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  1. No, it won't damage it. It just won't work if underpowered.
  2. don't know that level of detail -- sorry. i just use windows remote desktop.
  3. imo -- audiophile optimizer is a great piece of software -- absolutely makes a difference on endpoints. i haven't specifically compared on a server, but it should make a difference -- i can tell a difference when i switch my roon server from ROCK to ws2019 gui and back. regarding your second question, audiophile optimizer runs you through a series of options that you can enable or disable -- one of them is whether you what to disable remote access.
  4. @edwardsean -- regarding sample rate, i'd go with what's on the sotm site: https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/shop/sms-200/
  5. @The Computer Audiophile -- i would love to see the "ignore" thread button have a bit more teeth to it. currently, the thread keeps showing up in the list of threads in a sub-forum and it causes a given sub-forum to show unread threads (bold in the list of sub-forums) even if the only one that is unread was ignored. it would be great if ignored threads could be treated like ignored users -- when you click on your handle, it would appear in the list of options under settings (like ignored users does) and be managed there. otherwise, it appears nowhere else. not sure if possible, but thought i'd bring it up.
  6. the manual for the 566 is very obtuse with regard to specifications. it looks like it is limited to 44k sample rates. it claims it is a 24 d/a converter, but it's not specific on whether it can do better than 16 bit inputs. since the dac is from the early/mid 90s -- cd-quality was 'the best' then -- i would bet it will only accept a 16/44k wav file.
  7. I think you'll exceed the current capability of the lps1.2 trying to drive both - it can only provide a little over 1 amp.
  8. I think you just need to get away from the KEF app. I stream to the ls50w via a Roon server -- better sound and rock solid performance.
  9. Its got to be a setting in your app. Have you checked to see what resolution you're downloading?
  10. My apologies -- for some reason, I read that you were inquiring about the opticalModule. You're right 7v recommended for the opticalRendu.
  11. yes, it'll work but will run warm. with 5v instead of 7v, it runs nice and cool.
  12. i agree completely with @pvanosta -- i read and enjoy both.
  13. In @plissken first response, he basically said you don't need to worry about it - UTP is fine.
  14. The JS-2 has two adjustable outputs so its twice the power supply!😁
  15. @Berlin -- you also need to install minimwatch. Minimwatch is the tool to do detailed configuration of minimserver.
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