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  1. Great post, but this would be even more relevant in the "Shootout at the Linux Corral: Audiolinux vs Euphony" thread, no?
  2. ted_b

    HQ Player

    You should PM Geoffrey Armstrong. He can help you.
  3. ted_b

    HQ Player

    CheapSplurge, The integration of Roon (front end) and HQPlayer (back end) is a supported one by both Roon and HQP. The use of JRiver as a front end to HQPlayer is a user-created integration (thanks Geoffrey Armstrong ) that should not be construed as equivalent. It has great features, but should be used by someone who knows their way around JRiver.
  4. Aren't we talking about Roon's inability to auto-scan/watch on QNAP vs on Windows? Kal, it sounds like your Roon is Windows-based (as is mine). Chris describes "watched folders" issue on QNAP-installed Roon, right?
  5. +1 Chris! As a poor analogy I sure hope my public library doesn’t throw out books that have been rarely borrowed. The good news is our libraries are housed not in brick and mortar but incredibly cheap storage. The need to throw out anything is seldom invoked. Kal, yes And as I joked earlier wait til we turn Chris into a multichannel guy. His 10TBs goes 25 in a hurry. 😀
  6. Just wait til he starts saving multichannel DSD folders! Yikes. 25TB here we come.
  7. Chris, I may have missed this but why aren't you sending Roon (NAS) to an HQPlayer machine to do the heavy lifting (modulators, upsampling, converting, etc)?
  8. What are the most demanding (and great sounding, of course) filters you can use with the EC modulators at DSD256 while having no video card? These GPUs that Jussi is touting (for good reason) are tres' expensive! Like a grand!!
  9. Rajiv, where do you put Jared’s recordings/Ivan Fischer’s performance of the Mahler cycle? I’m ignorant of Mahler basically so no dog in this fight (except my friendship and work relationship with Jared) Btw they never did the 8th given the resources involved.
  10. Leave clocks on all the time....and when first powering up (initial setup, power blackout interruptions,etc) expect thermal equilibrium will take 24 hrs (most likely won't).
  11. Chris, I would go to a REAL dispensary, not your cousin's friend's friend.
  12. This is one of my all time faves, and a great 2am listen. It’s a tonality/timbre champ. A majority of the album was written one night after a hallucinatory nightmare Chan had while staying alone in a farmhouse Go figure
  13. Ray, quick question from this section (part 3): why show the DSD Source settings from HQPlayer, as those are only relevant for DSD-to-PCM conversion (which I don't think you do). Right?
  14. Once again, as I've stated earlier in Extreme Week, this review (and week long multi-part review style) is a new benchmark. I actually find it clever that you (and Chris) devised a very reasonable way for us attention-deficit audiophiles to read a 10+ page review easily. I am very much in agreement with those remarks above that highlight the unique aspects of your existing DAVE-to-Voxativ simplicity. I have to assume that this highly efficient transfer of signal gave you hints of great dynamic range long before the Extreme showed up. It does not surprise me that this dynamism is a major strength in the features of the Extreme. You've uncluttered a very important room in the signal path journey and I wouldn't mess with it.
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