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  1. I have a Zektor switch (used ) that I've never unboxed. PM me.
  2. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Yes, the audio room is coming along very well, with final electrical, then carpeting in the next 2 weeks. The end is in sight. Until then the RAAL SP1as driven by an SPL combo (Elector preamp and S800 power amp) is sounding wonderful.
  3. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Gauss long is nice for me, too, cuz still (at this moment) the only system I have is my RAAL-based one, and the slight roundedness of Gauss Long is welcome here on many recordings. But I haven't bought Mitchco's RAAL convolution filter set yet, so that may change it. But it's amazingly nice to have this flexibility in filtering for such occasions.
  4. ted_b

    HQ Player

    I REALLy like gauss long too (I7-6700k) at 32fs 20 bit Holo May. Piano is sublime. I told a couple folks I need to live with it this weekend and jump back to 4.90 and see if there is reason to live back there anymore.
  5. Well maybe we need to sell a Starbucks gift card with it and have some coffee while you wait. 😎 But seriously, yes we will look at upload speeds and try to determine some best practices for these larger and larger files.
  6. Why wouldn't he? He could bundle it with the Taiko ATX and instruct folks it must be connected through it (so as to power up correctly). Maybe I'm missing something. That handshake (USB to DAC) is probably the biggest handshake in computer audio, and if Taiko has such a world beater, proven to have value even outside an Extreme, do it!
  7. I am pleased to announce that, on Aug 6 (the actual release date of the album) NativeDSD will offer this album in full 32/352.8k that Jim Anderson sent us (label sent MTFFs of course). Also we'll offer what I think is the first stereo DSD1024 album version, as well as a 32 bit DXD multichannel version, as well. This goes along with the other DXD and DSD versions we often sell. Sorry for the promo. 😎
  8. I've not tested any of this, but for us multichannel fans the new benefit of Apple Music is the lossless Atmos releases.....and especially a VERY rare one indeed..Sgt Pepper!! Dolby and Apple Ltd (not Apple Music) used an unreleased version of Sgt Pepper to demo Atmos a few years ago, but it never reached release status. Now the folks on the Quad forum are saying that, indeed, Sgt Pepper is streaming in Atmos!! Whether it's the same mix, that is currently undetermined (strangely enough, the arguably greatest Beatle song ever, Pepper's closing track, A Day In The Life, is NOT in Atmos). Ap
  9. I am please to announce that, starting Aug 6, NativeDSD will begin selling the Patricia Barber Clique album in 32/352.8k, the original recording format. Zaphod, Rajiv and others asked us to do this and we obliged. We'll see how the sales go. I will push for other labels/albums as we move on. 👍 Note: also, we will sell the album in DSD1024 (the first stereo DSD1024 I am aware of) and 32 bit DXD multichannel
  10. Sounds like user error. I will read his article later. I do ec7 with a tenth of his cpu power
  11. I've owned a Spring 1 KTE for many years, reviewed it here, and NEVER have I been able to play 16fs (aka 705.6/768k). FYI.
  12. Great points, Barrow. Rethinking my question, there is no right answer unless you live here. 🙂 Thanks for responding.
  13. Barrows, et al, would you put a passive filter device like this in front of my Topaz iso transformer? Right now it's just a clean switch-free power strip into the Topaz.
  14. That was my thinking as well, but both Zaphod (owner) and Larry (builder) are smart people, so not sure what is going on there.
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