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  1. You tell us. There is no bigger DSD fan than me but on the May I love PCM staying PCM and playing at 32fs. Ymmv
  2. 87mpi, this is a public forum to ask and answer questions about the Holo May. If you need someone's specific input on something, please PM that person. Your response, although not intended, sounded like you dis'd GoldenOne. We are ALL here to help. BTW, setting dac bits in HQP will have no effect on whether 32fs works...but regardless, set it to 20 for the May. That's it's most linear setting.
  3. I notice that the "AVX512 disable" is enabled. Seems logical to conclude that AVX512 is off?
  4. But your NAA should not be affected by upsampling to DSD; that occurs on the server.
  5. @Miska The Hypsos looks very intriguing. Have you played with the Voltage Adjustment, and if so, heard a sweetspot even for something as low power as an NAA?
  6. Major difference is that I am running HQPlayer on Win 10 pro.
  7. Yes, I documented that on the fitlet2 thread I started. The HQP OS has HQP disabled and running only NAA (fiber from Microtik switch).
  8. No, I'm running a three computer setup, with HQPlayer on Win10 (upstairs study), Roon core on Audiolinux (audio rack), and NAA on HQP OS on fitlet2 (audio rack). And when my exaSound S88 arrives it has an NAA included (which will be my multichannel NAA).
  9. Have you tired changing min and max volume in HQP Embedded to -3 for both? May be something there? It is VERY weird that your DSD is fine, and a higher volume level than PCM. The nature of DSD says that its level, esp in the May, is lower.
  10. Archimago, Thanks. There is a chance my issues have changed for the better. If I get my balanced dac in here soon, then my issues are all balanced to rca, being that my fronts are temporarily single-ended Perlas and the center may also be a single ended amp til mine get back.....the surrounds are balanced and good to go. This is definitely a cleaner scenario than I described just yesterday above, but I am still going to just use those Monoprice XLR to RCA dongles. Since I now have only 3 channels to temporarily worry about, would having decent Lundahls (or their equivalent)
  11. Bob, thanks but this is a temporary problem and not something I want to throw thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars at if I don't have to. Remember, I have six channels to deal with.
  12. Bob, thanks, but these work the other way around? My need is a single ended source into balanced gear.
  13. As many of you know I have just completed (or is it ever really completed 🙂) my audio room in my new address here in the Denver area. The room has taken a long time, not the least of which was Covid interruptions, etc). Also, the walls and ceiling were designed by Jeff Hedback, my remote acoustics magician, and the results are, so far, incredible. OK, so one main goal of my new setup was going to be going all balanced. I was able to get smurf tubes in the walls for the rear surrounds, etc and fish/pull balanced cabling though. Success. First step was to get the 2 c
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