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  1. the deal with kazoo is that it's open home -- you need to add that to your upnp/dlna environment. bubbleupnp server will do the trick.
  2. @Melvin -- have you looked at lumin's app or linn kazoo (open home)?
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    One option is a multibit DAC card that can be installed in the Rag2. No need for another DAC. It won't be as good as the Gumby though.
  4. The intent is for the endpoint to be on the B side, so that it gets as clean and isolated data as possible.
  5. This thread is for the 200w version. If you're asking about the 400w version, this isn't the right thread.
  6. The optical rendu is just a roon bridge. All roon functionality is managed through the core.
  7. http://www.ghentaudio.com
  8. an integrated amp is a receiver without the tuner. there aren't many stereo receivers any more -- they're almost all home theater receivers.
  9. I was asking about power earlier and was told the OM consumed around 500 ma. It runs cooler with lower voltages, so I'd suggest something with 5v/1a capability.
  10. @BOBO -- upsampling to DSD512 takes a seriously powerful PC. Roon operates where the data flows from the PC running Roon Core (server) to a PC running Roon Bridge (endpoint). The PC running Roon Core does the upsampling. The alternative is to use HQPlayer. My understanding is that people use a second powerful PC to run HQPlayer and then run NAA on the endpoint.
  11. the required input voltage is a range -- any power supply with a voltage within the range will work fine. since power supplies that are recommended on the sonore web site are all 6v or 7v, anything in between will be fine. i doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference between 6v, 6.5v, or 7v (assuming the same quality power supply) -- just too small a difference.
  12. I had the same issue - @JohnSwensonsays it's okay but I switched to a 5v supply which runs cool.
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