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  1. "I do resent spending even another $1k after spending $6k on the DAC." As would anyone. If you share the model of the DAC, perhaps we can better help you figure out the problem, or at least you could prevent others from suffering a similar fate. TC Applied Technologies is the licensing arm of TC Group. I believe their technology is licensed to others in addition to use in theie TC Electronic Konnekt DACs. Do you know if your DAC uses their DICE or JET PLL technology? Clay
  2. What DAC are you using? sounds like a driver issue to me, which would be provided by the DAC manufacturer. clay
  3. DJ, What amp / pre (if any) / speakers are you using? What other electrical devices are plugged into the Monster cable power center or nearby duplexes? Most common electrical devices use switching mode power supplies (and cheap ones at that). These put noise into the AC circuit. quality of AC is no laughing matter, although expenditures in improving it should be relative to the rest of the system. clay
  4. DJ, Are you using any power conditioning / or filters to protect your AC circuit from the computer's noise? If not, I'd recommend putting a dedicated filter(s) between your Mini and the AC circuit to prevent noise from the computer from polluting the AC your analogue gear uses . I'd look into something like a used PS Audio Duet / Quintet / etc for apprx. $150. Note: you'll be using it ONLY for the computer. clay
  5. Can you remind me what you're running? And what tweaks you've already installed? I upgraded a whole host of things before even thinking spending on a power cable for the Mini. clay
  6. Ted, I assume you tried VLC? Their feature list says multi-channel output (on OS X), but doesn't indicate which format. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/features.php?cat=av clay
  7. Good question, Ted. I'm only aware of some tweaky ambisonic players, but I assume you're referring to 5.1 or 7.1 setups? clay PS, I went looking for your unanswered post after reading your post about dropping off the Active list.
  8. "Will it integrate with apps like Amarra?" How would it? Why would it (as a competitive product)? It's a cross-platform UPnP player combined with an iTunes-like music library management function, as near as I can tell. EDIT: I read this again. One could interpret the words below to mean that TMM could be used with other players. "Use tagNplay as the center piece for all your digital audio needs, regardless of how you playback your tunes. Works with most players including local, USB and network audio players such as PS Audio’s PerfectWave audio products, Linn DS, XBox 360, PS3, and Naim." clay
  9. cfmsp

    Ads by Google

    Thanks Chris, "The money brought in from Google Adsense is less than 5% of what's earned through direct advertisements." Perhaps we can each (help you) solicit advertising from Advertisers we'd prefer to see here? Clay
  10. cfmsp

    Ads by Google

    Chris, Do you make more money from Google Ads than from placement of audiophile specific ads? I"m just trying to understand how great the need for your linking arms with Big Brother Google. Now that you mention its been going on for a while, I had seen the Kiva Microfinance ad previously, but perhaps tonight was the first time I saw (other) ads that I deemed to be directly targeted and simultaneously irrelevant to the subject matter of this site. Thanks for your concern about the readers, I'll return the favor by being concerned for your ability to pay the bills. clay
  11. cfmsp

    Ads by Google

    Peter says they've been here a year, and wgscott says he doesn't see them even now. Perhaps there's a way (for me) to prevent them from appearing? That'd be great. clay
  12. Chris, What's up with the new Google Ads? Maybe I'm in the minority here, but this is a huge turnoff to me, perhaps even a deal-breaker. It's one thing to be subjected to ads by Benchmark and the like, but a whole 'nuther level of intrusion to see Google Ads. As a point of reference, I'm the kind of guy who will never click on a link if I believe Google will receive money. Clay
  13. The Metric Halo LIO-8 is the little brother of the ULN-8, eschewing the 8 mic preamps and the +DSP software, with a price of $4k retail. You can access it's very high quality digitally controlled-analog volume control remotely, including with the Apple Remote (I believe). I don't use a preamp in my system, feeding my First Watt J2 directly. clay
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