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  1. Sorry if I didn't explain my point. I realize that an endpoint can be a renderer But it can also be a rather simplified FIFO buffer, as in Jussi's NAA architecture. I am asking whether you (or Romaz, in this example) believe these different functions would have different cpu, power, noise profiles....or is low-power-low-noise no longer the perfect endpoint box in ANY circumstance?
  2. Bob, I feel like I am coming in on this conversation like someone at a cocktail party, where he joins a group and says "what are you guys talking about..." to get up to speed. Sorry. But isn't "endpoint" rather vague when it comes to the various tasks/architectures that an endpoint can be asked to do? I mean, Jussi's NAA architecture, and his minimalist/isolationist approach to "dac driver and that is all" is likely quite different than what is optimal for a Roon endpoint, or some other endpoint set of orders. Is Romaz's experience with HQPlayer and NAA, or some other thing (I should know this but sitting on the sidelines is very difficult)? And your experiences? Thx...send me a pertinent link if this is hashing over old already-discussed material.
  3. As I pointed out in my now old Holo Spring Level 3 review here, buying a Holo (Spring or now May) gets you TWO dacs for that price (i.e two discrete paths). You already own a great PCM dac (the Yiggy) but owning a May will likely get you a great PCM dac and a great DSD dac, and there are LOTS of DSD recordings you are missing out on (or converting down to lossy levels). My $.02
  4. Joel, Hi. Thanks for writing. You and I go way back in this hobby, and although I don't know you well, I know you well enough to know you are "one of the good ones" as they say. It is interesting that I found your article/editorial calming while others found it stress-inducing. I think that is one of the major issues with the internet..lack of inflection or soul. These writings can be taken like scripts, where one actor infuses amazing emotion and another reads it as if it is to be whispered. Was there one intent...yes, but the only one who knows is the author. The other TWO issues with internet discussions are: 1) an amazing embarrassment of riches as it relates to data. Any one of us can use data for our own argument, and even contradictory data can be made to sound symbiotic. 2) anonymity.. As the cartoon used to say "on the internet no one knows you're a dog." And it is so easy to start arguments behind this electronic distance that this becomes a catalyst for normally-even-tempered folks to then let it all out. What point am I making? Internet forums have to try REAL HARD to stay balanced cuz the natural tendency is to go the other way. I ask this question: do any of us also partake in other technically complex hobby's forums (automotive, astronomy, etc etc) that act significantly poorer than their older days counterparts used to? I would guess a big YES. Net/net, we need to act better, get out more (to audio stores, audio shows, etc) and meet our posters face to face and feel their real biases in the real world. I think we'll find we are way more alike than what is felt on these forums. BTW, thank your Chris for doing this forum, warts and all.
  5. Tim, I'm VERY interested once the room is done, but by then others will hopefully have chimed in. Nice work by you, Jeff (of course) and others. What are the PCM/DSD rates available? Really wish ASR 7 page "review" thread would have had at least some words about sq.
  6. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Sure oops I meant Ethernet input (not internet). So “all Ethernet dacs” have this advantage in your opinion?
  7. ted_b

    HQ Player

    So Jussi, are these dacs then the ones with internet inputs, or is there something else inherent in your examples aside from "simply" having internet inputs? Thx
  8. ted_b

    HQ Player

    To add to my !2S vs USB comment above, what I can remember is that the sq improvements using HQPlayer going through the Singxer centered around microdynamics, clarity and noise floor, not attributes of added euphony or bloominess often associated with "good" distortion. My $.02
  9. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Although my system is still down from the move I have documented profusely on this site (esp Holo dac review) that I, also, found going through the Singxer to be a big improvement sonically. Maybe I like distortion but I don’t think so 😀. It must be something we aren’t measuring? Dunno. Btw this was with the Holo’s first stock USB interface, nothing upgraded at that time.
  10. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Wow you can get to DSD512 via DoP? Can it do 1.5mhz PCM?
  11. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Xoverman, is this strange soundstage behavior happening on all source material (i.e does it happen on DSD->DSD512) or just PCM content being upsampled?
  12. Ankur625, what dac combos are you comparing this to (i.e which ones have you experienced)? And how does this combo do with DSD-based material, esp DSD256 recordings? I love Chords stuff, and have documented my awe of Rob and his thought process. But I've always felt his stuff doesn't do DSD justice like some other dacs. My $.02..I haven't heard the TT2/HMS.
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