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  1. have you searched youtube? there's got to be something there that someone has done.
  2. jcn3

    HQ Player

    @Jacky820 - you can't have the input device and output device be the same. Have you tried removing the input device?
  3. @Todd R -- probably best to put this in one of the other forums. Since Sonore doesn't monitor the site any longer, this forum is pretty much dead.
  4. it used to appear right under the "start a new topic" button on a tablet or phone. ah! i see it's now at the bottom of the page -- thanks @ShawnC. chris -- i would rather see it back at the top instead of the bottom if possible. i like as much consistency between the mobile and desktop sites as possible (and i'm lazy)!
  5. The "mark forum as read" button seems to be missing at least on my tablet (in mobile view)
  6. It was mentioned earlier that attached devices can only get 500ma from the Lumin, only enough to support a USB drive.
  7. look at the date code on the back of the unit, the translation is that it was made in the 30th week of 2017.
  8. @JM Sound -- you should probably add where you're located since you put "local only"
  9. @AudioPhil -- nevermind -- just edited the custom shell file instead!
  10. @AudioPhil -- now with HQP 4 out, when might we expect an update of the Shell Replacement menu (currently the menu item is looking for HQP 3, which I'm sure many also still use)? Thanks!
  11. do you have a nas or some other device that could be a server? one of the best/easiest ways to set things up is to run minimserver and bubbleupnp server on a nas. then put the ssr in dlna/upnp mode. then use bubbleupnp app on your phone to control things. that takes your phone out of the processing loop.
  12. @wklie -- i interpreted has pc comment the same way! was very confused.
  13. i doubt your nas could upsample to dsd. dsd upsampling is very very processor intensive -- really need at least an i7 processor.
  14. @stray_cat Sonore doesn't monitor this any longer. Go to the link under support at sonore.us.
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