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  1. @NenonHave you personally tested the Taiko Audio DC-DC ATX yet? If you have which LPS did you feed it from?
  2. Fantastic sound and foot tapping music is without question the goal for most of this hobby. At least I wholeheartedly agree with that!
  3. You’re probably right, but don’t forget inspiring threads like MQA in Vaporware and Fas42’s Stereo ‘Magic’ 😁.
  4. Summit


    Is the grounding in a circuit always zero? “Most answers relate to electrical circuits, where occasionally the concept of earthing and grounding is misunderstood. In electronics and DC circuits, grounding is a means of using the body chassis as a terminal point of the power. Note that the Potential difference between any two points is the voltage. So it need not be zero. A 5V circuit, if you use +ve terminal as grounding point then the ground will be +5V with respect to other measuring points. Since DC wiring always require two terminal wiring, positive and negative, to reduce wiri
  5. Summit


    Facts which facts - what about reports from people that have actually tried them in real quality systems. Here is a few about CAD and if you look or ask around you will found many more for many other manufacturer. Well if you aren’t one of those conspiracy guy that think everything is a big plot. “Now that I’ve lived with the CAD [Ground Controls] for another couple of months, I can render my verdict : I can’t live without it. After listening for weeks, I pulled it out of my system, listened for a few minutes, put it all back immediately, then wrote a check” – Michael Fremer, Analo
  6. Summit


    Interesting that you think that everything which changes sound quality in audio can be measured @Superdad. Please back this up by publish measurements of UpTone Audio gear.
  7. Summit


    So no measurements or blind test. Haha you are such a hypocrite.
  8. Summit


    Who appointed you to be the judge of what needs extraordinary proof. Many thousands have heard the effects of ground boxes. So it’s actually physically possible and just because you don’t understand how something works doesn’t mean it doesn’t.
  9. Summit


    Factually incorrect statements you say, lol. I guess Nordost’s explanation about how their QKORE works must also be factually incorrect then. “A great deal of the electrical noise in hifi systems is caused by imperfections in the power domain. These imperfections may be generated by airborne pollution on the AC line that are induced, in part, by increasing amounts of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals. Airborne pollution can take the form of high frequency interference, noise, and stray magnetic fields, which lead to AC line contamination. A poor, or “unclean”, ground causes mo
  10. Summit


    Am still waiting. When are we going to see the measurements of Sonore gear?
  11. Summit


    "First there is the use of strong magnetics ... second I believe Tara uses a special ceramic mix ...third and completely different is the use of the grounding box as a central single point ground and lastly is the use of crystals such as Tourmaline as Davidpritchard has mentioned Starting with the magnets and ceramic mix ... electrical signals are always accompanied by magnetic fields ... electrical fields follow magnetic fields when magnetic fields are properly aligned in a North South orientation Strong magnets when placed on the ends of a conductor will help draw the current through t
  12. Summit


    Listening evaluations without the influence of technical understanding of what is supposed to works and what doesn’t is the unbiased way of evaluate gear.
  13. Summit


    An electrical circuit relies on both positive and negative electricity. This connection is what gives an appliance or electronic device the power it needs to operate. If something goes wrong, there will be a build-up of energy. The safety ground serves as a return path for current. The ground gives IOW an appliance or electrical device a safe way to discharge excess electricity. The problem is that with several devices connected in one system true a “technical ground"*, small amounts of electrical interference can leak into the ground plane. "Remember the fundamental principal of
  14. Well as you know am no expert on MQA, but if am not mistaking you will need both MQA filter + MQA hardware to gain full MQA. I only have the MQA filter in Tidal. I strongly believe the below quoted to be true. Meaning that it’s not reasonable to expect that MQA/DSD/hires or whatever format can make a low-fi DAC sound better than a quality DAC. The auteur has also named a couple of MQA album that he liked. As you can see both are remasters, which is how/when I have experienced that MQA can sound better, but the question is is it because of MQA or the better remastering per se? “Neit
  15. I guess you know what to expect from the ant-MQA crowd here 😬. I am not a member of that group because, well of all the different digital format we have I don’t think MQA is so bad and with some records it can actually sound better. Of course the problem many has is that MQA is marked as been made for audiophiles and that it has better SQ than high quality (hires) recordings, which it doesn’t IMO. My system only does the first unfolding, so my experience is mainly with that. You have your own ear and can hear how MQA change the sound of different records, but one thing I will make
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