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  1. My own limited experience has been that external drives have become far more reliable in recent years. Whereas 10-15 years ago I seemed to have a drive failure every 2-3 years, of my current lot the following are all doing pretty well: 1. 1TB Buffalo is now almost 7 years old. 2. 1TB WD 2.5 inch drive now 5 years old. 3. 1TB Samsung 2.5 inch drive now 4 years old. 4. 2TB Seagate NAS now 5 years old (though its read/write performance has always been awfully slow, but that is not the drive's fault). As my set up and usage has changed, these drives have all become back-up drives but are still called into action everyday. They are all cheap, domestic units. As @mansr says, drives are cheap and so I have tended to work on the basis of using and backing up to many cheap drives.
  2. Thank you for this review. To date, I have ignored any of the Kate Bush remasters but now I am thinking that I may have to give Hounds of Love a second thought. Whilst it was The Dreaming which really sold me on Kate Bush (causing me quickly to catch up on her back catalogue), Cloudbusting and the entire side 2 of Hounds of Love are her tracks on my "most often played" list.
  3. I believe that the ripper part of dbpoweramp is still free - for me it has proved the most reliable ripper on my Mac (I have used XLD, MAX and JRiver). Things I have done in the past to solve ripping issues have been: Giving the disc a good clean. Setting error checking to a minimum just to see if I can get any kind of rip. Changing USB ports (my Mac is temperamental with USB hubs and even prefers certain inbuilt USB ports over others). Changing USB cables.
  4. @Musicophile I am curious if you noted whether Qobuz stopped selling the upsampled album after you had flagged up the error?
  5. I find myself agreeing with post number 1382 by @#Yoda# on questioning the worth of raising issues with Qobuz support over content. Early last year I experienced a problem with a Hi-Res album which evinced a burst of white noise between some of the track changes. Qobuz did investigate and reported that it was a fault of the album which had been supplied to them. The faulty album remains on the site to stream or purchase. A couple of weeks ago I emailed Qobuz on the matter of streaming 2L MQA "lossy" CDs as 16/44 quality. After a chasing email, they replied stating that they do not stream any MQA material and it had been a mistake. The 2L 16/44 albums remain available for streaming. I am currently awaiting a reply from Qobuz as to whether that means they have been supplied with non MQA for 16/44 streaming. I really like Qobuz, but it seems to me that if you profess to care about quality audio then you have to stand by your claims.
  6. For me, there are two ways of looking at this: 1. 2L is a small label, I do not listen to very much (if any) 2L stuff. Why should it bother me that 2L now only supply MQA format recordings for streaming? Alternatively, 2. If Qobuz cannot even stop 2L supplying only MQA format, then there is no chance of them stopping a bigger label forcing the same upon them if it should choose to do so. 2L may be the outlier paving the way. Qobuz is most vulnerable to subscriber pressure when the subscriber numbers are in their infancy, and Qobuz's strongest point of argument with 2L is at the birth of the US service when it can say to 2L "If we stream your MQA stuff we lose our business model for the US". Personally, I fear option 1 is allowing the wooden horse into Troy.
  7. As I understand it, Qobuz is still in beta in the USA. If so, then those on that side of the Atlantic are in the strongest position they ever will be to make a point. Qobuz wants to succeed in the US - any move by the early adopters to reject Qobuz because of the presence of MQA could kill Qobuz in the USA because it will just gain no initial traction. Qobuz will then have to decide - lose its early adopters and risk failure, or refuse to take 2L MQA. This morning I have written to Qobuz asking them to confirm if their posting overnight on this forum represents their position on MQA. I have said that I will cancel my subscription if it does. Of course, loss of my subscription is neither here nor there for Qobuz. Loss of USA early adopters is a different proposition. Over to you in the USA.
  8. My final two penn'orth of confusion before I archive this latest release: Initially, I was struggling to find my Qobuz Favourites within the UI but realised they get amalgamated with my local music in My Music (no problem there) save that when using the desktop software none of the Qobuz Favourites will play - I just get a message that Amarra was unable to find the selected album. However if I use the IOS app, playing my Qobuz Favourites does work! On the other hand, playing Qobuz Purchased tracks works in the desktop app but does not work in the IOS app.
  9. Thanks for the confirmation @Lio_B. i guess it was always too much to expect them to release an update which actually worked properly.
  10. @Lio_B I see you are searching by Artist. That works for me too, but searching by Track fails every time. Does Track search work for you?
  11. I thought I would unarchive and update A4L to try out the Qobuz integration. I must be doing something wrong because, whilst I can play from “favourites” and “playlists”, if I search and click to play something in the right hand search returns the track gets selected, pops into “now playing” but then disappears yet in the right hand panel the icon for playing is showing. Any ideas? I am sure I must have misunderstood the selection process but I cannot figure out how else to search and play in Qobuz. Sadly, I also see library management is still astonishingly bad.
  12. I am seeing Simulation Theory (deluxe) pricing as £20.49 cd, £23.49 HiRes, £14.99 HiRes for Sublime subscriber. Non deluxe is £15.49, £17.99, £11.99.
  13. The discount only applies to Hi-Res downloads and by no means to all of them. The discount, when offered, usually allows the purchase of the Hi-Res at RB price but can sometimes be even better.
  14. My Qobuz Hifi Sublime subscription was renewed a couple of weeks ago at last year's price - £219. I am not sure whether Qobuz will be offering all existing Sublime subscribers this option or whether I was lucky because I was able to refer them to a renewal email they had sent to me in late August offering me the option to renew HiFi Sublime for another year (the email being sent before they restructured their pricing, but the renewal occurring after HiFi Sublime had been removed from the subscription packages). As a Qobuz user who tends to buy albums I like, the HiFi Sublime option was (is) great value (probably too good from their point of view).
  15. Oh Mani, what have you done? Certainly, this is now one very confused Stratfordian. I spent my Sunday morning listening to the samples and my conclusion was A and C similar, but I preferred A, with B definitely different but not in good way. The lower end on B was definitely fuller, but the start and stop off the notes seemed to have gone, the thwack on the string missing, and the top end seemed slightly off. I now discover that, as with your previous challenge, I liked the Hi-Res least! Are my ageing ears so attuned to Redbook that nothing else satisfies? Grasping for a silver-lining; I guess I can look with cool detachment as vendors seek to tempt me to update my library with with MQA or Hi-Res versions, confident/resigned to the fact that I will probably prefer the Redbook.
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