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  1. @Ralf11 I tried in the past, but without reply. My experience of Mytek support has not been impressive - perhaps not helped by my being in Europe.
  2. I hope Nenon will not think me rude if I raise this adjunct to Nenon's original query. I have always wondered about the technical merits of the following upsampling scenario (which happens to be my case): My output to my DAC is limited to 192 (firewire driver, no USB drivers anymore), but I understand that the chip in my DAC (original Mytek Manhattan) upsamples everything to 384 and then downsamples. If I am correct in my belief of what the chip in my Mytek will do (and I may have misunderstood). Is there any potential benefit from upsampling in the computer to 192 if it will get further upsampled anyway?
  3. @bidge Some years ago, when asked to set up a very easy to use £50 mp3 system for a spare room, using an existing old stereo amp and speakers, I just got a cheap personal mp3 player (16gb was about £40 at the time) and a £7 3.5mm jack to 2 rca cable from Amazon. I make no great claims about the sound quality, but it was perfect for what they wanted. A cheap Android Tablet, using the 3.5mm headphone socket would be a more modern alternative, I guess. (This is just a variation on Lightstream's idea.)
  4. For several years, I had been using BubbleUPnP/JRMC as my main method until the better looking (and wiser?) side of our household took a look at the Roon UI. We switched to Roon last month.
  5. To be fair to Amarra, the "no sound" turned out to be my error. I needed to go back in to OSX Privacy and Security settings and re-authorise SQ+ to use the microphone - without that authorisation, SQ+ is blocked from taking over audio. At the moment, sample switching is stable and all running well again.
  6. I give up with this. In an attempt to solve my sample rate issue, I rebooted everything. Now, no matter what I do, SQ+ refuses to capture the audio stream. Oh well, it was nice whilst it lasted.
  7. @DancingSea I have never had SQ+ not play. However, I seem to have jinxed my own set-up; I have everything set to upsample to 192 to avoid sample rate switching issues with SQ+, but for the last few days, without obvious cause, in my midi settings the rate will suddenly switch to 44.1 which makes the 192 unlistenable. Taking SQ+ out of the path; stability returns. I know the default input/output settings for SQ+ are 44.1, but this sudden resetting to 44.1 without a restart is a new, and unexplained, instability for me.
  8. I have been listening to it this afternoon on Qobuz and really liking it.
  9. @Slaphead Drag and drop works for me: select the Play Queue icon found in the bottom grouping of icons, then simply drag your tracks into the queue. I think you will find all the other functions you think are missing can be found by selecting the speaker icon (next to the play queue icon at the bottom right). Basically, all the functions related to the sound processing are now accessed via that speaker icon.
  10. On my Mytek Manhattan (I), JRiver has never seen the FireWire connection of my Mac as capable of anything above 64 for dsd. Audirvana allows 128. Perhaps you have the same JRMC issue?
  11. @jimdukey I don't use dsd, but for my Mytek Manhattan (I), which uses similar mytek driver firmware as the 192, the firewire output shows both 64 and 128 as available in 3.5.
  12. @DancingSea - I have found that SQ+ can be temperamental in setting up (well, it is Amarra!). Sometimes it can be worth closing and re-opening SQ+ before setting up a new input source such for the first time. After setting up A+ and JRMC so that they both point to SQ+, I just leave my MacMini alone and control via iPad or tablet.
  13. Feeding the sound through SQ+ does "flavour" it with the Amarra house sound (others more knowledgeable than I will no doubt have a better idea as to whether this is because SQ+ is avoiding elements of coreaudio, or simply that Amarra applies some proprietary dsp to everything fed through SQ+). However, the upsampling settings chosen in A+ do impact too - in Izotope terms, one can still hear the differences between a shallow filtered, minimum phase setting and a very steep, linear phase setting. Since I use SOX upsampling in JRMC (and one has no control over the SOX setting), I switched to SOX upsampling in A+ when it was introduced some time ago and played with the settings until I got the sound coming through SQ+ to sound pretty similar whether I fed it via JRMC or A+. I do not have any DSD material, so I have no idea how my set up would handle that. The Air Motion tweeters in my speakers are quite gentle (soft), so I am reluctant to suggest feeding A+ through SQ+ could tame the A+ sound enough for you.
  14. My solution, though this may seem a bit combersome, has been to use SQ+ as the sound device. My experience has been that to get this to be pretty solid, one has to upsample everything to the same rate because SQ+ does not handle well sample rate changes. I use either Audirvana, now on v3.5, (when I am controlling using my ipad), or JRiver/BubbleUPnPServer controlled by the Bubble Android app on my Android tablet. In both A+ and JRMC, I use SOX upsampling to the max rate my firewire output can handle (192). A+ and JRMC are set to output to the Sonic device which then feeds my Mytek. I don't experience crashes, but SQ+ does not allow me to save this as the default set up, so if my MacMini has to reboot then I do have to go back in to SQ+ just to reset the sound output device. I like the sound this gives me which, at the end of the day, is what is important to me.
  15. @DancingSea My recollection is that you were not a great fan of the sound of A+. From my testing of the beta of A+ 3.5, I have not heard anything which might cause you to change your mind - it sounds like A+. For me, Amarra is still a lovely sounding basket case - in my set-up, perhaps the most unrelieable piece of software I have ever used. As for Roon - I do not think I listen to music in a way which makes the USP of Roon attractive to me. Happy listening.
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