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  1. With a new card, you'll have to set your rendu again.
  2. Sounds like you might need a new SD card.
  3. Agreed - Billy Joel's best album by far.
  4. At 9v, it'll be quite hot, even with 7v it'll be quite warm. I use 5v and they're basically room temp.
  5. alex and others have repeated said that the ER needs to be as close to the endpoint (the N10) as possible, so putting it behind the N10 would be best.
  6. the ultrarendu does not have the ability to assign a static ip address to itself, so it must be connected to a router. you can't connect the ultrarendu only to the mac because the mac has no ability to assign the ultrarendu an ip address. if you're more network savvy, you can add a second ethernet port to the mac and set the mac up in bridge mode (effectively making it a switch). you could then connect the mac to the router and the ultrarendu to the mac. there are multiple threads on setting up computers in bridge mode. i haven't done it personally, so don't know exactly how tricky it is to make it work.
  7. They do different things. The ER is intended to clean up network related noise while the IR is intended to clean up USB noise between endpoint and DAC. Not really an "or" situation - they should be additive.
  8. i would think that wouldn't be a problem. they've got to be bridging the connection via the i9 and the OR would still have to have an ip address.
  9. i'm also confused. i run roon rock on a nuc and store music on my nas. i can run squeezelite on my endpoint and play music without running lms anywhere.
  10. If you're meaning the December batch, that is correct. The ones shipped in the November batch all had the original firmware.
  11. actually its oxygen free copper with silver plating! 🙂 (unless you have the platinum starlight 8 which is solid silver)
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