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  1. Yes - that helps minimize noise on both the server and endpoint.
  2. @Mike Rubin -- i noticed the same thing. hefty shipping fee, huh . . .
  3. For what it's worth, I use the US-8-150 into a TPlink FMC without any issues. Not the same thing, I know, but I'm thinking the issues with compatibility will be minimal. Just need SFP modules that support the same speeds at each end. The US-8-150 requires gigabit connection.
  4. jcn3

    Fidelizer 8.0

    sometimes we forget how valuable tools like fidelizer pro are. i was switching around my rig (to simplify) and had an extra nuc7i5 so thought it would be a good idea to move the hard drive from my nuc6i5 to take advantage of the lower tdp from the nuc7i5. since you can't move fidelizer to new hardware configurations without migrating the license (i've done this once already), fidelizer wasn't working on the new nuc. i went ahead finishing the set up and played some music . . . my initial reaction was WHAT HAPPENED, THAT SOUNDS SO FLAT! instruments had no body, voices had no texture, and the soundstage wasn't there. after running through my mental checklist to see if i accidentally changed something, it took me about 15 min to remember that fidelizer wasn't in the picture. needless to say, i quickly put the drive back into the nuc6i5! immediately, i was rewarded with the beautiful sounds i'm used to hearing. @Windows X -- thanks for a great piece of software. it makes a stunning difference in my system.
  5. i back up my roon db in roon every night to a nas -- it's easy for me to retrieve as a result. it is the same drive (different folder) as my music library. you should have no trouble backing it up to an external drive -- just reference the same location you reference for your music library.
  6. i usually back up the db in roon, build/configure my new stick, and then restore the roon db within roon. works perfectly.
  7. @deanorthk - an ultra neo is $1200 -- a low power nuc (not i7) with 8 g ram and a fanless case is around $500 or so. i've found that you need a quad core to get best sound (in my experience). if you can find a nuc7 pentium (seem to be out of stock everywhere), that would be a great choice -- i got impatient and just bought a nuc8i5.
  8. @muslhead -- i think you need to take a step back. you've got people here that are trying to help. it's not the products that are the issue -- they're good and they both work. a lot of people use jriver as a dlna server and a rendu as a renderer/endpoint. the issue is some setting(s) that need to be adjusted -- it's just a matter of which ones. i think the best place to start is with eliminating the custom dac settings as was mentioned above -- there is definitely a history of that causing issues. the second thing i would do, is go into jriver and change the jriver dlna settings. in your current settings (from your screen shot) under audio > format, you're outputting everything at 24/192 (your setting says "PCM 24-bit") -- i would change that to "original". that way you're eliminating the possibility that your jriver server is contributing to the issue (it'll just be passing the file on at it's original sample rate and frequency). don't worry, you'll get there.
  9. @kirkmc -- yes, the node 2i is like the sonos connect -- does not have an amp. sonos wins on the ui in their software and they stream just about everything. bluesound wins on sound, but you pay a price.
  10. @kirkmc i've had sonos stuff for many years, but don't consider it something for a discerning listener. in considering the cost of the amp, i think you have to look at the incremental cost over a connect (which you'll need if you don't already have one). if you don't have sonos already and want better sound, i'd look at bluesound. it's more of an audiophile component (can handle 24/192) -- a node 2i is the equivalent of a sonos connect; a powernode 2i is the equivalent of a sonos amp. bluesound costs more, but will sound better. one way or the other, i'd use a separate amp.
  11. hi, i don't know the dac 8, but there are a lot of good dacs that are under $4k. a few that come to mind -- each of them have a large fan base: * chord qutest ($1900) -- https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/qutest/ * schiit yggdrasil ($2400) -- https://www.schiit.com/products/yggdrasil * holo spring dac v2 kte ($2800) -- https://kitsunehifi.com/product/holo-audio-spring2-dac-kitsune-tuned-edition/ * bryston bda-3 ($3800) -- http://www.bryston.com/products/digital_audio/BDA-3.html
  12. you're in the wrong part of the forum. Go to high-end audio pc under sponsor forums.
  13. btw -- do you have the level 2 spring dac (original version) or the new 2nd version of the spring dac? if you have the new version, supposedly the usb input is much, much better than the previous version. (i haven't heard either)
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