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Weiss 202 series products @ CES 2010


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Weiss are showing their product ATT 202 Reference Passive Attenuator at CES 2010, along with the newer INT 202 Firewire Interface and DAC 202.


Please see Kent Poon's marvelous audio porn (photos, without the distracting words) at the Design With Sound flickr photostream below.




For even better viewing, download CoolIris, the Firefox plug-in that dramatically improves photo viewing on the web. Trust me!




Also, a couple of ATT 202 photos taken prior to CES


ATT Front Panel



ATT Back Panel









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Has anyone at CES heard the DAC 202 in action ?


Source: Pink Faun Ultra - Chord DAVE

Amps: VTV Purifi

Speakers: Trenner and Friedel RA

Cables : JCAT reference USB, Tellerium XLR, Kubula-Sosna Elation speaker

Plus CEC TL 5 Cd transport - Blackcat Tron BNC - Chord DAVE

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Thanks for the tip RE: CoolIris. I was wondering two things: Has anyone heard the INT202 interface? and secondly, for those of us planning on purchasing the INT202 to link a MacBook Pro to an external DAC, what brand of Firewire cable is Dan using to link the Weiss INT202 to his MacBook in the photo?


I am finding it hard to get good information and advice on which Firewire cables are suitable for computer-based music servers.






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Tom, I'm not sure where you live.


The GoldX firewire cable has been recommended frequently on this forum by many whose opinions I have learnt to respect. As a UK resident, this cable has proven impossible for me to acquire without a shipping cost from the USA at a decent multiple of the cost of the cable. However, happily I have ended up with an Oehlbach (£32 in the UK) - much better than the "premium" computer firewire cables I had tried. We are not talking lights on/off differences, but certainly a good few notches on the dimmer switch - lower noise floor, improved top end.




MacMini, Mytek Manhattan I DAC, Avantone The Abbey Monitors, Roon


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"The firewire cable is not that critical, just use not the cheapest one and make it as short as practicable. No need to buy pricey cables."


Just when I was starting to think that just maybe, possibly, I'm leaving something on the table by only using Gold-X, Daniel comes along with this.


Thank you, Daniel!




PS, to anyone who has a Firewire cable that they believe is a night & day improvement, do let me know. I'd be interested to test it.


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Just buy the appropriate cable with one end having the FW800 connector and the other end the FW400 (6 pin) connector. No need for an adapter. Although an adapter works as well.

Imho there is no sound degradation as long as the bits are conveyed unchanged. Jitter is not an issue as the Weiss DAC is the masterclock to the computer.






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Here is who I used to get a custom-made FireWire cable for my DAC2.




They have several short stock cables but I had them remove the power wire and terminate with FireWire 800 plug on one end (MacBook Pro) and a FireWire 400 plug (DAC2) on the other end. Also specified the length (18 in.) for my configuration.


The cost was $60 plus shipping from Kansas. I was pleased with their service and delivery. You can give them a call to discuss your particular configuration. Very helpful.





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Just give them a call.


That is what I did just to make sure I knew what I was getting. I was originally going to buy one of their power isolators that cut the power lead as well as a cable but in talking to them they said they could just build me a single cable for not much more money. They were very helpful, worth the call.


It is a small company, two guys run the company with two guys building cables.


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just call them and ask for a "Port Isolator Cable" and tell them the length you want and the connectors on each end.


You guys should know that it appears to me that what they do is split the cable open and cut the power conductors. Then they heat shrink it back or place a ferrite you pick. I have one and no issues to date.


Here is the info:

Mr. Riz Husami

Corporate Accounts Manager

The USBFireWire.com Team

[email protected]

Ph: 877-522-3779 - Ext 1

Fx: 316-239-2555




Jesus R



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"You guys should know that it appears to me that what they do is split the cable open and cut the power conductors. Then they heat shrink it back or place a ferrite you pick."


Thanks JR,


I'm interested because they can provide FW800 to FW400 AND eliminate the power conducting leg. This may be preferable to running the signal through an adapter.


I'll probably ask for no ferrites, based on reports here that ferrites impact the sound negatively.




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A fellow named George over on Asylum recommended two things for firewire...short length and Amphenol On Dmaand cables (cheap). So.....

Today I tried the Amphenol On Demand FW cables, based on his post. I have used GoldX exclusively since moving to them for my Macbook SSD to Weiss DAC2 (6 pin to 6 pin). Well, here are my unscientific findings after moving my Macbook close to DAC to do this tonight.... so far:

* 4.5M (14 ft) GoldX 6pin-4pin (with 6 pin adapter; in order to isolate Buss power) sounds very good, no noise, good midrange, etc

* 2M (6ft) GoldX 6pin-6pin sounds even better so far, with rich midrange (maybe slight upper bass bump even, but not obtrusive), no noise either.

* 1M (3ft) Amphenol 6pin-4pin (with same 6 pin adapter as above) sounds more like the 4.5M, but with less midrange warmth than either above cables, and a overall lean sound...nitpicking but comes in third nonetheless.


In all cases these cables are less than $20 each (Amphenol dirt cheap with current 75% off sale). I'm not sure why I'm hearing better via powered (no adapter) but it might be that the GoldX is better overall, even with power...as long as it is 6 ft or less. I will order a 2M GoldX 6pin-4pin to try. And I have a 4.5 M GoldX powered one (6pin-6pin) to test adapter vs no adapter only (will test tmrw night and report back).


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Thanks for sharing these test results.


Short (length) seems to trump everything. I'd die for an 18" Gold-X Firewire without power leg (or 6pin to 4pin).


I've still not found any cables to consider comparing to the Gold-X. The Synergistic is an absurd price, IMO.


BTW, Thanks again for the ASI Livelines recommendation (and also to silverlight). I've a pair of Franck's speaker cables on their way, and they were shipped the day before a significant price increase ($1700 to $2100/pair). I've about to get a custom terminated (TRS to XLR) interconnect, as well.









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