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  1. kef ls50 wireless is roon ready. also dlna capable if you don't want to use roon.
  2. jcn3

    Roon skipping problem

    i've also encountered this situation using sonos as an endpoint. when playing music -- either from my nas or tidal -- the sonos zone will suddenly stop, usually after 15-30 minutes of playing. i've noticed that roon seems to think that the sonos zone is still playing and the play/pause button in roon isn't functional (the workaround was to forward to the next sound). my belief is that a sonos update (they seem to do a lot of them) is the source of the problem, breaking the communication link with roon. as mentioned above, i don't have the issue with roon endpoints -- they'll play on forever without stopping. bottom line -- i don't think it's your setup and unfortunately don't think you can fix it (sonos and/or roon will need to do that).
  3. i'd look at a ps audio directstream with the network bridge option (closer to $7k though). for less, how about a sonore ultrarendu w/lps (about $1300) with a chord hugo 2 ($2700)?
  4. i have seen similar issues with sonos zones, not with my pure roon zones. in my sonos zones, the music will suddenly stop, but roon seems to think it's still playing. appears some communication between the two has been broken with a recent software update. sonos puts out a fair number of updates . . . .
  5. jcn3

    Fidelizer 8.0

    i'm running windows 10. the machine runs dirac live and roon bridge (along with AO and Fidelizer). previously, ao was set up to use fidelizer as the shell replacement. the capability within fidelizer to start a media application was used to run a .bat file that started roon bridge and dirac live. worked like a charm. as mentioned above, the new version of fidelizer doesn't seem to replicate the functionality of the earlier versions. using fidelizer 8.3 as the shell replacement doesn't start anything. i tried specifying the specific media applications and tried specifying the .bat file -- again, nothing was started. note that fidelizer does start the applications when not using shell replacement. i'm not clear on what you're suggesting -- should i be using shell replacement in ao as used previously? what should i be doing differently? thanks!
  6. jcn3

    Fidelizer 8.0

    @Windows X -- would certainly love a response on this issue. thoughts?
  7. jcn3

    Fidelizer 8.0

    @Windows X -- upgraded from 8.1 to 8.3 and have a question about the media player application screen. i run AO and in the past have selected fidelizer in shell replacement. to start roonbridge and dirac, i had used a bat file that fidelizer ran. how is the best way to do this in 8.3? fyi -- i've tried (1) selecting roon bridge and dirac as media player applications and (2) selecting the bat file as the media player application. neither approach starts roon bridge and dirac when selecting fidelizer for shell replacement in AO in 8.3. both work fine without shell replacement. thanks!
  8. the issue is that dirac does digital processing on the file (changing the content), so the mqa data is lost.
  9. Actually, I do. The lps 1.2 doesn't seem to have the ability to provide enough current at 7.5v to power all three. I like the idea of switching the output to 9v - that might work. Good luck.
  10. it's really not that you're powering both the microrendu and the iso regen -- you're powering the microrendu AND the iso regen AND the e2 with the lps 1.2. if you tried another dac that was self-powered (i.e. it has a power plug), i bet you wouldn't have the problem.
  11. @Geoff1954 -- you're actually not using 7.5 v on the e2 dac. what's happening is that the iso regen is trying to provide 5 v via usb (usb is always 5v) to the e2. it can't do it because the lps1.2 is trying to power the microrendu, the iso regen, and the e2 dac but is being asked to provide more than 1 amp (it's max output) to power the three devices.
  12. no -- it's designed to be on the fly.
  13. definitely -- 2.2 is a more mature, more capable product. no reason not to update.
  14. jcn3

    N100H doesn't play songs in order

    Have you confirmed you didn't simply hit the shuffle button?
  15. agreed -- don't think the dac is the problem. a dac takes what it is given and converts it to analog -- it does it the same way every time.