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  1. I bought them but only listened briefly. I'm sure there are nuggets somewhere in the 18 hours.
  2. +1 If I'd written this ranking and paragraph it would have been nearly the same words! The multichannel version of UP is one of my favorite mch releases of all time.
  3. I've seen PG 8 or so times, the first being the Lamb tour with Genesis back in Cleveland. I think both his tours and his albums peaked at Melt, but that's like saying the Beatles peaked at Revolver. The remaining catalog is still a treasure. I go back and forth between the 24/48 and the SACD rip (DSF). I am interested to hear Josh's comments (or anyone else who has both). I often use Tony's stick and the percussion at the last minute of Don't Give Up to set up one of my comparisons. The dsf rip seems to have a blacker background, the 2448 a warmer tone. Both are great IMHO, especially given that my Holo treats each format differently.
  4. Nice article. You make mention of the 2002 SACD, but you never use it in your sq comparisons, only the (inferior, of course) redbook layer. Why?
  5. Rajiv, Thanks for this! Although this stuff is absurdly over my head technically, I still find it fascinating. The unearthing of previously unknown or poorly understood causes of noise are fascinating to me. We begin this computer audio journey with so little real information, enjoy our sq for awhile, make some changes and voila! The hint of until-now unheard magic flows from our speakers, and we are hooked. Confident that more gremlins (often unmeasurable at the time) eliminated means closer to the audio truth. And these discoveries seem to come in ebbs and flows, with right now a very opportune time...thanks to the likes of you, Romaz, Larry, Bob and all the clever other early adopters (not to mention the developers themselves). I sit on the sidelines, waiting my turn, as I hope and pray my audio room gets built before I get too much older.
  6. ted_b

    HQ Player

    That may be your rule, but it's not universal. As Jussi has made clear 100 times keeping HQP volume at 100% (i.e 0db) is dangerously on the edge of incurring limiting, especially when the output is SDM. I keep things at -3db (and I use an external pre for volume) and my limit counter seldom moves. So, when offering advice it's best to specify all the caveats.
  7. ted_b

    HQ Player

    But the actual volume knob position?
  8. ted_b

    HQ Player

    tedwoods, check volume control on HQP 4.02 (and compared to 4.01)?
  9. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Then download and listen! No one knows its value to you...except you. The thread is full of HQP 4 comments, but end of the day its your $$.
  10. I love Jeff's work. He's been my acoustician since 2011 (redid my NE Ohio music room and it was transformational; wrote it up on Audio Circle back then). He's designing my new Colorado home music room currently. We chat and exchange plans and tweaks weekly if not more. Jeff knows acoustics, and is a great bass player (once played with Chuck Berry at end of Chuck's career). His services are tremendously high value.
  11. ted_b

    HQ Player

    Alex, that is called devolving.
  12. Great work, as always. Does this portend a possible Roon->HQP solution on Euphony, since Stylus player is already able to talk to HQP, or am I getting this too kludgy? Or does this already exist, without Stylus involved?
  13. What the f... are we arguing about?? First off, evaluating equipment in audio show conditions WHILE ACTUALLY BEING THERE is tough if not impossible (hotel rooms, ambient noise, etc etc), and now we are arguing whether this aural evaluation has any merit OVER A YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!?? I assumed this poster's comment was a one off pun and we would move on. Oh how wrong I was. 😕
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