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  1. How does this statment correlate with your other posts and who will decide which DAC that is good?
  2. Please provade evidence to support your claim that it's impossible to "stop a PC from being "noisy". Please provade evidence to support that source noise have no negative impact on SQ. You state "PCs are noisy, that's a given. It's the way they are." If that's the case (and I don't say it is) wouldn't it be better to use another type of source than a PC?
  3. By measure the level of noise or blind test. Noise can easily be measured btw. It's the affect different form of low level noise have on different equipment and SQ that is not established.
  4. Sorry am I'm not interested and find it a waste of time to discuss with people who mean that samples have to be corrupted to affect sound quality.
  5. Are you serious? Noise, jitter, FN, RFI, EMI etc etc.
  6. Most manufactures are indeed trying to stop noise from getting both in and out of the DAC using filters and galvanic isolation. GI can be done with transformers or optocouplers, but it’s not perfect since there is always very small amount of capacitance between two sides of galvanic isolation which allowing very high frequencies to pass thru. Another (IMO better) way is to reduce noise on the source.
  7. Yes many try to clean up the signal instead of preventing the signal from getting polluted.
  8. Are you absolutely sure that it is indeed desirable that a DAC is very insensitive to noise on the signal input? Serious and fundamental question. Context: There is always a great risk that in order to become completely insensitive to noise, extra circuits such as galvanic insulation are needed. Some think that step analogue filters, GI etc. can have a devastated effect on SQ and that it is bigger than the advantage they have on reducing noise, which often are already very low, at least if feed from a low noise source. The negative effects is caused because those filter/GI etc. fu
  9. I have no problem with that. It's the lack of showed correlation between what's measured att the output of DAC or amp and actually SQ that's rarely presented objectively in those so called objective threads, IME.
  10. Only you have experienced a transparent setup. We get it, but don't buy it.
  11. Very small buffers (low latency) sound best IMO. The lowest possible latency just before it start lagging it is.
  12. Its not really what I meant. Am talking about objective observations and evolution. The theory of evolution is one of our most comprehensive scientific theories, and applications of the theory are used in many areas of society. The theory of evolution is an overarching main theory that sheds light on all biological sub-sciences, such as genetics, biochemistry, physiology, behavioral science, etc. The theory is supported in return by all these sub-sciences. There are also a huge number of different branches of science that, both together and individually, confirm that an evolution has taken pla
  13. There is only one way to determine sound quality and that is to use our hearing. But even then consider that not everyone wants it to sound the same IRL, so one should not think so just because we debate playback equipment. Some people think that Gibson Les Paul has the best electric guitar sound while others prefer Stratocaster and some do not like the sound of electric guitars and prefer acoustic guitars like Martin D-28. Is one objectively better?
  14. It's not about trying at random it's about doing observations. Without confirmed observations, everything are just hypotheses. I wish that you would know just how many inventions and theories that are based on things that happen in the natur and that we humans just copy.
  15. My experiences of this forum, is that almost none of the threads are objective or even aiming on being objective. Just read the name of the topics and first post and you can see that they are not objective at all. Objective means based on real facts and not influenced by personal beliefs or feelings. Sound and sound quality can only be determined by using at least one of our sense, our hearing. More senses can/are often used together IRL. FYI: The human sense of hearing is subjective and depends on how electrical signals from the ear are interpreted by the brain. Psycho
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