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  1. I won't be able to make the bar scene Saturday as I'll be up managing the multichannel room for George (exaSound) but c'mon up after a few beers and listen to some great NativeDSD (among others) multichannel stuff, and say hi.
  2. Piero, in AL does "native" MPD (or some form of it) also integrate to HQPe to provide MPD as front end to HQP upsampling? I ask cuz Stylus (and users confirm) claims integration. Thx
  3. If Stylus is an enhanced version of MPD then does this mean Euphony built an integration step to use Stylus as a front end to HQPe, or can I do this with MPD too (say, in AL)?
  4. I may be misreading this, but are you saying you are trying Euphony and got it to work with wifi (being that this is a Euphony setup thread, I am possibly mis-assuming).
  5. As was pointed out above, Wifi handles GI very well. A number of folks I highly trust (like lmitche) verify that wifi is indeed a very doable solution for best sq (on the NUC endpoint, for example). I'm not sure why there would be a moratorium on wifi from Euphony. Seems to be as strange as forbidding customers to buy a license if they use brand X speakers. What do they care?
  6. Do they publish their roadmap? I ask cuz I am no longer a Roon user so I don't stay up-to-date; I had a license through our (NativeDSD) partnership with them but it somehow unexpectedly expired (the license). I now have little inspiration to go out and spend on my own when HQPlayer has always been my end game...but nobody here is trying or reporting on Euphony with HQPlayer. Off my OT soapbox.
  7. Rajiv, I get that Euphony costs $295 per box, and that AL is free. But it seems you and others have found sq improvements with it, so I ask this, in light of your "it's not cheap" comments, and insistence of Roon (which is also not cheap)....are there better $295 sq investments to make instead? I ask cuz it seems like the road to your current setup involved several investments that make Euphony's one pale in comparison. I could be wrong. Thx
  8. Chris, Do you still have the dac and streamer in your possession? I ask cuz was wondering what a software upsampler like HQPlayer would do to present the dac with already converted PCM-to-DSD, or DSD upsampled to DSDnnn (the idea, of course, is to let the dac do less heavy lifting...unless of course that lifting is its secret sauce).
  9. I often wondered where Alex has been over the years. I remember having long talks with him back in the Modwright Transporter days at RMAF and CES. He was a modder of sorts back then, and the APL name seemed to fall off a lot of folks' radar, especially mine. Nice review, albeit another ridiculously priced setup IMHO.
  10. Yes, after reading some, if it supports 6Tb then it supports 32 bit LBA, which means 8 TB is in spec. ? Mine houses a 6TB "favorites" music subset library (wow, I need a new hobby).
  11. Yes, we use a startech USB 3.1 card and a Startech USB 3.1 hdd enclosure, separately powered. The JCAT card is great too. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XLAZEFC/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Sorry Valveboy, I wasn't at all trying to be funny. Not sure why you think so. Um, er...welcome to AC.
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