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  1. schiit magni -- $99. considered a fabulous buy. https://www.schiit.com/products/magni-1 you'll struggle to try and get good sound from the headphone jack of a pc -- it's just a throw in on the motherboard.
  2. @judasz - hopefully, you'll find someone who's heard the cans you're considering. have you been over to www.head-fi.org? head-fi is a large site that's dedicated to headphones and headphone amps -- you should have good luck there.
  3. i don't think there's much if any break-in with them. i agree that they do sound a bit bass heavy and muffler. i use poweramp as a music player and i use the equalizer to cut down the bass some. i don't think you'll every find these to be neutral and/or natural. what they are is "nice" sounding, comfortable, and have good anc. i tend to use them on planes listening to music and/or movies. in that environment, these do exactly what i need them to do -- make flying a bit more tolerable.
  4. since cds are ripped to 16/44, a lot of folks here will upsample to the highest bitrate their dacs can handle at the time of playback. this upsampled file isn't saved. this is something audirvana can do -- again, check out the settings. dacs can typically handle 24 bit files via any input -- they max out on the sample rate. for instance, via coax most dacs max out at 24/192. via usb, it is common to go higher than that. your eitr was designed to clean up the usb output from your computer and convert it to a clean input to your coax, so it's value is dependent on the quality of the usb input on the rost. you'll have to decide on that one by listening!
  5. you need to look at your settings. when you rip cds, you're ripping to 16/44, so if you're getting anything besides 16/44 then your software is doing it.
  6. I would. The point of AO is to optimize the performance of the computer -- whether its a server or endpoint.
  7. he said he had already done that.
  8. i don't own one, so can't answer that question -- i've personally never owned a device where i couldn't set a static ip address on the device itself (so this would be the first i've heard of).
  9. i think what he meant was that instead of assigning the static ip address on the device, assign the ip address on the router -- essentially a permanent lease to the opticalrendu.
  10. that's correct -- the whole idea of the high capacity sd card is to keep everything within the rendu with files streaming directly out. i would think using roon would complicate things and probably compromise sound quality.
  11. @Adyc - ubiquiti makes great products, including wired routers: https://www.ui.com/edgemax/edgerouter-x/ the beauty of these is that you can now add the switches and access points you need without the limitations of a typical combo router (router/switch/access point all in one chassis).
  12. thanks -- i actually meant "with roon or via the website" (had a typo). @Daccord had the right answer, it seems -- tidal would play as long as you didn't pick from your favorites. hopefully that's a temporary problem.
  13. anyone else run into tidal issues within the last few minutes? suddenly won't work with tidal or via the website.
  14. i only updated the stuff that i use -- updated the menu, updated the kernel, updated roon. didn't update any of the others -- wonder if that would matter?
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