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Bryston BDA-3 plus UltraRendu or PS Audio DS with Bridge2

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Hi Guys,

I am in a little of indecision here, These are the facts, I am the proud owner of a nice silver Bryston BDA-3 DAC, I was using it with a Microrendu, well I decided to start upgrading and it is getting messy, I like my shelves to look nice and also The secret is on simplicity, There are so many parts on a Ultrarendu or sMS-200ultra set up, for example you need an ultrarendu, then a Nice PS then you need a nice Switch then nice Cat7 cables then a NAS and the list keep growing you also need a PC Like the I5 then the itch continues and now you want a Linear PS for the PC and you end up with a bunch of small boxes and wires in your rack.


I started evaluating other alternative and a dealer is willing to make a trade of my stuff for a new PS Audio Direct stream dac with the bridge 2 that will make everything way more simple (DAC, NAS and a Switch) but I would like to hear if anyone here have had experience that DAC. I like the Natural/Neutral sound of the BDA-3 but I have no Idea of the sound of the Direct stream DAC.


I hope someone can give me some feedback.





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I've go no direct experience with either DAC (sorry to say) but... won't the dealer allow you to take the PS Audio home for at least a short audition?

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Hi Eric, 


I've no experience of the Bryston DAC but always admire their products and the amplifiers in particular. 


I do however have the Directstream Snr & Bridge II and thoroughly recommend both. The sound is fantastic and PS Audio are just a class act to deal with and really look after their customers. 


The firmware upgradablility of the Directstream is brilliant too. 


Happy hunting whatever you decide to do. 




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I have the same setup. BDA-3 fed HDMI from cable box, Roku, and Oppo BluRay. I also use  uRendu, with a HDPlex LPS, and the UpTone UltraCap unit. Short Curious Cable USB, and DIY power cabling.


I also end up with an Ethernet switch to provide connection for music server, DAC, BluRay, and Roku. And those cables too.


While I have enjoyed the act of creation for all this, it’s truly a rats nest of wires back there. I have started to appreciate the Lumin/Aurender approach. These just take the Ethernet and output ready to be amplified music. The Linn gear does this as well. None of these are cheap though.


The all in one boxes all help with simplicity, but there is less upgrade options, if any, other than upgrading the entire unit. It seems to be easier to get “best in class” parts in the separates approach.

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