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  1. Can you put the Roon server and the Rendus all on the ER? What kind of switch is the 8 port switch? How did you have the 8 port switch connected to the ER (what on what side)? (Most issues seem to be because of trying to put gigabit connections on the B side)
  2. is 2.3 limited to 24/96? i'm anxious to get the resolution up to 192k like the current production version!
  3. i'm sure that is his opinion, but remember that it is just one opinion. the node 2i is a very respected device for what it is -- a $500 device (that offers a turnkey solution). how about getting a schiit modi multibit dac ($249) and just connecting your laptop to it? the modi multibit has a huge fan club.
  4. i don't think alex could possibly anticipate all of the things that folks on this forum think of. i think it would be great if you'd give it a try and let us know what you think!
  5. I think you really need to look at the Bluesound Node 2i. The Bluesound software can be run from any device and provides access to a wide range of applications. You may prefer other UIs, but the UI is pretty straightforward. While it is true that the analog outputs are not the best, I don't think you'll notice much given that you're using a vintage Denon receiver. If you decide you've outgrown the analog outputs, you can use the digital outputs by adding an external DAC. I think the Node is a great choice if you want a complete, hassle free, out of the box solution.
  6. @AudioPhil -- i know this isn't an AO problem, but would certainly appreciate your thoughts.
  7. Since you have it, give it a try and see what you think!
  8. there's a bigger thread on the nb in the general forum. here's the answer to your question:
  9. why did you create a new thread for this? it would be better to have kept it in the one you were already posting in. also, did you download the user guide?
  10. Even if you have disabled functionality, it would still be a managed switch and be assigned an ip address.
  11. not running ramroot -- i always do that last when things are sorted out. it's not reasonable to rebuild the roon database from scratch -- all of the items added to your library from tidal or qobuz will be gone -- not clear why a restore would create a problem. here's df -H here's systemctl status rtapp.timer here's networkctl here's ls -l /var/roon (i'm not running roonbridge)
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