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  1. Just be aware that not all albums benefit from the sublime discount. I ended up downgrading from sublime because so few of the albums in my “Favourites” list qualified for the discount. I may just be an outlier use-case.
  2. I had read quite a few users reporting that they felt feeding to the analogue via an external dac sounded better. It was when I mentioned this to a dealer that he expressed surprise and informed me that the analogue gets internally converted to digital anyway. Your experience of better sound quality does not seem uncommon, though why that should be may be harder to explain. Happy listening.
  3. Doesn't that mean you are doing 2 lots of conversions? I was told the internal dac cannot be bypassed - so analogue input gets converted to digital to be processed. Is my understanding wrong?
  4. Alongside Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk was my teenage years. Those German pioneers grabbed my soul and held on to it ever after. Music, Non-Stop!
  5. JRiver will allow one to restrict the output to only those fields on display or all fields held. However, I prefer to view the export in Excel and create a second one of Album and AlbumArtist. I am sure there are better ways, but I have limited skills so I keep it simple to reduce user error!
  6. One of the reasons I keep JRiver as my back-up player is for this purpose: 1 I have a smart playlist in JRiver called All My Music. 2 I use the ''export playlist'' option in JRiver to generate a csv file which I store in the cloud for easy access anywhere. I run an export every time I add a purchase in case I should ever need some supporting evidence for insurance purposes if I suffered a catastrophic loss.
  7. The sad thing is that, until the very recent redesign, showing all the prices in the My Favourites list is exactly what they did do. Perhaps I was the only user who found that very useful.
  8. @PAR That is correct. In the top right, select My Account. Then My profile. Within there you will see to what I refer. All that said, if you have never been to that section before, you will not know of the changes which have been made.
  9. @PAR I am referring to the Qobuz website, which includes the download store, not the Web Player (I never use the Web Player). On the Qobuz website, within my account details I have "my profile" - within that I can access my account details, my purchases and my favourites. The design of that section of pages has changed recently and it is that to which I refer.
  10. @PAR I am referring to the Qobuz website, whether visited on my iPad or on my MacBook browser. I see no sorting options. I can view "My Favourites" Albums, Tracks, Artists (though there is no cross-referencing between those categories). Each category gives a view of the first 10, and I can navigate to the next page only. There is a search bar. No pricing information shows, nor can I see a batch edit function.
  11. I may be late in noticing this, but the Favourites section of the Qobuz website (UK) has recently become significantly less useful to me following its redesign. Both pricing information and batch edit seem to have been removed from Favourites, nor does there seem to be any method to be able to skip quickly to the end of my list - currently that means I now have to navigate through 27 pages. (On my iPad mini, unless I put it into portrait mode, I cannot even access Favourites because the dropdown section is hidden behind an overlaying section). In practice, I used Favourites as a
  12. All 3 Qobuz UK plans on the website show a discounted price for a 12 month subscription.
  13. Isn't this how downloading using the desktop app is supposed to work? Certainly, if I download with the Mac version, the app will create a folder called Qobuz in my designated download location and downloads are saved there. If I delete the folder, it will be created again the next time I download with the app. For that reason, I use the zipped folder download option.
  14. Whether one uses the external method descibed by @PAR (which is the method I usually use), or the in-app method being used by @firedog, the artwork should also be downloaded. I get the jpeg cover art if I use the external method, or a png (with a valid image) with the in-app used by @firedog. The in-app method should automatically download the music files, the artwork and any pdf booklet. The external method requires the artwork and booklet to be downloaded as specific separate choices. I have no idea why @firedog seems to be getting blank pngs. It may be worth @firedo
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