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  1. I have not! We may try and get there...thx
  2. Almost bought tix cuz my buddy is in town but we’re going to Mark Knopfler at Red Rocks following night. Enjoy. I love KC. Saw their Three Of A Perfect Pair tour from 2nd row back in the day.
  3. I hope, with the addition of Atmos, that they prioritized standard 5.1 and didn’t do some hinky downmixing from Atmos work
  4. Nice write-up. His fone recordings are all done in DSD, unedited. The DSD versions, therefore, are VERY good (assuming your dac can handle them).
  5. So, Rando, you are saying your post was nothing but pedantic? If so, stop filling up my thread unless you have a meaningful tip or technique for EC, or need one. Thanks.
  6. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Over on the EC thread we've been discussing whether the I9-9900k is overkill vs the i7-9700k. I know Jussi states that although HQP doesn't use the virtual cores created with hyperthreading, the tool does indeed allow OS context switching between processes/threads to be faster. Is it a plus for the I9-9900k then (as the 9700k does not support hyperthreading)?
  7. Has anyone tried the 9700KF ("F" nomenclature states that the chip has the GPU disabled/removed). You'll need a video card, of course, but some are reporting (outside the HQP world) that the removal of the chip's GPU is a sonic benefit. I ask cuz it seems to be my target right now, what with @K6davis's logic, combined with the removal of the gpu.....and something like the Asus Prime Z390 A mobo.....seems to make sense.
  8. What if I'm running multichannel into an NAA (to an exaSound)? Will the 9900k be better or will I simply need a GPU to offload/
  9. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Yvienna, what GPU are you using? And mobo? Asus ROG STRIX X570-F Agesa Your posts would be great for the EC tips thread, thanks.
  10. Great point. You are right! It's about enjoying the music....right now. BTW, I'm jealous.
  11. No, I am in no way even non-seriously suggesting any one of us buy an HQplayer Pro license (that's for folks like my colleagues at NativeDSD, where you can buy EC7 DSD512 produced music). I am simply tempted (but with no system right now) to hear what EC would do to my music at DSD512, and a Pro trial license gets you there....for one minute samples. Yes, it could create angst...but it could also confirm that EC at DSD256 is 99% of the sq....one percent isn't hard to look the other way. But yes...10% is very hard.
  12. "Because it's there"....George Leigh Mallory
  13. We might all be surprised at the diminishing returns of EC at 512. Who knows (although before EC modulators 512 was a nice sq step up from 256). I really wish some of you would try the trial of HQP Pro and create for yourselves one minute samplers of EC at DSD512 of your favorite music, to compare to the realtime EC modulators at 256. Maybe it's not the Holy Grail...or if it is, we can at least start a savings fund for when 8Ghz gets here. Edit: non-2s samples too!!
  14. ted_b

    HQ Player

    David, I haven't tried it yet, but reports from folks I highly respect say it is an option I need to try. I will definitely report back once I am back in the saddle (months away).
  15. JTS, what do you mean here about the temperatures being not as good as your OC ones. I gotta assume OC produces more heat, right?
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