reason for this is all the direct reflections from the back wall. The amount of reflections in dB is almost as high as the direct sound reaching your ear and you don’t want that. What you can do is (1) move the couch away from the back wall every time you listen to 2 channel music and then move it back again if it looks wired. (2) Sit in a chair in front of the couch. (3) Get diffusers (or combining diffusion and absorptions) and place them on the back wall behind you. (4) Get diffusers and place them on the back wall behind you and move the couch away from the back wall every time you listen to 2 channel music, best.
  4. I can’t understand why so many people feel that they need to make it their life mission to debunk what many audiophiles say that they can hear. If what some people hear or think they hear is all bias, so what! Is it really a problem what someone want to spend their money on? Deforestation, climate change, over-fishing, Ebola and other virus epidemics and many other things are of common concern. If I want to spend my money on an IMO “better” USB cable, is not. The rescue mission to save audiophiles from their own bias is only beneficial up to a point after its just touting of ideas. I believe that a bit is a bit. Is there nothing more too good sound than to get a bit perfect transmission? Yes of that I am sure. And yes I can be sure without knowing exactly what it is that makes two bit perfect digital gear sound different, I just know they can do. It’s the same then I throw a ball up in the air. I don’t need to know exactly why it will fall back down, it will do so regardless of my knowledge. My ultimate measuring instrument for SQ difference between gears is my ear. To some what I or other hear is useless, but if something sounds good to me in my system it’s sounds good to me. If something OTOH doesn’t sounds good to me in my system it’s not for me. It’s IMHO a simple and subjective way of selecting and matching audio gear, but in my experience also the best.
  5. At the bottom: It leaves me cold chifi junk It sucks It sucks big time WTF OMG Poo poo At the top: Good but no cigar Night and day Holy shit OMG True bliss I got tears in my eyes My wife got tears in her eyes Mike Tyson got tears in his eyes Even the f*cking robots at work got tears in their eyes
  6. Sorry to hear that it doesn’t work properly. Have you contact Jesus @vortecjr for help to resolve the contact problem?
  7. My remark was about human ability to hear sound in vertical directions and not from recordings.
  8. Yes I know what precedence effect is. Its real and you need to take it as well as and all other acoustic characteristics in to question then position the speakers and acoustically treat a room. I was very clear about the big room has to have good acoustic, see condition 1. It’s not a big room that makes the music sound big and airy, see my first conditions about the recording. What a big room does is letting us place the speakers so that that they are further from back, side and back walls, at the same time as we can place the speakers further apart. To place the speakers further from back, side and back walls result in a less compressed sound than in a small room, everything else held equal. I have never been to any concert, no matter if it has been a small intimate club or bigger show, there the stage is 2 meter wide. In a big room there the speakers can be positioned 4 meter apart and 1,5 meter from side walls the sound-stage is more like a live concert. With bigger room you will sit further away from the speakers and the sound from the different woofers will blend in better IMO. Sub bass can be problematic in all room and the problem depends of size, form and material of the room. I would not say that bass is a larger problem in a big room, if anything it’s easier to treat many of the reflections, place tube traps and so on in a bigger room. If you rather have a small room and think it sounds better that’s fine by me and congrats it’s normally both easier and cheaper to get a smaller room. I OTOH would like a big listening room because I know from experience that the best and most lifelike sound I have heard is when all three conditions I stated earlier are achieved in a big acoustic treated room.
  9. I didn’t specify how big a big room and what room is small. I presented three conditions that will be of importance for reproducing an accurate sound and sound-stage. IME, a big room with high ceiling and good acoustic there you can set up the speakers further away (everything else held equal) will present a better sound with bigger sound stage and with more air between the musicians. In conditions three I stated that the audio gear should of course also match the size and the acoustics of the room.
  10. It is no problem to hear if a sound is coming in front, below or above us. It’s not as prices as horizontal, but I would not say it’s lacking.
  11. The ability to reproduce a realistic sound stage and all other SQ aspect associated with the sound of a live concert depends of the fulfillment of tree general conditions. All need to be really good for us to get the sensation that we are hearing music that sounds like it’s been played on a stage in front of us. The reproduction is never 100% like IRL though, but if all tree conditions are accomplished we can get pretty close. The record. If the sound stage is small, the ambient over damped or any other limitations the recorded will sound like that. That includes the height. A good and accurate recording of the event is therefore paramount. The listening room. A big room with high ceiling and good acoustic there you can set up the speakers further apart (everything else held equal) will present a better sound with bigger sound stage and with more air between the musicians. The audio system. Well matched gear of good SQ will reproduce a more realistic sound stage, deep bas and all other aspect related with the sound of a live concert better and more lifelike than a stereo setup with not as good and matching gear. The audio gear should of course also match the size and the acoustics of the room. So yes the height of the sound-stage and the ability to reproduce that and many other sound aspects realistic depends on record, listening room and your audio system. If OTOH one of the above is not fulfilled the sound will not sound even close to a realistic sound-stage.
  12. I believe jaaptina’s ranking is reversed and his/her best ranked streamer is listed last.
  13. Maybe a bit OT, but somehow still relevant IMO if the ability of using a device is asked for. What SQ can be gained in reality by playing those extremely big files (and on ram) compared to more normal sized hi-res? The extra storage, transference, re-clocking, buffering, conversion, more clocking, more transfer and calculation of merely more zeros. This extra transfer, clocking and processing of zeros takes place multiple times in a digital streaming audio chain before the final Digital -> Analogue conversion. The amount of small details that can be recorded and proceeded in a recording studio or live concert is reached and exceeded with 96 KHz 24 bit recordings. Left is the digital filtering that can be done in higher frequency if we make the files bigger by adding more zeros. If filtering in higher MHz would be better will say.
  14. I am certain that a simple media server like the Raspberry can deliver good sound. I dedicated second hand DAC/CD player can be purchased rather cheap and will sound better than almost all DAC boards that is located and that get its power directly from the computer. A good dedicated DAC, CD or Blu ray player is important and even more so if you going to connect it directly to active speakers. It has to have enough clear output power otherwise it will never sound good. I don’t know what the best value active speakers would be, but JBL has some decent low cost ones that you can add a subwoofer too later on. https://www.thomann.de/se/jbl_308p_mkii.htm
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