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  1. Joel, Hi. Thanks for writing. You and I go way back in this hobby, and although I don't know you well, I know you well enough to know you are "one of the good ones" as they say. It is interesting that I found your article/editorial calming while others found it stress-inducing. I think that is one of the major issues with the internet..lack of inflection or soul. These writings can be taken like scripts, where one actor infuses amazing emotion and another reads it as if it is to be whispered. Was there one intent...yes, but the only one who knows is the author. The other TWO issues with internet discussions are: 1) an amazing embarrassment of riches as it relates to data. Any one of us can use data for our own argument, and even contradictory data can be made to sound symbiotic. 2) anonymity.. As the cartoon used to say "on the internet no one knows you're a dog." And it is so easy to start arguments behind this electronic distance that this becomes a catalyst for normally-even-tempered folks to then let it all out. What point am I making? Internet forums have to try REAL HARD to stay balanced cuz the natural tendency is to go the other way. I ask this question: do any of us also partake in other technically complex hobby's forums (automotive, astronomy, etc etc) that act significantly poorer than their older days counterparts used to? I would guess a big YES. Net/net, we need to act better, get out more (to audio stores, audio shows, etc) and meet our posters face to face and feel their real biases in the real world. I think we'll find we are way more alike than what is felt on these forums. BTW, thank your Chris for doing this forum, warts and all.
  2. Tim, I'm VERY interested once the room is done, but by then others will hopefully have chimed in. Nice work by you, Jeff (of course) and others. What are the PCM/DSD rates available? Really wish ASR 7 page "review" thread would have had at least some words about sq.
  3. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Sure oops I meant Ethernet input (not internet). So “all Ethernet dacs” have this advantage in your opinion?
  4. ted_b

    HQ Player

    So Jussi, are these dacs then the ones with internet inputs, or is there something else inherent in your examples aside from "simply" having internet inputs? Thx
  5. ted_b

    HQ Player

    To add to my !2S vs USB comment above, what I can remember is that the sq improvements using HQPlayer going through the Singxer centered around microdynamics, clarity and noise floor, not attributes of added euphony or bloominess often associated with "good" distortion. My $.02
  6. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Although my system is still down from the move I have documented profusely on this site (esp Holo dac review) that I, also, found going through the Singxer to be a big improvement sonically. Maybe I like distortion but I don’t think so 😀. It must be something we aren’t measuring? Dunno. Btw this was with the Holo’s first stock USB interface, nothing upgraded at that time.
  7. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Wow you can get to DSD512 via DoP? Can it do 1.5mhz PCM?
  8. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Xoverman, is this strange soundstage behavior happening on all source material (i.e does it happen on DSD->DSD512) or just PCM content being upsampled?
  9. Ankur625, what dac combos are you comparing this to (i.e which ones have you experienced)? And how does this combo do with DSD-based material, esp DSD256 recordings? I love Chords stuff, and have documented my awe of Rob and his thought process. But I've always felt his stuff doesn't do DSD justice like some other dacs. My $.02..I haven't heard the TT2/HMS.
  10. Thx. Yes, the dimmers will be on their own line, but also want to make sure to use the least noisy options for lights/dimmers. The walls are a sandwich of pegboards, framing, insulation (rigid and otherwise). The room dimensions work fine (Jeff has them designed so the nodes balance pretty nicely). The pool table comment is there from a cut and paste, as one wants enough room around an 8 ft pool table so as to have enough spacing for all shots.
  11. So I have been out of the loop on so many exciting things in audio (and video, frankly) since we made the big move to the Denver, CO area. You folks here on AudiophileStyle have been keeping me so pumped about how my new system will sound, given all the tips and techniques on Nucs, AudioLinux, power supplies, DACs (of course ), Etherregens, etc etc. I cannot wait! In 1987 we built a home in NE Ohio and I designed, with very little experiential data, a music room/home theater. Back then we had very little info, and I screwed it up a bit with double thick drywall, etc etc. Bass nodes would hang around in that room for weeks. Even in 2011 when I asked the great Jeff Hedback to assist me in redoing the room, we had so little info compared to now. But the results were amazing (and Jeff is very involved this time around, of course). Here was my old OH room (we left screen, pj and front corner traps to the new owners ). My new home has a nice high-ceiling'd (9ft +) walk out basement, and I am using a large portion of the currently unfinished area (bedroom and bath are done) to build a 75% music, 25% video room. I am doing several things differently this time, not the least of which is making the room wider so the 5.1 ITU-style setup, with surrounds at between 90-105 degrees, can work out. We have a back wall that is moveable (think barn doors) to accommodate an open feel (pool table, wet bar, etc) when serious listening is not in the cards. Additionally, the walls will not be drywall within the room, only those facing the rest of the basement, as well as the wet bar and fireplace seating areas. Also, I plan on trying Atmos on-ceiling (not in-ceiling) height speakers for a guilty pleasure of hearing things like Abbey Road (Atmos mix) and some movies. They will not be part of a 2 channel or 5.1 system, of course. A closer look at the room layout. Ceiling and the three fixed walls (as well as the barn doors) will be a specialized build involving pegboard, insulations and some acoustic tricks and hangers. So.....I have decided to write this thread starter to ask a few AUDIO-related questions of this wonderful group of audio enthusiasts. Forums like Quadraphonic Quad and AVS are good, but they don't understand serious 2 channel listening, for example. I will update it as we go along. Question 1: I plan on using eyeballs for the lights, and would love to have dimmers for mood, etc. My old room had miserable noise luck with standard Lutron dimming (pre-LED). What is the common wisdom now to keep dimmer noise out of the audio path? Question 2: Does anyone have experience with good Atmos height speakers? My short list so far includes SVS Prime Elevation, XTZ S2 Atmospheres and the Elac Debut atmos ones. Question 3: (Really should be leading question) Does anyone have issues with what we are designing here? I have not yet thought about equipment racks (I normally use Sistrum), their location, wiring tunnels or the like. Question 4: I plan on using an acoustically transparent screen (like Elite Acoustic Pro) to pull down in front of the center channel speaker (and possibly overlap with mains). Anyone use this type of screen and can comment on how "transparent" it is? Clealry this is when movies/tv/video is involved so audio takes somewhat of a back seat but I want it all. That's it so far.......thx
  12. Could we PLEASE take these fingerprint/licensing issues off this thread. I realize they are important, but not at all on topic with what this thread is about; that is, a compendium of tips, techniques and experiences with the new EC modulators. If you are having HQPlayer issues then post them in the appropriate thread, thanks.
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