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  1. more on the passive front -- nicely made units from luminous audio. can have single ended and xlr options. https://luminousaudio.com/collections/axiom-ii-passive-preamp
  2. wondering if the output (sample rate, bit rate, etc.) is not set high enough or if there are dsp/sampling rules that are limiting the output.
  3. how have you configured the zone in roon (settings > audio)? (edit: i've never seen roon show two different versions as one like shown in your pic -- usually the two versions are shown as two different options under versions)
  4. i'm so sorry this happened to you -- the circumstances certainly sound odd -- never have read about anything like this happening before. do you have pictures or has the unit been returned to you? i'm pretty sure @vortecjr will wonder about whether there's an issue with the sd card. i had someone do something similar to me once -- he insisted that one of the woofers was seized when received (not true -- tech support said that seizing only happens when over-driven) and the gloss black speakers color with small metallic flakes in the finish had gotten paint all splattered all over them. it was mind boggling . . .
  5. He has replaced the SFP in the OM, too - he has single mode at both ends.
  6. that certainly isn't the design intent for the usb regen. the power out from the regen was intended to provide the small amount of power a dac needs to negotiate the handshake with the usb source. i would use an appropriate power supply
  7. alex worked very hard on the manual for the ER to answer questions like you poised. have you read that?
  8. Do you have bubbleupnp running on your NAS? Kazoo requires Open Home capability (that bubbleupnp provides).
  9. @Theobetley what about your phone? you can install bubbleupnp app and set it up as a media server. from there you can stream from your library (assuming you have one) or a streaming service (assuming you use one). what are you currently using as a dac? does it have spdif input? i don't know of any way to make your dvd player work directly with a microrendu.
  10. You just need to put the info in the "signature" - that's what shows up below posts.
  11. I think you'd have better luck if you tagged him properly. It should look like this: @wdw. This is not a Qobuz sponsored thread (note that Chris started it), so David doesn't have an obligation to check this thread.
  12. Do you hear something that indicates a problem? My take is that if you can't hear it, then there's not a problem.
  13. Setting up a static IP address in DSM should look something like this (I'm not in front of my NAS to take screen shots directly from it):
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