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  1. Aesthetix Janus Signature or Eclipse ARC 5 or ARC 6 MOON 740P Constellation Audio Inspiration
  2. I mean exactly what I wrote - I send it back to the dealer in Netherlands.
  3. Am talking about people that purchase Taiko Audio Extreme or use HQplayer because of their SQ.
  4. I understand what you are saying, but if this would be 100% true people would not buy servers like Taiko Audio Extreme or use HQplayer.
  5. Not really, the EX-M1+ is essentially identical to the EX-M1, but adds some features like dimmable display, a preamp output and a home-theater bypass to entirely bypass the preamp stage. The speaker terminals are WBT copy btw. The XLR and RCA l made by Neutrik, only the IEC are from Furutech.
  6. CPU load as well as power load by themselves do not say much about SQ. Just like it doesn't for different amplifiers. A really good server that is made to work with high CPU/power load and that has PSU and other components for this can sound much better than a less good server - even if this server works with much lower CPU load and lower power consumption. I agree with what you says about not all audio system will reveal/show subtil SQ changes.
  7. I had the Kinki Studio EX-M1 for two weeks, a couple of years ago. It sounded good for its price but the quality of the speaker taps, VC and some channel imbalance made me send it back and buy a used Simaudio Moon 600i instead.
  8. Yes, but the energy flow through the fuse is caused by the energy consumption of the PSU so it has a direction.
  9. I watched Alex Winter’s documentary on the life and work of Frank Zappa yesterday. If you are a Zappa fan like me you will want to see it. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/how-to-watch-zappa-documentary/
  10. Yes cables and electronic are sensitive to vibrations. The foam pipes has a anti-vibrant function as well 🙂.
  11. I have heard Beolab 90 and it sounded bad, just like all other gear from BO IMO. I really mean it, Beolab 90 actually didn't sound good and not only compared to other speakers that costs as much as they do.
  12. The 4pin XLR connection is a true balanced connection for headphones. It is only between electrical gear that we use 2 x 3pin XLR connectors. The extra pin is for protection (safety ground) only and have noting to do with balanced transmission. Whether the amplifier works (internally) in true balanced configuration (i.e. differential signaling) or not is another matter. https://robrobinette.com/Push-Pull_Vs_Single-Ended_and_Balanced_Vs_Unbalanced.htm https://forum.headphones.com/t/single-ended-balanced-differential-what-it-means/3571
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