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  1. To me Alex was a good guy and a passionate audiophile with a free spirit that said what he believed in and stood up for it, no matter what! All the best and rest in peace ❤️
  2. The FZ albums I have played the most is: probably You are what you is and One size fits all. Well also The best band you ever heard which was the tour I saw him live.
  3. Other, a bit less well known, albums I can recommend.
  4. I have no idea what you mean. Even if I focus on the music a bad sounding recording or system will sound bad. I would say the opposite, if I only listen to music as background music while doning something else, the quality can be lesser without irritate me that much.
  5. "Lifelike" is an adjective that relates to anything that simulates real life, in accordance with its laws. Its goal is to immerse individuals into what is called a lifelike experience. It gets as close as possible to real life behavior, appearance, senses, etc., therefore enabling its subject to experience what is happening as if it were real. In other words, simulating reality with its physical laws is the objective of lifelike experience. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lifelike_experience
  6. CC can move the last 3-4 pages to his new thread.
  7. That's not true. Please show me there I have said that the system make all recordings sound great? I advocate the use of unprocessed natural sounding records to evaluate audio gear.
  8. Yes as long as you know which has which flavor :)
  9. Really that is not what I have said at all. I want it to sound like on the record, BUT have no way of knowing exactly how a particular record should sound like, so am left with the universal keys. Does it sound real and lifelike or do I want to stop listning after just 1/2 hour? Does a bunch of good recordings sound more like real instruments, played by real people, in real spaces with this or that gear? You have said that your goal is accurate to the source, but one can't hear accurate to the source by listning to a specific record.
  10. Yes we have preference in sound, color intense, food the list can be long. I get the gear that I think sounds natural, transparent and lifelike. It is not doubt that others can chose differently.
  11. I don't have to. I listen to many artist and records. Not all aim for unprocessed sound. That doesn't mean that my audio system has to add its own flaver on top of that. By have a transparent and uncolored system I probable have better chance to get closer to what the artist desired it to sound like, than with a tuned system.
  12. To get it to sound like real instruments, played by real people, in real spaces is my aim and what I pay big bucks to get as close to as I can with respect to imperfect recordings and all.
  13. Real instruments, played by real people, in real spaces — that was ever the the referent, and the aim. That's “the absolute sound”.
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