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  1. Tragic. His brilliant work with Cécile McLoren Salvant has been my only exposure to him, but I’ll now make the effort to search out whatever else exists if his recorded legacy.
  2. spin33

    iTunes Going Away

    Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) by Phase Five Systems https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-desktop-rdp-vnc-fluid/id364876095?mt=8 Don’t know whether this would fit your particular use case but might be worth a look. Works a charm for me for routine maintenance on my headless Mac Mini.
  3. 'Marketplace' highlighted in red at the top of the page? 😊
  4. Although others are reporting that email formatting issues on mobile (iOS in my case) have been resolved, I continue to encounter unreadably small text in some emails. Pretty sure I can narrow it down to only the emails that contain an embedded image. Emails with no image format perfectly. Perhaps I'm missing something in settings on my end? Here are a couple of screenshots from my iPhone XS.
  5. Oh my... no Brian Bromberg albums! Thankfully, I have a purchased copy of 'Full Circle' (my favorite) in my Roon library. But the others that I'd saved via my now defunct Tidal subscription...🙁
  6. I’m a US Beta subscriber and have run into the same thing on a number of occasions when using the Qobuz app (although I primarily search for Qobuz titles in Roon and the results are more accurate there). Searching on some artists can indicate (x) number of titles, yet when clicking into the actual discography, the number turns out to be something other than (x), usually fewer, and occasionally none at all. My theory is that the titles do exist out in the Qobuz ethersphere but are (hopefully) still waiting in the que to be transferred to the US servers.
  7. Yes, I’ve longed for a couple of functional changes for seller listings that relate to your point(s). If an item does not sell, or if the seller simply changes their mind, or ends up selling in a different venue: 1) There is no ‘Cancel Listing’ option. Once a listing has been created, there appears to be no way to remove it completely from the site, even if no offers have been made. 2) There is option to designate it ‘No Longer Available’. One can only convert it to ‘Sold’, even if you haven’t sold it and just want to end the listing. And... 3) There is no ‘Mark as Sold’ option either. The only way I’m aware of to do that is to find the ‘Inventory’ section in Edit and change it to ‘0’. (Can’t say this doesn’t make sense, but it may not be intuitive to many folks. Took me awhile to figure that out anyway :-).
  8. Well, it's a bit of an interesting point, up to a point :-). IMO, discussions re: the definition of Hi-Res, what qualifies as Hi-Res, what doesn't, etc. likely should be in a different thread. It's not a 'Qobuz Issue'. It's a legitimate, but separate, definitional debate. That being said (and to the specific point quoted above), it is curious that Qobuz has chosen to use a Hi-Res logo that appears to be technically incorrect. @R1200CL is correct to point out that the logo used is the official designation for hardware, not software, (whether for recording or playback) that meets the JAS Hi-Res standard. The JAS logo for Hi-res music is different; see below. Who (other than Qobuz) knows why the choice was made? A clerical design error? A conscious decision? (The Hi-Res Music logo is a tad ugly and less eye-catching :-). For me it's no big deal, they could invent their own Hi-Res logo and I'd be fine. I'll continue to use Qobuz regardless. But they did make the choice to go with a JAS logo and for some reason used the 'wrong' one, so it is a fair question. And it can fairly, I think, fall into the category of 'Qobuz Issues', albeit a minor one in the grand scheme of things.
  9. Yes, 2L sells their releases in a multitude of formats (including MQA). They have, however, made the decision to provide only 'CD quality' (MQA encoded) files to the streaming services. 2L has publicly acknowledged this.
  10. Thank you, Jerome. Really looking forward to giving it a spin. Certain things in life are very much worth the wait. 😊
  11. Based only on the information you provide, sounds more like a hardware issue than software. Perhaps the CD reader you’re using is beginning to malfunction. Only speculation of course.
  12. There is only one title in Qobuz US database for Anthony Wilson (Trio). The majority of his catalog is missing.
  13. A sonic and musical stunner, IMHO. https://anthonywilson.bandcamp.com/album/songs-and-photographs Provided in a variety of formats, including 24/96 resolution, for $10US donation. TIDAL also has this. Qobuz US unfortunately does not.
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