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  1. The .pkg is the ripper not the keys. The keys are simply copied and pasted to your USB drive folder as per instructions.
  2. Could you use Eugene’s Concatenate function to split movements into tracks so they are shorter and therefore less than a gig?
  3. Although OT for this thread make sure you are using HDMI port 2
  4. ? DSD is hardly a flavor of the month. Been around for years, and a recording format chosen by some very accomplished folks in the industry. Just sayin'.
  5. K-Man, DXD is the industry's acronym for 24/352k PCM. It developed out of the need to edit within a DSD workflow, and 24/352 was chosen. Over simplified.
  6. Nenon, Have you tried any of the cheap finds that folks like Larry (lmitche) speak of, say, the Monoprice Cat8?
  7. My Continuum’s are 3.2-4 ohm dynamic speakers with a waveguide.
  8. I am sorry to revive a 3 year old thread, but I am going through a design phase while building my new multichannel audio room here in Colorado (finally). My question is ONLY about my full range surround speakers; my 2 channel setup is just fine. So, unlike my previous NE Ohio room, I am trying to make sure I have racetracks (mainly Smurf tubes in the wall or ceiling) to hide the stuff I need to get to the back of the room. The main issue here is my dedicated SP Tech Continuum left and right surround speakers. Due to the room layout I'll have Smurf tubes running about 25 ft (which doesn't include the few feet at each end for termination). So the lengths are not short, but not 50 feet either. And although the speakers are "surround" speakers I listen to a lot of high resolution multichannel music and these guys are not to be confused with foley-effects Dolby surround speakers of the old home theater setups. They will be set up equidistant in a 5.1 ITU layout. So......although I can make hardware/amp changes (like surrround monoblocks), I'd rather not right now so I am stuck with one physical amp and RCA connections (Zektor switch to McCormick modded DNA-250 stereo surround amp) for interconnects. What this means is that I can either: a) have the surround amp plugged into the front power system (isolation transformer, dedicated line, etc) with short IC's and then invest in long, quality, speaker cables of 30 ft or so; or b) put the surround amp in the back, on one side of the rear barn door opening and deal with one channel of 10-12 ft speaker cables that cross a door threshold (small area rug?) and make sure the outlet in back is on the same circuit (doable at this point). This would require 25-30 ft of RCA interconnect (my former NE Ohio home ic's are likely too short) Any opinions? As always, thanks in advance.
  9. Ahh, makes even more sense now...plus the comb filtering explanations. Thx
  10. Mitch, great review! As I contemplate, for the first time in my long audio life, the idea of putting my signal through the twists and turns of DSP in order to correct for room interactions (and I'm building said room as I type this) I have two issues, one long-term that is too OT for this thread (is DSP worth not being able to do DSD512, etc) and one very short term: * why, if you are working hard to alleviate interactions caused by walls and ceilings, first reflections, etc...why change the room before you start (removing coffee table, sofa, etc) and then change it back? Thx Ted
  11. Nice friend! Nice build!
  12. On my Z270 mobo I use a Startech 4-USB card (PCIE) and then will use Larry's idea of two bridged NICs to get ethernet direct to/from cpu. And other two USB ports are direct (I think), one to my StarTech hdd enclosure.
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