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  1. It appears that it is an issue of mislabeled format. The album is actually a 5.1 multi-channel version, not stereo as the Qobuz app has labeled it. (Notice that the album title even indicates 5.1). Try this one instead and you’re likely to have better luck. BTW, I streamed the version in question via Roon, and Roon confirmed it to be 5.1 channel format. Should probably flag @dmackta on this.
  2. Yes, exactly. My wife occasionally uses the account at work via Qobuz app on her phone. She only listens to what's already there and is not interested in saving or 'favoriting' anything else. However... I have now come to a new realization about the content of my 'Favorite Artists'. Upon further examination, I think that the list is a reflection of all artists associated with every album I have in my library. And I see that my initial reaction/observation (that a significant number of artists were unfamiliar to me) can be explained by the following: Back when ECM first made the majority of their catalog available to streaming services, in a fit of over-exuberance I proceeded to save every single one of their titles into my Roon library (although I was using Tidal at the time, not Qobuz). That was somewhere around 1000 albums if I remember correctly. And, no, I didn't save them one at a time. I found a method to select all ECM and do a bulk-save. 🙂 It appears that the unfamiliar artists are associated with the (many) ECM albums in my library that I have yet to explore for a listen. So...no totally bizarre, random artists in there. It just seems that somehow all of the artists in my entire musical library became Qobuz favorites. But that still leaves the mystery, how and why? 'Favoriting' artists is just not something I've ever really done and therefore haven't been inclined to even look in the Favorite Artists section much (if ever, prior to now) so it's possible that this overpopulation has been there since the beginning. 1) The theory that there is/was some anomaly in the interaction between Roon and Qobuz is definitely worth considering. 2) I transferred my Tidal library to Qobuz using Soundiiz when Qobuz became available in the U.S. and I made the switch. I wonder if something happened there that caused Qobuz to think that every artist from all of my albums were 'favorites'. I'll embark on the process of deleting the unwanted favorites via the Qobuz website as dmackta suggested and I'll see what happens from there. Thx @PAR @rando @dmackta for your input.
  3. Thank you David. Greatly appreciate your time and help here. This will definitely speed up the deletion process. My only wish would be that there could be a 'select all' checkbox at the top 😊. Nonetheless, scrolling down the list and checking off artists for deletion will be much preferable to the alternative within the app itself.
  4. Well, thank you very much for correcting my typo (putting the '+' in the wrong place). Yes indeed, my sub is 'Qobuz Hi-Fi Sublime +' Now, back to the actual issue I'm trying to understand/rectify... First, let me clarify that I am indeed talking about behavior in the Qobuz app itself, not Roon specifically (although the over population of 'favorite' artists can be observed in Roon's Qobuz section as well... Qobuz -> My Qobuz -> Favorite Artists). Actually, there is. In Qobuz app (either desktop or mobile) go to an artist's page and click on the 'heart'. That artist is now 'favorited' and will appear in the Artists section of Favorites. To remove the artist from Favorites, go back to the artist's page and 'un-heart'. My Release Favorites are all correct, I did select each and every one of those. Same with Tracks Favorites (only 18 or 20 there and I selected them). It's the Artists Favorites that's behaving differently and I'm trying to understand why. If I ever favorited any artists in Qobuz I could probably count the number on one hand, yet there are well over 1000 artists in that list. I'd like to whittle than down to a handful but I'd really rather not go to each artist page one at a time to 'un-heart' them. So to reiterate, hoping someone can offer insight re: why the Artist Favorites behaves this way. Bug or anomaly in the US Beta app? Some other reason? And also hoping to hear that there may be a trick to enable a bulk 'un-heart', 'unfavorite' (or whatever you want to call it) the majority of that list. Thanks
  5. A Favorites 'issue' in Qobuz App I'm using a U.S. Hi-Fi+ Sublime subscription, primarily accessed via Roon at home but sometimes via Qobuz app when traveling. Hoping for some help understanding and resolving a curious situation/problem: 1) Favoriting artists is not a feature I've used much, if at all, yet just today notice that I have well over 1000 artists in the Favorites/Artists section of the app. Many of them I've never even heard of. I definitely did not individually 'heart' all of these folks so am wondering if there is any known current issue or anomaly that could explain this curiosity and what I may do to prevent further unwanted additions. 2) I can see no way to delete them en mass. Anyone have a method to do that? I believe they total 1300+ and selecting each individually to 'un-heart' them is a rather unsavory prospect. TIA
  6. Hmm... unless I'm missing something here, that's a peculiar decision on AQ's part. Most (all?) other MQA capable DACs use a blue light to indicate authenticated MQA file/stream in use, per MQA's desire I always thought. I wonder why Audioquest chose to do it the other way around?
  7. I’ve not ever listened to the album or the song. 🙂 When @RichardSF presented his issue/question, I simply suspected that ‘szell’ appeared somewhere in metadata of the release. Replicated the search in Qobuz, scrolled thru the album credits to verify and reported back. So not really an ‘error’ in search, yet still interesting that it tops the results list. But my curiosity is piqued. Perhaps I’ll give it a listen.
  8. Credits for track #11 'Will You Be There' include George Szell, Conductor. 🙂
  9. Tragic. His brilliant work with Cécile McLoren Salvant has been my only exposure to him, but I’ll now make the effort to search out whatever else exists if his recorded legacy.
  10. spin33

    iTunes Going Away

    Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) by Phase Five Systems https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-desktop-rdp-vnc-fluid/id364876095?mt=8 Don’t know whether this would fit your particular use case but might be worth a look. Works a charm for me for routine maintenance on my headless Mac Mini.
  11. 'Marketplace' highlighted in red at the top of the page? 😊
  12. Although others are reporting that email formatting issues on mobile (iOS in my case) have been resolved, I continue to encounter unreadably small text in some emails. Pretty sure I can narrow it down to only the emails that contain an embedded image. Emails with no image format perfectly. Perhaps I'm missing something in settings on my end? Here are a couple of screenshots from my iPhone XS.
  13. Oh my... no Brian Bromberg albums! Thankfully, I have a purchased copy of 'Full Circle' (my favorite) in my Roon library. But the others that I'd saved via my now defunct Tidal subscription...🙁
  14. I’m a US Beta subscriber and have run into the same thing on a number of occasions when using the Qobuz app (although I primarily search for Qobuz titles in Roon and the results are more accurate there). Searching on some artists can indicate (x) number of titles, yet when clicking into the actual discography, the number turns out to be something other than (x), usually fewer, and occasionally none at all. My theory is that the titles do exist out in the Qobuz ethersphere but are (hopefully) still waiting in the que to be transferred to the US servers.
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