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  1. Jacky820, my system is not up right now. I am referring to what my system was when I did the review and updates. It's documented there.
  2. Barrows yes that is why I am asking whether these comparisons are against an upgraded Holo. And as I said my USB signal path was no slouch, with upgraded Linear powered Femto and USB 3.1 USB cards to the Singxer or direct, as well as Regen etc
  3. Just a comment from the peanut gallery (as most know my system is still boxed up from last years move and no audio room build yet): my Holo review, now quite old, declared that I found the I2S thru the Singxer to be quite a bit better than straight USB. I’m not sure whether these “USB bests I2S” real world comments are coming from those who have updated/upgraded the Holo’s USB interface. And I will go on record that my decently trained ears do not like more jitter. 😀 But I can’t sit here and tell you why I2S sounded so good (I use 1m Nordost silverscreen hdmi cable). And my USB path is well maintained.
  4. No, especially since it contains only DSD64 data. Kal, he is asking if the files originated from NativeDSD DSD256 downloads (the originals) and not the SACD rip (which is of course DSD64) would downsampling (bad term) them to DSD128 reduce the quality at all. The answer would be an oversimplified yes (but don't worry about it too much, especially if your dac can only do DSD128 max).
  5. If he got Bob's files from our NativeDSD site then yes they could be the original DSD256's from the Merging-based recording....but that's not what the OP said.
  6. He won't need to rerip the files cuz they are DSD64 (SACD native). For whatever reason he sent you remodulated files in DSD256. His orginal files from the ISO are DSD64.
  7. Not with the new EC modulators, though. DSD512 won't work (too cpu intensive for current cpus)
  8. Yes, back when my system was working I used HQPlayer and sent all PCM to 352/384 and all DSD to DSD512. When my new system (and room) is built then I will use the latest HQPlayer and may, as conventional wisdom teaches, use the newer EC modulators and DSD256. I will report back, but it will be awhile.
  9. Since I was referred to: with the Holo I do not convert formats; I upsampled PCM to 352/384 and remodulate DSD to DSD512 (although when my system is put back together I may follow the new conventional wisdom of using EC modulators to DSD256 instead)
  10. My Bluray box just arrived (the stuff I sent Firedog was sent to me from a colleague) and I'm ripping the 2 channel as I type this. I will send a couple tracks to firedog to make sure the bd rip I previously sent him was legit. I got wind of these differences from a Facebook post by Steve (Hoffman). Weird stuff. Stay tuned.
  11. Steve Hoffman hates it; says it no longer has the density so necessary for this album. ? "I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion regarding the new 50th Anniversary remix of The Beatles “Abbey Road“ Super Deluxe Edition. Sadly, I agree with Louis Bova's comments. The album is now a mess, so unlovely, so digitally compressed, so bright and unnatural sounding, so sonically compromised that it is headache inducing. I morn the loss of the subtle details and the musicality of the original mix, all micro dynamics squashed flat. Most people will love the new remix. Some people love GIANT compression. More than we think. Adds "detail" and we know how much that is loved. Audiophiles, cling to your originals. Everyone else, enjoy. The outtakes are cool. The 5.1 is timid and weak. So there ya go.."
  12. Given that my first real listen to this is on Amazon Music being played through bluetooth IEMs from my iPhone7!!!!...wow, is that two hands tied behind my back?? Anyway.... The surviving members must feel very good about this remix/remaster for many reasons, not the least of which is that their instruments (bass and drums) clearly get the "most improved" awards. Ringo's percussion work sounds great here, and really musicals-up several tracks that were splashy (relatively, of course...this is one of the greatest pieces of music regardless) before. And Paul's bass work is exciting to hear so clearly, let alone creating a better foundation for everything. And as far as revelatory...like The White Album's Long,Long, Long (IMHO by far the greatest improvement in any remastered Beatle song to date) this version of Sun King is amazing!! I can't wait to hear this album in a serious environment for it, first on my wonderful stereo system (new target is by new years day), and then in 5.1!!
  13. When his was one of the only reviews/previews available, what choice did we have??
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