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  1. Barrows, I couldn’t agree more. The upside of removing the chip processing is likely way more beneficial than the downside of jitter potential. Ears will tell the tale.
  2. I disagree with Armsan about using HQPlayer as a native sample rate player (i.e no upsampling). Jussi designed the program to do the best upsampling short of professional tools (and by the way, many pros use these same tools he developed). Why use it vanilla? If you want bit perfect, stay with foobar or something else.
  3. Great looking (and I guess sounding :) ) speakers, and a very friendly sales/business model. And your review style is different, well laid out, and refreshing. I also have a real soft spot in my heart toward waveguides, so....kudos. Congrats! I imagine the next several weeks/months they will settle in to you space even better. 👍
  4. Luisma, What is your server config (when using this new 5600x as intended NAA)? Will THAT setup do more filters with DSD256 and EC?
  5. HenryOHenry, thanks for clearing that up, and being proactive about clearing any NativeDSD misconceptions. That was nice of you. I am not convinced it is your dac, but maybe rather MacOS. I bet these tracks do fine in Windows or Linux, where DoP overhead is not needed. Unless, of course, you need a dac excuse :) I've always enjoyed coming up with them :) Ted
  6. 1) Yes, DXD is within the parameters of your DAC specs, so it is capable of playing our DXD downloads. 2) Not sure why the Grace SDAC Balanced is not on there, but it may not have been updated for awhile (the original idea was to create a DSD dac database, back in 2011, when there were few of them. Now, it's easier to flag those that don't play DSD :) ) I will check further. 3) Please send a note to Jonas at Native. He will check with the label. I have no idea why other files play fine (you are lucky to be getting DSD256 via Mac cuz often the Mac driver is only capable of half th
  7. Is anyone doing (or thinking of doing) this with their server build? In order of importance (and not at the same time, of course :) ) * HQPlayer server for DSD256 2 channel upsampling using EC modulators * HQPlayer server for some level of DSD (likely 256) upsampling for multichannel music * Kodi serving multichannel audio (and some video) for 5.1.4 file-based movie or 5.1.4 Atmos-music I am open to either using NAA or one-box (NAA seems the right choice here, but I've been on the sidelines for awhile :) ). My Holo, exaSound and AVR (Atmos and movie only) are up
  8. You are only thinking of realtime, on-the-fly processing. Keep in mind Jussi is developing software for all his HQPlayer variations, one of which is HQPlayer Pro (which our NativeDSD uses, btw). In that version the EC modulators for DSD512 work wonderfully (offline and slowly).
  9. That's a cd, regardless of what sample rate it was recorded at. You'd be better off getting a download of the original 24/352.8k files (assuming your dac can play them), but I understand you want to hold discs. Sorry.
  10. DXD is not a disc format, it is a marketing term for 24 bit PCM recorded or transferred at 352.8k or 384k. There is no disc that houses that. It (DXD) was created, initially, to provide those with DSD masters a high resolution enough PCM container to do editing in PCM, with the thought that the resultant edited recording would be re-transferred back to DSD. When DXD is used as the original recorded format it is often released as original PCM, too. But I have never heard of a DXD disc. ?
  11. Great read, @JoshM I had a Forssell dac in my home back in 2010, and remember it's sound as wonderful and musical. I think I was put off by its limited inputs (for residential, of course), but don't remember that much from its visit 10 yrs ago. I assume Fred and co has gotten even more of the music captured now. BTW, DSD is not an "off-the beaten-path" format. 😀
  12. The Wild World redo is fascinating when done on CBS's Stephen Colbert Late Night last week. He and the band started the song off in its original scoring and then switched to the new one; nicely done. I listened to the album in the car the other day (Spotify) and, as an album, is not particularly captivating. I so enjoy the original much more (as an album). But watch the Colbert performance; it is good. :)
  13. Great piece. Steve modded my DNA-225 a few years ago, and I love it. The amp powers my rear standing Continuums in my 5.1 dedicated system.
  14. Now that I'm back to building the music room (and finishing the walk out lower level) I have prewired the ceiling for 5.1.4 for one particular reason....Abbey Road Atmos mix. :) I am soo looking forward to setting up the system in a room designed for mch (i.e wider than Ohio room, so equidistant rears are comfortably at about 100 degrees). Great mch article Bluesman. We need all the mch support we can get. From Beck's Sea Change to Jared's great Budapest recordings. :0
  15. The is a nice series to show here on AS. Gets me thinking about volume controls and the plethora of places we can often find them in the computer audio signal path. Software players have them; dacs can have them; preamps, of course, are the classic place they exist...and even some power amplifiers have them (gain switches, etc). There are philosophies that each support a different place to do them correctly. For example, digital attenuation with upsampled material, throwing away "unnecessary bits" that do little or no harm! Bypass this or that volume control...are we really bypassing, or
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