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  1. It's never too late to change, not even for Jesus .
  2. Fantastic, should be seen IRL
  3. I use speaker amps to drive all my headphones and have done that for the last four years without any problem. Before I used a Marantz PM11 and are now using a Simaudio Moon 600i, that like very much. If you planning on using a tube amp you should know that not all can be used directly without risk of damaging your ear, amp and headphone. The reason is that many tube amps need to have a constant load on the output and not all headphones provide that or that you disconnect the headphone while the amp is on.
  4. I agree, forum like this is for members to share their experience with everything from quality control to sonic impressions. It is always good to let both parts share their descriptions so we all can make our own conclusions. No member or manufacturer has been favored and no cover up. I have read and made my own decisions NOT to buy from manufacturer like Paul Haynes for example, because of the very long delivery time, LH Labs for not even deliver already payed for gear. Others can make their own decisions, but to do that we need to hear both sides. I think personally that the frenzy of complaint re something IMO as trivial as the paint of a screw of a devise that is easy to change by the costumer, is disproportionate.
  5. I liked the design of the Sakura. This is odd but also kind of cool in some bizarre way.
  6. More or less, but I do not which for all humans to die and think we can coexist .
  7. I agree that numbers can result a "score race" and have seen it may times. Hifi choice is good example on that. Still the same is true for reviews there the scale is only described with words IMO.
  8. If we lose a lot of organisms and if many ecosystem would decline or collapse the humans and our society will be affected negatively as a result.
  9. By "saving the planet" we do not only mean humans, as there are many other organisms on earth that is much less adoptable to environmental changes.
  10. Thank you for responding on the topic of this thread. I only use the reviews as guides to whether a device is of sufficient interest to investigate further. The problem is that we have so many audio gear nowadays and I feel that many reviews are too vague for me to get a good grip of the actual SQ performance. I like a review to describe the sonic characteristics of the gear as well as the scale of some of the performance aspects.
  11. Thank you for responding on the topic of this thread. I don’t know how reviews should be written, only how I like them. I agree that not everyone can be pleased. To me the problem is not the choice of words for describing SQ, the problem is to interpret the scale of those sound performance and the value of the product. By quantify in numbers in the summery, like in the end of those two linked reviews I believe it is easier as a reader to know the reviewer’s verdict than if the same is only written in text. It is also easier to directly compare two gear that has been reviewed by the same auteur if the verdict of some of the parameters are quantified somehow. The points is of course always subjective, but with them we would at least know how the reviewer quantify different SQ aspects and don't need to interpret how someone use the words like better, good, great and so on. I think that the value aspect of audio gear is very important and something I would like all reviews to reflect about more. https://www.stereolifemagazine.com/reviews/item/1333-klipsch-heresy-iii-70th-anniversary-edition https://dekoniaudio.com/dekoni-blue-featured-in-the-hifi-ultimate-headphone-guide-2018/
  12. Yes they sound very good, I have been told, and definitely look better in black. They had no real sub-base thou and could not play loud. But many loved them and some used two pair to be able to play a bit louder. Mark Levinson liked them so much that they built their famous HQD loudspeaker system with them. You can see the subs and all the amps in this photo. https://www.stereophile.com/content/mark-levinson-hqd-loudspeaker-system http://www.vintagehificlub.com/quote-elettroniche/mark-levinson/ @Kal RubinsonI have heard them be called Fire Guards as well.
  13. Maybe but I didn’t like the sound of them or any other speakers from Bang & Olufsen.
  14. Martin Logan CLX is great and one of the best speakers for acoustic music. I have never heard them with subs. With witch matching powered subwoofers did you hear them with, and do you know the cross over frequency?
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